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AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control for Canon Digital SLR Cameras
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Price:$8.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on December 2, 2015
This remote is NOT compatible with a 70D. I learned that one the hard way. The accompanying pamphlet says that it works for 5d Mk iii, 60D, 7d, and t4i and below.
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on October 29, 2015
I bought the Canon RC-6 wireless remote to compare with the AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control for Canon Digital SLR Cameras. I bought the AmazonBasics version first because it was ~$10 cheaper, but it's a little finicky so I was hoping the Canon brand would be better.

I have a Canon DSLR SL1 and tested both remotes with it (indoors). The range is pretty much the same, and neither outperformed the other. Same angles, same distance. I thought maybe the Canon would have a stronger signal (e.g. farther range, or from more angles pointed at the camera) but I couldn't find any spot where the Canon worked and the AmazonBasics did not. For both remotes, you basically have to have the remote pointed at the front of the camera. I wasn't able to get either remote to work from the sides and/or behind the camera. However, other reviewers say they've been able to, so it may just be the room/setting I was in.

In my experience, both brands performed the same.

- Both come with nice carrying cases.
- The AmazonBasics only has 1 option and that's to have a couple second delay before the camera takes the photo.
- The Canon has 2 options, 1 that allows a 2-second delay and another that takes the photo instantly. I thought I would like the instant option but since the camera wouldn't go off unless I was pointing it AT the camera (not behind my back, toward the ground, etc), it didn't leave me any time to "hide" the remote. Therefore I prefer the couple seconds delay option, which both remotes offer.

My final decision was based on ergonomics since performance was the same between the 2. Both are pleasantly small and comfortable to hold. The Canon is slimmer but wider, so it was harder to "hide" in my hand if I'm trying to be in a photo (I'm petite with small hands). This was my ultimate deciding factor to keep the AmazonBasics and return the Canon (esp. since AmazonBasics is cheaper).

I bought this in August and have used it only a handful of times. I kept it in my camera bag. I went to use it the other day, and the battery is already dead... not happy. Very short battery life. I'm going to buy a replacement battery and keep it out of the remote when not in use.. which is annoying to have to do.
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on April 25, 2014
 I bought one of these to replace an older Canon RC-1. To my surprise, it works with all three of my current camera bodies: 5Diii, 7D & Rebel T3i (I only intended to use it with the Rebel T3i). The button is large and it's easy to replace the battery (but not so easy that it pops open, as with the RC-1).

I also bought the Canon RC-6 (for $10 more) and found that while they both work with all three cameras, the Amazon Basics version doesn't have an obvious way to use it for immediate photos. In other words, the Amazon Basics version seems to be stuck in 2-second delay mode, which works for some applications but not for others. The Canon RC-6 has a convenient little switch to toggle between immediate and 2-second delay mode. I checked the camera settings and made sure that they were set to immediate remote firing, and they were. I performed a side-by-side test with each remote and the Canon RC-6 was able to do either immediate or delayed mode, but the Amazon Basics remote could only do the 2-second delay.

For me, because of the full functionality, this is worth the extra $10 over the imitation one. If you are only using it for macro or slow-shutter photography, the 2-second delay may be all you need, in which case I recommend the Amazon Basics version.
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on November 27, 2017
I needed this so I didn't have to get up and press record every 5 minutes for my videos. I was all set to call this remote a piece of crap and return it, but I decided to look on YouTube to see if it was user error (I'm a total noob at this). Nope - the directions say to use the 2 second timer, but that doesn't work on a T5i. We have to:
1) Flick the switch to "on" mode, NOT "video" mode (I think that's what the one with the camera icon is called?)
2) Disable the auto shut-off in the menu
3) Close the menu and click the left navigational button to access the timer
4) Switch the timer to "remote/10 sec"
5) Flick the switch to "video" mode(?)
6) Push the button to record!

I hope this makes sense and is helpful!
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on November 28, 2013
It's absolutely perfect for my camera. It's small enough to hold in my hand when taking a picture of myself and it won't be seen in the picture. The price is unbeatable, most I've seen other places were over one hundred dollars. It is exactly as described in the ad and my camera is a Canon T3i. Just make sure when ordering that you select the correct camera, as there are two choices in the drop down menu, either Canon or Nikon.
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on September 24, 2013
Just to confirm since it doesn't have any mentions for Canon EOS 60D this remote is 100% compatible for the remote.
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on April 22, 2014
I saw very few reviews for this with a Canon T5i, so here goes.

