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Format: Video Game|Change
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on June 15, 2013
Ok, I know I'm a little old to be playing this, but at 65 and all that is going on this country let alone the world, I can honestly say it is a great escape. It's simple, cute, fun, and creative. I have been a gaming grandma since 1981 when I was introduced to a computer game called Zork created at MIT, I believe. That game got me hooked on computers and games in general and since then with the birth of 4 grandchildren that I could introduce games too, it's been quite a ride. When I first played Animal Crossing "Wild World" I got hooked. I'm not a "shoot 'em up" gamer. I like adventure games and this game offers me that playful time of creating a town, meeting nice critters, build houses, bank "bells", and just have a fun moment where the arthritis doesn't hurt, the world is a better place and I can just be retired. As for children playing this game, they will come to understand that work has it's rewards, paying your bills brings you a better house, gardening makes your world prettier, sharing your finds with the museum in town is community service. It's just an all around feel good game for all ages. Another little caveat is I am playing it on my new 3D DS. Enjoy!!!
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on November 29, 2013
Thanks to this game, I'm now back to playing video games after a long overdue break. If you played Animal Crossing games before you have to get this one. It's everything you like from the other games all mix into one game. There's really nothing I can say bad about this game either. Nothing wrong with camera angles, glitches, or graphics.

One of the new features I love is you can finally save wherever you are in the game. In the previous one I played (for the Wii) you had to go to your room and save. This one you can be anywhere (except for the Island) and save. Not a fan of the games you have to wait and save, especially if you need to hurry up and leave.

I just love the fact I can now play this game anywhere I want without setting up the Wii. Which is perfect for those special days in the game you don't want to miss. That's another feature I really like about these games too. It's all real time and makes it fun to play. Everything changes and it's really impossible to get board with this game. And let's not forget about all the unlockables and upgrades with in this game.

Being a Sims fan for games, this game is great. If you like Sims then I highly recommend this game. They're not really the same, but they share some similar concepts. This game is defiantly a young version of the game though. As someone who like to create a story, this game is perfect for that too. There's stories with in the games, but you effect the story as well.

One of the best Nintendo 3DS games. Recently got Pokemon X as well. Great game too, but I feel like that game move too quickly. With Animal Crossing your never done with the game because they set it up so you have to wait to obtain stuff due to the day on your calendar.

Plus, this game puts me in a good mood.
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on September 4, 2013
First off let me say that the only games I normally play these days fall into the Action or RPG category. That being said, I absolutely love this game. My girlfriend talked me into getting it so we could play it together, and I have absolutely no regrets. As soon as I started playing the game, it was love at first start. The game itself is very simple. Move into a town and become mayor. Collect, sell, and trade items with CPU characters and friends that you can connect with. Customize you characters with different styles of clothes and hairstyles, and find all kinds of neat items to furnish your home with. The game is in real time, which is very cool. If you are playing during the day, then it will be daytime in the game, and the same if you're playing during the evening. You can do all kinds of things like interact with the characters in your town, fish, catch bugs, pick up and plant various kinds of flowers and fruits, sell items for money to buy new things. The game is so simple to play and enjoy, yet there is so much to do. It's really cool to be able to visit other peoples towns and check out there shops, because the items being sold change every day, including the items in your town. New events and things to do pop up every day as well, and the towns celebrate different holidays in real time as well. The replay value of this game is top notch. I am very happy with this purchase, and look forward to sinking hundreds of hours into it! LOVE IT!!!
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on June 12, 2013
I've been waiting for this game since there were rumor about the release date in NA. I'm happy to finally own a copy. I love the improvements made such as me being the mayor :D I'm going to put a bridge in. The Animalnese is much clearer. The selection of how I want the town map to appear is decent. The layout of inventory is nice, I'm disappointed that I have less space to put the items I pick up ): I'm glad it's easier to run through town. I love the Re-tail shop and having a tent ^___^ So far the only progress I've made is 5k bells, my completed TPC and ownership of a bed, shovel and net. I'm going to open my gates soon to the members I've met on the Friend Codes post. If you're an Animal Crossing fan starting from the original Animal Crossing on GameCube you will surely love this.

p.s. words of advice: Don't order things that are pre-order that you truly desire to play day of, you will be waiting regards of your membership 2-5 days after the official release date.
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on June 20, 2015
I remember as a kid my friends would play Animal Crossing and I was always jealous. At one point my friend let me borrow his Game Cube just to play Animal Crossing for a week, I didn't want to give it back... but now I can play it all the time!

Nintendo recently announced a new Animal Crossing is on the way, so I'm preparing my town and animal friends for the big event! I could not be happier playing this game, catching bugs and fish, taking care of the town or your house, etc. At the same time, the game doesn't force you to do anything it's all at your own pace.

A very laid back, relaxing game that I would recommend to anyone looking to relax and remember how enjoyable life is. It's always a pleasure to come back to your town and be greeted by your friends. Also a good game to prepare you for life, as you have to make appointments, pay debts, budget, etc.

