Customer Reviews: Wide Angle Mobius ActionCam 1080p HD Camera With Dash Cam Kit (V3 / 820 mAh / Lens C2 / No Memory)
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on September 16, 2014
This is a GREAT little car dash camera for around $100.00. There are a few things for potential buyers to keep in mind.

1 Download the manual from the Internet.
2 Download the Quick Setup manual from the Internet.
3 Download the pc Setup software from the Internet.
4 Spend about 30 min reading all of that before you try to do anything.
5 If you purchased a 32 GB or 64 GB sd card, you will need to download a software program that will let your pc reformat the sd card from exFat to Fat32 or the camera may not work.
6 Use the pc Setup software to update the firmware on the camera to the latest version. (Note the sd card HAS to be Fat32 to do this.)
7 Spend about another hour playing with all the camera settings by using the pc Setup software. (For example decide if you want the Mobius to automatically start recording when you plug it into the cars lighter socket or when it receives power. Decide if you want it to "loop" recording when the sd card is full. Decide what movie format type you want it to record as, etc.)
8 Mount the camera in your car. (If you use the typical suction cup mount, you will need to set the camera to "rotating the recording 180 degrees."
9 Go for a short drive while recording. When you get back home, either eject the sd card and look at the files on your pc to see if you have the camera pointed in the proper angle and direction. Make any needed adjustments. Wash, rinse, repeat until you are happy.

(Note, in reply to Jason from Sacramento who claims that the "rotating the recording 180 degrees" feature in the pc Setup software does not work, he's mistaken. I just checked to be sure, and it DOES work perfectly. He unfortunately did not know what he was talking about. What he probably missed was that there are 3 different tabs in the pc Setup software that all have that option, so at first it seems confusing as to which tab you need to use. Each tab corresponds to a different possible camera mode that you can set the Mobius to when recording. So, he was simply not picking the proper tab that was related to the "Mode" of camera he was using. If for example, you change that setting on the tab for "Misc Settings" but don't also change it on the tab for "Mode 1", it won't change what you need once mounted upside down with the car windshield mount. Mode 1 is the default recording mode when the Mobius turns on.)

So, all in all, it's a GREAT car dash cam. It just takes a bit of pc knowledge to get it set up properly.
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on January 19, 2014
If you have seen the reviews on YouTube, DashCamTalk & RCgroups and are wondering if this little camera is everything it is cracked up to be, I'll add another thumbs up! The online, downloadable Users Guide is far superior to what you are likely to find in other Chinese-made cameras, even though the other cameras may be just fine. The PC-based interface that is available to change the camera settings works good too. The designer obviously spent a great deal of time and effort working with users of their previous designs to develop a product that has a number of useful features. If you plan to use it as a Dash-Cam, I'd recommend getting the Dash Cam Kit if you want a simple plug and play unit. It does much more but unless you are moderately technically adept, you may become frustrated trying to understand the variety of settings options and how to handle everything.

Small size makes it very discreet, very good day and night video quality, wide range of settings options, good range of optional mounting accessories, appears quite reliable, many of these cameras are used on radio-controlled aircraft which can be extremely-rough service. This unit is easily modified with optional lenses, external battery packs or capacitors, etc., if you are so inclined.
It doesn't offer a GPS interface, Waterproof housings are not yet widely available, No optional polarized lense cap which might help to reduce windshield reflection and sun flare is available.

Gosh, now it sounds like I am complaining but really, this tiny camera already does so much, so incredibly well that it is pretty hard to fault it simply because it isn't the only camera anyone would ever want for any purpose. I'd rate it six stars if I could!

Now I just wish I could find a video editing program that didn't require so much time to edit my clips for YouTube!
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on January 3, 2014
Great value for a dash cam and nice that this kit comes with everything you need for just a few dollars more. Read other Mobius reviews for general info but specifically for this one after one month of ownership:

* Wide-angle lens is a good choice here. I haven't tried the standard lens but have several action cams where I usually don't run wide-angle. I think it make sense for a dash cam; can see a bit more.
* Kit is very convenient. Needed the mount/holder, long cable, cig adapter and ~4 mount clips (and a micro SD card). Other stuff is optional.
* The long powered USB cord just barely fit for my compact SUV. I think I'd go with a foot longer in a bigger car. BTW, search youtube for 'mount dashcam hide wires' to see really slick ways to hide the cabling. I was worried people would see this as too obvious (and maybe break-in) but it almost looks stock or perhaps maybe like a low-end radar detector. Anyway - not worried any more.

