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on December 20, 2010
I ordered this tablet, my first Android device, and I was kinda wondering what I would receive...
So far I'm really pleased with this thing!
Being a Palm and iPod Touch user and early adopter of what people call "smart phones", I wasn't sure if I wanted a large-format device. I have friends who are pushing their Apple tablets at me and I'm an iMac user myself... but I just wasn't sure if I needed (read that as wanted) a tablet.
I bought this on "speculation" to see if I could have a little fun and perhaps learn something new.
I'm having the fun part right away and I can see that some learnin' is headed my way here with the Android operating system this tablet uses. Not hard learning, but with the "open-ness" of Android I expect to be finding new stuff to do for a good while.

Out of the box I received a durable-feeling device with a nice large screen. It turned-on first try and responded to the battery charger just like the (little) owner's manual predicted. There is a great deal more going on with this thing than the little booklet speaks of, but the manual is complete enough for anyone to realize all but the nuts and bolts of Android... I believe the manual was not intended to tech Android to a user but to simply expose the buyer to the capabilities of the tablet. The manual is a translation, but a good one with pictures and diagrams. Easy to read and understand.

I haven't done much with it yet, but I have connected to the net using my WPA-2 WiFi "Apple Airport Extreme" and had no problem with the setup. It reminded me of getting a Nintendo DSi connected... it was that easy. I am using MAC address filtering and that posed no problem after putting the tablet's MAC address in my list.
The Localization settings were easy with the only "snag" as yet being the temperature display in the Home screen is in Centigrade and I can't (as yet) figure out how to switch to Fahrenheit. It even "found" my little home town to use as the target city :)
The only other thing I haven't figured yet is if the operating system is consuming part of the 2 gig of memory, leaving only 1 gig free or if the device shipped with only 1 gig of memory.
I think this problem is my lack of familiarity with Android :)
I will attempt to provide a better review as time allows, but for now I'm happy.

One final note, the device is called a "MID" in the Owner's Manual and the following information appears in the "About Device" screen on the device it's self;
Model Number: deb
Firmwear Version: 2.1-update1
Kernel Version: hzhao@emma #1
Build Number: deb-r2.1.1170

There is another tablet listed on Amazon called a "MID" but it does not seem to have a camera or a GPS receiver. This unit's GPS "antenna" is external and I think the little hocky-puck is both an antenna and receiver combined.

Update: (12/26/2010)
Liking the tablet! The hardware is working great, no problems at all, no glitches or silly business from the device or the Android "build" as is installed.
The only things I'm watching are;
- The "Home" button on the front is not indexed exactly right under the front cover. Not a problem but there was a moment where it was trying to get stuck.
- One of the tiny little "plugs" covering the cabinet screws has fallen out. This is no problem at all as there will come a day when I want to take those screws out myself and those plugs are going away on that day. As a side note, this tablet survived a drop from my desk top to the plastic carpet protector under the desk without a glitch.
- The Android "build" has a little trouble when rotating the screen. Two issues so far 1.) When you use Google's Star application, the Horizon is oriented incorrectly and does not correct even when you try the adjustments for screen rotation in Android or in Google's application. Weirdly, the names of planets and stars continue to rotate (to the wrong angle) even if you turn-off all the rotation controls. 2.) When you use the device in the "Landscape" orientation there is a very useful "Back" button in the screen in the top right... when you rotate to "Portrait" orientation that button goes away and you have to use the hardware buttons. Not really a big deal but the behavior of the on-screen "Back" button and the hardware button are not exactly the same in all applications.
- About keyboards, mice, and memory devices. USB supports all these but does not recognize anything else. I am using a Bluetooth "dongle" and my Apple "Magic Mouse" but my HID Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth GPS are not recognized. So far I have not found an application that can pair any Bluetooth devices that are not physically incorporated in the device (that's none so far). The Bluetooth dongle I have states it is a wired equivalent of a mouse and keyboard.. but that HID keyboard is not working.

That's all for now. It's worth the $230 to me so far but I'm new at this so I might not have the expectations a more seasoned Android user might have.

