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Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$29.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 15, 2013
Ok, I know I'm a little old to be playing this, but at 65 and all that is going on this country let alone the world, I can honestly say it is a great escape. It's simple, cute, fun, and creative. I have been a gaming grandma since 1981 when I was introduced to a computer game called Zork created at MIT, I believe. That game got me hooked on computers and games in general and since then with the birth of 4 grandchildren that I could introduce games too, it's been quite a ride. When I first played Animal Crossing "Wild World" I got hooked. I'm not a "shoot 'em up" gamer. I like adventure games and this game offers me that playful time of creating a town, meeting nice critters, build houses, bank "bells", and just have a fun moment where the arthritis doesn't hurt, the world is a better place and I can just be retired. As for children playing this game, they will come to understand that work has it's rewards, paying your bills brings you a better house, gardening makes your world prettier, sharing your finds with the museum in town is community service. It's just an all around feel good game for all ages. Another little caveat is I am playing it on my new 3D DS. Enjoy!!!
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on December 28, 2015
Easily one of the best games I have ever played. I've actually ended up with three copies now so I could have three unique towns with different villagers. It really helps me cope when I'm stressed out, lonely, or depressed. Being able to play at your own pace and do things mostly your own way makes it a lot more relaxing than plot based games. I 100% recommend this game to everyone, especially if you are struggling and need something to do to calm you down and feel better. I also love being able to decorate my house and town the way I want to, the mini games, the museum, all of it.

My complaints are actually very minor stuff that don't even affect gameplay much:
The dirt patches you start with that never go away.
The rocks. My god the rocks.
The fact that you can lose your favorite villager if you don't play almost daily.

I really have nothing ill to say about the game. It's helped me cope so much and I appreciate it.
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on August 25, 2017
Huge fan of Animal Crossing when I was a kid.

This game had me obsessed with it for a good 4 months straight before I finally eased off of it and resumed being the adult that I'm supposed to be. About 4 more months later and I passed it off to my nephew.
He's still playing it frequently.

I could get into detail about the game play and such, but really, it can just be summed up simply:

A real time game. If today is your birthday, in the game is your birthday. If it's Christmas, it's Christmas in the game too. Etc. You just live a peaceful life cohabitating with animal neighbors. Decorate your house, fish, catch bugs, build friendships, and ultimately, relax. No blood, no gore, no cursing, no violence. And sometimes, it's good to step away from games with all those qualities.

Highly recommend.
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on November 20, 2017
This game is a blessing. Such sweet characters and fun games. I understand this type of game may be boring to some but I really love it's cute charm. It's even better now with the Welcome Amiibo update! Finally a use for those amiibo haha!

If you have anything in the 3DS family, this game is an absolute must buy. It always feels new and fresh and villagers in your town soon grow on you and feel like true friends.

If you're looking for a game with tons of unlockable content, cool sneaky ways to exploit the game's mechanics, a ton of polish, and something to just chill and feel a small sense of accomplishment, then this game is perfect.

You can probably live without amiibo festival or happy home designer tho
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on June 20, 2015
I remember as a kid my friends would play Animal Crossing and I was always jealous. At one point my friend let me borrow his Game Cube just to play Animal Crossing for a week, I didn't want to give it back... but now I can play it all the time!

Nintendo recently announced a new Animal Crossing is on the way, so I'm preparing my town and animal friends for the big event! I could not be happier playing this game, catching bugs and fish, taking care of the town or your house, etc. At the same time, the game doesn't force you to do anything it's all at your own pace.

A very laid back, relaxing game that I would recommend to anyone looking to relax and remember how enjoyable life is. It's always a pleasure to come back to your town and be greeted by your friends. Also a good game to prepare you for life, as you have to make appointments, pay debts, budget, etc.

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on June 14, 2013
This game is a great time waster! Don't know if that's really a good thing, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

This cute life sim has you running around collecting bugs, fish, fossils, and (usually fake) paintings in order to fill the town's museum. Along with this you must upgrade all of the shops around town, including a general store and clothing accessory store. Eventually you'll also add on a gardening store, shoe store, night club, hair salon, etc.

