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on February 22, 2011
Amnesia provides a much-needed break from today's omnipresent first-person shooters (Halo, Call of Duty, etc.). Not only is Daniel, the unfortunate dude that you as a player get to control, unable to go trigger-happy with an assault rifle, he is incapable of defending himself altogether. This creates an entirely new type of game, one which I find just as, if not more, entertaining.

Amnesia's most redeeming quality is its atmosphere. This is without a doubt the scariest video game I have ever played. A few years ago I bought Doom 3 in hopes of being legitimately scared while gaming. Doom was slightly nerve-racking at times, but I always found myself comforted by the fact that if anything came at me, I could fill it with lead, plasma, or the teeth of a chainsaw. Amnesia provides no such comfort, which is what makes it so fantastic. Another difference is the way in which the game affects you. Doom 3 achieves its scariness via dismembered corpses, splattered viscera and gore, flickering lights, evil laughs, and enemies that spawn right in front of your face. Amnesia has a much more psychological effect, one that fills you with a cold, palpable sense of dread that makes it difficult to reach for the next door handle.

Playing this game in a dark room with earphones and a real desire to be filled with terror and apprehension (as twisted as that may seem) will immerse you in a world unlike any you have experienced. Within the first 15 minutes of playing this, I found myself clenching my teeth in fear, inhaling deeply before entering each new room. Unlike during a horror movie, you are in control, and you must react to the sudden breathing from around the corner, the horrified shrieks of an unnamed woman, or the shadowy menace smashing through your makeshift barricade.

To cut to the chase, I love everything about this game. All of its components, the limited oil for your only lantern, for example, make it one of the most amazing PC games in a while. The product itself is flawless also. It comes in a typical DVD case with a cover, and installed on my computer within minutes without a hitch. If you are in for a highly entertaining scare, I strongly recommend that you purchase this game.
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on June 20, 2013
I bought Amnesia for my girlfriend, since she'd been wanting it for a while, and I ended up playing it myself. Immediately, I found the game to be a refreshing change of pace from the typical shooter. Yes, it plays in first-person, but this is a non-combat game; you must either hide or run from your enemies, as you are otherwise defenseless. Do not buy this game if you are just looking for another mindless shooter. This game is about survival, overcoming puzzles and obstacles, and uncovering a mysterious and intriguing plot.

The plot of the game is fascinating and gruesome; however, the game does not make superfluous use of visual gore. Most of the 'scare factor' is suggestive, more along the lines of a psychological horror/thriller. Daniel is quite an interesting character and as I played, I sympathized with his suffering and his determination to make amends for his past actions. I also liked the voice actor for his role.

The medieval gothic theme, in combination with elements of the supernatural, the occult, and Daniel's spooky expedition to Algeria reminded me strongly of the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Indeed, the more I analyzed it, the more it seemed that the story could have been written by Lovecraft himself.

The gameplay is satisfying and intuitive. Rather than simply toggling usable objects, the player must click and drag to manipulate them; to open or close doors and drawers and to pull levers requires a push or pull. This makes for a more immersive and chilling experience, as it can add to the tension - attempting to push open a pull door whilst fleeing from a monster is a possible danger which can cost valuable time. Another factor which adds to the sense of peril or urgency is the limited amount of lamp oil and tinderboxes (both of which are required to create light to keep Daniel sane). Of course, there are natural sources of light in the environment, but they are often not available. As Daniel loses his sanity, he becomes more vulnerable and difficult to control.

All in all, it is a fantastic purchase and a bargain at this price. Also, look for the 1.2 patch on the Frictional Games website. It adds a free downloadable expansion, as well as some short stories set in the Amnesia universe, and fixes many glitches which can hamper the game experience.
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on December 25, 2011
I was in Game Stop when I came across this game. The cover caught my eye and I became excited at the prospect of a truly terrifying horror game (I have been a huge Silent Hill fan, but the last few [the ones made by my fellow Americans] have not really been all that satisfying). I love a game that puts characters and story before action and gore. If done right, you can terrify someone to their core simply with aural imagery and written words. I didn't buy it in the store, I went home and looked at reviews. After seeing nothing but outstanding feedback, I very quickly decided this was the game for me and hastened to order it on Amazon.

