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on October 25, 2016
I want to preface this by saying the 5 star rating is in comparison to other similar keyboards. This isn't a mechanical keyboard and it doesn't claim to be, so I'm not comparing as such.

I write for a living--some weeks I might pull 25,000 words depending on what's going on. After going through a number of cheap Logitech keyboards over the course of a couple years, I picked up a mechanical. Then, my mechanical was having some issues and I needed to replace it but it wasn't in the budget. I needed something cheap that would put up with regular use and figured I could toss in a bag if I was going somewhere and didn't want to use my laptop keyboard.

I'm glad I picked this one. It sees far more use than I ever intended and it's held up like a champ. After a few months of regular use, the keys still have their lettering, they're all still responsive and more importantly, I've had zero problems with hand cramps or wrist pain.

Unlike many basic budget keyboards, the key layout on this one is fairly untouched, while still making room for media controls. There's not a ton of hotkeys, but the ones there are actually useful.

I enjoy the feel of the keys. They're not mushy like a membrane keyboard but aren't nearly as tactile as my favorite Cherry Blues. For the price, the typing experience is stellar.

This isn't a quiet keyboard by any stretch, but it's also a far cry from the clackety-clack of a mechanical. I can still pick up keystrokes when recording with my headset mic, but it's a background noise and no intrusive on the audio side.

One issue I could see if if you're not happy with the angle of the keyboard. It's not adjustable in any way, but fortunately for me, it's a great fit for my normal typing angle. The grippy sections have no trouble keeping the keyboard firmly planted on my glasstop desk either..

Very happy with my purchase and will likely pick up a spare to have around just in case.
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on December 4, 2012
I'm not a fan of non-standard keyboards. My old one was driving me crazy because the navigation keys were in a different place than what
UPDATED 6/26/17: I recently replaced this keyboard with another Amazon Basic Keyboard. Where I had previously rated this keyboard with five stars, I have taken away a star. The space bar on this keyboard is *super* *loud*. I don't work in an office or anything, but it really annoys me! What's the deal?

I still like this keyboard for all the reasons below: basics are all there and that's all I need. But I won't buy another after this one wears out. I'll go to a brick & mortar store and insist that I test a keyboard before dropping any $$ on it.

I'm used to ("End", "Delete", "Page Up", etc.). So I went in search of just a plain old keyboard, like the ones we learned on back in the day.

I have a couple deal-breaker criteria for a keyboard:
1. Backspace, Right-Shift and Enter keys must be bigger than the other keys
2. Numeric 10-key addition to the right
3. Insert, Home, Page Up, Delete, End, Page Down keys must be in the standard place and in the order established over decades of keyboard manufacturing and use.

I also tend to prefer "wired" keyboards as opposed to wireless. I don't need to use a keyboard so far away from my PC that a wireless device makes sense. I just don't need to spend the time.

This keyboard fits all my criteria, works great, no fluff or additional software to install. Just a keyboard. That's it.
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on June 23, 2017
It's a keyboard! No frills! A hundred and one of your favourite keys! It's what you'd expect of a lightweight plastic keyboard. Seems durable and well-made, but if you want the feel of a mechanical IBM, this is not for you. This is for folks who are fine with the feel of a laptop keyboard with a *slight* bit more click. (They aren't as "mashy" as most of the laptops I've worked on. There's a little bit more of that good resistance to keep you from grazing the key and inadvertently making another stroke.) In the end, it's a keyboard.
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on April 14, 2015
I used my old one so much the "location bumps" on the F and J keys wore off to smooth. I didn't want to replace it because It still worked perfectly, I just need those bumps to locate my hand when I am doing AutoCAD. Thankfully, I like this updated version even better.

The keys, while not whisper quiet, are less clacky than my previous "basics" keyboard. They are smooth and don't bind at all.

THIS ONE HAS VOLUME BUTTONS! These basic keyboards are so cheap in price that I never blamed them for not having volume buttons... but that always bothered me because it is such a useful tool when listening to music while I work.

I also love the "Computer" button for quick access to the "My Computer" folder. It also has a Media Player button and a Calculator button. I would have bought this even if it didn't have these buttons, but I love the convenience they add.

My ONLY complaint would be the lack of "pitch adjustment." My old one had tabs I could deploy (or not) to change the angle of the keyboard. This one does not, and that is surprising. I have decided to not take a star off for this, though, since the pitch seems to be at the idea angle anyway, so I'm fine with it. Also, that's one less moving part to keep the cost down. But if I were to change one thing, I'd add pitch adjustment tabs.

I like the shiny finish and sleek look, which is also an improvement over the older version. This one looks less clunky and 80s-ish.