Update: (1/7/2011)
The people I got my tablet from are fantastic! I used email to talk to them about getting a registration number for the Android release on my tablet and they were really warm and responsive. It was like they actually liked the product!
I no longer see them listed as sellers but I will look for them the next time I want something from China.
(Beijing Ning Rong Technology Development Co. Ltd)

I Learned some stuff.
- There are a lot of "Widgets" and "Gadgets" that fail when used on a tablet... perhaps it's just this one, but I suspect the large screen is giving them trouble.
- You can use an Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard (Retail Packaging) by first pairing them on your desktop machine and then moving the Bluetooth "dongle" to the Flytouch. I use an IOGear USB 2.1 Bluetooth Micro Adapter GBU421
- The "Escape" key on the keyboard functions like the "Back" button on the screen.
- F4 seems to first, put the device into "sleep" then shortly it will re-boot.
- F1 acts like the "Menu" button.
Still have not found any applications that provide USB support for other than keyboard, mouse, and memory. I hope the developers of Android see the tablet as a "future" for Android and start providing full support for USB attached peripherals.
The display is really nice indoors. Outdoors it's washed-out but usable.

Price jump. What's this about?!?
I'm a little disturbed that this tablet has jumped in price. I kinda was thinking about a second one for a friend but at this rate, she's probably going to get something else. Too bad, we like this one. :)

Update: (01/19/2011) - Sorry if this is turning into a "blog"...
An update to the Android OS has come out, not a big change like version 2.2 or anything, but it allowed me to see what and how upgrades look like and are done.
It did not go so well. I had to go onto the Internet and find the proper file myself and load it again using a micro SD card. After that everything was back to "normal". I had to find and re-load all the applications I had loaded and every setting had to be re-entered. I later found out that you can back-up these things and save yourself some time. Considering the changes to the Android OS, I will wait for a major update before going with another minor one again... too much hassle for not so much gain.
The tablet is still a winner! I have it running for several hours a day and am even now watching a DVD TV show (converted using "Handbrake" for the Mac). Playback is smooth at 720 x 400 and around 1100 bits per second (m-peg4). See, this thing is making me learn about stuff like Android OS and video data rates :)
Still can't set the Weather widget to Fahrenheit, but otherwise I'm still happy with the purchase.

Update: (06/01/2014) - Amazon still lists this tablet on their site.
Beware of the following issues;
1.) This tablet is no longer supported by the manufacturer. NO UPDATES TO THE OPERATING SYSTEM.
2.) The Amazon Appstore no longer functions correctly on this device. NO MORE APPS CAN BE INSTALLED.
3.) You are lucky if you installed a suite of useful applications because Amazon Appstore and Google Play are unavailable to you with this device. You can "side load" the old Android Market but it is severely "broken" and will likely not even allow you to browse applications.

Good while it lasted! This tablet was my first Android device and it still functions as it did when it was new. A good device left to fallow by an supportive vendor. Beware that if something you buy lasts beyond the 30 or 90 day warrentee period you are likely to be "on your own" from there on out.
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on March 13, 2011
So I spent sometime reading all the reviews on this Tablet, and also looking it up online to see what other types of reviews it got.
You do get what you pay for. That statement is true.

The Tablet itself comes with:
Android 2.1 OS.
English User Manual
GPS Antenna
AC Charger Adapter 110V-240V
Device is WiFi enabled
Internal Hard Drive: 2GB Flash with 2 TF slots for expansion (supports MicroSD 32GB max. But if you have 2 32GB that's 64GB right there)
Ports: 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x MicroSD Slots, Mini HDMI, DC Jack, 3.5mm Headphone/Line-Out, RJ45 Ethernet
Video support for RM/RMVB, DAT, MPG, VOB, MP4, AVI/MK, TS, FLV, WMV, MOV.
Audio support for MP3, AAC, AAC+, EAAC+, WMA, WMA PRO, RA.
Picture support for JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG.
Supports multiple languages: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Simplified/Traditional Chinese.

When I got the Tablet it had a screen protector on it already. The Tablet fired up right out of the box and I was able to make all the updates just fine. WiFi was an easy setup, took less then a minute. Syncing up gmail/other email accounts and twitter, Facebook was no problem as well.
Now some of the reviews say that the screen is not multi-touch and or you have to use your finger nail or built-in stylus for best results. This is not true. When you first get it the screen is hard to use. This is due to the fact the screen is not calibrated to your finger just yet. Go into settings and scroll down to "Touch screen calibrate" it takes less than 30sec to do and from there it works great.
Now the other problem I see people are having trouble with, or don't understand is the Tablet not having Flash. You will find most Tablet do not have flash just yet and also most Tablet are running 2.1 not 2.2 update. The reason behind this and Google even stated that the 2.2 updates does not run will on tablet and that it wasn't design for them to begin with. This is also why they pushed back the Honeycomb 3.0 update a few months. Even the new Motorola XOOM does not have Flash and only has few 100 apps it can run at this point. Believe with the next few months Flash will become available along with most apps.
Now I have see and heard some people getting lucky with rooting the Tablet or using Ubuntu Linux. But if you mess it up... You have a 200.00 paper weight.
I think the only problem I found was the sound system was... Well not that great. But I didn't buy for the sounds system. GPS works fine

