Customer Reviews: iRulu 7" Android 4.0 OS Cortex A10 5 Point Capacitive Touchscreen Tablet WiFi MID, Support G-sensor HDMI 1080P 4GB NandFlash
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on January 31, 2012
(Note before Reading: The Device I have is the Saycool with Android 2.3 Now it appears they have a different device, which is an upgrade from the one I have. My Review still stands as all the features seem to be the same or are better, but just bear in mind that you may receive a model different from the one I reviewed.)
After weeks of debating the Kindle Fire and seeing the reviews, I had decided NOT to get one, due to bad reviews and no MicroSD slot. So, what next? Found this tablet, and soon saw that there are multiple versions of this Cortex Box10 Tablet available now for much less than the kindle. Was able to find some videos of it in action on Youtube, plus saw these reviews and that clinched it, especially being able to see some one using it for 10 minutes (just search youtube for "Cortex A710)
Surprisingly it arrived in only three days! Worked perfectly out of the box, wifi setup was a breeze. It only had a small charge so I plugged it in and was able to work with it while charging. What a great step up from my semi-smart LG Env Touch phone!Touch screen works great! Downloaded a bunch of free apps from android market and they work great.
The screen is nice and bright, and the colors are vivid. Netflix works perfectly, as does youtube. I prefer the browser it came with to the brand name browsers. I could not put this down for fact I used it
for about 7 hours straight when it arrived, and it had no glitches at all.
This being my first Tablet, I am impressed and very happy with this product, and would highly recommend it. It is fast, videos are smooth, easy to start using right away. I plan on using it at church with our wireless projection system, and will post an addendum to this review when that is done.

Addendum, day 3 with this tablet: the manual is in Chinglish, but if you google "Android 2.3 user manual" you will find many links to good user guides in english that apply to this tablet, since it is the generic 2.3 android system on it. I highly recommend you do this because you will get much more out of the Tablet. I grow more impressed with this each passing hour. Best $$ I have spent in ages. Again, if a particular model is out of stock, there seems to be a wave of this platform coming out of china under a slew of different names. They all seem the same.

Addendum, day 5: Added a 16gb SD card, and now have loads of videos and files on the Tablet, as well as all my epub books. Utterly, totally thrilled with this tablet. Wish I had gotten one a year ago. I cannot wait to use it with the new Church wireless projection system. As one other reviewer has said, it has been glued to my hand. I am going to buy one of those new TruConnect 3g USB devices with the cheap pay as you option so I can have internet with me as well when I am not near home or a public wifi.

Addendum: 3/2/12, over a month later, tablet continues to be great! Finally got around to trying the HDMI out and was stunned to see it in fact plays HD 720p videos out to a monitor. Got the cable for around 5 bucks here on Amazon. I was also happy to find a Kindle APP that lets me use the Tablet as a kindle reader...even gives you access to all the kindle books you have ordered, free!

Addendum 4/6/12: Tablet still rocking, and it works with my church's wireless video presentation system! Can send videos in 720p to our projector and giant screen. Very cool! Also, in lieu of getting the kindle app if you have alot of Epub books, I recommend the Aldiko reader which is free at android market. Another tip; I am able to use an AC usb power supply/charger, from a 4 year old smartphone I used to own (larger plug than the new usb plugs). I recommend using one of these instead of the power supply that comes with it. The usb plug "holds onto" the tablet better. The one I am using is for the Motorola q phone...on Ebay really cheap.

Addendum: Battery Life. I found that by turning the brightness of the screen to its lowest, the battery life more than doubled, but the difference was really not noticeable in terms of the display. In fact the bright setting is very bright, more than needed I'd say. It looks great on the low setting and I'd say I'm getting about six or seven hours of use on one charge.

Addendum 9/14/12: so, about 9 months with this and no issues! best electronic device I have used. Use it first thing in the AM to check mail and news, use it every night as Kindle reader. Use it at my Church meetings to take notes, use Google calendar, or surf the net if meeting gets boring.
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on April 7, 2012
I'll keep this as clear and concise as possible friends.