For the price, I would never buy anything else unless you needed a plethora of extra "programmable" buttons for gaming or something. But if you need a stupidly affordable keyboard that has everything you need and nothing you don't... this is the keyboard you want.
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on August 28, 2017
Great keyboard, one feature I was not expected to be using 24/7 was the file system 2 spots to the right of f12 , one of my games I play daily I have to launch from there, I also make montages on youtube so that button is helping for getting me to my recordings a lot faster. The keys feel good and I have used it for ranked matches on Rainbow Six Siege, has not failed me, only gripe I have with it are the keys are not as quiet as I had hoped but that is about it, at the time i bought it the price was around 13 USD I believe and it was well worth
Amazon if you are reading this if you can make a wireless version of this that would be amazing for a home theater setup.
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on August 22, 2017
I was looking for a few cheap USB keyboards for our office and came across this one. When they arrived I was actually pleasantly surprised at the design - doesn't look as cheap as some others we have. I am also really fond of the keys. Have you ever tried to use someone else's work station and the keyboard just isn't yours which makes things difficult? This setup has nice keys which made it easy to transition. There's a decent amount of space between each and the keys themselves are rounded.

The only downside and reason I can't give it five stars is that although it looks like it's raised because of the design, it has no kick stand in the back to tilt it better. It's slightly flat angled for my taste, but will work! Still a great buy for the price.
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on April 25, 2017
Nice Keyboard. All the reviews have pretty much said it all about this keyboard.
The thing I like about this keyboard is the simple key layout. It is straight forward. Hot keys I do not use, so not having a lot of hotkeys does not bother me. When I plugged this keyboard in, everything worked. Key touch was nice. I type pretty much type with a light tough and all keys responded to my touch. Good price with basic features that gets the job done. Can't ask for anything better then that.
I would recommend
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on December 6, 2013
Fantastic keyboard... very lightweight and very easy to start using!

I bought this keyboard when the keyboard on my brand spanking new Dell running Windows 8 started acting funky..Okay.. full disclosure.. I didn't pay a lot for my laptop.. I really just wanted something to surf the internet on.. to blog, send emails etc.. and also to watch movies on when I was in bed.. so I wanted it to have a very large screen.. So $350 later. this Dell laptop fit the bill...

Sadly.. although it suits my needs, it isn't very durable.. and one evening it fell of my dining table.. my keyboard obatined a concussion and begin not functioning properly... instead of typing an "h".. I would get "h6"... instead of a "g" I would get a "g6"... it was pretty annoying.. I type pretty doggone fast 95 wpm with very few mistakes... With my keyboard in it's current disabled state.. it would take me an hour just to compose the simplest of emails.. with all the corrections I had to make... UGH! So annoying!!!

Although the laptop was new and still covered under warranty, I couldn't find the doggone receipt.. so decided to do some research and figure out myself how to fix it... uh yeah.. that always works right?

After a couple of hours of playing "tech wizard"... I read one response in a forum that just suggested buying an extended keyboard... There were tons of recommendations for this affordable Amazon Keyboard.. and so I ordered it... and so it showed up...

I plugged it into the USB port.. and "VOILA"! I was typing again!!! They keyboard is FANTASTIC! I like it far better than my lapto keyboard... I really enjoy it when I type and can hear the "tick, tick, tick" of the keys as I type. The feel of the keyboard reminds me of those older word processing machines with the louder keys... some may be annoyed by it.. but I enjoy it!

Aside from that.. they numeric keypad is also very great... it's a standard keyboard.. just plug this puppy in and start using it..

With the combo of my keyboard and my wireless mouse.. the fact that the keyboard on my laptop doesn't work doesn't even phase me.. I could care less...

And if I may also admit.. it's pretty damn sturdy.. I'm a clutz and I've dropped it several times and even managed to step on it once.. LOVE this keyboard!! "10 out of 10.. would type on it again!"


I'm not a techie at all..
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on April 13, 2017
This is my second.

They're nice basic keyboards.

They are NOT wiper quiet but they aren't too bad. Definitely more quiet than my old board.

Got a new one because the old one had some soda spilled on it.

I think its a pretty clean & solid choice given the price.
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on April 22, 2017
This is an excellent keyboard for the price. Chiclet key design is easy to type on, and I prefer it over the traditional style. I used it to replace my stock keyboard at work, which had keys sticking and was driving me nuts. A lot of people said this keyboard is loud... I guess it's based on your personal perception, as it's not a "silent keyboard", but to me it just sounds like a normal level of keyboard typing sound level. All the Amazon Basics products I have bought so far have been an excellent value.
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