In this game, I was engulfed in rich sound and vivid textures, and I never knew what to expect. The plot and setting also captivated me; it takes place in the mid-nineteenth century in an antiquated germanic castle. As you delve deeper into the game, you slowly discover more and more twisted fragments of the main character's memory as he begins to remember the horrors that were committed within the castles walls. One of my favorite parts was exploring the torture rooms and reading the notes on the various medieval torture rituals (gruesome and horrible as they were).

While this game is fairly short, it is nothing short of heartstopping, breathtaking, and mindblowing. There will be parts where you are literally frozen in fear, unable to move at all. I am not easily scared; I casually watch horror movies just for the entertainment, so if you are like me (someone who enjoys being scared, but are rarely impressed or satisfied), this game is for you. It is a panoramic epic through the mind and senses.
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on September 5, 2012
ordered this game and it is pretty cool and creepy (it takes alot to scare me as i am a resident evil freak who always plays in the dark)

my only complaint so far is that it glitches a bit, i am playing it on a spankin new alienware mx17 r4 but with the dedicated amd video card it gets locked up if i try and push any button while i am starting the game or if any of my other programs are working at the same time.
alas it does not work with intel video cards so i have to swith and assign the amd, which i have read does not do well with this game. ( amd makes great video cards and more of them are popping up in gamging systems all the time but they have some funny licensing or something)
it is playable and i am enjoying it so far but it is a pain when it locks up and when it does only a full restart will get it unstuck as the task mgr also locks up.
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on July 13, 2012
I'd heard a lot of hype about how scary this game was and decided to get it. I'm happy to say that it lives up to the hype. The game has a problem here or there but for the most part I enjoyed the game the whole way through. The game only asks you for 3 things to enjoy it. 1. Play it in the dark. 2. Play it with headphones on. 3. Immerse yourself in the experience and pretend this is you going through these things and how you would keep yourself alive.

Gameplay - You spend the majority of the game completely alone and moving around from room to room searching for objects to complete puzzles. Almost all of the puzzle are perfect in design as there will probably never be one you get completely stumped by but there will be some where you'll have to think for a little while before the solution comes to you. Sometimes you might have missed an object right next to you or there could be a room that you bypassed that contains the solution to your problem. The game will give you little hints about how to solve some of these and will record them in your journal so you don't forget. Of course, during all this puzzle solving, you'll run into various monsters. You are given no weapons in the game to fight them so you have to rely on your wits to survive by running and hiding. This will get you thinking about your surroundings and how you can use them to survive if a monster should pop up. The game really shines though when monsters appear unexpectedly. Now you'll find out what kind of person you really are. Will you freak out, start screaming like a girl, lose all sense of what you're doing and where you're going and make a mistake or will you react in a less frantic way, keep your composure and stay alive? You're constantly on alert throughout the course of the game and if you play the game right, you'll be scared.

Story - The story is good enough that it'll hold your interest during the game. It's mostly told through notes that you'll find and through flashback dialogues. Finding a new note is always interesting since it fills in a little bit of the story and you'll always look forward to finding the next one. Who are you really? Why did you erase you own memory? Who is Alexander and why do you want to kill him? What's happening at this castle? You'll find out the answer to all these questions during the game.

Sanity - This is one of the areas I was slightly disappointed in. When you are in the dark, you start losing your sanity. As it drops, you'll become disoriented and turn sluggishly. You'll hear things that aren't there or some constant little sounds. If it gets low enough you'll collapse for a little bit which leaves you vulnerable but increases your sanity a little. It can also drop if something scary happens near you or if enemies are nearby. You only really gain it back by completing puzzles or finding certain puzzle items. It works fine but my main complaint is they just didn't do enough. I never felt compelled to stay in the light and was never really worried about how insane I was going since nothing truly bad would happen if it got too low. I wish they would have done more like in Eternal Darkness. It would have scared the crap out of me if an enemy suddenly came running out of the darkness at me and just as it swung at me it disappears. Maybe while I'm being chased by a real monster I imagine a door that isn't actually there and I'm standing there like an idiot trying to open it. The game could have just done so much more but missed out on a great opportunity here.

