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on January 1, 2013
We just purchased this set and took them from one end of the planet to the other, along with a side trip so they made a total of four legs. Now onto what to expect.

Structurally, they only have reinforced corners, so an item laying on one of them will not depress the luggage much. However, along the edges there is no major support, so the suitcase will sag if any significant weight is applied to it. For the price, this is something to be expected, but it should at least be a consideration if you plan on packing anything fragile in the suitcase.

In terms of storage, there are three various sized exterior pockets that would be suitable for documents and small, relatively flat items you may want to access. Only one of these pockets can be locked. On the inside, there is a single full size mesh pocket on the top flap of each bag. Each suitcase comes with two elastic straps that will require you to rummage around in your packed suitcase to put them together.

The wheels held up well and no visible damage was seen from any trip. After being on six different plane flights, the wheels all roll as smoothly as they did when new. In fact, they are so smooth that our one year old can easily push a loaded suitcase along a smooth floor with minimal effort.

For size, they are capable (and come shipped this way) of being loaded one inside the other for easier storage. The two larger ones will not fit in any overhead bin I am familiar with. Speaking of, the smallest only came in the cabin for the final leg and was rather tricky to place in a bin. While it technically fits (by the smallest of margins in a 777 overhead bin), the wheels create some interesting problems. If the bin is the curved type found in some newer planes, the bag will actually roll forward with ease when placed lengthwise in a bin, unless there is another bag directly next to it to hold it in place. Inserting it in backwards (with the wheels facing you) will prevent this, but then makes it hard to remove as there is no bottom handle on any of these.

For weight, they weigh almost nothing, which is a good/bad thing. It takes up less of your weight allowance, and makes it easier for some to manage it. However, this partly comes from a lack of structural support throughout the entire suitcase.

Finally, on to looks. Personally, I can care less how it looks, so long as I can easily spot it on a conveyor belt. After picking these up four times, I found that I had no issue picking out the light blue ones from the sea of black and brown bags out there. However, there were two legs where rain got on them, which caused a lot of discoloration. Additionally, all that dirt and grime lurking in the cargo hold will find your suitcase and smother it with a variety of ugly spots. If looks matter, I would avoid this color.

Overall, they were easy to lift and move, and provided adequate protection to mostly clothing and books. The elastic straps were irritating to use as it requires you to hunt for them at the bottom of your stuff to hook up. Also, it would be nice to see a bottom strap because it makes lifting the suitcase up onto a luggage holder a much more enjoyable experience on your back.
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on October 29, 2014
First trip one bag came apart. Not good.
review image review image
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on September 12, 2012
The midsize case has withstood the rigors of its first international trip. Contrary to some reports on spinners, I found that when necessary we were able to tilt on two wheels successfully.
This is a great value offer. The aqua is easy to spot as the luggage comes around the belt.
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on December 10, 2012
I received 2 suitcases from this line as a gift 2 years ago. I'm a light packer and rarely use the large suitcase, but I've dragged the carry-on all across the US and Europe. Very sturdy wheels, even on cobblestones (they really had me worried).

I find that there are just the right number of pockets to store shoes and toiletries. There is also a plastic coated large pocket in the lid that is ok for putting damp items in. The spinner suitcase is a brilliant design. I can now push my suitcase sideways down the airplane aisle rather than pulling it and whacking everyone in my wake.

The ONLY issue I have is that I have to consciously pack heavier objects towards the wheels. If I don't do this, the bag (without fail) tips over when it's standing up.

