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on January 5, 2012
When I first started reading this book, I was hesitant. I had read the jacket description and was thinking--angels, the bad guys? Really? But once I started reading the book, I simply separated my idea of an angel from the angels described in this book and was then able to fully fall in love with this book.
This is an excellent book. It's extraordinarily well-written, and I haven't been able to keep myself from bragging to everyone I know about it. Who would have thought of the concept of angels feeding off of their victims, and the victims becoming infatuated and even GRATEFUL for the malevolent touch of the angel? That is an outside-of-the-box concept like I've never seen before, and once I got past the horror of the concept, it made the book such an extraordinary thing.
Now, the part that you've probably heard enough about already: Alex and Willow. Alex is an assassin of angels (though there's another detail to that that I won't spoil for you, but it made me scream when I found out!) and has been told to assassinate Willow. However, when he finds her and sees her for the first time, he just can't bring himself to do it. She's unlike any angel he's ever seen before--she doesn't have a halo, she can exist in her human form and her angel form at the same time, and she had a childhood. Angels don't have childhoods, can only be in one form at a time, and their halos are their hearts, so she shouldn't even be able to exist! He's fascinated, and he follows her that day to the Church of the Angels, a homebase of the many who have become victims of the angels and thus those who suffer from angel burn, where she goes to attempt to sway her friend from joining the Church. Things go downhill from there, but Alex and Willow make a run for it. From there on out, they stay together while being chased by the angels and their followers and start uncovering the truth behind the war that no one knows is going on except for the CIA, involved with Project Angel and who now directs the AKs, or Angel Killers (which is what Alex is), the remaining AKs, and the angels. Alex and Willow slowly start exploring their feelings for one another until the point where they are finally able to take solace in safety--a miracle!--and are able to confess what they've been feeling for one another and start changing from the two into one.
I've heard it said that this is just like any other love story, and that the course of their romance is as bland and boring as any other romance in pretty much every YA book you've ever read. This is not so. Though Alex immediately sees Willow as "gorgeous," and she, too, admires his beauty, there are indications that they may be the only ones seeing each other like this--through lovers' eyes. With Alex, the reader isn't quite sure where he stands with his past romances, if there are any that could be classified as having love involved (which, again, isn't specified) because he's had such an odd, secluded life. But Willow--with her, you know. She's grown up in school (including high school, of course), and has always loved vintage clothes and working with cars, but has never before gone out on a date. In my opinion, even that level of weird couldn't drive boys away that much if she's truly as gorgeous as Alex proclaims her to be. This leads to my assumption that, like everyone in love, they're sugarcoated in the eyes of the other, and that their imperfections are overlooked or accepted as contributing to their extraordinary beauty by the other. Thus, they may be totally normal-looking people--that's just not how they see each other. However, their relationship is not based totally on looks. Alex should hate Willow because of her angel; instead, he accepts it and even embraces it as a part of her. He loves it as he loves her, because it is a part of her. And when they started out travelling together, Willow hated Alex for how he insulted her as he tried to ignore his attraction to her, but everything changed. Their journey to falling in love--and better yet, actually admitting it--is a slow one, inhibited and yet helped by their wild chase around the country from the angels and to a safe place. But I assure you, it is well worth the wait.
This book is completely brilliant, and I absolutely adore it. I believe that you would come to love it as much as I do if you gave it a chance.
Well worth the time to read. Two thumbs up with a bonus round of applause, and ten stars out of five, were it possible. I read a LOT, so you can trust me when I say that this is truly something very, very special.
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on June 26, 2014
Angel Burn is a nice, lightweight teen romance set in a vastly more interesting world. The very nature of YA stories includes a lack of mental and emotional depth, but all the teenage blushing, stammering, and then getting irrationally mad and hurt was not amusing for me, although probably realistic.

What was *great* about this book is the very excellent world-building. The theme is truly original and is carried through in a completely believable way. The details were thought out carefully and created some real tension for the characters. Very nicely done!

Where I felt let down is 1) when the author uses Spanish phrases or sentences and doesn't translate them. At all. I studied a few years of Spanish, but the words weren't familiar to me, and that was annoying. Another character could easily have responded in English so the reader would know what was said, as in, "Okay, if any buzzards end up picking my bones, it's not your fault." Or something. This happened several times and was equally irritating each time.


And 2) No happy ending. Everything they've fought for, all their struggles and suffering, fails, and the world is now much worse off for it. The guy who put his life on the line to help them from the inside is brushed off. ("Better get out of here, they're gonna kill you." He has inside knowledge of the bad guy's plans, he's in danger just like you and you don't take him with you?!) Even a partial success would have been better than a total, unmitigated failure. I don't know if younger readers would find this satisfying; I didn't. Looking at the next books, it appears the two characters have to somehow face this huge, thousand-times-worse problem, war with several thousand super powerful beings, virtually alone.

