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on October 7, 2016
Decent game with lots of content like:
Over 140 rounds of play to master utilizing one of five addictive games, each game with different play patterns to keep players engaged
• Exploration of five habitats around the world - rain forest, arctic, grasslands, ocean and woodlands
• Extra gameplay: Bonus rounds award extra points toward animals for the habitats, and trivia questions allow players to boast of their animal expertise
• Random Animal Alerts during gameplay challenge player's knowledge
• Includes hundreds of high-quality and realistic photos of animals and their environments
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on August 5, 2011
Moving from Leapster to DS. Our son (6) got more interested in Mario games on the DS, than the educational games for his Leapster handheld. Although we don't deny him playing Mario and other non-educational DS games, we still prefer to see him playing educational games. Which he doesn't do that often anymore. We decided to try this game, to see if he would play with it on his DS, and learn from it. It was a success. He likes it, plays a lot with it, and learns from it.

I haven't had a chance to check the game in detail yet. He's playing mostly with it, and sometimes come to me for help. From what I was able to see, there are several maze-like games, that the player gets to play, when he's able to complete a 10 question quiz (animal questions). Seems like a great way for kids to learn. There are also parts where the game narrates details about particular animals (what they are, where they live etc). I believe there are other type of games also on it. Enough variation, and a lot to learn. If I get a chance, and when I learned more of the game, I might update here. But it's a great educational DS game. He likes it, and we are very happy.

UPDATE 8 AUG 2011:
I got a chance to `play' a bit with the game during the wk-end, so have a bit more details now. The game consists of five animal habitats: rain forest, arctic, grasslands, ocean and woodlands. The player is to `win' 5 animals in each habitat, by playing short/quick games. You win points for each correct game or answer. When you reach a certain total you win one animal, which will then appear in the correct habitat. 25 points wins you your 1st animal, 50 your 2nd and so on. When you click on the animal in it's habitat, you will hear a particular fact about that animal (our son's favorite "eagles have about 7000 feathers").

The games are quite simple, but fun, educational and effective. Although it does seem a bit `too little'. Only 5 animals per habitat, totals just 25 animals. Obviously there are many more animals in the world, that kids would like to know about. Also I'd expected it to `narrate' or `teach' a bit more on some animal facts. For example, there are short quiz questions like "is a lion a mammal?" or "is an owl a predator?", and you'll get the correct answer "yes" or "no", but no where on the game will you find a narration or some explanation of what mammals, or predators are. This would have been helpful to especially the very young kids that do not yet know these animal facts. So kids will learn from the game, for example that a horse is a mammal, and a parrot is a bird, an owl is a predator, etc. but won't know `why'. You as a parent will have to explain `why' and `what' a mammal, predator etc is (if you have young kids, that do not know this yet). And why a whale is a mammal and not a fish, etc. To me this is not a big issue, because the good side to it is, that it will cause you as a parent to be there for your kid, and explain things to him/her. And that's cool. Still I wished the game was more `expanded' with more animals, and more facts, to learn. The way it is right now, feels just a tiny minimalistic.

But all in all, our son likes this game. He's playing it a lot, he likes all the games on it, and is eager to `win' animals, and to learn about them. Although he has already won all 25 animals (but with some help from me) he continues to play over and over.
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on February 28, 2014
We ordered this for christmas in 2013 - I guess I should have looked at the dates of the reviews I read because I was shocked to receive a CD rom for a Nintendo DS game in 2013! Obviously it will not play in a DS, and trying to salvage the Christmas present that was supposed to be a DS game since we got a DS game for each sibling, we tried it on every computer we have, and it was not compatible with any current platform (even grandpa's old computer was "too modern" for this game!) Very disappointed. I don't know how they justify currently selling this item.
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on June 10, 2014
My son loves Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2 (where you get to build a zoo and take care of the animals), but he does also enjoy this more trivia/learning game as he gets to have fun while learning new and interesting facts about all kinds of animals.
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on June 3, 2009
Perfect for my kids, my 3 yr old LOVES this game and his older brother who's 10 even plays it sometimes with him. Mostly multiple choice quizzes. It's great for early readers because they hear the answers spoken as the words are highlighted so they associate the two better. Also has a maze game among other things. I'd say it's fun for any kids, but best for the younger ones. Would be over far to quickly for older kids. My 10 year old could probably beat the whole game within a couple of hours.
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on September 25, 2011
This game is GREAT for 4-5yr olds. I bought this for my 4yr old and he has learned SO much about animals. There are several different games the kids play to learn about animals. It keeps them occupied for hours. I highly recommend it to all parents if they want an educational games for their kids!
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on September 8, 2009
We bought this game for our 6 year old daughter for her birthday and she has earned all of the animals after a week or so but she has played this games so many times. She just enjoys all the games and the quizzes. Frankly, it was the best money I ever spent.
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on April 18, 2014
This game is easy enough that five year olds play it. It doesn't keep my child's attention for very long but she does come back and play it pretty frequently, so it has lasted for over a year now.
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on January 12, 2010
I bought this game for my 7 year old, he loved it, the only drawback is that there are only 25 animals you can win, he did it in about a week, after that you start over winning the same 25 animals, he was not happy, he was over it so fast and had no more challenge, he wished there were more animals to win and more challenges as you win more of them.
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on March 15, 2016
My Son loved this great game
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