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on July 30, 2016
I love this game! I have been a fan for years. It's great for all ages. Highly recommended for anyone who loves games where you have to take care of a town
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on June 24, 2013
If you have a early generation Wii that can play GameCube games or have a GameCube lying around I highly recommend this game. Its a daily real time game that only really involves at the most 2-3 hours of game play per day. However it is well worth the time invested as it is enjoyable, charming, and rewarding as the game progresses.

SUMMARY: You are a new resident of this town and you essentially live out your virtual life here. Activities include bug hunting, fossil finding, painting collecting, shopping, designing clothes, upgrading your house, and paying debts used to pay for that upgrade.

GRAPHICS: The graphics have aged very well. Although it was ported from the Japanese Nintendo 64 the cell shading and character designs are whimsical enough that they do not look dated like "realistic" games of that era.

GAME PLAY: There is a reason this game is a classic of the gamecube/xbox/ps2 era. The game play is simple enough to be understood yet challenging enough to keep you interested. There are many different nuances and secrets to this game to keep you involved for years to come. Big accomplishments feel just like that because they take days of continuous play to achieve. Seasons and night/day sync up with the actual months and the real time which allow for different quests or achievables for when you play.
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on March 6, 2015
This is a beautiful game which in truth was probably ahead of it's time for the type of game it was. It has predictions for a 20 year game play and more with constant movement of seasons realistic time and environment changes. Realistic interactions and just so many original NES games actually built into the game that's remarkable it's like buying 20 games in one. It's a cozy home loving feel good game to play by yourself in cal down times. I highly recommend this to any classic gamers and is a must for any game cube collection.
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on May 25, 2016
Three game ever. This is what my girlfriend told me to write when I asked her what she thought of Animal Crossing. I imagine most looking in to this game nowadays are veterans of the GameCube and haven't played in years. I can say we are both obsessed with this game and its definitely as good as you remember.
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on May 4, 2017
I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent condition of this game! The condition was posted as "good". The case was perfect, the manual was there and in perfect condition, the disc was perfect! Thank you so much! 😁
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on April 5, 2013
I bought this game after one of my friends talked nonstop for a week about some of the characters in her "town". I had to play too. I bought the game, and it came, just as described. It is kind of like a Sims type game, except you don't build anything- you do go on errands for members of the town, as well as work and earn money to pay off your "mortgage" on your home. I like it because I can play with my young son, and not be worried about language or anything like that happening (they speak their own language in the game, and you read the subtitle things). You DO NEED a memory card to play though- if you start playing, and don't have one, you cannot save. If you turn off the game, when you come back and start again, you get a NEW town (although it will look the same) with different characters living there. I bought this to play on my Wii, thinking it would save to the Wii memory SD memory card- no go. You need to have a GameCube memory card :)
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on July 6, 2011
When you first play this game, it's really fun and is especially exciting with more than one player in the household. It's a multiplayer game but 2 people can't play at one time.

The characters are cute and at first, there's allot to do. Plant trees, clean up your town, go fishing, etc. It's really cool how the game is on the same time clock as you are. When it's dark outside, it's dark in the game as well. When it's winter, it's winter in the game two. It's cool how the seasons and everything lines up with reality.

The game can be repetitive and after awhile, get's boring. Once you've built your house as big as it can get and collected all the items you want, fished for every fish and caught every bug and found every fossil, there's really not much left to do except maintain your town by pulling weeds and planting flowers. Don't get me wrong, the game is really fun at first and considering that you can find it online for just a few dollars, it's definitely worth buying. Mine even came with a memory card, so that was a plus.

So go ahead and pick one up for a few dollars. It's worth a few bucks and will keep you entertained for awhile. Grab a game guide or look up some tips online and you'll have even more fun with it.
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on March 13, 2014
I had grown up playing this game with my best friend. I recently had the great idea to buy it again and was not displeased. It's a classic among other games from its time. You start off as a fe/male who is moving to a new town. You have no money to pay for your new home, so you work for a local shop-keeper, Tom Nook, to pay off your mortgage. From there, it's a free roam adventure with happy neighbors and lots of quests. You can also fully customize your home, and even upgrade the size of it! You can design your own clothes, wallpaper, flooring, etc. The game is also in real-time, so the events on your calender coexist with the events in the game - meaning they celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Mother's and Father's day, etc. It's a great environment to live in.
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on July 16, 2008
Animal Crossing
One of Nintendo's top titles for the Gamecube was Animal Crossing. Many players bought this game and are still playing today. However, I am not in the magical group of players and believe that this game gets old quick. This game is a routine game; once you realize you are doing the same thing over and over, again you will stop playing.