1) Does it work?
Oh yeah, baby! Does it ever! Switch your T5i to Remote/Timer mode, point the remote at the camera, and press the button.
You'll hear the camera focus, then beep, and then shoot.
Also, when you press the button, the T5i flashes this yellow light on the front of it to let you know that it got the signal (very cool! I love Canon!)

2) Does it work on Vidoe mode?
Yep. Absolutely! Push your T5i power switch over to video mode, point the remote at the front of the camera, and press the button. The camera is now taking video. Press it again and it camera stops the video.
When starting video, the yellow light on the camera fires to let you know it got the signal and started the video. Oh yeah! Love it!

Also, when you press it again to stop the video, the camera is smart enough to WAIT until AFTER the video has stopped BEFORE flashing the little yellow light. SWEET!! Again, Canon, you rock!

I was able to fire the lens with the remote from about 17 feet away from the camera. Any further than that & the signal didn't make it. Step back from 17 feet, nope. Won't work. Step forward into the 17 foot radius. Yep. Works great!

I tried this in a long hall way and with the camera elevated, on a desk, down on the floor, etc....basically, if I'm within 17 feet of the camera, the camera could recognize the signal.

Angle Of Firing:
(Looking at back of camera)
Left of camera - Sometimes. If your angle is high enough up, the camera sensor can detect it & fire
Right of camera - Yep. Every time. Even when I was slightly behind the right side of the camera it caught the signal & fired
Directly behind camera - Sometimes. If you're back a ways (say about 10") it caught the signal. Within 1"? Sometimes
Directly above camera - Yep. Every single time. Even when I was slightly behind and above the camera. It caught the signal
Directly below camera - For the most part. If I was below & on the left slightly, the lens blocked the signal, but to the right or directly on center, yep. Every time.

Think of the sensor on the camera like a mini fish-eye lens. If it can grab the IR signal from the remote, it's gonna fire. Especially if you bounce it off of something. ie. I pointed the camera at a white board, stood behind it, fired the remote, bam! The camera fired.
Same thing when I pointed the camera at an iMac & I fired the remote at the iMac. Camera fired.
Granted, this is all within close range, but you get the idea. Basically, if the camera is on a tripod and you're anywhere NEAR the camera and point the remote at it & press the button, you've got a REALLY GOOD CHANCE that it'll fire.

Very, very, very cool! I'm totally sold!

Stupid, corny fact.
The remote will work THROUGH the included felt bag. I put the remote in the bag, pointed it at the camera and pushed the button and ba da bing, the yellow light flashed & the shutter triggered! How cool is that? It doesn't work very far away from the camera that way (duh! The lens on the remote is covered by a bag), but I was still amazed that it worked at all.

It won't "hold the shutter button half-way down to focus but not fire" the camera. In other words,if you press the button and if the camera senses it, it's the equivalent of pushing the shutter button down ALL THE WAY down and it's going to attempt to focus and shoot a picture or start the video. My corded shutter release has a "half-way down" option to auto focus but not shoot. This doesn't; push the button on this remote and you're fully committed. It's going to take a picture or start video. No biggie, but something you should be aware of. I knew that going in, so doesn't bother me a bit.

Super Cool Awesome Feature:
Because you're not TOUCHING the camera to trigger the lens, this means that you're also not knocking the camera back out of focus or jiggling the camera and causing problems. Instead, the camera can still be sitting rock steady on the tripod and snap the shutter without you knocking it out of focus. This is ESPECIALLY awesome when you're taking photos without the flash on (ie. Macro photogs I'm talking to you!). I shoot product photography for my business and this little feature will be PRICELESS to me. I usually spend a bunch of time getting my shot ready, getting the camera in focus and then want to fire the lens WITHOUT TOUCHING THE CAMERA. This will let me pull that off....from 17 feet away too! Oh yeah! Think of the possibilities for macro shots! ie. butterfly FINALLY lands on the leaf you have the camera focused on. Now you can be away from the camera (not scaring said butterfly away) and still trip the lens. Can you say REALLY REALLY COOL!? (Note. If you do this, go into your camera settings & shorten the timer length to trip the lens. All that beeping could scare the butterfly away, but if you have it set to say 1 second. BAM! Ya got your super awesome butterfly shot from 17 feet away! You are now AWESOME!!! (and all because you bought this cheap little remote). Think of the possibilities!!

