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on January 1, 2013
We just purchased this set and took them from one end of the planet to the other, along with a side trip so they made a total of four legs. Now onto what to expect.

Structurally, they only have reinforced corners, so an item laying on one of them will not depress the luggage much. However, along the edges there is no major support, so the suitcase will sag if any significant weight is applied to it. For the price, this is something to be expected, but it should at least be a consideration if you plan on packing anything fragile in the suitcase.

In terms of storage, there are three various sized exterior pockets that would be suitable for documents and small, relatively flat items you may want to access. Only one of these pockets can be locked. On the inside, there is a single full size mesh pocket on the top flap of each bag. Each suitcase comes with two elastic straps that will require you to rummage around in your packed suitcase to put them together.

The wheels held up well and no visible damage was seen from any trip. After being on six different plane flights, the wheels all roll as smoothly as they did when new. In fact, they are so smooth that our one year old can easily push a loaded suitcase along a smooth floor with minimal effort.

For size, they are capable (and come shipped this way) of being loaded one inside the other for easier storage. The two larger ones will not fit in any overhead bin I am familiar with. Speaking of, the smallest only came in the cabin for the final leg and was rather tricky to place in a bin. While it technically fits (by the smallest of margins in a 777 overhead bin), the wheels create some interesting problems. If the bin is the curved type found in some newer planes, the bag will actually roll forward with ease when placed lengthwise in a bin, unless there is another bag directly next to it to hold it in place. Inserting it in backwards (with the wheels facing you) will prevent this, but then makes it hard to remove as there is no bottom handle on any of these.

For weight, they weigh almost nothing, which is a good/bad thing. It takes up less of your weight allowance, and makes it easier for some to manage it. However, this partly comes from a lack of structural support throughout the entire suitcase.

Finally, on to looks. Personally, I can care less how it looks, so long as I can easily spot it on a conveyor belt. After picking these up four times, I found that I had no issue picking out the light blue ones from the sea of black and brown bags out there. However, there were two legs where rain got on them, which caused a lot of discoloration. Additionally, all that dirt and grime lurking in the cargo hold will find your suitcase and smother it with a variety of ugly spots. If looks matter, I would avoid this color.

Overall, they were easy to lift and move, and provided adequate protection to mostly clothing and books. The elastic straps were irritating to use as it requires you to hunt for them at the bottom of your stuff to hook up. Also, it would be nice to see a bottom strap because it makes lifting the suitcase up onto a luggage holder a much more enjoyable experience on your back.
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on October 29, 2014
First trip one bag came apart. Not good.
review image review image
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on December 8, 2015
Bought August 18, 2014:

Reviewed 12/25/2015 (My husband is still sleeping and this is my way of not bothering him because I am bored)

I forgot why we had bought these luggage. I think my husband and I just needed suitcases larger than carry- ons. I liked the fact that the largest check in was large, but from the reviews was very nervous about filling it up. However, it was not an issue. I was traveling for work internationally via private jet so I was loading the largest suitcase with my colleagues' items because they flew through an airline and only wanted to stick to carry-ons. They only stayed in the countries for a couple of months, while I stayed for 4 months, so the plan was for me to bring all of their items back via private jet as well, which was fine until there was an emergency and I had to fly through the airlines.
Imagine my panic. I did not have an extra luggage, did not have time to get one, and did not want to leave anything behind.
I had the largest luggage of the bunch, the carry-on, a drawstring bag, and my briefcase.
Everything else was stuffed and the luggage had able 2 inches free up top. It was stuffed with shampoo/conditioner bottles, clothes, and shoes. I tried not to pack heavy things and those were things I couldn't carry in carryon or it was light.
Imagine how I felt when I realized that it was only 47.5 lbs and I was able to free up my drawstring bag, a few items from my briefcase AND carryon! Seriously, 2.5 lbs makes a HUGE difference when you're traveling internationally.
I do think you should be prepared because I feel as if I was fortunate that I had items that were light enough to stuff in the largest suitcase. I think if you decide to bring a blender or something, you would not be able to fill it as much as I.
The suitcases are very easy to pull/push which was great, since I was able to place my briefcase on the carryon and just drag it around.
After traveling so much, the suitcases are definitely holding up. I made a move cross country recently and I shipped items via Amtrak, and it was very convenient to have all these suitcases to pack up and ship away!