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on August 20, 2015
Oh crap. I just remembered I own this game. My animals have probably all moved out, even my favorite ones and Freya the pink wolf.

It was fun for a few weeks, but since I have a job and need to leave the house and make real money instead of virtual money, I stopped being able to keep in touch with my virtual neighbors pretty quickly. Also, the game progresses pretty slowly, and I eventually got a little bored with watching virtual grass grow. Still, it was a fun destressor for a while. There's cute music, and everything in it is generally adorable. I bought too much virtual clothing and became a virtual stuff hoarder.

In my opinion, the game developers could make it easier to go through some of the purchasing and ATM menus. Maybe take a leaf out of the book of the Pokemon devs to make mundane options easier and faster. I don't like to waste my time on boring, irrelevant menus and navigation and that was the most frustrating/time wasting part of the game.

If this kind of simulator is your thing though, it is pretty fun. Maybe I'll revisit my town soon.
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on October 6, 2014
I was thinking of giving it 4 stars because it eventually does get boring, but that's unfair, because that happens to just about every game. They end. The cool thing about New Leaf getting boring is, a few months or years later, you'll suddenly become interested again and pick it up to play as though it's new.

The improvements from Wild World are so much greater. Customization is made simpler, variety is greater, graphics hit it out of the ballpark. It's a cute time-killer game that you can manage with a few times a week, half hour a day, or hours and hours if you feel like it. One thing I do miss is all the music from the previous game though. Wish it would play on special days or Sundays or something.

Edit: When did I first write this review? It's like I said, it's been two or so years since I bought the game. I stopped playing for many months, but two weeks ago I jumped back in and I'm having fun again.
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on July 14, 2015
If you find yourself enjoying games in small increments as opposed to hours-long marathons, or if you only have so much time to devote to gaming each day, then Animal Crossing is the series for you. New Leaf is the most recent entry into the now nearly twenty year old series, and features the largest amount of items and activities for you to enjoy. The game shines in its multiplayer capabilities, where two to four players from different towns can play together locally or over the internet. Unlike previous installments where visiting another player's town was either only possible in single player or disabled many of the game's features, New Leaf allows you to do almost anything you could do in single player with your friends. There's also an island that players can visit alone or in a group to play various mini-games and earn rare items. The Flea Market allows players to sell their items to visiting players, a feature that was present in the original Animal Crossing but not Wild World or other more recent titles. This allows for trade without the risk of another player running off with your items or money. Items can also be sold NPC residents. The game also features more home upgrades than previous titles, and more varieties of displayable items. There is also ample in-game storage, so your home won't become a cluttered mess of furniture or rare items that you're struggling to find space for.
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on January 28, 2015
Animal Crossing! This game series does not release new titles extremely often, the last one, City Folk, came out back in 2008 for the Wii, and the last handheld title, Wild World, came out back in '05. So this new updated version for the 3DS is kind of a big deal of some people. The graphics are obviously improved over Wild World, and are slightly lower resolution than City Folk. They look really good, and almost the entire game can be played in 3D. The gameplay is similar to the last games, with a few changes, such as the addition of an island to play with friends on, a new main street that has most of your shops on it, and of course a huge number of new items and clothing options. They also added much more detailed exterior customization for your home, which was lacking in the previous titles. The game is often joked about being a debt simulator, which isn't untrue, due to having to make payments on your home if you wish to expand it. But It gives you something to work towards, which gives the game a nice solid goal. There are a huge number of events that go on inside the game, such as fishing tournaments, holiday activities, and birthdays. Some of the villagers from previous games have returned, but there are also additions that will keep the game fresh for longtime players. All in all, I think this is a fantastic addition to the Animal Crossing lineup, and will get many more hours of game play from me before it's successor is released. I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun, laid-back game.
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on March 9, 2014
When I first heard about it, I thought it would be so boring and childish. Who knew I would find it so hard to put down and even challenging for this adult! You get to pick the land mass you want and where you want the courthouse and main shopping center. Then you pick the location of your house and what your name will be. You get to name the town. Then comes the furniture, wallpaper, carpet even art and special accessories like sports equipment, farm equipment, crafting equipment. There is tons of fishing, diving and bug collecting. So many varieties that you it could take you years to find them all. Then you put them in your museum so you can watch them swim, fly or crawl around. You also get to dig for fossils and buy art for the museum. You can also keep them in your house along with plants you find. You can grow plants anywhere. There is an endless wardrobe for every season and every style. Later on, you can get any kind of haircut with any color you can imagine. You can write letters to each other or the other characters and receive letters. You can choose what kind of house you want and how many rooms. Then you can decorate your town with tourist attractions like pyramid, Stonehenge and a light tower. You can play mayor. There are holiday celebrations and challenges. You can bring others into town and visit other towns if they have internet and a 3ds player. Hard to put it down! WOW! I'm the adult and I played it more then my kids did!
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