-comes rooted with android 4.03 (ice cream sandwich)
-very sleek and slim design
-ergonomic on the hands
-front camera is great for skype
-volume is just right, no need for headphones
-comes with a black leather case
-hdmi port(keep in mind its c-type)
-mini sd port up to 32gb
-bright, clear and vivid screen
-usb chargeable
-stable wifi connection
-super cheap
-videos (from my sdcard) play blazingly fast and flawlessly

-touch is capacitive but sluggish on web browsing, with a whole swipe of the screen it'll only move about 1/4 of the actual swipe. I'm not sure if this is a browser problem because the touch screen is perfect on snes emulators/gaming and sketchbook, i'll update this when I tweak around with it.

-missing and incompatible apps on google play; heres the downlow on this- youtube,amazon market,chase mobile,angry birds(I don't even play this game I just wanted to check its compatiblity), and other major apps are not compatible with this.I tried downloading the actual apk for these apps but to no avail it would just say "not compatible with this device". Also i'll update when I find a solution.

-web browsing is painfully slow, my htc evo is 3 times faster then this tablet which makes it a bummer.

-Internal memory is incorrectly named sdcard so all the downloaded appps use your internal memory. The external memory is named extsd so I'm just moving each item from sdcard(internal) to extsd(external) manually through a file manager.

-back, home and options buttons are not backlit which isn't much of a con but if you like using these at night in a dark room while lurking on reddit its kind of a let down haha.

-battery life is ok I only get 4 hours of use on wifi reading manga online.

So basically the reason why I gave it only 3 stars is because of the incompatiablity of app issues with google play and the mega slow web browsing which may or may not be an ICS 4.03 issue. These are the two things that when buying an android device should usually never be a problem. I don't mind the battery life and funny touch screen on web browsing but the former issues should not be a problem out of the box.If these things don't bother you I highly recommend this tablet because it is absurdly cheap. I've only had it for a week so if any thing else comes up i'll update my review. I hope this review helps and if you have some solutions to my qualms feel free to comment or email me back.
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on December 31, 2011
Just what I had hoped for. I had been looking all over the web for days looking at prices and reading reviews, and I finally decided to take the chance with this one. Not dissapointing at all.


The screen is great!Five point touch meaning it will detect up to five touches at one time, Android 2.3 which is the latest interface used by most smartphones and works great on the tablet, 4 Gigs of hard drive which is better than 2 gigs which most tablets have for this price range, it's fairly fast specially for the price, it has the official google android market not the apps library, it comes with a nice brown case, shipping on time, user manual is in English, case is sturdy and seems well made to last a while, and browser,facebook, youtube, twitter, amazon, etc. all work smoothly.


The camera(Only in the front) is not the best 0.3 Megapixels which is a little better than my nonsmart phone. The image is alright for skyping and some quick shots, but is definitely not a photographer's best friend. Some apps crash sometimes when it is charging, but you just simply get back into them and they work fine.

Overall it's a great web browser, movie watcher, ebook reader, child entertainer/ teacher, and social communicator. It is not an ipad, but I'd dare say you get more for your money buying this than buying an ipad since you can do many of the same things for a fraction of the price. Also it's not a laptop. Speed, memory, and storage capacity are definitely limited compared to a laptop or desktop. More than worth what you pay for.
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on June 24, 2012
I admit I was never enamored of tablet computers, even after my nephew placed his brand new iPad into my hands when it first came out. I preferred the idea of carrying the internet in my pocket using a smart phone. Then 7" tablets came out, a seeming compromise in size between the a small smart phone experience and the bigger but clunkier iPad (and other 10" tablets), as well as a lower price point. But I still wasn't grabbed. Then my wife showed great interest in the Kindle Fire, so after checking out a working display model at a local store I purchased one for her birthday 4 months ago, and since then neither she nor my son seem to be able to put it down. So my son decided to get a Fire for himself, but first had to save up the $199 purchase price. I decided to look online to see what was available in the world of 7" tablets to see if I could save him some money, and found there are now quite a few 7" tablets around, all competing to drop the price while still delivering a good screen image as well as reasonable processing speed.

