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on March 12, 2012
After having multiple standard iPhone / iPod cables crack near the strain relief on the end with the dock connector, I figured it was time to look for a non Apple branded replacement. Having had good luck with Amazon Basics cables before, I figured their iPhone replacement cable a try. This cable seems to be a good balance between construction quality and price.

I was pleased to notice that the strain relief on both ends of this cable look a bit more robust than the Apple version. Since I've had multiple cables crack here, this is a definite positive in my opinion. The cable itself is smooth and black, which hopefully will repel dirt better than the Apple white version with it's slightly matte finish. Another observation is that the dock connector is slightly thicker than the standard cable. Not by much, and my wife's iPhone 4 in the full OtterBox case still works fine, so it's not really an issue.

I'm currently using this cable for the following Apple Products, with no issues:
- iPhone 3Gs (Work Phone)
- iPhone 4s (Personal Phone)
- iPhone 4 (Wife's phone)
- iPod Nano 5th Generation
- iPod Nano 6th Generation

All devices charge and sync properly just like when using the standard Apple cable.

Overall, a great replacement cable!

Update March 2nd, 2014

After almost two years of heavy use (being unplugged and plugged in numerous times per day, the 30-pin connector part is coming loose in the black housing. It still works fine, but sometimes needs to be wiggled to make a good connection.

Overall, I can still highly recommend this cable. Two years of use is more than I've gotten from any of the standard Apple cables! I'll be ordering another.
Update June 2nd, 2016

As mentioned above, I ordered a replacement cable on March 2nd, 2014 to replace my original. The new one is still going strong, charging our full size iPad. It's not seeing the same sort of use these days (neither of our phones still use the Apple 30-pin connector), but I'm impressed of 2+ years out of any cable.

Again, my experience shows that this cable is built to last.
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on July 21, 2014
Updating my review. I just found a really good replacement that is over twice this length. It is such a good cable. Here is the link 7 Foot Apple Certified 30 Pin Cable. I highly recommend it.

Good, solid cable. It can be hard to spot in darker areas because it's black - not white like the original Apple one - but does the trick well enough and keeps my iPhone 4 charged.
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on July 8, 2015
beware of apple imitations for your older ipod4 and 4s touch products. we bought an "apple certified" cord at a local store and the usb neatly plugged into the charger pod in the wall. but, the ipod touch screen popped up saying this product will not charge. it did not charge and the cord was actually useless. we used it after storing it in a drawer for emergency uses. it was the first time use for that product. too late to send back... but, step in Mr. amazon basic apple certified cord for the ipod 4 touch. it charges quite well and for all users of the older ipod 4 touch products, it works! great product and delivery.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon April 22, 2015
Purchased this or my old 32GB iPod Touch. So far so good,. It works fine during charging and during media transfer between iTunes. I've read stories of it failing prematurely but given the shoddy reliability of Apple's OEM cables, I think it's the technology more than the manufacturer. Chances are, you need this to replace a failed Apple cable, like I did. I threw away an almost new barely used 30-pin Apple OEM cable that was a spare from a 4S I owned a while back. It failed after three or four uses. I took it to the Apple store and they claimed they couldn't replace it because a pin was bent. Granted, you needed an electron microscope to see the so-called bent pin but I took their word for it. Instead of shelling out $19 for another garbage cable, I bought this one. Even if this cable does fail down the road prematurely, I'm hardly going to get upset over an 8-buck Amazon cable failing compared to a 19-buck Apple OEM cable failing. The reliability cannot be any worse than Apple's cable. Don't believe me? Go check Apple's own store for the proof that their cables are junk. I can't convince you as well as endless one-star ratings and reviews can.
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on January 20, 2014
I have made the mistake before of ordering generic or off-brand replacement cords for my high-end, fruity devices. This is the ONLY ONE that has ever impressed me. This cord is just as good as the name brand, or brand-specific white cord that came with my device, which I lost, and which I didn't want to pay a bah-zillion dollars to replace. This cord has proved to be more sturdy, in fact, as the insulating wrap around the cord has not yet begun to break apart! I've had this for some time and use it daily. It gets scrunched up and used well, bent and stretched, so it's definitely sturdy. It was a fraction of the price of the apple cord and so far there is no reason not to get one if you're looking for a replacement charging line for your iPod. The best features:
-- cheap price, same quality - inexpensive price compared to name-brand similar items
-- well constructed; has withstood a year of daily use at least without fraying or becoming damaged
-- outlasted the name-brand version in terms of wear and tear - no fraying or breakage near the terminal ends of the cord
-- less anxiety over the maintenance and longevity of the cord; not a major financial investment like the iPod cord that came with the device, so I'm not stressed about it if it becomes lost or damaged

This is a fine replacement for any name-brand device cord.
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Finally...don't let the "basics" part fool you. This is one product that took in count where the cable is stressed including how people tend to rip the cord out or aren't careful (aka my lovely daughter) and separate the wires. I've bought so many cables I was ready to give up until I tried Amazon's own cable. It's solid, the cables aren't stiff or too soft and has been going great for the last couple months.