Setting/Graphics - The setting for this game is perfect. Each section of the castle looks great. Certain areas will be bathed in light and feel safe. Other areas look dark, creepy and often contain danger. The game is very dark in most areas but you are given a lantern to light your way and can often light candles or other lanterns on the wall to brighten the area. This all comes with a tradeoff that you have to decide is worth it. If you light candles and such the area will be brighter and you can see easier and won't lose sanity but enemies can also see you easier. If you stay in the dark, you'll lose sanity and have a harder time seeing but enemies will also not be able to see you as well, giving you additional time to get away.

Inventory - The game keeps the inventory pretty clean and simple for you. You'll get a lantern early on and then your next three slots will be filled by tinderboxes, oil and health recover items. After that will just be random puzzle items. You get plenty of stuff to keep areas bright if you want and you'll likely always have just enough health items. Your inventory will never get too cluttered that you go crazy trying to figure out what puzzle item goes with whatever other puzzle item. You won't have to worry about trying 20 different puzzle items on something in the environment just to see which one it'll take. You'll usually only have about 3-4 puzzle items at the most at any time in your inventory.

Controls - The game really controls perfectly. There's only a couple things you can actually do which keeps it simple. You'll never get confused about what does what even when a monster is hunting you.

Length - I'd estimate that the game took me around 8 hours. I'd say to expect 7-9 hours out of it depending on how fast you can solve the puzzles and how much you're hiding in corners being scared.

Cons - 1. I felt the sanity aspect wasn't used to the full potential that it could have been.
2. The endings, of which there are 3, are very weak and extremely short.
3. There's no real endgame boss or anything like that. It would have been fun if they'd tossed in some new bigger/faster/different enemy type that came at you in a unique situation just prior to the end game room.
4. After a little while, you'll figure out the enemy AI which could put a damper on the horror aspect.

Overall - I enjoyed the game the whole time I was playing it, never got bored at any point. It's truly a horror-survival game and you'll feel the tension of trying to stay alive throughout. The first 2/3 of the game is very scary. I mostly enjoyed the story and finding out why all this was happening. I will certainly be getting the sequel when it comes out. I'd give the game an 8.5 out of 10.
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on August 1, 2012
Item exactly as described; this is a retail copy of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Comes with a disc, case, and activation code. The disc installs its content onto a hard drive and runs from it. This way the optical drive isn't making noise while the game is active; the disc it is needed for installation only.

I have been wanting to get Amnesia for a long time, but until recently I haven't had a computer that can handle it (this is why I don't think it deserves all 5 stars). It is quite demanding, picky about its graphics card, and performs best on a gaming laptop. When trying to run this on my 5 year old Toshiba Satellite (dual-core, around 2GHz, 3GB RAM, Vista), it's incredibly slow and has very low Frames Per Second. When trying to run this on a newer model of the Toshiba Satellite (6GB RAM, quad core, around 2GHz, Windows 7), the screen turns completely black because the game doesn't like the graphics card. I find this frustrating because this computer is less than two years old. I recently got myself an ASUS G73SW (8GB RAM, eight (logical) cores at 2.0GHz with Turbo Boost up to about 2.8 GHz, Geforce-related Graphics Card with NVIDIA driver, Windows 7) and it runs beautifully! If you're not sure about how well your computer will handle it, make sure to try the demo.

Once I got it running on the ASUS G73SW, I thoroughly enjoyed the game. I had a few good scares. Unfortunately, I watched too many YOUTUBE videos about it before hand so I was well prepared for some of the moments that should have taken me by surprise. I'm still a little disappointed that this game hasn't made me wet myself yet, but overall I'm satisfied with the content. It has a very engaging story, thoughtful artwork, and a unique style and feel of gameplay. It's not your average shoot'em up title - you have no weapons and the game is geared toward solving puzzles, running and hiding from monsters, and exploration.