Only other general things:
* Replaying footage is a bit of a pain. I've only done it a couple of times but I've ejected the card rather than remove the camera but it's tight to get in there.
* It will help you a bit if you are: slight techy (for cam config/software install), a little mechanical (for the install/wiring), and not new to cams (I don't know if I'd suggest this as a first cam for someone that doesn't work with videos/HD/etc.
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on February 16, 2014
This camera is on par with the more expensive ones, imagewise it rivals the popular action cams. It weighs way less, it is smaller, and best of all, it is 1/4 the price. I particularly like the no frills, turn it on and it goes setup. Also, there are some adapters that go from the GOPRO mount type to the 1/4" 20 camera mount.This means that you can use readily available mounts, and attach this beauty to those mounts. I have also set this camera up on my V912 Heli, even crashed the heli, with no damage to the camera. This camera does everything I need and nothing I don't. I have several buddies eyeing this camera because of the quality of videos that I have taken. This thing sells itself, it really is a great deal!
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on February 15, 2014
Ordered directly from massachusetts, one of two official us retailers. The camera is real small, fits in the palm of your hand. It has a professional look and feel to it. The accessories (dashcam kit) are great. As long as your car isnt cold, the suction cup holds good. The camera's resolution is high definition and looks amazing in my 47 inch tv. There are A LOT of different options. You can even download an app and change the settings directly from your smart phone with the proper usb cable (sold separately) Its nearest competitor is the Gopro cam. Which cost over 300$ plus tax. This camera is great for under 100$. Its not water proof and probably not shock proof as the gopro, but one can easily make your own custom cases if you want. At night it looks just as good, like you're there. I took a short video and you can see for yourself [...] its not a great view, but the purpose of the video was to show my girl the recording, NOT as a review for the camera, but you can see it and hear the sound too. Anyways, I recommend this 100%
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on January 1, 2016
I had such great results testing the Mobius wide angle 1080p high definition camera as a front-end dash-cam, that a purchased another Mobius dash camera sans memory for the rear. I equipped both with the excellent SanDisk 64GB microSD memory cards. The 64GB cards allows for longer times between recorded file over-write (in case of any incident, which requires such evidence). Camera 'heat' is easily handled with the largest Raspberry Pi Black Adhesive Heatsink mounted on top of the Mobius heatsink (see photo). This model is equipped with the wide angle "C2" lens* (see video for perspective).

I also replaced the 820maH battery in both units with the Mobius Super Capacitor (highly recommended for dash-cam applications). The replacement is fairly easy (be gentle) - Remove two screws (with the included screwdriver), exchange the batteries, reassemble, and you're done!

The is no IR capability within its diminutive size (~2.38L x 1.38W x 0.70H) - however, it sees better at night than me with my 67 year young 20/20 (corrected) vision. :-)

The Mobius "mSetup" software unlocks the many features within this camera, which makes the Wide Angle Mobius ActionCam 1080p HD Camera a great candidate for a covert dash-cam operation (see <> for great information on Mobius cameras). Mobius service is very good.

For your bemusement**, I have included a video, 20151228-OK_IceStorm2, which shows both cameras in operation.

*Maximum Mobius Lens Angle FOV @1080p
Standard "A" Lens: 85 deg
Wide Angle "B" Lens: 116 deg
Wide Angle "C2" Lens: 132 deg
**Yep, I'm not even sure myself why I took our pups to their grooming appointment that day. What you see in the video, are the results of two Oklahoma ice storms: The piles of tree branches and trunks are from Thanksgiving weekend ice storm. I'm driving the day after the Christmas weekend ice storm.

review image
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on July 15, 2014
This is my 2nd Mobius ActionCam 1080p HD Camera. The product came on time as promised. My 1st Mobius ActionCam 1080p HD Camera standard edition worked great until after 10 months of use, The footage became very grainy during night time regardless what data rate i use (low, standard or high) in 1080P or 720P. This is the reason why I bought the wide angle edition Mobius ActionCam. This is probably my favorite dash cam that i use for my car without a screen because it is so discrete. I just wish the manufacturer can make up a better mounting system that is small enough to make it even more discrete in the windshield.