Well, after reading a number of reviews on the various incarnations of 7" tablets being manufactured in China for those of us who are less name brand-specific buyers, and deciding I really wanted one which came equipped with Android 4.0, I came across the iRulu 7" and was impressed by the many positive comments by other buyers/users of the device, including their remarks about the screen image, speed, sound quality from the single speaker, and quality of build. Also a big plus was the front-facing camera, as well as a micro-SD expansion slot, both of which the Fire does not currently have. Deciding I'd enjoy playing around with such a device, and as a way for my son to decide if he'd be just as happy with the gaming experience on the iRulu as he was on the Fire, but at half the price, I ordered one for myself. After an anxious week waiting for it to arrive, it came just a few days before we were to leave on vacation.

As I opened up the box with my son looking over my shoulder, I (we) was really pleased with the size and appearance of the device. The controls are really easy to locate and use: If held in 'widescreen' position with the camera lens at the top, the top edge's right-hand side houses the rocker volume control, and to the right of that the is On/Off/Sleep button. Moving around to the right edge of the tablet are the input/outputs: working down that side are openings for headphones; reset; HDMI output; mini-USB; and DC charging. The lower edge, again to the right side, has the slot for a micro-SD card (not included, but you can easily find 32 GB cards for about $20 on Amazon, with 16 GB cards for about half that). To the right of the screen are the Back, Home, and Menu touch controls (not buttons), which serve in addition to those controls which appear at the bottom left of almost all screen displays no matter what app is opened, or serve as 'always there' controls when none show on the screen.

I admit that I didn't bother reading the small manual, as I find that Android devices are generally pretty intuitive to use, and if you've had experience with another Android device then you'll be comfortable working out how to use the iRulu. It comes with browser -- though I've since downloaded Dolphin Browser HD and prefer that for it's speed and tabbed browsing -- and it was only a few minutes before we were on, checking out the play quality of music videos. We were impressed! The image, while not pretending to rival the sharpness and brilliance of an HD display, was nonetheless bright, sharp, and colorful, and the video streaming was smooth. Sound quality was surprisingly good for a single rear-facing speaker.

We downloaded the Kindle app, and now I had access to all the books and periodicals my wife puts on her account. The tablet works beautifully as an e-reader.

We next checked out the camera. While only 1.3MP, it is adequate for quick nearby photos. A little bit more about video chatting below.

Setting up a link to my Comcast email with the preloaded email app was a breeze. Gmail was equally easy. While you can respond on the pop-up keyboard, it is not a QWERTY and so can be slow going. I had ordered a separate case with USB keyboard for the purpose of seeing if this device could act as a netbook, and it almost can. Almost. The USB keyboard is a little cramped on the right, and so takes a bit of getting used to, and the overall net experience is not as quick as a netbook, but it's not bad, either. Netbooks are truly small computers, with more RAM and much more storage capacity. On the other hand, this thing is smaller, lighter, and much less expensive than a netbook, and can do many of the same functions with the exception of creating documents, presentations, etc. Whether there are apps that might allow some type of document creation I don't know, but I suspect there are.

My son downloaded a couple of games he'd used on the Fire, and found the game play to be identical. At this point he was hooked, and he bought my tablet from me on the spot. By that date, the tablet's price on Amazon Prime had dropped, so I ordered another tablet that evening and had it in time for our vacation!

In the 10 days we've had them we find that the tablet occasionally lags briefly or hangs up during game browsing or play (such as in Words With Friends) but never crashes; usually it pops a window offering either to close the program or just wait, and usually everything is fine as soon as I hit 'Wait'. As long as there's a strong wifi signal, everything operates pretty smoothly. My son has downloaded some games with more complex graphics, and says they play perfectly, even as he's listening to music streaming on a downloaded Jango app in the background. I've tried a pinball app which shows smooth ball play across several different tables. We found that Skype does not work well at all on these tablets. However, we next tried Tango with MUCH better sound and video quality, though there was dramatic sound variability from one use to the next, and I'm still not sure what that's about. I was very impressed with the quality of color and detail taken by the camera for video chatting, and a washed out picture on the receiver's end will be about the transmission of the image, not the quality of the outgoing image.

