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on May 19, 2016
D'Souza is the Paul Revere of our day warning us of the dangers of historical revisionists and their socialist liberal ideology shaming and intimidating Americans to adopt their ideology. This film does not portray a dystopian version of history if America never existed, but examines historical attacks on the character and nature of America as a force for good in the world. Dinesh D'Souza makes some bold political assertions and presents counterarguments to the systemic socialist shaming of America in recent history. While this film was widely criticized by mainstream movie critics, most conservative audiences will probably appreciate this film. How you respond to this film probably says more about your own ideological biases than the arguments that are presented. It is not surprising that most mainstream movie critics rejected this film as “partisan” because the majority of them have a liberal ideological bias. They are intolerant of anything that presents a counter perspective from their unchallenged pre-suppositional beliefs they have adopted from their liberal college indoctrination.

D’Souza presents the common attacks on America to shame its citizenry in order to achieve social change. Liberals accuse the US of stealing the land from the Native Americans and Mexico, oppressing slaves, and stealing resources around the world through wars and greedy capitalism. D’Souza spends too much time exploring the myopic and one-sided accusations and not enough time presenting additional perspectives and he leans too heavily on Alexis de Tocqueville. There are far more examples and evidence for the good that America has provided to the world such as: charitable organizations, giving and humanitarian assistance around the world compared to other nations, relative global security and stability compared to the wars and deaths prior to US hegemony, increased global prosperity and wealth creation. A simple question to ask is to give examples of other nations who have stood against tyranny, oppression, and atrocities in the world besides the United States. The truth is that if the US does not take leadership, no other nation stands up to do the right thing. Just look at Armenia, Germany, Bosnia, Rwanda, Darfur, and ISIS. Certainly America has problems, but we should all make sure that we take a critical look at anyone trying to revise history.
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on September 10, 2016
A good antidote to the current climate of cringing apology for America's imperfections. No country is perfect, and America has many faults and has committed many crimes, but she stands for an idea, that everyone has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of a good life. That idea is worth preserving, and this documentary answers some of the negatives that people have pushed about America.
I was impressed by Dinesh's cool during the interviews. There were a few times I would have been tempted to take a punch at the interviewee, but he maintained a respectful attitude and let everyone have his say.
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on September 19, 2016
Informative offering that provides a viewpoint that broadens perspective from the widely accepted but narrow view. I watched this because of the controversy over the Advanced Placement test for United States History. There had been a push for the test to align very closely to the "Howard Zinn" narrative. There's always more than one side to the story. Fortunately, the AP US test didn't change to be so limited. This film offers a concise explanation as to why.
If you are a devoted liberal, this may be a waste of time for you. If differs too greatly from the liberal narrative. If you are very conservative, this may not be conservative enough. But if you are interested in hearing a different voice and evaluating the message for yourself, you may find the time you spend on the film worthwhile. You may appreciate it particularly if you are part of a recently immigrated family or own your own business.
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on May 11, 2016
Dinesh D'Souza offers a critique of Howard Zinn's history book A People's History of the United States. Specifically, he shows how Zinn fabricated a narrative of American history from the view of "the oppressed" and how this thinking/narrative has shaped both Obama, Hillary Clinton and their policies to create a post-American society. With eye opening interviews in which critics of America state without hesitation that the United States should be nuked, it is of no surprise that Obama has created nuclear powers out of both North Korea and Iran with little resistance from the supplicant Congress. D'Souza paints a positive picture of why America is exceptional and should be cherished; however, it falls short in uncovering the treachery of The US's first post-american President. Clearly Hillary and Warren are the coming sirens of doom; however, the full extent of the damage being wrought can only begun to be understood in Geller's and Spencer's "The Post-American Presidency".
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on August 5, 2016
There is more and better to the American left than one sees in this film, but it makes an important point. Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, and a number of other powerful politicians, media executives, and academics are distoting and falsifying our history, not to bring social justice or opportunity, but to destroy our constitutional liberties and impose a reign of terror, a left-wing fascism that will benefit the few, bring misery to the many, and deprive the world of America's promise. This realm of lies already dominates the universities, and has poisoned (or simply closed) millions of minds. Dinesh D'Souza is a true thinker and patriot. God bless him.
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on June 9, 2016