3) The big mystery of the heroine's very existence is not addressed, except to say numerous times, via numerous characters, that "it isn't possible." Maybe this is explored in more depth in subsequent books.

Engaging world combined with unanswered questions and a climactic ending that delivered only vast disappointment = not for me. I won't be reading the next books to find out what happened.
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on October 22, 2011
OMG! This was a fun read! It started out with shooting. Not my kind of book, I thought. But then the next chapter grabbed me. By the end I felt like I'd been running a marathon. Talk about exciting! I look forward to a sequel!

This was the Kindle download.

My quickie ad: Suppose that the angels that have left people enthralled weren't the good, Holy types we thought they were. Suppose they were aliens from another planet coming to Earth to feed... No not as gruesome as it sounds. Maybe you should read the blurb on the Amazon's, Angel Burn page. This is a fun book. I applaud the author in the way she handled the characters' intimate, loving relationship.
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on July 15, 2013
So basically I've been dying to read this book since it came out however I never managed any time until now. I truly do not know how people can rate this book any lower than 4 stars. The characters actually were brought to life in their own way. They had their own feelings, reactions, stories, and even spoke differently from each other unlike other book where the characters POV would sound alike. Each POV was followed by whatever happened before, no repeats. I never got bored, nor skimmed through sentences - all I ever wanted to know was what would happen next!? And how would this book end? The story as we all know was quite different from others in which angels are now the bad guys and L.A. Weatherly did not disappoint me for a second that this book would be another disgrace to the angel genre. By all far means I did not give it a five stars for it didn't catch me off guard or made me feel so much emotions. In fact the only emotions I felt were with the cute romance between Alex and Willow. It was like a normal teenage love not rushed nor planned, I simply died when they pronounced their love towards each other. So would I recommend this book? Heck yeah I would. I guarantee you will not be disappointed and will leave you to find out how good this book really is. So my final words are: BUY IT NOW!!!
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on June 7, 2011
My bar for ranking new angel books is admittedly low--I mean, look at the comps and see the lack of competition. Until Unearthly, I was beginning to think it may be impossible to write a decent angel book. Out of all paranormal creatures, angels have received the worse treatment in YA books BY FAR. I won't go into the examples--we all know what they are.

With Angel Burn, I was pleasantly surprised. The wearisome elements plaguing other angel books (TSTL heroines, creepy obsessive love interests, shoddy mythology) were largely absent. Both Willow and Alex are unique and likeable. While they are immediately attracted to each other, the actual romance builds for much of the book, and the insta-love is kept to a happy minimum. Yes, it was the hunter-falling-in-love-with-his-prey we've seen done before, but the chemistry between Willow and Alex and the way the author let the attraction simmer for chapter after chapter had me hooked.

Although Angel Burn has a slow start, the pacing picks up immediately once Willow and Alex begin their road-trip escape. The story does descend into gooey teenage love about 2/3 of the way in, but at least the author let Willow and Alex spend time together and get to know each other first.

While I'm not sure why these creatures are called angels (they're certainly not angelic in the traditional sense and don't seem to come from Heaven) they were the perfect villains--sufficiently creepy and evil. The mythology is developed enough to make sense, and it's definitely unique.

I'm happy to say that with its original mythology, likeable main characters, and simmering romance, Angel Burn far surpasses many of its angel book competitors.
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on July 23, 2012
One of the best angel stories I've ever read. Angel Burn is nothing like I thought it would be. I never thought of Angels as essence sucking being but this story had me convinced.
I loved the back and forth between the two main characters Alex and Willow, and then the other two perspectives Jonah and Raziel.
This book has amazingly strong characters, even through their weaknesses they prevail and don't let their weaknesses stop them.
This is a big book. Almost 500 pages. Angel Burn is filled with mass amounts of suspense, description, inner dialogue as will as lots of multiple character interactions. All the characters that give their perspectives meet, and have some sort of interactions at some given point in the story.
Both Alex and Willow's lives clash after one of Willow's psychic readings. From the moment the characters see each other they are instantly attracted. Both of them try and fight their feeling for each other until finally they come together. Their feelings for each other were so similar it was amazing. I thought both or their personalities were strong, and they completely complimented each other with their strengths and weaknesses.
The action in this story was awesome, I love me some action scenes. I loved the scene where Willow fights with her Angel self.
There were also many heart wrenching moments where I'm pretty sure I start crying every time I read them.
Alex although has a sensitive side, a side of him that is in every way vulnerable to hurt and pain. That vulnerability doesn't make him any less sexy. Actually I think it makes him sexier. Even while he was being a total butt face he was still swoon worthy. I think Angel Burns cover is soo beautiful.
Angel Burn has turned out to be one of my favorite books so I hope you end up loving it too.