All in all, it's been a lot of fun learning what we can do with this little gem, and we're just getting started. Though higher end tablets may have sharper screen images, a rear-facing camera, and boast Bluetooth, this tablet has perfectly good image quality and just about any other feature you'd want, in addition to being well constructed, all for less than $100 delivered (with Amazon Prime). From casual gaming to checking email to watching YouTube to viewing movies downloaded onto a micro-SD card to reading an e-book or e-zine, this tablet is a great bargain as an entertainment device.
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on March 9, 2012
2013--OK, I have had this SAYCOOL Tablet for over a year now, and just decided to buy a newer, more up to date version of software, 4.1. This Saycool has been a gem. I will keep it although I have a new one as it has never failed me. I have had the new one for just a couple of weeks, but I know I can count on my old Saycool tablet.

2012 --I am an old lady of 64 years and I love this tablet!! It was easy to learn, and the seller always helped me when I could not figure something out. All I wanted was a tablet to get all of my books together in one place My books were being held hostage by the Kindle and Nook sellers, and I did not want to be limited by their devices. This tablet allowed me to get both the Kindle app, Nook app, Sony Reader app, Google Books app, it goes on. I love that the functions to connect to the web are as smooth as butter. Today I recorded something and did an instant playback, and I was very pleased with the sound. I got the Netflix app, and I want to watch a movie soon. There was a sample video on the unit already, and it was amazing. I also purchased the small keyboard that was recommended. I had an adapter for the keyboard that was sent to me free with the unit. I just plugged in the keyboard, and typed away! It also has the TRUE Adroid Market, and I have already downloaded some apps. I just can't say enough about how pleased I am with this little PC. I waited for three months BEFORE I wrote this review because I feel bad when I write a review and later on the product turned out to be a bad deal. NOT THIS ONE!! I am just thrilled!!! I will say that I wish the sound was better with some of the apps, but that may be the app, because Angry Birds is nice and loud? I have not really used the camera as yet so I can't tell you about that. Enjoy it. I do!
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on January 4, 2012
CPU runs at 1GHZ (listing claims 1.2GHZ). Battery is 3000Mah(listing claims 3500) and is not doing well. DC charging port is broke and only charges with USB. Device now runs hot. To my suprise the ram is ddr3. Screen has large crack in the touch layer I can't explain, still works on both sides of crack. Video no longer plays great even after a factory reset and minamal running apps/services. Still love the thing

listing says device has 4gb storage and 512mb ram. AppsI downloaded to device say 314mb ram(total) and 504mb(total) storage. I dont know enough about these things to know why, is the OS using 3.5GB of storage? Are the apps wrong? anyway... still love the thing, would not trust it to do my banking, however I do use it for [...] ect...

If it were possible to give this 20 or 30 stars out of 5...

I don't know how to start a review on such a powerful machine, so here is a list of things that amaze me about this thing.

sharp, vibrant, vivid, bright, high contrast screen. yellows and reds are more yellow and red on this thing than any other display in my house.

touch screen very responsive, flawless

video plays great. doesn't drop frames like my PCs do. renders great unlike some lcd tv's.

can have things like web browers, games, live wall papers, apps, utilities all running at the same time, my windows 7 machines cant run as many apps at once.

ez to connect to android market, amazon, ect.

