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on March 3, 2015
I don't give many products 5 star reviews, so that should tell you something. Animal Cuts is an incredible ride- the high that I get after taking a pack in the morning with breakfast is a euphoria which lasts well into lunch time. I am more focused with work and blast through meetings with confidence. Coffee is dead to me. I don't know what they put in this pack, but combined with a good diet and exercise, you will feel on top of the world with Cuts. Let me say that again for the doubters - THIS PRODUCT WORKS WELL WITH A GOOD DIET. Don't take this pack and then pig out on McDonald's expecting to see massive results. Animal Cuts is an aid for active, healthy people - not a magic pill for lazy, fat people.
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on September 27, 2015
Animal Cuts is made of
(1) thermogenic complex - single red capsule that increases body temperature;
(2) metabolic complex - tea extracts including EGCG;
(3) thyroid complex;
(4) diuretic complex - 2 blue capsules to shed water weight. I throw these away;
(5) nootropiccomplex;
(6) cortisol inhibiting complex - High stress & cortisol can eat away at lean muscle tissue;
(7) CCK inhibiting complex - Appetite suppressors;
(8) bioavailability complex
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on March 30, 2015
This product works exactly how it's supposed to. After reading many of the 1 star reviews written about this product, you can tell that those who wrote them were either not using it the way it was intended, or figured they could take this product and continue to sit on the couch all day and eat like a pig. This is a weight loss AID, not some magic cure for poor lifestyle choices. I lost 60 pounds over 4-5 months using this product in conjunction with a low calorie diet and exercise. This product will give you the energy you need to keep moving throughout the day, and the extra boost you need for a good workout. It's stimulant properties will also curb your appetite a bit. The proper way to use this product is one pack in the morning after waking up, followed by a second pack 5-6 hours later or right before a workout. One cycle will last 3 weeks, and you should wait an additional week before starting a new one or you risk diminishing the product's effectiveness. Do not lie down within 30 minutes of taking it, and do not exceed 2 packs a day. It can also give you a very upset stomach if you take a pack with no food or significant amount of water in your stomach. Take as directed along with diet and exercise and this will give you a pleasant boost towards your goal weight. If you do not want to change the poor lifestyle choices that gave you the excess weight in the first place, do not waste your time and money as this product is not for you.
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on February 7, 2016
This product is great. As long as you have the clean diet to go with it and workout, you'll see the results much faster. I'm a female. The red pill (caffeine) was a bit too intense for me so I do not take it. :)
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on January 15, 2016
I have tried this twice. The first time I took them I made the mistake of not drinking enought water. That was painful. The second time I didn't make that mistake, but I didn't notice any difference. There won't be a third attempt.
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on April 8, 2016
I used this product while on the Paleo diet and doing 45 minutes on an incline treadmill. I lost 40 lbs of body fat. This product gives you the energy to endure and I found it to give me increased mental alertness.
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on September 7, 2015
expect to sweat alot, expect to piss alot, expect to want to piss but nothing happens, expect to piss 3-4 even sometimes 5 times in an hour, yep an hour. was scared so ething was wrong with me first few times i took this due to the constant pissing but after i stopped taking it and everything went back to normal in less than a week and then i knew it was the pills. recommend eating 1hour before workout and take these 30min before workout, to work properly. do no take a couple of hours before bedtime, you will not sleep. i would state that this product is an extreme "water" weight loss product. you will also notice an increase in strength and it may be a significant increase. i would cycle off this product at the end of two cycles or two containers worth. cycle in between with bullnox. did i mention you "will" piss alot! fyi, my experience comes from 2years worth of use. eat right, work out, eat right again, sleep, then eat some more and eat in between eating as well to get best results
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on June 2, 2016
I loved the energy levels after taking this product. But for it to be very effective u gotta eat right and workout regularly. This aint no magic weight loss pill. But the only thing i hate about this product is that u gotta consume a lot of capsules per day and was not comfortable doing so.
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on August 1, 2015
All the packs damaged, the powder inside the capsules not a powder
review image review image review image review image review image
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on August 13, 2013
First off, I usually never leave reviews but the other reviews of this product as well as advice from a trainer friend of mind led me to purchase and felt the need to share my experience.


