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VINE VOICEon February 24, 2012
Build quality on this bag seems good.
Zippers work smoothly.
Sling is comfortable and has adequate adjustability.
The bright interior color makes it easy to find small items.
Nice pocket areas.
Tripod strap with pouch at bottom in a zippered area
for one of the tripod legs.
Easy access to camera without removing sling. Pack will pivot to front.
Fair Price

The way it comes (see photo) there is no way of fitting my DSLR.
The dividers could offer some better options. Need a few others with more than one 90deg.
It will be a tight fit to get all of my needed equipment in this size. Wish it was a little larger
It will not stand vertical on its own without leaning it against something.

Update Feb 27, 2012

I've had a chance to use this sling backpack for some all day events. I like it. It works once I figured out how to place the sling. It fits around the left arm and over the head to the right shoulder. This allows the bag to be pivoted to your left front to allow access to the camera through the backpack's side compartment. This work well.

I also found that the the tripod strap on the side of the backpack also has a zip area at the bottom of the pack. It contains a pouch for the tripod leg to fit into. This stabilizes the tripod and holds it firmly to the side.

I'm leaving the 4 star. The main reason, the bag just fits the Canon 60D with the Canon 18-200mm F/3.5 lens. I would have liked just a tad bit more room. Also, the bag will not stand vertical on its own without leaning against something. The lower pads on the bottom are not flat enough to hold it.

Overall, I find it works for me, and it is very comfortable to wear even all day activities. I would recommend it.
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on January 9, 2016
I wanted to carry my Nikon 3300 with telezoom len (55-300) and 35mm len. The sling backpack fit all three comfortably and can hold more. One person reviewed he feared that his equipment will fall out when moving the bag forward. Well you do not need to open the opening all the way to get to your equipment out. Stock your equipment based on how it is positioned when you move it to the front. The thin strap I will probably never use. As one reviewer said you can only wear it on one shoulder, although you can wear it on either but the case will be upside down in the back. It was bigger than I thought, but a good size. I purchased a full backpack previously, however I decided not to carry all my equipment. I just want to pick up and go.
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on March 11, 2016
Had it for a day and already love it. The pictures dont show just how roomy and adaptable it is. I purchased a traditional shoulder style bag about a year ago and have been carrying my camera in it since. After a day carrying a camera and doing what I do, defiantly not the most comfortable of arrangements. Recieved this bag today and traded out and what a nice pleasant surprise it was. Big roomy, no squeak (you could hear me a mile away with the old camera bag) and namely a padded strap and back to the bag. You don't think about those things when you pick out a camera bag, after all its all about the camera, till your slogging bag and all with you. Its a nice comfort, and the rearrange-able interior is nice. Its not the biggest camera bag and I deliberately choose it for that. I have a big a traditional bag for literally, everything. However I've found when I am going in the field, usually I know what lenses I plan on shooting with and ditch most of mine at home when I am going. This lets me do that and leave my lenses in the big bag where its not squeaking, weighting down on my shoulder and with poor padding, load up and go with what I plan on using. Even if I decide to be adventurous and pack my beer can lens along with my stock lens, there's room to squeeze big boy in there. Another thing I found I was pleasantly surprised with was the top/hatch storage compartment. Lets me stick a field log, cell phone, car keys and other little necessities that normally I wouldn't stick in with the camera but sometimes mysteriously end up in there without consciously deciding to do so. Tripod holder to the side I am not a fan of not that it matters, usually I am carrying mine in my hands anyways and wouldn't want it walloping me as I walk. Do like the front pouch, another trinket catcher that makes storage really nice and doable on this bag. Overall, very happy. In a year I'll know and see how it holds up given the misery my bags seem to suffer once I get going.
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**UPDATE 12-31-15**

This bag has carried my X-S1 & X10, ND filter set, screw-on filter set, remote, 3x spare batteries, cleaning supplies, WB cards, and a Dolica AX620B100 thur, well, everything you could get into to get a picture, and is still going after the last 8 months.

I STILL would not pick this thing up by the top handle when it is fully loaded because of the way the zippers are, but bottom line, all the zippers, stitching, liners, velcro, and padding on the strap is still looking 100% fine.

I NEVER thought that this bag would last or be so versatile, I was wrong. The best bag I have had in years, hands down!


I tried out 4 other sling style backpacks from Bower, Xtec, etc etc. They ALL were about the same size & held the same amount in the Main Compartment, but the BIGGEST downfall was the dividers, there was only one way to place them in the compartment...and that meant there was only a few ways to arrange the compartment. This was because most of the interior was nylon, with just patches of cloth here & there for the Velcro to grab a hold of.

NOT so with the Amazon Basics one, it’s interior is ALL cloth, which means that you CAN set up the compartment just like you want to.

Straps are OK, zippers are OK, overall this is an OK sling camera back pack. I suggest that you grab this one over any other “low cost” one you see, or even a few that are higher priced.

My main complaint is that the top pocket section is small, much smaller than any of the other ones I tried out. One CY-20 flash, x2 extra batteries, a hand strap, and my lens hood filled it up to the max. Every other one I tried could hold almost double that this one does. That, and the fact the because of the way it zips up when you use the top handle ALL the weight is placed on the nylon zippers.....not good at all.