fits my hand well, Battery provides 2-2.5 hours of non stop gaming or web surfing with full bright screen and wifi on. camera is ok .3MP(640x480), battery life upto 6 hours with dim screen, no wifi, no intense apps running
review image
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on April 3, 2012
Just got this two days ago. Mine was a little different than the one shown in the picture. It did not have the "Say Cool" logo on the front and the back of mine is white (which I like better!) The box and manual and keyboard, etc... were all in english!!! It did not come with the brown case as pictured, but I don't mind because I want to get my own case for it. Right out of the box I turned it on, and it started right up! Nice display colors and a pretty selection of background images to choose from. I mainly got this to download educational apps for my 4 year old, and it works perfect for that. (It's a lot cheaper than buyer Leapster games!) In fact, I clicked on the "Android Market" icon on the home screen and it took me straight to the Google Play website. I could not resist downloading some games for myself, including Angry Birds, Sudoku, Spider Solitaire, and a few more! So far, everything works great!!! My email, facebook, youtube,, etc.. all work fine! It even came with earbuds but I haven't tried them out yet. This is my first tablet, and I am very happy with it. It looks like the brand of mine is Allwinner, but it's hard to tell. My only complaint is that the battery seems to run down very fast while playing games, so I leave it plugged in. I think there is an app. you can download to help save battery power! Geez, I think they have an app. for everything - lol!

UPDATE January 2013
The tablet is starting to show some signs of not working too well. I've had it for about 9 months now and it still works but it has gotton very SLOW! It takes forever to start up and if you get inpatient and touch an icon before it's ready, it freezes up. The ac adapter stopped working so I found an old cell phone adapter and it worked! All in all, it's still pretty good, but I kinda wished I had spent more $$ and bought a little better one that would last more than 1 year! My next tablet will be a Galaxy. My mom bought one at Costco and it's awesome!
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on April 18, 2012
First at all came with android 4.03 that is quite good, for the price its the best buy you can make of course you have to know as advertised that is limited in memory and no bluetooth but its really a good starter device if you want to go further you need to get a galaxy tab or kinda but for the price this one DO THE JOB.
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on March 25, 2012
The first time I used this product, I noticed that the home button was broken, which made the entire product very useless. It also shuts itself off sometimes. The lock screen that is there to stop people from using the product besides the owner wouldn't even work. It just skipped the password screen when I pushed the wake button. I don't suggested buying this product. I think that I'm going to buy a Samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus after returning this product. Its about twice the price of this product though. The sellers (ACCDEPOT) replied quickly to my email and I should have my money back in a few days.

Edit: I left my 16 gb memory card in the tablet when I sent it back. The seller says that they will mail it back. I would buy from them again in the future. They reply very fast and are very nice!

Edit2: I have been reimbursed and the card is in transit. The seller is great.
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on March 7, 2012
I purchased this tablet mainly for watching videos on Netflix, reading e-books, and doing some light surfing on the web. I have a 10" netbook and an android smartphone but wanted something with a bigger screen for viewing Netflix and reading books but was still portable enough to carry in my purse. This tablet does just that. I researched other tablets in this price range and read their reviews and decided to try this tablet out. After trying the tablet out for a couple days, I can safely say I am satisfied with my purchase. The device doesn't feel cheap when you use it. It has a good screen that is plastic but its a hard plastic and does not have any ripples. The screen is very responsive. You don't have to stab at the screen to get it to respond to your touch and it doesn't seem to lag much at all. I like that it has the menu, home, and back key at the bottom of the screen similar to my smartphone. Also, it doesn't have the Saycool logo on the screen like the picture shows, although the cover does, with big gold letters. But what do you want for a free cover. For those of you wondering, Netflix does work with this device. The tiny speaker this tablet has is not the best but headphones or an external speaker would fix that problem. As far as the keyboard with the Chinese figures at the bottom, I just downloaded a keyboard app for free and use that instead. I also erased all of the files that were in Chinese that the tablet comes with preloaded as well as the couple of pictures. One thing that bothered me was when I first plugged in the charger the tablet came with and tried using the tablet, the screen was acting eratically and didn't respond very well. But once it was done charging and I unplugged it, it was fine. You can also charge this device with a usb cable and it works fine while charging. I just plug it into my usb outlet adapter that came with my smartphone and can charge the device and still use it without a problem. All in all, its a good tablet for its price.
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