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on August 16, 2016
Not impressed. I bought this about a year ago. Today, I opened the box up and was able to get the radio to work for about 15 minutes before it went dead. I figured the batteries were not charged, so I cranked it up and it worked for a few more minutes and then pooped out. By now I figured that the batteries needed a good charge so I plugged in the usb charging cable and allowed the unit to charge 3 hours. After charging the radio refused to work. Ok, now I think, the rechargeable battery is kaput, so in I put 3 AAA batteries (you can't fault Eton for their options). You would figure as a last ditch effort, the AAA's would do the job, but still nothing.

Ok, so now it's time to call Eton.....YUK! Perhaps they have 1 1/2 people working the customer service lines because, the trusting sole that I am, I left my phone number when I was promised a call back later. Well, it's much later and no call, no answers and no working radio. Call me crazy, but if this the "best rated emergency crank radio" I'm in big trouble if there is ever a disaster. If anyone really works at Eton, please call me.
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on August 28, 2012
I just received this radio. I purchased it for emergency purposes. Here is a summary of the features: AM/FM/7 weather bands. The reception in my area for all 3 functions is excellent. It comes with a retractable antenna which tucks away nicely when not in use. The radio is powered in 1 of 4 ways: solar (takes 10 hrs of direct sunlight to completely charge the NiMH battery); an included NiMH battery which is what is charged by the solar panel & the hand cranking (90 seconds of hand cranking yields 5-7 minutes of radio use per the instructions). The NiMH can also be powered by plugging the radio into a USB port on a computer (2 hrs to charge the battery this way). The radio can also be powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included). In addition, there is an adapter for DC power, but no charger was included (I need to call the manufacturer to inquire). The radio comes with a clock and alarm clock. A cell phone can also be charged via a "dump" from the included NiMH battery--the built in battery simply trickles the charge from the radio to the cell phone. The radio is indeed plastic, but doesn't see "cheap" to me, and if basic care is taken, the radio should do fine. The crank is also made of plastic, but again, with common sense, should provide years of service. I paid $45 for this radio on Amazon, and plan on getting several more for family/friends. There is a simple 2 white LED light and a blinking red LED. Someone criticized this light, but seriously, if you want a good light, then buy a dedicated flash light!! The built in LED light is adequate for a simple task, but it's not an "uber-lumen" light--I would suggest a Steamlight or Surefire light for a great LED light.
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on September 27, 2012
I own the eton FR160 Microlink, and the Kaito KA350 Voyager. Both are great for bug-out bags or camping, but I was looking for something for my home preparedness kit, and thought I'd like something a bit larger, with more to offer than the other radios. I was prepared to purchase another Kaito, mainly because it allows you to use batteries as a 3rd power source. But then I saw the FRX3 and after hours of research between the Kaito, the eton FR600, FR360, Axis, and the FX3, looking up the manufacturer's manuals rather than reviews, I decided to go with the FRX3.

The main feature that clinched it for me wasn't really even advertised. I compared this to the eton FR600 and the Axis. The FRX3 does state in the manual that it dump-charges like the Axis (and it DOES), but it's not really advertised anywhere else. The styling looks a little nicer too than the AXIS. But the FRX3 supports solar charging, and the Axis does NOT. They're both the same price, but an extra power source is a definite plus, especially if it's "free". You CAN tune the FRX3 with the knob, or the up and down buttons, a nice feature I stumbled upon. It also supports 24 hour time, but it's not in the manual. Just press SET for the hour, again for the minutes, and again for the 12/24 hour. The unit charges through a window even on a slightly over cast day, so I can leave it in the window and not worry about the battery going dead from non-use, or having to keep it plugged in. Compared to the eton FR600, you give up the shortwave capability, and the date on the clock, but the FR600 does NOT support the dump charge, nor does it use the USB input to charge - a big sticking point for me - all I need is a USB AC Adapter, a mini USB cable and a micro USB cable, and I can charge my phones, 2-way radios, GPS, and almost anything else I need, including the FRX3. Nice, instead of everything having it's own cable.

The flashlight it a little weak (I couldn't find a lumens rating, but it's only the top 2 LEDs, I'm guessing 50 - less than a square lantern flashlight), but it's good as an emergency one until you find your main light. The red LED beacon is kinda goofy, but I guess it serves a purpose. Some do SOS, this ones does not.

This radio has everything you could want, except for the shortwave capability. Like I said, you can move to the FR600, but you loose the dump charge, which makes a big difference, and you can't use a USB cable to charge it. And it's $20 more.