And I don't know why but charging cables seem to attract cats for whatever reason. They like to chew on them and have been instructing my daughter to tuck them while charging. Not that low voltage will kill them but really $10 here and there adds up!
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on September 12, 2013
I had previously purchased an AmazonBasics lightning cable for my iPhone 5 as a cheaper alternative to an Apple cable, and was planning to use it as a backup. But it arrived at the perfect time, as a kink in my original Apple cable caused it to fail -- if I plugged in my phone, the power would rapidly switch on and off, on and off; so the several-months old cord became useless, and the AmazonBasics cable became my primary cable. That AmazonBasics cable proved to be so sturdy and reliable that I ended up ordering a second lightning cable as a spare, as well as this 30-pin cable for my iPod. Once again, the order timing proved to be fortuitous -- shortly after I received this cable, my original Apple iPod cable stopped working. (Admittedly, I may have caused the kinks in both cables as I tend to loop the cables into loose coils -- with plug base attached -- and toss them in my handbag when I travel. But this treatment has never yet caused kinks or damage in my AmazonBasics cables.)

The AmazonBasics cables seem to be made of more durable materials than the Apple cables. On my Apple cables, the sheath covering the wires is rather thin and soft; so the wires beneath the sheath are more likely to kink, and the sheath is more likely to pull apart from adapter or USB end, leaving the wires exposed. The AmazonBasics cables do not have such a flimsy feel to them, and there is a good, solid join between the cable and the adapter/USB ends -- the wires have never kinked or become exposed at the ends.

I also discovered an unexpected advantage to the AmazonBasics 30-pin cable. I tend to read books on my iPad in bed at night (reading only by the light of the screen) and plug it in to charge when I'm done for the evening; but with the original Apple cable, I always found it difficult to connect the 30-pin end to the iPad in near-dark -- it's difficult to see (by the light of the iPad) which side of the 30-pin end is supposed to face front, and the 30-pin end is so narrow that it's difficult to accurately fit it into the iPad's slot. But with the AmazonBasics cable, the white-on-black logo makes it much easier to tell the front of the 30-pin end from the back by the light of the iPad screen; and the wider 30-pin base makes it easier to handle and fit into the slot, even in the dark by feel alone.

For these reasons -- not to mention the cheaper price! -- I vastly prefer the AmazonBasics cables to the Apple ones I've owned.
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on July 1, 2017
I wanted to revive my iPhone 3GS but didn't have a charger to juice it up again. I wasn't looking for anything too expensive since I just needed to turn it on to get the IMEI to unlock the phone. It works as advertised and charged up the phone fine. The iPhone 3GS was able to turn on after 6 years of no use.
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on March 17, 2014
I purchased this cable as a spare, because my old, genuine iPad sync cable was starting to disintegrate. So it was unused for a few weeks as my old cable lasted for much longer than I expected. However when I started to use it, it worked fine for about 2 weeks or so. Then it started to become inconsistent - the iPad didn't charge unless you wriggled and plugged and unplugged the cable from the iPad several times. After a few more days it simply became useless. Connecting it to a computer resulted in the message "USB Device not recognized" (while connecting it with my old cable still worked fine). I notice that the connectors are slightly different than the genuine Apple one. Perhaps they are more sensitive for malfunctions. Beware before you buy.

EDIT: I notice that several recent reviews from the last few months also gave this product a bad review, stating that it only worked for a short while or that it only worked at certain angles. It seems that the quality of the product may have been going down recently - maybe due to a change in manufacturer or something. So while there are many positive reviews, beware that they might be from older times.
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on May 14, 2017
Amazonbasics, you always have to be assured of the ultimate quality on the market. Many of the products that are offered to replace original ones that come with the gadgets are even better than the original ones.
Those products never got me down and they function very well and the quality is next level.
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