For 200 bucks this thing works great and would recommend it to anyone.
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on January 10, 2011
We have been using the one I got for my wife now for a couple weeks.. So far we like it for the price. The GPS on ours is internal and the included antenna gives about a 5x increase in sensitivity to satellites. We can put the antenna on the roof of the car and use the tablet in the car no problem. The screen sucks in sunlight but does well in the house. I much prefer the better screens such as on the IPAD. This is a simple touch screen that you can use a stylus or your fingernail on.. It is not multi-touch. But your not going to get a multitouch screen for this price (the price I paid 220) .. for the 289 they are selling it for now I'm not sure I would buy it... maybe..

We are using a 8 gig SD card in it with no problems. I haven't played with the USB or ethernet.. Wireless works well. Sometimes I have to reboot our wireless router to get it to connect.. Issue is on the router end. It is a linksys router.

I can stream and watch 780p video from youtube on it no problem.

I find that my HTC EVO running android 2.2 is much faster and smoother than this but the large screen size is pretty awesome for stuff like video and reading books using the downloaded kindle app.

My wife loves it..

update as of April of 2012

We have found over the long term that we just don't use this due to the the screen not being a capacitive screen. Having to use a stylus and the lower performance ended up being enough of a drag that we didn't use it much. Actually right now I couldn't say where it even is. Buried in a pile of stuff in the office probably. Right now we use a hacked Nook Color as a tablet and it works much better. Would love a 10 inch form factor though with the nooks or better performance.
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on January 17, 2011
Overall I'm quite happy with this product, but i'll go over the few things that i had some concerns with out of the box and other concerns i had over time playing with it. First off, i was acting like a little school boy waiting day by day for the tablet to come in the mail, and although amazon had a estimated delivery almost a clear month from my purchase date, it actually took 8 business days for me. When i got it, and opened up the box and held it for the first time i was quite impressed with how it felt. It feels like a well made quality piece of equipment. So what's next? Plug it in, allowed it some time to charge, and then get this thing going. It turned on without any issues and brought me to the home screen. Now finally, i get my chance to see how well it responds. If you use your finger, you will without a doubt be disappointed as it doesn't respond unless you use your fingernail or a stylus. Luckily, a stylus comes with the tablet and has a handy place to store it right in the top left corner of the tablet. Therefore, with that bit of information you can conclude that the screen is a resistive screen and not capacitive which means no multi-touch. As far as responsiveness, i would have to say that you get your moneys worth. I will, however, say that sometimes it feels like it is going slow, as i'm sure when it's trying to run 2 or more tasks at once, everything begins to get slower. Wifi was extremely easy to set up, and only took me about 2 minutes to get that going and working on the tablet.

My other issue with it out of the box is that the systems firmware is only updated to .1001. Anything i own, i really like to keep updated, but getting this tablet updated was not as easy as i thought it would be. I found three different ways to upgrade the tablet with help from the internet. The first and easy two i tried did not work for my tablet. I had to flash with a usb cable connected to my laptop and it took me a couple hours to really learn and understand how to do it properly. After the upgrade which brings the firmware to .1170, i can say that the system seemed faster by maybe 15%-20%. Since the upgrade, i've downloaded apps and games galore. Most of which on both of those categories work just fine, but the few that do not work throw you for a loop. For instance there was a game i installed that involved the g-sensor of the unit, but the game has a calibration setting, but it was really messed up as when i tilted forward it thought i was tilting left, and when i tilted backwards, it went right. After a few days of thinking my g-sensor was installed up-side down, i played another game which used the g-sensor and it worked flawless. So obviously, not ALL apps and games are perfect or compatible with this unit.