Overall, I do not regret buying these and would highly recommend it !
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on January 2, 2013
The purple is not violet but plum, but I knew that from reviews and I like it. The three piece set was used on a car trip. we were in and out of the luggage each day for a week. The luggage is well made and is durable. The large bag has plenty of room for one person packing winter clothes for a week and still had extra room. The medium was used by a teenager for a week and still had room, the carry on was used for a week of winter clothes by a child. we stayed with family and a cat slept on top of the luggage each night. It was durable and has no scratches or tears. The spinner wheels and handles worked great. I tried out the set in a store but saved $100 by getting it here.

UPDATE: The carry-on just went through 4 plane rides and still looks great! (And has gone on 2 more trips in cars) I pulled it with a laptop bag over the handles through 4 airports with ease. I could tilt and pull, but it was easier to pull on the spinners. I was worried the handle would break with the weight but it did great. I am still very happy! Note for airline travel - with the wheels the bag is 1 1/2 inches too tall, but I was never stopped and measured. It fit in a small jet overhead compartment just fine.
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on July 16, 2013
This is a great luggage set at a great value.

1) Beautiful, elegant shade of purple (darker than pictured) which made it impossible to miss my luggage on the airport carousel
2) Rolls and turns effortlessly
3) Decent pocket organization

Now, for the issues which prevented a five-star rating:

1) Smallest bag may be too big for carry-on on some airlines. I snuck by, but the bag technically exceeded the requirements.
2) Color rubbed off onto a light beige carpet when I left the bag laying down overnight after just returning from a trip. I now have a light purple patch on the carpet which will not come out with cleaning
3) Speaking of cleaning, these bags did get dirty after being tossed around by the airline. I haven't attempted to clean them since I'm concerned about the color rubbing off.

Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase for the price. I'm just being careful not to lay the luggage down over carpet again, and may see about having it dry-cleaned if it gets dirty enough. As for the large size of the small bag, this is a benefit in most ways as long as the airlines accept it for carry-on.
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on July 4, 2016
The only reason this got 4 instead of 5 stars is because the orange coloring despite being easy to spot and grab at the airport got pretty dirty after the first flight. I love that they come with four wheels, it means we don't have to tip them to push them around. The sizes are just right, the smallest one can be used as carry on and the medium sized one has been perfect for a week trip packed for two people. The large one even with thoroughly packed still weighed less than 50lbs which is the airport weight limit.
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VINE VOICEon November 17, 2013
I bought this luggage after doing much research online and wanting a set with spinner wheels. This luggage is very good quality for the price you are paying for it. I bought the black set and also bought neon pink luggage tags and handle wraps which I also purchased from Amazon. Those two items were LIFESAVERS in recognizing our luggage on the luggage carousel! My mom and I used the smaller pieces for a trip back east especially wanting to use smaller luggage to avoid paying extra weight charges (we flew Southwest so we had could check the bags free). This luggage was very easy to move around by ourselves and stood up to plane changes coming and going, it looks brand new! The only drawback I could mention with the luggage is there is no "handle" at the bottom of the luggage to grab onto when trying to lift it and put it a car, etc. but other than that this luggage is perfect!
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on December 10, 2012
I received 2 suitcases from this line as a gift 2 years ago. I'm a light packer and rarely use the large suitcase, but I've dragged the carry-on all across the US and Europe. Very sturdy wheels, even on cobblestones (they really had me worried).

I find that there are just the right number of pockets to store shoes and toiletries. There is also a plastic coated large pocket in the lid that is ok for putting damp items in. The spinner suitcase is a brilliant design. I can now push my suitcase sideways down the airplane aisle rather than pulling it and whacking everyone in my wake.

The ONLY issue I have is that I have to consciously pack heavier objects towards the wheels. If I don't do this, the bag (without fail) tips over when it's standing up.

As usual, the Amazon price is tough to beat. Giving this 3-piece set to my brother and sister in law for Christmas this year.
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on December 15, 2013
I travel a lot for competitions and have to take a lot of stuff. I have a large Samsonite that has spinner wheels, but they got damaged and it's hard to roll in the upright position. I wanted to replace it, but the prices were a little more than I wanted to spend because, after all, it was still in working condition. On my last trip, my luggage was over by 1 1b. and the airline charged me an additional $100. So, I decided that it would be cheaper to pack two suitcases for $25 each than it would to take one for $125.