Favorite Quote:
""Hey, he's not using a holster," I said, glancing at Alex's on the dresser.
He laughed out loud. "Yeah, I guess he must want to shoot something off. It'd be so great if these things were true life-the next scene would show him in the hospital, like, clutching himself in agony.""
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on July 13, 2012
Ok, one of my best friends told me to read this book, and she is now my go-to person for book recommendations. Angel Burn is a fantastic read. Willow isn't your normal high school girl, she's a physic. When she does a disturbing reading on a fellow classmate, she's exposed to a whole new world. Willow is strong and vulnurable at the same time. She is fiercely protective of her family and friends, and she's also at the end of her rope. Alex is a stone-cold assasin who has been on his own for two years. He relies on himself and that's the only person he needs. When they come together it's like a firecracker! Alex protects Willow and they become a team. Wow. First, Willow would totally be my best friend, because she rocks. She keeps her crap together through all of Alexs downright rudeness, and she even fights back. Second, Alex is to die for. I need to read books without bad boys, because I'm hitting my overload. But Alex was a refreshing type of bad boy, 1) because he's actually pretty hard-core and 2) because he softens up towards the world, not just Willow. Overall, it was a great read. The angel thing was a little creepy, but tolerable. The alternating viewpoints helped eliminate gray areas in the story and fill some holes. I can't wait for the sequel!

Also posted on: [...]
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on June 15, 2011
I don't usually review books because frankly I'm not very good at it! I am compelled to review this particular book though.

I actually purchased this book on accident. I thought it was one of the free e-books and was not happy when I realized I had spent more than I normally would on an e-book! I was even angrier when I started to read it and found that I did not like what I was reading!

I did not like the first few chapters and thought that it was going to be a horrible read, but because I paid for it I was determined to read it. I am glad I did. Obviously the book is a teen book on the lines of the whole Twilight sort of phenom, but the premise of the story really hooked me and I could not put it down. It is somewhat juvenile in some aspects as I would expect in a teen novel but the premise of the story was fantastic I thought and well written for the most part.

In the end I was pleasantly surprised! I thoroughly enjoyed the book! I agree that it could have been written with more action and romance but I still found it quite interesting and intriguing. Quite frankly the twist on what peoples perception of what an "angel" is, was genius to me. I have often thought to myself that the extremely religious and zealots end up on the wrong side of their good intentions and become something closer to evil than goodness and so I connected with the authors ideas in that aspect. I love exploring the "what if" angles of ideals, common beliefs and what would be considered the norm so that is definitely a big reason why this book appealed to me.

This author has huge potential. I thought that the characters were well written, the premise was smart and interesting and the story line was a good read even though I think there is definitely more that could have been done with it. All in all I was happy with the book as an enjoyable read and would love to read another by this author. I see potential and would love to follow the author and see where they end up! Good luck to you!
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on June 22, 2011
In this story, angels are real - and they're anything but angelic. Instead, they feed on humans souls, leaving their victims alive but permanently scarred. The angelic presence feels so blissful, however, that humans willingly submit themselves to the experience.

That's where people like the too-cool-for-school Alex, a 17-year old Angel Killer (AK), come in. He crisscrosses the country hunting those that would hunt humans. And things have been busy since the Invasion...

In this meaty sample of ANGEL BURN, we are shown the perspective of the hard-edged Alex; Willow, a teenage psychic; and Raziel, an angel making a big-time power play on Earth. And we're given the sense that no matter how hard and complicated things are, they're about to get worse.

I enjoyed both the concept and the writing of the sample. Definitely made me want to pick up the full-length book. Try it out and see what you think.
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on May 24, 2011
What if angels weren't the benevolent beings depicted on the domed ceilings of churches? What if they weren't even the fierce warrior heroes of so many stories?

What if instead they were beings who took pleasure feeding off the life force of humans - more vampiric than angelic in nature? What if they were the cause of cancer. Heart attacks. Pain. Death. And all for what? For their survival and pleasure.

And, what if their feeding off your life force made you feel admiration for them and left you in awe and indebted to them for their graciousness?

What if they made you desire the very thing that was killing you?

Would you erect churches in their honor? Hunt down their enemies just for the privilege of being near them to be fed on like cattle? You would. Because to feel angel burn is to know bliss.


Angel Burn is an incredibly inventive and immensely entertaining thrill-ride of a read that will suck you right up into the action, starting off with an explosive prologue that will completely alter every preconceived notion about angels you have held.

Alex Kylar is a killer. A hired assassin. It's his sole purpose in life to find and kill angels before they destroy the entire human population with their angel burn. Isolated and alone, he receives his orders by text and executes them flawlessly.

But when Alex meets Willow he begins to question everything he believes in and learns that although he may have wanted to give up on love, his heart says otherwise.

Angel Burn is the story of two people who must come together to fight against a common enemy and save humanity from an unimaginably dismal future.

Angel Burn moves with such fluidity as you are carried through the story, which alternates between Willow's perspective, told in the first person, and Alex's perspective, which is in third person. The characters journey is filled with moments that are both beautiful and torturous.

This story is a must read for anyone looking for a very different take on the angel theme, and a story filled with adventure and true love.
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