I found it scary and sad. Could American Socialists have constructed our current political reality? Does anyone here remember what it used to feel like to be an American? There seemed to be a widespread and powerful sense of national pride everywhere when I was young, The vast majority felt like Bono then. I cannot remember too many people bashing our country. Everyone seemed to agree that we were the best, the most giving, the most fair, the beneficiaries of a great and benevolent Constitution, a shining city on a hill. But like Lincoln said, we have to be wary of the enemy within. Could the new feeling of national shame actually be a concerted effort to undermine capitalism and extinguish our light? The part of this film on Hillary Clinton was particularly interesting to me. Kids do all kinds of goofy things in college. Writing a thesis on Saul Alinsky doesn't necessarily mean anything, even if you add on a letter of admiration and intimations of further contact. But it does make you wonder. Could NAFTA and the driving up of our national debt, coupled with a concerted effort to increase division, actually be part of a greater plan? Are enemies to Liberty trying to take us from within as Stalin warned? This film was very encouraging about how lucky we are to be Americans, while at the same time, posing some very interesting questions about the origin of national shame.
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on November 9, 2017
Eye opener. Kind of sad our government is what it is at times. The things they do, the deals they make are outrageous. Saddest part of all is, 90% of our elected Congressional members are corrupt and only do what is in their own individual best interest helping themselves lining their pockets. They care nothing about our country or its citizens. Because in truth if they were true American Patriots our country would not be in this mess. The whole lot of them discuss me to no end! They are a complete disgrace!
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on December 22, 2016
This video should be required in middle and high schools in the US. Most people take our country for granted, and our treasonous schools and media give a 24/7 "video" that the world would be better off without America, Christianity, white people, or the human race in general. Many people I know were afraid to watch the movie when it came out, and still are very confused about what they owe to this country. Since 2012 was also the year of the death of Andrew Breitbart, the abandonment of Americans by the President at Benghazi, and the re-election of Obama, this video kept me going while many patriots around me were filled with despair. Dnesh D'Sousa is the first American to be imprisoned for the content of a film, as far as I know. Like Shevchenko, Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn before him, the artist speaking truth to power will always win the war.
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on June 10, 2016
There are many charges being leveled against America from a large number of sources some of which have at least the appearance of scholarly authority. Fortunately when viewed under even the light set scrutiny both the accuser and the charge are seen for what they really are. For those unfamiliar with the writings of Saul Alinsky many of the things that have happened over the last few decades may seem to be coming out of nowhere. Yet thelse are classic radical leftist propaganda and tactics. Making young people feel ashamed of the history of this country and demand change is basic to the wholesale changing of America and American systems. The beginning of this movie states many of the charges against the U.S. straight from the mouths of many of the accusers. If left unchallenged these charges would be enough to make anyone take to the streets to bring about change. This work not only challenges the charges but reveals why they are even being made and what is hoped by those making the charges. The answers are given and if you're unaware of American history you may be surprised to learn what is shown in this important movie.
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on June 10, 2016
Dinesh D'Souza is a true hero in regards to going against the status quo. In this film he explores the ripe internal hate that flourishes in various groups in America, not because they experienced slavery or the Trail of Tears first hand, and not because they are presently oppressed, but because they were taught to hate collectively as a result of mainstream propaganda that intentionally leaves out taboo truths.

I personally learned a number of interesting topics that were taught to me in a one-sided fashion through my entire education. For instance, I recall Madam C. J. Walker as rising from slavery to become the first female millionaire in America, but I was never taught she was also an owner of slaves herself, as were many other popular African Americans in history once they were freed. All throughout school - from the time I was a child in public school to college - we weren't taught about Africans owning slaves once they were free. This was strictly pushed off as a one-sided event that only white's perpetuated.

Secondly, we weren't taught the horrors of indentured servitude and how many indentured servants were kidnapped, nor that there were more indentured servants than slaves for the majority of time throughout history. We were taught year after year that they owed a debt that the individuals themselves racked up and servitude was a form of repayment. We were taught that they had significantly better living conditions, and we were certainly never taught they worked side by side with African slaves and that many died and/or had their original length of servitude extended when they lived. We weren't taught this because that would go against the mainstream narrative that consistently perpetuates slavery was a one-sided atrocity committed by racist whites against Africans. Dinesh does a great job at covering this.

There's so much more to learn throughout this movie. I strongly urge anyone who's interested in hearing a real viewpoint to watch it. It has one of the highest ratings on Amazon for a reason.
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