I decided on this set because I know that American Tourister and Samonsite are basically the same. I got the set for the price of one 30" piece - so it was a good deal. Although, it did come damaged in the box - but that's more of a delivery problem than a product problem. This set is almost identical to my Samsonite. The Samonsite has a little more detail, but the construction is pretty much the same. The aqua color is very bright and easy to spot. I imagine that it's going to get dirty quickly, but that's ok with me. The wheels roll nicely and they hold quite a bit. The nice part is that when you want to put them away, they fit inside each other, so it doesn't take up too much space.

I gave it 4 stars because I would have like to have had a handle on the bottom, like my Samsonite, so that when I have to carry it into my car or down a flight of stairs it's easier. I also think that the handle could be a little sturdier. But all-in-all, I think it's well built and is certainly a good deal! I recommend it.

UPDATE: I put a TSA lock on the zippers and put it through on Delta. When I got to my destination, the bag had torn apart. Apparently the lock got caught on the conveyor belt and the entire zipper came apart. Don't know whose fault this was, but it didn't survive the airlines.
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on September 22, 2014
Note that I am reviewing this without traveling with this luggage set yet. We are going away in a few weeks and I decided that my small Kohl's brand luggage wasn't going to cut it- especially since we are flying, and I have heard many horror stories about luggage falling apart and taking a beating in the process.

This luggage beats my Kohl's luggage! It is a beautiful strong looking and feeling set. The wheels roll so smoothly it's like pulling nothing. Push it, pull it, spin it- it is so maneuverable.

As for the size, I was looking to get quite a large piece, and I did! The largest piece completely dwarfs any other piece of luggage I have ever seen. This is awesome. I am not well traveled, but I worry that it will be too easy to over-fill this piece! I have a luggage scale- so I'm not super put off about it though. Just thought I'd mention it, because I feel some people could be cranky about it.

The middle piece is still larger than my Kohl's luggage, again, awesome. I tend to over pack and I also like to have room to bring home a souvenir or gifts.

The smallest looks like it could pass for a carry on, but I'm not sure and I don't know what qualifies a bag to be a carry on. Still, it is a really good size. You could put a weekend in it.

Overall, the zippers work and look great, very strong feeling. The pockets are also secure feeling. Generally, I find luggage pockets to be a little useless, but these are large and seem to be well made. I love love love the red color. It is a nice classy red- not childish and overly bright. It's enough to stand out, which I really like. It doesn't look like it will get super dirty and dingy looking. It's also very much like the photo and I am happy for that. The handles have a good feel to them as well. I am 5'9" and the height of the handles is really comfortable. I really don't foresee any issues and I am excited to try them out.

The whole set fits inside the largest bag neatly. The weight of each bag separately is fine, but when they are packed all-together the set is heavy. I was a little surprised when I picked up the shipping box on my porch! Each bag was wrapped in it's own plastic very neatly. I kept the plastic and the original box for storage. There is a warranty and I was happy to see that. After seeing the bags in real life, I think the price is a steal! There are so many other sets with shaving kit bags and little purse-like things, I didn't want that because I don't see the need for it and I didn't want to pay for a set and only use half of it. I can see myself using every piece of this set. Very practical.

I guess I will have to update my review after my travels!

So I traveled with the set...

It was awesome. These bags are so easy to spot at baggage claim. They rolled through the airport so easily. I had to maneuver both my piece of luggage and my husband's because I made him take his mom's luggage for her. So easy to move, I just pushed them on either side of me on all 4 wheels. They glided like nothing. They showed no signs of wear upon inspection when we got home.

We went to Florida and stayed in a rental home. We had to bring a couple of home items like soaps and paper products. We had plenty of room for board games too. None of our items were damaged and everything fit perfectly. All of our souvenirs made it home safely too. It was a family trip and we had the nicest luggage of the group. Looks like I spent a fortune, but didn't :)

When picking up a packed piece, the handles have a good feel and they are strong. You don't have to overcompensate for weak handles when lifting the luggage. Very sturdy set and good looking too! I couldn't be happier with this set. The wheels rolled just as smoothly after the trip as they did out of the box brand new.

The zippers held up too! Very happy with my purchase.
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