As usual, the Amazon price is tough to beat. Giving this 3-piece set to my brother and sister in law for Christmas this year.
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on September 27, 2012
The set of three pieces of luggage arrived on time. Used two pieces on a trip abroad and they were so easy to maneuver! The suitcases weathered several transfers in cars, airlines, buses & a ship very well. The spinner wheels make traveling a breeze. I am well-pleased with the set.
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on August 11, 2012
i received my luggage very fast! it shipped in about 3 days with the free shipping. The first thing i noticed was the color. I ordered this in purple. it is MUCH darker than the picture. its almost as dark as the black. But i like it better than the picture. Its more of a deep plum color. the luggage is great quality and great size. Its very heavy when all three are stacked inside each other. each individual piece isnt that heavy though. about 10lbs for the larger ones each. the wheels on this are very nice. i would recommend getting luggage with four rotating wheels. this helps a lot when lugging it around. the carry on piece is big, but small enough to be a carry on for a plane. I love everything about this product. I think its very well made and it will last a long time. Dont hesitate to get the purple, like i said its much darker and is very nice. not too out there, but very feminine. Also might i add, the price is such a deal! BUY THESE! :D its worth it!
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on October 11, 2012
I haven't used my luggage yet because I just got it today, but it seems to be very well made. I bought the purple set, and because I read reviews complaining that the color didn't match the photo I was prepared for a darker or different shade of purple than shown in the product photo. After I got the luggage out of the shipping box, I took it outdoors and photographed it in partial sun. The color resembles the product photo, and I would call that color a lavender, not plum. I've rolled my luggage set forwards, backwards, and sideways without problems on my wooden deck and on carpeting. The spinner wheels are wonderful.
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on March 1, 2013
We bought this luggage a while ago but just got the chance to use it. We bought the aqua blue.First thing I will say about this luggage are that the pics a little deceiving. The material is not as shiny as the pics which I wasn't worried about because no matter what we bought the aqua blue to pick it out from other luggage in baggage claim and you can definitely do that. We used this on a cruise we went on but had to fly and drive a car to get to the port. So thats two flights, a car trunk and a cruise it had to go through.The best thing about this luggage is the spinners between rolling them to the car rental and rolling to our room that we stayed at the night before the cruise and the smallest piece which we used as carry on the spinners got a big work out and they worked great. I felt like I could roll these for miles and at the airport I think we did. I will never buy a piece of luggage without spinners ever again. The zippers worked flawlessly and the luggage has a definite better quality feel then the last luggage we had. I will say on the lighter color you can definitely notice the dirt and smudges. We always had black so never noticed this on our other luggage so not sure if its the material or just the color. Also the smallest piece is small enough for a carry on.A friend of ours bought this at a department store on sale and paid 30% more.We are definitely happy with this purchase.
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on March 23, 2014
I bought this luggage because I am constantly traveling, and wanted to have a decent set. I was impressed with the reviews on this luggage, as well as the price. I found the luggage to be exactly what I expected, and a little more. The spinners work pretty well, even when the bags are full. The only issue I had with the spinners was that occasionally, if the ground was uneven (cobblestone, sidewalk, etc) they would tend to turn a little to the side. But other than that, these are fantastic! The material is thick and seems to be good quality. The hardware is strong enough to have made it through a cruise and two international flights so far with no signs of wear and tear. They are highly adaptable for packing, as they actually have useful interior straps to hold clothes and accessories down. The side handles are stitched with a thick, reinforced thread, so they don't strain when you lift them by the side. I also love that they are nesting, making it perfect for storage. Love these and would highly recommend them!
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on November 24, 2012
I am not sure I like the spinner wheels. When the large case is full, it does not seem to move as easily as a regular 2-wheeled suitcase. In fact, I noticed many people in the airport tipping their spinner suitcase to pull it on 2 wheels, the same as I was doing. Also, because of the spinner wheels, there is no handle on the bottom end of the suitcase, which makes it hard to pick up and manipulate, getting it in and out of a car trunk or van.

It expands, but only the bottom half expands, so the result is an uneven shape.

The handles are flimsy, and do not look to be very well attached. The suitcase made it on one trans-Atlantic flight, so time will tell.

The inside pockets and the outside pockets are fine. The color is lovely, and the nylon material seems sturdy. The tiny spinner wheels and the flimsy handles are the cause of my "blah" rating.
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