The remote is about 2.5" long x 1 1/8" wide x 1/4" tall. It weighs less than a gram (I couldn't get my gram scale to even register that it was on it, but my scale registers in whole gram increments.

How It Feels In Your Hand:
Like Butta! Ok, well, maybe not butter, but seriously, it fits really well in my "average guy" hands. Think of your typical key-fob on the end of a key chain for a car and you've got an idea of it's size & how it feels in your hand. It's a little thinner than a key-fob but probably weighs about the same. The big gray button is easy to feel when it engages as there's a soft "click". The button cover is a nice feeling rubber material too.

It'd be easy to use to take a self-portrait remotely too. ie. You can go get set up with your family & say "CHEESE", press the button, and then have time enough to hide the button in your hand (or even pocket) while the camera starts beeping and then the shutter fires. Great for self-family portraits! Cool! (It won't stop Jr from sticking his tongue out or get baby sister to actually LOOK at the camera, but at least YOU are in the picture when the shutter button triggers instead of running like the wind to try & get re-positioned into the shot--for that feature alone, this thing is awesome!).

Mine came with a Maxell CR2025 3 V battery. It had a clear plastic cover I had to pull out to engage the battery contact with (so the battery doesn't go dead while it's on Amazon's shelf I guess). It was kind of a pain to pull the battery all the way out of the remote, but the only reason I did it was to see what kind of battery it is. If it's like most of these remotes, it'll probably last me several years before I ever have to swap the battery out, so not a big deal. It's definitely not going to "fall out" as it's in there tight. It did slide right back into the remote though really easily.

Quality:'s not too expensive looking or feeling. It's your basic molded plastic remote, but hey it's cheap & I don't need an expensive looking for feeling remote. I wouldn't call it "Canon Camera Body or Camera Lens Quality Plastic", but it's not the cheap "gonna fall apart because it's so thin" plastic either. It'll do me quite well for several years.

Would I Buy It Again?:
Oh heck ya! In a heartbeat! For the price, you really can't beat this thing. I wish I would've bought it YEARS ago so I could've used it with my Canon XSi (which it also worked with by the way).

Do I love it?
Oh yeah! Beats the crap out of using my stupid corded shutter release button. I can now be up to 17 feet away from my Canon T5i and trip the shutter! Buy one! You'll love it!
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on December 24, 2017
I just received my wireless remote today 12/24 and it works great with my Canon Rebel EOS T6i!!! I followed the instructions given by another reviewer and it works just as it should. The manual does not list my model as being compatible with this remote, however, it is!! So T6i users grab you one and give it a try!!

To set it up this is what you need to do...

Select the Q button on the side of the camera where you have all your other functions and when your touch screen appears touch the area where you can change your shooting mode (drive mode).

Once there select the 5th icon from the left that has the remote symbol and the self timer icon and you are all set.
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This product is the best product ever. I was planning on getting a wireless remote for my t5i and right when I found out AmazonBasics had one, that was my first choice. I have had many other purchases from AmazonBasics and they never disappoint.

This remote came in a nice box (which any AmazonBasics product does) and when you opened it up, it was luxurious (well, for me!). The carrying bag it came with was soft and ready for me to just throw in my camera bag. When I got the remote out of the bag, it was surprisingly really small, which is a good thing in this situation, so that was also a plus ;) Another thing, the infrared light on this remote is AMAZING! Many people say that with other wireless remotes, you have to point the remote directly with the sensor of the camera, but NOT with this REMOTE! I have pointed it up, down, left right, far, and close & it still works!

This remote also works great for turning on and off video recordings! No problem occurred with that :)

This product is definitely worthy of purchase. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a really easy to use, carry-able, and compact remote, especially for anyone who has specific shooting steps.

Will buy again, if I have to!
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on November 15, 2015
This remote is great for when you are with your family or friends! When it comes to family pictures I used to put my camera on a timer and run to get in the group. BUT now I can easily take my photo from where I'm standing with this wireless control. I even end up setting my camera facing the wall so my family members can use the remote and take "photo booth" kind of photos. I just set up my canon to the right setting and click the button just make sure you are pointing the remote to the correct spot on your camera. If something is covering it you won't be able to take the photo. Also, it came with a little pouch for the remote so I just leave it in the pouch and put it in my camera bag. I really recommend this remote!
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