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on February 17, 2015
Didn't read the reviews before making my purchase. Should've. I went to put some of my doterra Lavender oil in one of the bottles and it started to dip down my hand, about 3 drips. I thought for a moment that I missed the opening and tried again. Nope. Again about 3 drips all over. I looked at the bottle closely and there was a hole in the bottom of the bottle. I noticed the amber was lighter than other bottles I bought elsewhere but didn't think someone would make thinner bottles. I did put some Eucalyptus oil in another bottle and much to my disappointment, that bottle broke all over the inside of my purse and was wasted. I'm returning these and buying elsewhere. Such a waste. Plus agreed with all the other reviews, they do not screw on correct. It's is not our incompetency but the design. Why do you still sell something that is not designed correct? Are these seconds? They must be.
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on July 16, 2015
These little bottles are perfect for master blends that you don't use all the time. This company has a fabulous blog with recipes I just have to try. It's limiting yourself to 12 that is difficult. Thankfully, the price is pretty good on these. They don't leak and they wash well. They are the perfect size for my label maker's tape too! The only con, and it's one I have found with every small bottle like this is that you cannot rely on the orifice reducer to count drops. Just don't put it in, if you will be using it in a recipe. I use many of mine in my plug in car diffuser, so I put the bottle upside down on the pad in the plug and tap, tap, tap. I have a relaxing drive. Screaming kids? All I hear is blah, blah, blah;)
*In the first photo, the bottle on the left is a 1 dram bottle. The one on the right is the 2 ml. (5/8 dram) bottle. I have both, but prefer the smaller. It fits better in my case (just a plain arts & crafts case) and hold about 40 drops. Notice how I have to lay the 1 dram size bottle horizontally, in order for it to fit.
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on June 17, 2014
The color of the bottles is a light amber not the dark amber that appears in the picture. The caps do not screw down completely with the reducers in place and the caps do not appear level on some of the bottles. The caps fit fine without the reducers. The bottles arrived unbroken even though they were sent in a bubble pouch in a plastic envelope and not a box. I would prefer the bottles to be darker and the caps to fit level on the bottles when the orifice reducer is used.
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on June 23, 2014
After putting the orifice reducer in the bottle the lids do not fit correctly. They go on sideways, which makes me worried oils will leak out. They should fit the same way with or without the orifice.
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on April 4, 2016
These little drama are perfect to give oils to friends and family, however use with caution! As I was filling a dram, I went to pop the plastic reducer in the top and the dram shattered in my fingers! After plucking the glass from my thumb and pointer finger, I was able to put reducers in other drama with no problem. Hopefully that one was just defective.
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on January 4, 2015
The reducers have no hole, it's just a plastic insert. What good is that?
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on September 28, 2014
There are a lot of reviews that the lids don't fit correctly after the reducer is in place. This is true, but the bottles don't leak. The lid just bulges out a bit, but screws down enough to create a tight fit. I have carried them around in my purse and pockets without incident. Just make sure to push the reducer down tightly, the entire way, and then also carefully screw down the lid so it is straight and tight. The reducer doesn't allow the oil to drop out easily. I found that a tap on the bottom of the bottle helps with releasing the drop. These bottles are the perfect size for creating mixtures and carrying them around. Perfect size for samples also. I will be ordering more.
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on June 9, 2014
These bottles arrived with 4 broken bottles and the lids do not fit well. I would not order them again.
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on September 21, 2015
Simple 2ml jars with orifice reducer is perfect for group projects & for travel. I used these for a henna class so each person could have essential oil to clean the skin and take care of the henna art properly. I didn't want the oil coming out fast for the applications and they didn't need a lot of oil either so these vials were perfect. I had absolutely no problems getting my oil in the container, putting in the orifice reducer (& removing it when I had to) and placing the cap on. Since I had to travel to my classes, no issue with leakage either. Dispensing is easy if you tap on the bottom over the area you want the droplet to go or just rub it across the skin.
I have also used these to carry around travel sized versions of some of the essential oils I like to use. I place them in a pouch in my purse with no issues of leakage. And tiny enough that I can carry several on the plane with me which means no checked baggage!
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on October 5, 2016
I love aromatherapy. I got hooked about a year ago and keep expanding my huge collection of oils. Friends and family are always asking me if I can make something for whatever symptom they are experiencing. I purchased these to make give away bottles and to have better storage for some of my larger essential oil bottles.

These little bottles are so adorable. The bottles themselves are a good quality. They are solid and I did not notice any of the air pockets that I have seen with cheaply made glass. The bottles themselves are great.

The caps are also great. They are threaded correctly so they twist on and off easily. The material is sturdy and seems like it would last with continued regular use.

The issue with these are the orifice reducers. I tested these bottles with thinner oils (lavender and orange). I figured this would help me determine how well the orifice reducers worked. I could not get any oil out of the bottles when the reducer was in place. I tried filling the bottle all the way, half way, and with inky about fifteen drops. In each situation I could not get the pull out when the reducer was in place. This was five with thin oils that should be easy to get out of a bottle. The orifice reducer is an essential part of a bottle design. If I have to use a pipette to get oil out this bottle is not convenient to use.

I was planning to put oils from my 30ml bottles in these so I could store them with my other bottles. I have several wooden storage boxes for my oils but none hold 30ml bottles. I thought these would make oil usage more convenient since I could store all my oils in one place. Since the reducer does not work well this product does not help me with that goal.

These bottles are a nice way to share oils. I plan to use these to give requested oils to my friends and family that request them. The people that ask for these are typically not very into aromatherapy so giving them a bottle with a pipette would be acceptable.

These are a good quality bottle but the orifice reducer does not work well. These are convenient for sharing oils if using a pipette but for someone who uses oils regularly and wants a convenient solution this is not it.
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