The only downside I've found is that you can't turn the unit off. You get ON, or STANDBY, which leaves the clock on. I guess you'd need that for the SAME function, but I have a separate unit for that and would like to shut this off to save the battery. Otherwise, LOVE IT. If you're juggling a few, BUY THIS ONE.
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on December 27, 2016
Great emergency weather radio with multiple ways to charge it and the ability to recharge your phone in the same emergency. If you want to be prepared, this is a must have for your backpack. Also great for camping and anywhere else you might go as part of being ready for any emergency....the ability to recharge your phone by itself makes this a must have. Coupled with weather radio, AM, and FM it just gets better. The hand-crank and solar recharge abilities makes this the most versatile of any items I've looked at like this.
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on September 5, 2015
Works well. Nice features. You are probably not going to use this to fully charge a cell phone unless you get really desperate but then that is why you have this. Everyone should prepare for an emergency with spare food, water (Get several gallons of cheap water and rotate them out after they expire) , etc for at least a week. Are you prepared? Don't want to be in a position to need these things after something happened and think I was an idiot for not getting around to getting the most basic items.
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on July 26, 2012
I've had this radio for a little over a week now and have beeen putting it thru it's paces. All three bands, AM, FM and the weather band have excellent reception. I have no problem recieving the weather stations here in Western Massachusetts and both AM and FM recieve all the loca; stations perfectly. Audio quality which I admit isn't the primary reason to buy an emergency radio is really realy good. Sound quality is more than acceptable and volume is capable of being loud enough to be heard in a noisey room without distortion. I haven't tested the rechargable battery capacity yet but have confirmed that charging buy usb, solar or hand crank work as advertised. What makes this radio unique is the way it recharges a cell phone, instead of needing to use the hand crank, you charge the phone via a battery dump from the onboard rechargeable battery pack. You recharge the radio battery then plug in the phone which means you don't have to sit there and crank. After trying a few different emergency radios I find this one a keeper and I'm extremely happy with the purchase
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on July 11, 2016
It does work and do what it says, but be sure to read the directions in advance of really needing it. There are a lot of buttons and it is not intuitive. The first time we turned it on because of weather in the area and missed a severe thunderstorm warning because of not setting the alerts. I really like all of the different charging options, and think it will be fine now that we read the directions!
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on December 21, 2014
If you are looking for an inexpensive way to charge your cell phone and get weather updates when the electricity goes out, order this! It is much more than we expected. It charges quickly and has hand crank, solar, and computer-charge options. The most impressive thing to us was how well the radio works. We have tried several different radio options and have yet to find one that gets good reception. This thing picks up all the local stations flawlessly, even before we raised the antenna.
We tried the cell phone charge feature, and it works great. I can't say yet how easily it charges with the hand-crank option, but I did turn it for about 10 minutes and got a quarter charge. For the price, it seems well worth it.
We were so impressed with this that we ordered them for our family members.
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on December 22, 2014
Great emergency radio with multiple methods for charging-includes a dynamo (crank), solar panel, battery compartment and USB input for powering it up prior to a storm. Built in alarm clock and alert system-emergency weather radio can be programmed to wake itself up and alert you to urgent forecasts from the Weather Service. If you need it to charge up your cell phone be sure to read the instructions first, there are a couple things important to know. Very well constructed and sturdy, one little feature that's nice, rubber feet on the base. Less likely to tip and on any flat surface will give you better leverage for cranking the dynamo. Manufacturer's instructions are clear and easy to understand, and if you ever lose them, visit the Eton website, where they are all online.
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on January 9, 2013
This NOAA Am/FM Weather Alert radio is truly a must have.

The solar charger chargers quickly in sunlight, but the most awesome part is that it will awesome charge [at least for us here] in sub-optimal conditions or many times even through room lighting. Very pleasant surprise. Even if it didn't do that, we would still love it.

The hand turbine works quickly and it works fine in adult hands all the way up to small children. Can definitely see some kids loving these.

We purchased this for our Bug out / Home Emergency Kit and we're certainly happy we did this.

The weather stations pick up rather well. There's 2-3 that pick up perfect, and the others you can pick them up from time to time depending on conditions & reception.

It also has a glow in the dark feature where its able to be found simply if you're paying attention. One time we forgot that it was next to the night table, and then went to reach for it to see what it was, and there it was! It was kinda neat. The glow in the dark isn't anything that will be seen from super far away but it should be able to be picked up by anyone with good vision by scanning the room once at night, especially if its pitch black.

All in all its an exceptional product. Glad the reviewers on amazing took the time to do the write ups. Gotta be thankful for them.
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