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on January 1, 2013
We just purchased this set and took them from one end of the planet to the other, along with a side trip so they made a total of four legs. Now onto what to expect.

Structurally, they only have reinforced corners, so an item laying on one of them will not depress the luggage much. However, along the edges there is no major support, so the suitcase will sag if any significant weight is applied to it. For the price, this is something to be expected, but it should at least be a consideration if you plan on packing anything fragile in the suitcase.

In terms of storage, there are three various sized exterior pockets that would be suitable for documents and small, relatively flat items you may want to access. Only one of these pockets can be locked. On the inside, there is a single full size mesh pocket on the top flap of each bag. Each suitcase comes with two elastic straps that will require you to rummage around in your packed suitcase to put them together.

The wheels held up well and no visible damage was seen from any trip. After being on six different plane flights, the wheels all roll as smoothly as they did when new. In fact, they are so smooth that our one year old can easily push a loaded suitcase along a smooth floor with minimal effort.

For size, they are capable (and come shipped this way) of being loaded one inside the other for easier storage. The two larger ones will not fit in any overhead bin I am familiar with. Speaking of, the smallest only came in the cabin for the final leg and was rather tricky to place in a bin. While it technically fits (by the smallest of margins in a 777 overhead bin), the wheels create some interesting problems. If the bin is the curved type found in some newer planes, the bag will actually roll forward with ease when placed lengthwise in a bin, unless there is another bag directly next to it to hold it in place. Inserting it in backwards (with the wheels facing you) will prevent this, but then makes it hard to remove as there is no bottom handle on any of these.

For weight, they weigh almost nothing, which is a good/bad thing. It takes up less of your weight allowance, and makes it easier for some to manage it. However, this partly comes from a lack of structural support throughout the entire suitcase.

Finally, on to looks. Personally, I can care less how it looks, so long as I can easily spot it on a conveyor belt. After picking these up four times, I found that I had no issue picking out the light blue ones from the sea of black and brown bags out there. However, there were two legs where rain got on them, which caused a lot of discoloration. Additionally, all that dirt and grime lurking in the cargo hold will find your suitcase and smother it with a variety of ugly spots. If looks matter, I would avoid this color.

Overall, they were easy to lift and move, and provided adequate protection to mostly clothing and books. The elastic straps were irritating to use as it requires you to hunt for them at the bottom of your stuff to hook up. Also, it would be nice to see a bottom strap because it makes lifting the suitcase up onto a luggage holder a much more enjoyable experience on your back.
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on October 29, 2014
First trip one bag came apart. Not good.
review imagereview image
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VINE VOICEon November 17, 2013
I bought this luggage after doing much research online and wanting a set with spinner wheels. This luggage is very good quality for the price you are paying for it. I bought the black set and also bought neon pink luggage tags and handle wraps which I also purchased from Amazon. Those two items were LIFESAVERS in recognizing our luggage on the luggage carousel! My mom and I used the smaller pieces for a trip back east especially wanting to use smaller luggage to avoid paying extra weight charges (we flew Southwest so we had could check the bags free). This luggage was very easy to move around by ourselves and stood up to plane changes coming and going, it looks brand new! The only drawback I could mention with the luggage is there is no "handle" at the bottom of the luggage to grab onto when trying to lift it and put it a car, etc. but other than that this luggage is perfect!
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on September 27, 2012
The set of three pieces of luggage arrived on time. Used two pieces on a trip abroad and they were so easy to maneuver! The suitcases weathered several transfers in cars, airlines, buses & a ship very well. The spinner wheels make traveling a breeze. I am well-pleased with the set.
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on July 17, 2016
We travel often and needed new luggage for a trip to Europe for a family of 4. I got my delivery in 2 days The size of luggage was perfect. We had many layovers and it seemed to take a beating very well. It does seem a bit flimsy on sides,not much support/ structure around sides. I made sure it wasn't expanded, unless it needed to be to give the extra support. It rolled well. I purchased black to avoid the it looking dirty to quickly. They fit within each other for easy storage. Overall for the price we paid I feel it was a great purchase.
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on September 8, 2017
For the price of this set, you won't be disappointed. I use the carry-on size a lot (26 flights since purchasing this set last year). If you don't stack a briefcase on top, you really won't have any issues. If you do try to next a briefcase, you'll have balance issues. The handle has a concerning amount of play after a full year of heavy use, but I'm not replacing the suitcase until it officially dies. The two larger bags hardly get used unless I travel with my family on a vacation. My kids sometimes like to hide in the large one, and they both fit inside at the same time!

If I were purchasing this for personal use, I would feel confident that the whole set would last for years and years. Pro-tip: get a loud color (like the orange ones that I bought). Nobody else on the plane ever has orange luggage, so the 5 times that I've had to check a bag, I've had no issues spotting it on the luggage conveyer.
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on September 29, 2013
I travel frequently for work and regularly overload these suitcases - they are performing just fine. The purple I ordered is a bit more muted color than the online color choice would suggest, but it is unique and I have an easy time finding my luggage.

One reviewer said hat airlines won't take the largest suitcase without an $100 fee. I fly Southwest all the time and have never had a problem. It is easy to overload the two large suitcases to over 50 pounds because there is so much room. I pack an extra fold-up small bag in a front pocket to take out 4-5 pounds if the suitcase is over weight..

Great value - has served me well.
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on May 21, 2015
Frankly, I was quite disappointed that American Tourister seemed to fall short of quality with this set of luggage. Someone else also wrote about the inadequacy of the straps used to fasten over the items in the suitcase - I should have paid attention to that! Besides being very flimsy, they are far TOO SHORT; I had to use a strong piece of cord to thread through the ends of the elastic which I knotted together to fit over my clothing. There isn't a place for a luggage tag which really surprised me - I had to go shopping for luggage tags to affix to the handle which inevitably gets caught on something through the rough treatment by luggage handlers. On another set of luggage I had ordered through Amazon, Rockland Polo Equipment, there was a type of reinforcement on the bottom of the luggage, which this set of American Tourister lacks. The Rockland luggage was far superior and less expensive, however to its detriment, there was no handle on the side to assist in lifting. If I hadn't ordered this set of luggage for an impending cruise, I probably would have returned it. The old adage proves true in this case - "you get what you pay for"!
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on April 13, 2016
I purchased this set right before my most recent trip. When they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by how much room there is inside of the suitcases. The liners are a good material and the pockets make it easy to store smaller items. I was very happy with how much I could pack inside them.

Walking with them during our trip was easy. The handle extended out to multiple locking positions and the 4 swivel wheels made them very easy to move.

All in all, I'm very happy with this purchase!
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on September 4, 2015
I decided to write my review once I actually used the luggage to travel across the country.

I will first say that I was pleased that the color is a darker purple than shown in the image (I was worried it would be too light and thought I'd take a chance and pay attention to all the other reviewers who mentioned the darker purple). I love that you can stack them into each other for easy storing. And the way it rolls is great -- so easy and hassle free!

However, the reason for my four-star review and not five stars is because after just the first leg of my trip, I noticed the medium piece had two tears on the side and on the bottom of the luggage -- just after its first use! Granted, I know that the airport luggage handlers can be careless, but I was pretty bummed that it tore so quickly and, seemingly, easily.

Other than that, I really do love my new luggage! Hopefully it holds up for more of my trips!
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