Graphics- 5/10
As you probably already know, the graphics for this game are horrible. I'm not saying they needed to great, but they could've been a little better. The game was originally made for the Nintendo 64, which actually explains it's poor graphics. You also are stuck in a top down view that really restricts what you can see most of the time. Looking for other characters is a task because the view is so annoying. There aren't many load times though, so you can move throughout the small world quickly. The ugly graphics can be forgiven, as they don't really affect the gameplay any.

Story- 4/10
There really is no story in this game. You have hopped on a train heading for a town. You have pretty much no money. Luckily for you, Tom Nook quickly offers you a tiny home to live in. He allows you to make payments on it. From that point on there is no story. You just visit with other critters in the world and talk to them. There is nothing going on to keep you interested in the game. All you do is pay Tom Nook money and buy things from his shop. You are truly free in this game, but I wish a little bit of a story were added.

Sound- 4/10
The game's sound is almost unbearable. The music is probably the only thing you can deal with on the game. Even then, it is usual an annoying tune that gets old quick. The characters talk in a weird language that is more annoying than the Sims. I suggest turning the animal language off in the beginning of the game. You will get so sick of hearing the way they talk.

Gameplay- 6/10
You need to collect cash to pay off Tom Nook. At first you will run a few errands for him that will act like more of a tutorial. After that you are on your own. You can furnish your home, run errands for people, and a few other things. Once you have paid off your house, you can upgrade it a few more times to get bigger and add extra floors. This is all fun for a couple weeks. Eventually you will realize that this is a routine game. You do the same thing every time you turn on the game. You check your mail, run errands, fish, sell everything, pay off Nook, save and quit. This gets really tedious once you get to the really expensive upgrades.

You can have up to four people in a town though. If you have a couple other people to play with the game will become a lot better. If you have a town created on another memory card that is in slot two, you will be able to travel to that town and buy things from their shop. Trading fruit between towns can lead to a huge profit. You can even wreak havoc in another person's town by digging holes and leaving garbage lying around. It's up to you. Having a couple friends to play this with can really add to this game longevity.

Difficulty- 5/10 (Note- This is how much I like the difficulty)
There is no skill required to play this game. The only hard part about this game is paying off Tom's insane fees. Other than that there are no hard parts. Finding items for the Museum may be difficult, but at the end of the day you only have to dig up whatever is there. If it isn't there then you wait until the next day. The game wasn't meant to be difficult though, so I will give it an average score in this section of scoring. The fact that the game is so easy helps if you want a bunch of friend's to play the game with you.

Overall- 6/10
I will admit that the game is pretty fun for the first few weeks. Once you hit point where you owe Tom around 700,000 bells (currency), you will realize that you are going to have to do the same tedious things over again to get enough money for it. You can probably play this game an hour or so a day and be done with it in a few weeks. I can only recommend purchasing this game if you have a couple friends that are willing to play this game with you. If not then just avoid this all together. It will get too tiresome too fast.
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on October 15, 2011
I purchased this game when it originally came out nearly a decade ago and played the heck out of it. Eventually I got rid of it because I had bought the DS Animal Crossing and played the heck out of that one as well and figured there was no going back. I also played the Wii Animal Crossing, but honestly I liked this Gamecube version a lot better!

I recently got a craving for some Animal Crossing and, being disappointed with the Wii version I own, decided to purchase the GC version again. I'm so glad I did. The game is just as much fun as I remember. I still had my old Animal Crossing e-Reader cards too so I ordered a GBA, GBA/GC link cable, and e-Reader again and had fun scanning those all in for the extra items.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone with a 4th grade reading level and above. Very fun and somewhat educational with all the facts about bugs, fish, and fossils if you donate them to the museum. The game is even better when played by multiple people in the household and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.
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