Bottom line, it is worth the $25 shipped, any more and I would look elsewhere.....
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Enthusiast: Photographyon January 28, 2014
Love this pack, especially for the simplicity of this attractive yet no-frills sling pack. It's all black, look good and I don't mind wearing this while traveling. I'm 6'2" 200 lbs and it feels like a perfect size for me. Not too big at all. And yet it will fit my new iPad Air which lays flat along the front of the bag without any need to adjust the inserts. There is no difficulty whatsoever of laying it in position above the inserts and closing the zipper. And the front flap has good padding to protect. But again, taking the iPad Air in this position is just for traveling, which I do a lot. And this is my only carry-on. I can fit a DSLR and 3 lenses if I so choose. But usually when travelling, I take a Sony RX10 and a Sony RX100M2 along with the iPad Air, a Smartphone, chargers and batteries, and various other gadgets such as a Verizon 4G hotspot. I usually place a lot of the loose stuff in the cases that are made for portable hard drives and place these cases within the pack when travelling.

I generally don't mind spending a few bucks for good gear but I really believe this pack is worth every penny of its low price and seems to me to be easily worth more. It's very comfortable to wear and I'll be buying more as soon as they are available again (it looks like they are on back-order as of this writing) and leaving them in certain destinations that I travel to. For this price, that is easy to do.
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on January 4, 2015
I rather enjoy this camera bag, it's sleek, slim, comfortable, and doesn't make me look like a goober when I'm wearing it. The 3 point strap system keeps it snug and secure, while the two point gives flexibility to swing it around in front of you for quick access to gear.
The foam/Velcro inserts work well for organizing gear, and fit just as secure (if not better) than some more expensive bags I've owned. Material and construction feel very high quality, outside is rugged and water resistant, inside is soft and plush. Only exception being the memory card slots on the inside of the main compartment flap, they're too small for an SD in it's case, and too big for a naked (we don't want that now!) SD, feels like the seems are going to wear out.

This bag is certainly a great happy medium for people who want to carry a decent amount of gear without too much bulk. That being said, one of the major drawbacks is that I can't fit my Canon T5 in the camera compartment if I leave the battery grip on. Not a huge deal breaker since there's room in the main compartment, just kinda annoying. Which leads to another drawback, you'll be going into the main compartment for your lens anyway since the camera compartment is only just big enough for the body. This isn't a huge deal since the body probably rides more snug and secure this way, though it does get a bit tedious.

Overall, the bag works well, feels good, keeps gear organized and protected. Probably one of the best deals you'll find for the money. Especially since mine was just an extra thrown in with the camera kit I bought.
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This is a good sling backpack for the money. I usually carry a D800, with a an attached zoom lens, plus 2 other lenses in this bag. I have had this bag for 5 years, and it has held up well. The one flaw with this bag is with the zipper at the top. If you hold the bag with the handle at the top of the bag, then zipper for the below compartment starts to open, and whatever is in the upper compartment may start to spill out. So care needs to be taken if you hold this bag with the handle on top. Other than that, I think this a good bag for the price point. The orange interior makes finding items extremely easy.
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on December 15, 2014
I use this to pack my mirror less camera, NEX6 with kit lens. The bag fits the camera perfectly, and you can definitely fit one or two more lenses in there, a telephoto like the Sony SEL55210 and another one. I have not tried out the tripod holder, but from the looks of it, it seems like pretty basic.

What else can you fit in there?
- The top cover has enough room for your keys, smartphone, small packages of snacks and even one of those 8oz bottled waters.
- Or you can pack a small tablet, the size of the kindle eReader or the kindle fire hd (2nd gen) in the top compartment.
- Depending on the size of your camera, you can certainly pack your charger, extra batteries, and other accessories in the main compartment. The orange separators help out with that a lot.

Overall impression: This is a basic camera sling bag that serves its purpose very well. The material feels durable and the minimal branding helps with the look. If you are into the sling bags, then this one will certainly serve your purpose. I like this type of bags because you can easily swing around the bag and grab your camera for quickly taking a photo. There is enough padding inside to guard against any accidental bumps during transit.
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This is a really well-made and inexpensive bag. I use it to hold my lenses, strobes, and spare batteries, when shooting on the move. I fit 6 lenses and 2 flashes in it with ease, including a 70-200.

-Sling bags allow you to get to the contents without taking the bag off, makes for quick lens swaps.
-Well-padded, like any good camera bag should be.
-stealthy! Outside is very black and has no logos.
-colorful! Inside is an extremely bright orange.
-tripod can be clipped to the outside, feels stable when attached the intended way.
-support strap keeps bag in place on your back, leaving you free to move.

-not waterproof. no waterproof shell included, either.
-when wet from sweating, the orange and black dyes both seemed to run and stained my shirt. Not a big deal, but less than ideal.
-Additional foam-fleece-velcro dividers are NOT available for this bag. I contacted Amazon directly to try to find some. You could scavenge some from another bag, but they might not fit and certainly wouldn't match.
-When packed with lenses, bag is heavy and puts quite a bit of weight on one shoulder. It can't be worn on the opposite side, either.

Would recommend, and would buy again.
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on March 8, 2016
This sporty SLR camera bag has plenty of space for all your camera accessories and will ensure safe transport where ever the photos take you.

First off, let me say that I love Amazon Basics products and I'm glad Amazon is manufacturing great items and awesome values. So it wasn't a surprise to me that this camera bag would fit the bill for my DSLR travel requirements. It's interior has more then enough space to fit your basic photography needs. The across the shoulder design is convenient and stay put when your walking around looking for that next awesome shot.

The build quality is good and has plastic bottom footings to ensure durability. The zippers are solid and will put up with your daily use. A top compartment can hold extra batteries, charger and memory cards. If your looking for a great bag that won't brake your pocket book then check this one out.
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