UPDATE 09/12/2014 - I contacted the seller due to my new Mobius Lens B somehow just died after less than 2 months of use. It is no longer getting any power internally and externally. I think I got a defective product. I am just waiting for the seller if I should return the whole boxed items or just the camera. Everything else works fine except the camera itself. I originally gave the Mobius wide angle edition 4 stars since my first Mobius with lens A lasted 10 months.
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on August 5, 2015
Great build quality. Video is better than my Garmin Dash Cam 20. Easily customizable from firmware updates to settings. Download the Mobius software and takes about 2 minutes to figure out how to turn it on and switch between settings. Highly recommend. Does not have GPS feature but for the slim design its well worth it.

Power cable is REALLY long for those wanting to conceal it from view. Very happy owner.
review image
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on October 7, 2015
Love it. Crisp great video and sound. I was little worried about no visor but I wanted discrete dashcam and it doesn't get smaller than this. I was little frustrated having to set it up on my Mac but once firmware updated, settings chosen, it is plug n play. Added bonus it that it can be used as action , spycam, webcam u name it. As far as heat, I mounted a CD on top of it with the reflective surface up, seems to help, and doesn't look too silly, and it doesn't even show from drivers seat as it is completely behind rear view mirror.
review image
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on November 2, 2014
Purchased two of these for a 2014 Prius V and 2014.5 Camry XLE.
Uploaded the software from the website (
Uploaded SD Formatter ( to format the Class 4 SD card.
Uploaded Mobius SD Config ( to be able to configure the cam via the Android phone.
Took about 4 weeks to purchase other parts and tweaking the settings.
Cam 1 (2014 Prius V): The 10-foot USB to Mini-USB cable that came with the kit was long enough to run from the headliner, to the pillar, behind the glovebox and into the powerport using the suppliued 5V1A adapter. The suction cup mount was too low and highly visible so I purchased the Adhesive mount for this car. I placed it inside the shaded area behind the rear view mirror. Reviewing footage shows that that was an ideal location for it.
Cam 2 (2014.5 Camry XLE):The 10-foot USB to Mini-USB cable that came with the kit was 2-3 feet short for this vehicle. So I purchased a 15-foot USB to Mini-USB cable. It was long enough to run from the headliner, to the pillar, behind the glovebox and into the powerport. I needed to ensure that the cable did not block the Air bags in the pillar and under the glove box. The suction cup mount was ideal for this vehicle. A problem I had with the cam and this car was that the internal USB port was not getting enough power to the cam as a steady red rear light was on. It worked fine with the the supplied 5V1A adapter but I wanted a solution that can power a phone, dashcam, and a tablet (tablet for the back seat for my son-those games sure suck a lot of power!). Purchased an EasyAcc® 3 USB 26W 5.1A Car Charger which solved my problem.
Settings: I first used the default settings. Changed the orientation to 180 degrees as the way dash cams are mounted, the Mobius picture would be upside down. Validated that it was set to "Lens B" as this was the Wide Angle version. Set Wide Dynamic Range to "on". Power On - Auto Record to "Both".
Reading license plates was difficult (as compared to the G1W) so I changed the Video Data Rate to "High" which I was satisfied with the resolution.
Enabled " Loop Recording" with a Video Clip Length of 5 minutes.

Notes: As these have audio recording, you can speak out license plates and other things as reminders while driving. If you get rear ended, these will not display the actually contact but you can add vocally, "I got rear-ended!" (If you have the wherewithal to remember why you have a dashcam). The Action Cam has a capacitor so you can also detach the cam (besides your smartphone) to record an incident. Make sure you got good music playing if you are going to post the captures to Youtube.
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