The charm of this game comes from the anthropomorphic animals that inhabit the town. They provide a type of NPC neighborhood full of life and trade as they ask you to find specific (or general) items for them to place in their home, bargain with you to buy that common butterfly (because they HAVE to have it), and ask to come to your house so they can snoop around and tell the rest of the locals. (It happens)

If you're on the fence about buying this game, just buy it. It's actually worth the full price of first party Nintendo games, yet they're selling it at $5 less. There's no doubt that everyone will find something to do in this game.
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on July 2, 2013
Animal Crossing: New Leaf doesn't have much of a story. Similar to the previous installments, you arrive in town via train. You can pick the name and design of your town before you arrive. When you arrive, you are given the title of Mayor - a title which has an impact on your town later in the game. Then, you get to pick the location of your home - and you actually get to pick the exact location this time. After the introduction, you're free to do what you want. You can fish, catch bugs, dig up fossils or treasures, converse with your neighbors, take part in town events, play actual minigames with friends or by yourself, design your home with furniture, and even expand the size of your home! (There is much more to do, by the way.)

The objective of the game is to enjoy yourself, and you'll likely find joy in the simplistic gameplay as I did. The game is easy to pick-up-and-play for all ages, the control scheme is very simple to memorize and master. The game is perfect for the 3DS as you can now save anywhere and anytime you want. The very pleasing graphics and the peaceful soundtrack compliment each other to create a relaxing experience overall. Along with the gameplay, graphics, and soundtrack, the game expands the more you play, which further immerses you into your little town; as Mayor, you can customize the town in many unique and innovative ways, like adding bridges to your river or customized signs, and much more; of course, this takes a while as it costs money to customize your town, but it adds variety.

Overall, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a simple, fun, and relaxing video game; a great update for this fantastic series adding much more variety; this variety, in turn, may keep you coming back daily. I highly recommend for fans of the series and gamers looking for something simple and peaceful.
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on March 9, 2014
When I first heard about it, I thought it would be so boring and childish. Who knew I would find it so hard to put down and even challenging for this adult! You get to pick the land mass you want and where you want the courthouse and main shopping center. Then you pick the location of your house and what your name will be. You get to name the town. Then comes the furniture, wallpaper, carpet even art and special accessories like sports equipment, farm equipment, crafting equipment. There is tons of fishing, diving and bug collecting. So many varieties that you it could take you years to find them all. Then you put them in your museum so you can watch them swim, fly or crawl around. You also get to dig for fossils and buy art for the museum. You can also keep them in your house along with plants you find. You can grow plants anywhere. There is an endless wardrobe for every season and every style. Later on, you can get any kind of haircut with any color you can imagine. You can write letters to each other or the other characters and receive letters. You can choose what kind of house you want and how many rooms. Then you can decorate your town with tourist attractions like pyramid, Stonehenge and a light tower. You can play mayor. There are holiday celebrations and challenges. You can bring others into town and visit other towns if they have internet and a 3ds player. Hard to put it down! WOW! I'm the adult and I played it more then my kids did!
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on July 7, 2014
I play this game every single day in the morning when I wake up, in the afternoon when I get off work, and in the evening before I go to bed. It's the perfect game for casual play, and I love it to pieces. It's not the kind of game you sit down and play all day, because there's only so much you can do in your town every day, but since there are a few important things to do every day that only take a little while, you get a nice long time to enjoy your game instead of burning out on it.

Some things I like about New Leaf:

-Better graphics than previous games
-More options for clothes, so you have a wider range of customization when picking out your outfits
-Menu system makes more sense than previous DS games.
-Same charming characters from all the old games, plus a whole bunch of new ones
-Did I mention better graphics yet?
-Graphics designed to be able to be played in full 3D mode, unlike other games like Pokemon Y that only have 3D graphics in a few select locations. It can still be played on a 2DS, though, for all those players who want to play on a less expensive console.
-Dreams! You can visit the towns of other players, even when they're offline, with the Dream Suite, and other players can visit your town as well! Players can't vandalize towns, though, which makes it a safer alternative to inviting guests in.
-Reese is adorable
-Graphics are amazing!
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on November 25, 2015
Very cute and peaceful, like the other Animal crossing games. It's a happy place- a place to relax and calm down after a bad day. The animals will never abuse you. Daily goals to work toward at your own pace (paying off projects and your house), making the town look the way you want (paths and flowers and stuff), collecting bugs/fossils/fish for the museum [my personal favorite part].

If you don't like collecting things and paying the raccoon mafia steadily over time, this isn't the game for you. In a continuous session, I play maybe 30 minutes to an hour. I don't time travel so I just wait. No pressure at all. That session time is spent talking to my villagers, hunting for fossils, checking the shops on main street, maybe bug hunting if I feel like it.

Not a game to be played for 8+ hours straight.
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