Reading in the dark with this tablet is really nice, and being able to adjust the brightness is also a plus. However, on that note, in just about any kind of sun-light, the tablet is quite difficult to see. Because i use this tablet in my house where for the most part it will stay, it's not a big deal. But for anyone thinking they can have it in their care driving around during the day time probably will not be very happy. My last note i have about the tablet is that i had a small cosmetic issue, and i contacted costumer service about it, and they really listened to my problem and wanted to fix any issues i had. It was really nice speaking with the customer service department, and if i was truly not happy with the small cosmetic issue, they would have worked out a replacement with me. So now in conclusion after using this device, i am actually growing more and more happy with it. Most things work really well, and my only real gripe is that it is a resistive screen and not capacitive, but what do you expect for at $230? So in the end, with the price and all the things i get to do on my couch or anywhere in my house, I have to say that it is very deserving of 4 of 5 stars.
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on February 28, 2011
In general, I have been very happy with this tablet. I bought it knowing it was likely not the greatest device out there, but the price was right and I felt that even if I didn't like it, I could give it to my kids to watch movies and play games. I have enjoyed having it more than I thought I would. I set it up in my kitchen and I use it to listen to music or podcasts while I cook or work at my nearby desk, and also to check email quickly, check something on the web, etc. Then I take it to the TV room or bedroom to surf the web while I watch tv. I also take it with me when I play RPGs, I have loaded it with my character sheets and reference books.

Most of my problems with the device stem from the limitations of Android, for example, the Opera browser does not support all of the web sites I routinely visit, and WHY doesn't the Android Flash version run on all Android 2.2 devices!? Also, some of the performance issues are sometimes annoying, such as reading large PDFs is sometimes slow.

I you like Android, and are on a budget, I would recommend the device.
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on January 15, 2011
First of all, I do like this tablet. It is not a flawless, polished piece of technology, but it is pretty good for the money. If you want a flawless tablet experience, spend $700 on the iPad. I love that this has USB ports and TWO SD card slots. The ethernet is also nice since large downloads, like GPS offline maps, can take a long time over the wireless. I use this to check my email and surf the internet when I'm sitting in bed or out and about. Its much lighter than any netbook which would have been my other choice. Some notes on my experience so far.

The Cons:
- Get a screen protector, the plastic scratches easily. I found some that are made for it on ebay, search for "superpad" (it's the same thing)
- Sluggish interface response, you can find some youtube videos floating around, that is not the video being choppy it is the interface, use your finger nail or built-in stylus for best touch results
- "cheap" feel, plastic can be bent out of shape, etc.
- Visible screen flicker when holding in vertical position
- Speakers are not very good at all, any kind of noise in the room makes them basically in-audible
- display is not visible at all in sunlight, even on brightest setting.
- GPS requires external antenna, some have complained about GPS lock on time, I live in the northeast and it does it by the time I can exit the GPS settings and get the GPS test program running.
- Shipping did take awhile, but was well packaged and shipped right away, its just coming from China.
- I have locked this up once or twice, but its hard to say if it was an android app, or the OS it's self.

The Pros:
- Cheap!
- 2 SD card slots that support 32 GB
- 2 USB ports, the case I found on ebay has a small usb keyboard built in which is awesome when typing an email on the road
- Ethernet port for when there is no wifi
- Lots of apps in android market place.
- Some folks have been successful flashing this with Ubuntu Linux which I would love to do, but if you mess it up you have an odd shaped paper weight.
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on January 20, 2011
I bought this product as a kind of "colour e-book" aiming to read technical pdfs with some graphics. It is an excellent device for this.
Then I discovered the marvellous Android Market and quickly started to try all kind of applications, from GPS to watch video streaming,... until it almost ran out of memory, because is not as powerful in hardware like other tablets (that cost four times more...) If you ask for the registration code you will enjoy very frequent software updates of the operating system, for the moment android 2.1 I don't know if the license could upgrade to android 3.0.
I highly recommend this tablet as a second handy device for reading, watching a movie in the airplane or access to internet during your holydays trip. Not as a substitute for your laptop, due mainly to the lack of processing power: if you want this go for a much expensier model.
On the other hand, the compatibility is superb, with an HDMI, 2 USB and 2 microSD slots, and accepting all kinds of file formats. Really love it.
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on March 31, 2011
I needed something to use as a portfolio(I am working in the video game industry), so I was looking online for a cheap tablet that would serve my purpose, which was to display high quality images and videos. After reading the reviews, I settled with the superpad.

