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on July 14, 2014
Simply put- one of the best books of the modern age. I know Jesse Ventura is not a 'refined' author with a classical education. I know Jesse Ventura is not a political elitist who will tell you what you want to hear and therefore appeal to your emotional senses. Jesse Ventura tells it like it is using history and facts to back up his book. Thank you Mr. Ventura for trying to tell the American people the truth- whether they want to believe the nightmare and stand up and do anything about it- well, that's a different story.
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on April 29, 2010
I admit it; I am a card-carrying conspiracist. I have encountered in various books over at least the last two decades virtually all of the material that Ventura examines in this book and all that he has written makes perfect sense to me. I admit again though, not hearing about the Manchurian Candidate theory about the assassination of Robert Kennedy and that other hugely weird event at Jonestown. The idea that joins all of these events is the simple idea that they seem so reasonable to me; that must be why I believe in conspiracies to begin with because all of these assassinations fall into the basket of ideas that say, "These so called conspiracies are simply what would happen given the amount of money floating around and given rich, powerful people who accept the premise that the end justifies the means". Once you have a believable reason for somebody doing something then it easily follows that people will act on their belief. I think Ventura does just that admirably in his dissection of the various acts in this book. Chapter 13, The Wall Street Conspiracy, is (for a non-intellectual like myself) numbingly complicated but again perfectly sensible given the extreme amounts of money involved and the strength of the American Dream whereby anybody can be more well-off than they've ever dreamed (another conspiracy-convince the population that they can strive to have it all).

Ventura explains, even complex economic issues like the Meltdown, extremely well by giving the reader much information surrounding the particular event, enough information to, at least to me, see the logic of his thesis. I repeat, I was struck by his presentation because he explained events,that lesser thinkers deride as silliness, in terms that seem so logical. Hugely evil events that, when taken in the context of the perpetrators, seem perfectly logical. They are certainly not numbingly far-fetched like many of the naysayers would have us believe.

So many pieces of the American historical puzzle fit into place perfectly after reading American Conspiracies; it is a book that draws back the establishment's curtain regarding how the American world is run in today's century and by comparison, the rest of the contemporary world.
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on June 3, 2016
This is a very well written book
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Jesse Ventura is a real American who has a lot of questions. Packed into this book are some of the most disturbingly unsolved governmental mysteries of our country. He dives into dozens of stories that we all have known about and in many cases did not know about. One of the most intriguing is the assassination of President Lincoln. What we were taught in school is just a scratch of the surface. Mr. Ventura goes into detail about the conspiracy that surrounded Lincoln's entire Presidency. Robert Redford's recent movie "The Conspirator" is a perfect example of how intricate the story is. There is plenty more, including the J. F. Kennedy and R. F. Kennedy assassinations as well as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and more. Other heady stories include the Jonestown massacre; something we thought we all knew about. However, Mr. Ventura brings new light to the matter and the more he explains, the more you start to question what you thought you knew. The media is not 'all-telling'. Stolen elections of the last decade 'plus' are given a solid review here as well, showing that our government is no more trustworthy than any other. Of particular fascination to me was his expansive questions about 9/11, with almost too many questions about Building Seven, how the towers really might have fallen, who knew what, why was the Pentagon left with that circular hole, not befitting the crash of a jetliner, why NORAD was in Greenland that day, etc. Even Jesse Ventura was "investigated" by a mysterious group from Washington after he was elected governor - an almost humorous confrontation when he turns the tables on them.

Each subject is organized into three parts: The Incident, The Official Word and My Take (or Jesse Ventura's analysis). All topics are well researched and the questions he brings up are nearly mind boggling in their obviousness. Why didn't Americans ask questions? Why would the government cover up anything? What is to be gained from such cover-ups? This is the kind of book that should be required reading in high school, if only for the facts and truth about each incident. Some might think Jesse Ventura to be paranoid, but if he is, he has good reason. This book is a fast and amazing read. There really are very few books quite like it. Even if you are not a 'conspiracy theory' fan, you'll at least learn a lot more about America's history. The only thing I found frustrating about the book, is that it raises so many seemingly unanswerable questions. But as Jesse Ventura explains, these are the kinds of things Americans need to know about. Our government is not what it always wants us to see it as. 'Vigilance' and 'questioning' is as American as apple pie.
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on October 17, 2010
The chapters on possible conspiracies in assassinations, stolen elections, etc are interesting enough. But it is the last two chapters that are the most fascinating. Ventura and co-author Russell explore the story of the 2008 financial meltdown and in one chapter summarize what went wrong, how Goldman-Sachs, AIG, and the Federal Reserve are so intertwined, and how the big banks ruined and then profited from the meltdown, and how the government allows all this to happen. The final chapter documents how the government and private industry have combined to build a national security apparatus that would make other totalitarian states envious. All of this is well-documented and footnoted. The only flaw in this book is a lack of an index. Ventura, as usual, pulls no punches and has written a book that goes a long way toward explaining why this country is in such big trouble.
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on November 29, 2010
Jesse Ventura tells it like it is. This American Conspiracies is awsome. I always wondered about certain events in our Country and just how much our Government was involved. I am no longer naive thanks to Governor Ventura. This is an excellent, in depth analysis of many events in our history where the truth is finally told. Thank you Governor Ventura!
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on March 7, 2017
Gift for a family member who enjoyed it
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on September 26, 2017
I love this book. Jesse holds nothing back and comes to his viewpoints through lots of research. Fascinating insights into some conspiracy areas I had not even considered. Definitely makes you think and it is definitely a good read.
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on September 12, 2017
Cool book! Not done with it but very interesting!
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on July 31, 2017
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