Based on how far I am in the story line right now (just made it to the north prison area), I'd say Amnesia is scarier than most games placed in the horror category. I'd say it's...
more scary than Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, and Dead Space 2,
about equal to Doom 3, and
almost as scary as SCP Containment Breach, and much less repetitive (much more diverse content).

Overall, I am very satisfied.
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on October 2, 2016
Interesting, very challenging and the graphics atmosphere is also very, very good. The game starts out slow allowing you to master the keyboard controls. You must be open to any and all possibilities when it comes to some of the puzzles and don't take anything for granted. I enjoyed the game but it wasn't scarry just like, for me, there is no movie that scares me. If you like exploring castles and dungeons and pay attention this game is for you.
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on June 7, 2012
I had read and heard about Amnesia about a year ago , And from that point i said in my head i'm gonna play this game, well a couple upgrades on my pc , RAM, parts, Video card, etc, i did'nt know when or how this was all gonna happen but after those few upgrades i was ready , Next thing i knew i had ordered it and it was on my doorstep 3 days later, The excitement was high for playing this, being a long time fan of the horror genre, i knew at about 15 minutes in this was unlike any horror game i have played, ive played a good amount , i have not beat the game yet, but ive found myself numerous times scared to open doors, watching my back every corner i cross , But sometimes you can not always escape the unspeakable horror The Brennenburg Castle holds, i can't explain how it makes one feel... ive played some scary games in my time , but this is different, this title is garanteed to make you clench your teeth and dread that walk down that dark corridor , hey maybe im just a chiken , but i feel i know good horror when i see it, this is a great game , i know im scared 95 perecent of the time im playing it , but i love every second of it, keeps me coming back, i will beat it, theres alot of scary good games out there, this title deff has a spot on the top of that list for me, i highly recommend any horror fans any gamers in general try this game, i dont think you will be dissapointed, jus to let buyers know , my pc specs, for any gamer wonderin if his or her pc might be able to run it, im running on.. Pentium 4 2.8ghz Processor, 2 Gig RAM, 400 watt psu, ATI Sapphire Radeon HD 5450 1 GIG PCI-E CARD, AND IT RUNS GREAT SETTINGS HIGH, GET THIS GAME!
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on September 25, 2012
Up until this game the scariest game I had ever played was Fatal Fram for the Ps2. Now, the scariest game I have ever played is Amnesia! Fatal Frame had a creepy atmosphere and jump scares. Amnesia is just flat out intense in all areas! Presentation and sound. I am about half way through and I have had to stop multiple times, just because I needed a break from how imersive it was.

I don't play w/ headphones. I have 2 100watt bookshelf speakers and a 150watt subwoofer I put near max volume. And as the game recomends I do play w/ the lights out, well, almost. I have my keyboard illuminated so I dont mix up the key comands in the dark. Not to give out any spoilers, I will just say. I am a horror/thriller movie fan nd a survival horror player on PS3. And the demo of Amnesia almost made me pee myself!

Just make sure you have a computer that can handle it! I run a 2nd gen I7 2.3ghz, Nvidia 660M 2gb, and 16gb of ram

Halloween is coming up soon, this is a great game for that night!!!!!
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on April 13, 2013
Allow me to start by noting that ive been an avid horror genre fan, spanning all the way back to the first resident evil game. Ive seen, played, enjoyed and hated them all. Very rarely have i been spooked by anything other then the cheap in ur face scare. This game is very differant. It doesnt use cheap tactics to scare you. Instead it immerses the player in a dark, gory and outright insane situation. You dont have your trusty shot gun to bail you out of trouble.. Instead all you hav is the ability to run and hide. All i can say is this game scared the crap outa me and i loved every second of it.. My only gripe is that its hard to grasp what it is your supposed to be doing in the very beggining. I definately recommend this game to any1 looking for a good scare. This is most definately not for the faint of heart.
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