Sorry for length, but want to be very clear on past and present.

I am halfway through my 3rd week of my first cycle. I have never taken any supplements in my life. I also haven't really "worked out" since college 8 years ago. I've played soccer over the years but thats about it. No real running or lifting. I am turning 30 next week and made it my goal this summer to be in the best shape of my life before i hit the big 3-0. Last year I got married and lost almost 50lbs before the wedding. Started at 232 and got down to 185. Starting Jan 3rd and finishing Sept 29th. This was all from playing soccer 2-3 nights a week and dieting, using myfitnesspal app and staying at 1200-1400 calories per day. No real workout plan/exercise.

That being said, this summer, I wanted to actually get cut instead of just dropping weight. I talked with the trainer and here has been my plan that I started on 7/29. Today is 8/13.
Animal Cuts
Mytrition Vitamin Pack- multi vitamin, krill oil, fish oil, etc...
Whey Protein- 24g per scoop. Roughly 2-4 scoops per day

Back to 1200-1400 per day

5-6 days per week (this is really key if you want to shred it off fast)
M,W,F - Weight training +20 mins on treadmill at light- medium speed -1.5-2miles
T,Tr, Sat - Intervals for 45 minutes on treadmill, 2-3miles

on 7/29, I weighed 207lbs, 56lbs of body fat
on 8/13 I weigh 197, 48 lbs of body fat

So as far as the animal cuts go, they do exactly what they claim and you see in all of the better reviews. It AIDED in weight loss. 10 lbs in just under 3 weeks with alot of the water weight bloat gone which has helped me see lines i didn't know i had/ never have seen before. My wife has been commenting on my lower stomach lines the past couple days and people have noticed my face looking skinnier. ( i even noticed it in a picture someone took of me from the side which i never do)

Yes its 9 pills in the morning and 9 pills in the afternoon. They are pills, you are an adult, suck it up. The number of pills should not be a reason to not buy/try/give a bad review. After the first day, I didn't even realize it and becomes part of the ritual.

No side effects. I never took supps because of all the negative effects as my body is very sensitive to crap. The only side effect it think i felt was not being able to sleep the first night but not sure if it was the cuts or just me being very excited about changing my life. Other than that, no shakes or anything. I actually feel more focused. It doesn;t give you a huge boost for workouts but enough energy to get through them. I know there's other stuff for the boost, im hyper anyway so not i'm missing it in cuts.

They do not make me go to the bathroom anymore than i normally do except when drinking. (which you shouldn't drink much anyway if you are serious about body change) In some reviews people claim they piss every 5 minutes. Not the case for me. Some people claim( and i still think is hilarious) that they don't trust their farts. I haven't had any accidents on any of my most vicious farts. Honestly, the diarrhetic pills really did not have any affect on me that seemed un-normal. You can also just take the blue pills out if you know your going to a mexican restaurant or drinking a ton of beer that night.

The thermogenic pill- Some claim that it makes them pour sweat. I am normally a very hot person meaning i could be laying in a cool room watching tv and sweating for no reason. These did not add any extra layers of hotness to me (even at an outdoor wedding in 88 degree weather in a suit i was actually comfortable). During workouts, I sweat a ton anyway so if anything, it helped get the temp up during these workouts but never interfered with my regular daily activities. You can also not take this one if you know you are going somewhere/not working out.

All the other pills- honestly, have no clue what does what but i'm down 10 lbs and looking in the mirror, am happy again. Thats why ya buy it for right?

To sum up, do I think this is a miracle pill, nope. Do i think it helps tremendously with weight loss along with your weekly workout plan, Yes. I just bought my next cycles worth and honestly don't want to wait the 1 week off to take them( but ya have to) I will also look at trying some of Animal's other popular stuff like the pak. For now, sticking with what my trainer friend suggests as you should consult with one yourself, everyones goals are different.

Again, sorry for the length. If I'm going to review, I'm going to give you everything! Will continue to update with progress over the next cycle.
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