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Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America
Format: Hardcover|Change
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on September 10, 2014
 In "Ameritopia," Mr. Levin outlines the existential threat to our Constitution and our republican form of government. He says in the book "...the heart of the problem is, in fact, utopianism,...which is the ideological and doctrinal foundation for statism."

Levin respects his readers and has a great way with words that will keep you wide awake and thinking as you read the book. In the book Mr. Levin notes: "Although the mastermind's incompetence and vision plague the society, responsibility must be diverted elsewhere--to those assigned to carry them out, or to the people's lack of sacrifice, or to the enemies of the state who have conspired to thwart the Utopian cause--for the mastermind is inextricably linked to the fantasy. If he is fallible then who is to usher in paradise?"

If you read this book, you will get involved in a combination philosophy and history course led by Professor Levin and you will learn about the literature (Plato's Republic, Thomas Moore's Utopia, Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan, Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto, John Locke, Charles de Montesquieu, Alexis de Tocqueville and others), giving the reader the background support and discussion for the aforementioned quote. You will also get Mr. Levin's analysis and comparison of the philosophical reasoning behind republican vs. utopian forms of government, and you will get Mr. Levin's additional comments, analysis and opinion relative to the above. When Mr. Levin quotes, explains and summarizes De Tocqueville's thoughts in Chapter 10, he gives warnings that the American Republic is currently experiencing a "soft tyranny" brought about by an overbearing and controlling administrative state. With attribution to De Tocqueville, Levin notes that the degradation of our liberties is being brought about by a "miscomprehension of equality, resulting in the descent into centralized tyranny." In addition, Mr. Levin, in summarizing and further explaining De Tocqueville notes: "Rather than embracing equality as a condition of natural law and inalienable rights, which underlie a free and diverse society, equality may be misapplied politically in the form of radical egalitarianism and to promote equal social and economic outcomes."

As President Calvin Coolidge once said: "To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race." Coolidge also said: "We review the past not in order that we may return to it but that we may find in what direction, straight and clear, it points into the future." In addition to his keen intellect and writing ability, what is also great about Mark Levin is that he loves his country and is like-minded with Coolidge on these issues.

What I love about Mr. Levin and President Coolidge is that they, like President Reagan are very significant and substantial men. Meticulous and methodical in their approach, what they write is substantive and is supported whenever possible by source documents and supporting literature. Like President Coolidge, Levin doesn't sugar coat anything; he talks to you as a father would talk to his son or daughter, he always tells you the truth, and he never lets you down.
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on April 3, 2015
Few persons of the modern age speak and write with such fluid clarity as the great Mark Levin. He sounds angry when he speaks. He writes with force and authenticity . His description of what ails America is well defined .

If groups are allying to take away the foundations of this one great nation or as Ronald Reagan had put it "the shining light on a hill" and we have a personality that sees right through the liberal hypocrisy and the destruction that liberal policies are set to destroy the foundations of our great nation, then the one to put it into perspective is Mark Levin.

I do not go through a single day without thinking of the suggestion of Mark Levin for a constitutional convention where the states can authorize a representative to express the interest of his own state and we can re-write the basics of the agreement by which we live by. The states and the people overwhelming want a return to the constitution . Mark Levin has given us an understanding and an outline for how this could be achieved.

The great one is also the good one. If we could rally around such an inspirational speaker and writer and embrace his very knowledgeable ideas, we could save the nation. from the liberal quagmire into which we are being led. It is not too late and the great one gives us the road map for that achievement.
The you Professor Mark Levin
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on February 5, 2012
There are many great reviews here that discuss the contents of the book, so I won't repeat details. Levin is a great intellect well grounded in the philosophical foundation upon which our country was built. Although he doesn't frame it this way he basically defines American exceptionalism. We are a nation of ideas where all are equal under the law. Levin provides deep insight into those foundational ideas. Only from that base can we truly understand where we have come unmoored from the foundation. This is a book to be read slowly in a quiet place.

