Customer Reviews: An Inconvenient Truth
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VINE VOICEon February 5, 2007
Discussions about the global warming issue can very quickly take on the tone of religious warfare, as some of the reviews here show. I want to focus on the video as a video, reviewing some of its interesting features-- and some of its limitations.

Those looking for an introduction to global warming should buy the book in addition to-- or maybe instead of-- the DVD. Obviously, the film parallels the book, but it is, after all, a film of Gore giving his presentation. That means that there's no way to look at the charts and graphs closely or to think about them before moving on. In fact, some of them go by so quickly or lose so much detail as the camera pans out that it's not easy to understand what they're showing.

Further, like the book, this is at most a very general introduction to global warming issues. It's best suited to an audience that doesn't have much of a technical background. (Like me; and, for the record, in the last year, I moved from the skeptic's camp to that of the non-fanatic believers.) There certainly is a little Bush-bashing and a generally negative attitude toward Republican policies. That's not too surprising, considering that Gore has spent his life as a Democratic political figure. In any event, they're pretty mild. While Gore's explanations of global warming are pretty convincing, his suggested solutions to the problem (mostly strict adherence to the Kyoto treaty and living a "carbon-neutral" lifestyle) seem to me to be very much open to debate.

In my view, the impact of the film is somewhat reduced by the occasional personal vignettes about Gore's upbringing, his son's serious accident, and his sister's death. I suspect that they were inserted in order to personalize Gore, much the same way that family shots and personal stories are inserted into football games. That's fine, but to me, they were intrusions that were very nearly non sequiturs.

On the other hand, one of the interesting things about the film is that it does indeed personalize Gore. I voted for him in 2000, though with no real enthusiasm, and I've always seen him as an earnest but really boring gasbag. Watching him in this film changed that for me. He's clearly a guy with a passion for this issue; further, he's clearly intelligent and articulate.

The film-as-film is very well done. At first thought, the idea of a video of a guy giving a PowerPoint slide show seems like a very bad one for a film, but the director and camera people pull it off. It's well paced, cleverly staged, well lighted, etc. Lectures can be interesting, and this film demonstrates that.

I thought the film was well worth seeing. There is a lot to think about here, and it's a well-conceived and well-executed film, which probably does deserve its Oscar nomination. It has limitations, but I'm glad I bought it, and I recommend it.
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VINE VOICEon July 24, 2006
No matter what Al Gore's motivations may have been in making this movie, it is a carefully crafted, well-articulated, science-based, superbly visual presentation of what almost all respected and Nobel Prize-winning scientists have been saying for some time, that we are going through a period of global warming that is caused by greenhouse emission in the atmosphere.

His style is relaxed, articulate and sincere as he explains the threat of increased carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. He explains this in such a way that he can hold an intelligent audience while still explaining things for those who may need more time to understand. He manages to make his message without losing anyone.

This is made easier by his colorful and effective use of graphics that invite comparisons and trends. Vice President Gore always remains the focus of attention and uses the visuals to support his message. It is a very persuasive documentation.

The one part I did not care for was Mr. Gore discussing his family's prior income from tobacco and his sister's death from lung cancer caused by smoking. While he may have been very close to her in life, I think grief should be more private, so I found this a bit heavy-handed. Thus, four stars.

I admit to having read some of the one-star tirades, and could address them, but I think it is better to ignore them. I hope you will too, and buy the DVD. Maybe you will invite one of them over to watch it with you!

One more thing, I never looked at my watch.
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on August 8, 2015
I had to watch this movie for my Film Appreciation class. To be honest I started this movie thinking I would be fighting off Mr Sandman the entire time but it was very interesting. A lot of good points were raised along with a lot of new information I didn't know. It was definitely eye opening.
I enjoyed this film.
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on September 12, 2014
Al Gore did a good job raising awareness for global warming, but his failure to check all of his facts sometimes hurts his cause because the deniers use it against him and try to say that global warming is a hoax because Mr. Gore had a few facts wrong and ignore the fact that the overwhelming percentage of scientist agree that the earth is warning up and that mankind is at fault. If the film was to be updated with the most recent research on global warming it would be a superb teaching tool.
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on January 9, 2007
The environmental movement as it was previously known has been placed in the out of sight out of mind mentality. This film needs to be seen by all who want to be open minded enough to view the evidence and see for oneself what is or is not occuring. It is irresponsible to comment on global warming with conviction unless this film is included in ones basis of knowledge about the subject. Decide for yourself, see this side of history and you will be informed and make the choice that you feel is best!!!!! I am confident it will empower you to make the judgement of what will be our future.