No, it's not an iPad. I have been teased by everyone at work because it's not an iPad or a Xoom. But it works just like it. Exactly like an iPad. The only difference is it runs a little slower due to the less RAM it has, but it's like comparing a Ford Focus to a Ford Mustang. They do the same thing, only one runs faster and has the luxury of being called a Mustang because it costs twice as much.

It's also bigger and thinner than an iPad, but I love all the connections it has available, especially the Ethernet connection.

It plays videos smoothly, except for full HD movies, when it lags a bit. It plays apps and games great, although it tends to freeze on some, and I'm not sure if it's the OS or the app itself. For apps, I've installed the Amazon App store, and it runs smoothly, along with the Android Market which is already installed. Only some apps designed for phones like Furdiburb tend to stretch the graphics, but that's a problem with the app, not the tablet.

It also came neatly packaged and bubble wrapped, and it came with instructions on how to use it, which was pretty neat considering a lot of things lack an instruction manual nowadays.

My only problem is it doesn't have multitouch, and if you try to, it will take the average of all the touches that you make, which totally sucks when you're trying to play Angry Birds or zoom into a picture as I'd want to. Nonetheless, I am satisfied with it, and I was pleasantly surprised to see it's not that all different from the $500+ tablets save for the speed.

-Can't be used outside in the sunlight
-Takes a while to load
-No multitouch
-Battery tends to die pretty fast, 1 day of casual use tops.

-Camera and voice works great, the Skype app from Android works fine
-The 2 sd card slots allow up to 32 GB storage
-2 usb slots allow for fast transfer
-Sound is crisp
-Has no problem running most apps
-Isn't heat touch sensitive, so you can use a stylus
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on August 24, 2011
The APAD is a pretty good item given the cost - even though the manufacturer needs to really address quality control more. (But I knew that when I made the purchase)

The Vendor (PlexSupply) on the other hand......

I contacted PlexSupply thru Amazon.com

What I asked for was some advice and/or assistance.
I described the failure (no video) and I outlined the steps I'd taken.

> Order ID: XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX - 1 of 10.2" Google Android 2.1 Tablet PC
> WiFi.
> Sirs, I recently purchased the above Android Tablet. Overall, I am very
> happy with the product.
> Recently, I put the device into "Sleep" mode, and now I cannot see anything
> on the screen.
> I have pressed the re-set button - No joy - No display
> I have pressed the Home+Power buttons - No joy - No display
> I have pressed the Home+Volume Up+Power buttons - No joy - No display
> Please advise.

What I got for an answer is the EQUIVALENT of what I'd expect from a Doxy in some port town:
("Sure Sailor, I can help you with your problem - Insert Fifty Bucks Here")

There is an only 90 days warranty on these items and your have already been
out dated. You can send the item in for repair but the charge will be $50 to
repair it. You will have to contact us over the phone if you need it fixed



End Quote

Yes, it's out of warranty. (Purchased 12 Mar 2011)
Yes, I know that it only had a 90-day warranty to begin with.
Yes, I've already had to spend $50.00 to have it repaired (Out-of-warranty Repair) once - because the power button BROKE OFF INSIDE THE case.
Yes, I know that PlexSupply doesn't manufacture the device - they only market it.
Yes, I know that there are at least three other vendors doing the same - marketing this particular product.

In fact, one of the other vendors actually tried to assist me - even though I didn't purchase the product through them.
They sent me both a written writeup on how to re-install the OS, as well as a URL to a YouTube video on how to perform a hard re-set - even tough I didn't buy the product from them.

Given the answer above ("We'll charge you Fifty Bucks - call us") I can only stress how much pain I will endure before I deal with PlexSupply ever again.
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on May 26, 2012
The tablet crashed after the first time I opened it. I decided to return it, but also wrote to the company about the crash. They offrend to send me a micro SD with the startup program - which they did, and it arrived in about a week. So very good response from them. The tablet did come with some super ports. Two SD ports, two full size USB ports (not sure if they were usb1 or usb2) an ethernet port and a GPS antenna that plugged into the tablet and worked well. I am returning the unit for two reasons. The first is that it is very slow to load up (which might be a function of a small ram, but too slow for me) and the most important reason was that it would drop the WiFi signal very frequently, which was extremely bothersome. If you want something to play around with, I think this is a reasonably priced unit with lots of options, it is just not good enough for my usage.
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