What I most appreciate about Levin is his intellectual honesty. Although not part of the book his recent critique of Ann Coulter's support for Romneycare is a brilliant example of that honesty. We don't need political hack jobs and emphasis on winning a particular election. We need a return to the principles that make us an exceptional nation. That will be a long journey requiring the sustained support of an educated populace. Levin's work deserves to be part of that education for thinking Americans.
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on January 15, 2017
Mark Levin draws on America's Founders and Framers of our unique form of government to make an impassioned plea to heed the call to Liberty. That is, limited intrusion by government, unmasking of the statists who seek to turn us into yet another Euro-style social welfare state.

I love this book because of Mr. Levin's careful scholarship, historical context, consistent Conservative principles, and regularly infused hope for our exceptional country.
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on August 13, 2017
Highly Recommended: An excellent discussion of democracy, tyranny, and the assault and dismantling of our U.S. Constitution, our “inalienable God-given rights” and the resultant decay of America and the American republic.

Like Mr. Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny” and “Rediscovering America,” both of which I had previously read, “Ameritopia” is an extraordinarily well-written and researched document of immeasurable value to the American people and their nation. Indeed, it is another wake-up call to all freedom loving peoples.

“Liberty lost is seldom regained.”
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on February 1, 2015
Mark Levin is a brilliant political analyst who has his finger on the pulse of our nation and where it is headed. He nails our most pressing cultural shortfall in this book, namely that those who espouse a utopian society will only be able to achieve it through totalitarianism and subjugation of the vast majority of the American citizenry. A must read! And after you read this book I would highly recommend reading "The Liberty Amendments" - which contains, I believe a blueprint for taking back America as the founders envisioned it.
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on September 7, 2015
Its a hard read to start, but if you are a Levin Fan like I am, this book sets the stage for many of Marks other books and by reading this one you can now completely understand many of the other important historical arguments fact based Constitutional basis that this country was founded upon. It is a prerequisite that tutors and educates the reader not only with facts but challenges the reader to go further on and study more of the history behind the Forefathers, the Framers and the people that first formed the Constitutional republic form of government for the United States of America.

God Bless you Mark.
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on June 28, 2015
There are many similarities between Europa and the United States and nothing is more evident than the current drive towards a Utopian state. I listen to the Mark Levin show with envy because we do not have the privilege of online or any talkradio that is so informative. It is with this in mind that I bought his book 'Ameritopia'.
It is obviously written with the United States in mind, Mark Levin loves his country and its constitution and is very worried where events are leading them. He has the ability to take a step back and to provide an overview of events, and he does it in such a way that the book becomes universal. I read the book and recognize similar goings on in Europe, or better said, the EU, our Utopian project.
It is cleverly written, he obviously knows what he is talking about and it will make you think. If you're an American and you worry about what is happening to your country, you should read it. And if you're not an American, you still should read it.
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on June 4, 2017
Highly recommend any books by this author. If you are tired of the liberal mantra seen and heard on the public airwaves & social media, this man will offer you another view that will enlightened the uninformed minds of millions of democrat voters. If people really knew the true actions and history of the democrat party, they would never vote democrat again.
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on February 1, 2012
Many of the reviews explain in much greater detail and political sophistication than I can about this great book. What I would recommend however is that all Republicans read this reminder of how the country was formed. It will help wake you up. Its one thing to call ourselves Republicans but quite another to know why we do and what we need to do to qualify for the name.

It's useless to expect liberals nor Ron Paul nuts to do so but Democrats in general should pick up this book and before they get very far into it, they should jar themselves into the reality of where we are today.

How in the world can we ever expect to continue as we are with $16t in outstanding loans against our enterprise?

It took both stripes of politicians to get us here today while we sat around dumb and not paying attention to what was going on. Main reason for not knowing is no one would tell us. Now with talk radio and a couple of television stations and books like this one, we have no excuse to allow our country to slip further into "no way out."
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