Please put aside any previous notions about Al Gore/politics/activists and see the film for your information to decide what choices you will make about your future?
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on January 9, 2007
An Inconvenient truth documents in detail and beyond any shadow of a doubt that our Country and our Government has ignored the most compelling issue of the Planet. There is still hope.
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on July 2, 2006
I laugh, first, at the negative reviews. There are those among the political "right" who consider "environmentalism" a religion. So they spout off the doctrine of their peers, ignoring the century or so of warnings one of the most recent and visible of which is this film. I thank those of that dogma. You're the ones who convinced me to see this film; had it not been for your ideological baggage--conspicuous from various "mainstream" media and here on these pages, I may have just stayed home.

True, it's full of Al Gore. In fact, that is perhaps the film's biggest weaknesses. Al quoted "a friend of mine," repeatedly, most of them, e.g., Carl Sagan, named. There was sentiment: Gore's son was nearly killed in an automobile accident at I think 6 years old. So Al became "conscientized," i.e., recognized the value of life, of the earth, etc. Unfortunately, there was the irrelevant. (See, right wingers? I even acknowledge some negative attributes of the film without throwing out the proverbial baby with the...well, you know.) There was a clip on Gore's having lost the 2000 election. I don't think that added a thing to the story. There was a slightly inferrable, "I'm better than Bush on the environment and that's bad." But that wasn't even clear. It should have been left out of the story.

Gore included lots of graphs. The empirical is important if you're trying to make a point. And those points he made effectively. One that my spouse and I both noted are the 958 (nearly 1,000 in any event) scientists who acknowledge a global warming problem with NO DISSENT. Yet, 53 percent of the mainstream media were skeptical of the scientists' claim. (Remember, those overpaid media pundits get their paychecks from the media who sensationalize the skepticism and the corporations that depend on it). It makes them seem educted and informed even though they're neither!)

Al even covered one Bush admin official who came from the energy industry. Despite a lack of science background, he moved into a science position in the administration. When he said something particularly inane, he resigned and went back to a larger element of the energy industry (a well-known, powerful oil company.) Hypocritical? Who could day now? Well, you're there...

Gore did cover issues of POPULATION, a subject dear to me. As I noted recently, I've been challenged on the population issue by those who state that, "We were told 40 years ago that we'd be tripping over each other and starving to death. That didn't happen." I remind them that population scholars, Paul Ehrlich, et al, never said that would happen. Rather they stated things like Al Gore is now pointing out would happen. And the are!

The graphics of what will happen as the arctic ice melts was very powerful!

As I state in my title, though, I wish Gore had had some of the scientists in a panel. He is a politician, so there is an inherent question in anything he says (as there are in those clips of whom he showed, e.g., Ronald Reagan claiming that trees cause pollution!) It would have been a more powerful film had there been a panel and not an undergraduate ecology lecture which can get a little boring.

However, as it isn't that long a film, I wasn't bored, and I do recommend it to everyone. Indeed, when it comes out on DVD, I may get a copy to have discussion groups at my house. Preaching to the choir? Maybe. But we need to get the word out.

I wish I could've said more here, but we have our word limits. Don't miss this film, though. Then review it, and chuckle with me at the dogmatists who haven't seen it yet complain of the film's lack of substance.
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on February 1, 2016
A very interesting and unexpected book. I would recommend read it though. I will definitely be reading it over and over again.

Of its runtime, a good 75 minutes of 'Truth' is simply video footage of Al Gore giving a presentation on global warming, something he has done many hundreds of times now since losing the election in 2000. These are the film's best moments - Gore is an excellent public speaker, one who's commanding and forceful when needed, but never overbearing. He's able to relax and have a laugh with his audience, not afraid to mix pie graphs and university data with news graphics, comparison photography and even a quite clever clip from the animated series "Futurama". Yes the film is for the most part a lecture, but it's the least boring lecture I've ever endured.
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on November 6, 2012
I really enjoyed this video and wish I owned a copy. It is a FAST-moving documentary on a controversial subject: global warming. The video was well-designed. We were required to watch this AND read transcripts from a show on Glenn Beck. It would APPEAR that there are missing pieces in the video presentation, but I think it is well worth the time to view and to consider the facts. We CAN (and do) contribute either to making our planet healthy - or UNhealthy. Check it out and see what you think. In fact, you can RENT this baby right here on! THAT was a super plus for me.
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on January 11, 2007
Al Gore presents, very lively and in a smart way, what is at stake with the environmental issue today. That is : our survival!! The film has not spectacular scenes of typhoons or whatever catastrophy (unless Katrina) but all the figures given give us gooseflesh... Even if we had seen the film already, we are glad to see it again and show it to friends and relatives. Only drawback (for what I did not give 5 stars) : as a French person, this very personal show (we see Al Gore and him again, even if he is quite a handsome man...)is a bit frustrating and the small cartoon at he beginning is quite unnecessary.
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