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on April 22, 2017
I absolutely loved this book. The characters feel so real, just your average citizen trying to make a living, but never striking it rich. Dell, Adam, Brady, and Lilah might have grown up dirt poor, but they don't wait around for some rich person to save them from despair. In the case of Lilah; she's using her smarts and her own hard work to build a successful business. And with the help of friends, maybe she'll succeed at it or maybe she won't --- but she gives it her all anyway, one day at a time. In the case of Brady; He doesn't stick around one place too long. He'd rather walk away first, rather than have people leave---or quit on him---like they've always done in the past. That is until his foster brothers Adam and Dell talk him into coming home to help them out. But it was Lilah and their budding relationship that made him want to finally stick this time.

This is a slow building romance story that will melt your heart. I would highly recommend this story to everyone.
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on February 11, 2015
I really enjoyed this first book in Jill Shalvis' Animal Magnetism series. Like her better known Lucky Harbor series, these are small town contemporary romances full of appealing characters, snappy dialogue, fast-paced plots. Animal Magnetism is set in Sunshine, Idaho, which is a less touristy, white-picket-fency kind of place than Lucky Harbor, Washington (a good change, in my opinion).

Lilah runs an animal kennel and shelter. She's alone in the world after the death of the grandmother that raised her, but she has very good friends, including her ex-boyfriend and business partner, Cruz, and Adam and Dell, the veterinarians who run the animal center next door. Adam and Dell are brothers who invite Brady, who was their foster brother when they were teens, back to town to help them fix up an old helicopter which they intend to use for search and rescue calls and veterinary visits to Idaho's remote mountain ranches.

Brady and Lilah have instant, and believable, chemistry, but for the first part of the book they're at cross purposes because Brady doesn't plan to stick around once the helicopter is ready, and even though Lilah says she knows that and is only looking for a fling, he sees her life in the house where she grew up, working in the town where she grew up, still good friends with her few exes, and thinks that whatever she may say, nothing about Lilah is temporary. Plus, there's the fact that Adam and Dell consider Lilah an honorary little sister, and much as they love Brady, they don't take kindly to the idea that he'd mess around with her.

As time goes on, however, Brady comes to find that maybe putting down roots and making a home somewhere is not such a bad idea. It's not only his growing feelings for Lilah that change his mind, but also his brotherly affection for Dell and Adam, his respect for their business and the fact that there's a place for him in it. Also, he takes in a stray dog, an arrangement that was also supposed to be temporary, but soon comes to realize he doesn't want to give the puppy up. From there, it's only a short leap to realize he doesn't want to give Lilah and his foster brothers up, either, which paves the way for Happily Ever After.

I love blue collar heroes and heroines, and books that handle class issues in a way that is believable and empathetic without exploiting a character's poverty for tragic effect, and I really enjoyed that aspect of this book. Lilah, Dell, Brady, and Adam all grew up poor, and Lilah still struggles every month to juggle her bills and keep her house in reasonably good repair, but that's just a fact of life. It's not a source of sympathy or plot conflict, and there's no billionaire here to bail her out. Instead, she's using her smarts and her own hard work to build a successful business, with the help of friends, and maybe she'll succeed and maybe she won't -- and that, too, is just a fact of life.
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I love author Jill Shalvis. She writes sizzling hot romances but there's always humor and huge emotional scenes too. So when I feel like laughing or crying or sighing deeply, I head for one of her books.

"Animal Magnetism" is the first book in a new series by the same name. Taking place mostly in the small town of Sunshine, Idaho, pilot/photographer Brady Miller and kennel owner Lilah Young are setting off sparks from the moment Lilah backs into Brady's truck. Their supposedly temporary fling quickly develops into something more and neither wants to be the first to admit it.

Add in a whole menagerie of animals, other hot males that I'm sure will show up in other books in the series, and great dialogue for an all-around fun read.

NOTE: There are very hot, explicit sex scenes in this story plus salty language.

I'm heading off to read book two in the series - Animal Attraction - next.
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on April 11, 2017
I loved it. Loved Brady and Lilah and their struggles. Their friends and Brady's brothers add fun and support Just a sweet and mostly lighted hearted start to a new series.
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on November 9, 2013
Lilah is just a whole bag of cray-cray and I loved every minute of it, "don't hurt her!" Lilah cried. With what might have been a very small smile playing at the corners of his mouth, the man leaned past Lilah and settled the duck on the passenger floorboard." You know Brady is always having naughty thoughts of Lilah at the most weird times, "she just wants to catch your scent," Lilah assured him. Pushing aside images of dropping to his kness and pressing his face to Lilah's crotch to catch her scent, he grabbed the dogs' leashes from Lilah." Lilah catches Brady in some pretty interesting ways "which he was most definitely was. Alive. Very...alive. Some parts more than others. Her gaze jerked back up to his eyes. "I thought you'd be...up." They both knew just how up he was." And you should never EVER question Brady's manliness, "and you're good with... well, just about everything," she said. "Well, except cuddling." He flashed her a look that was so innately male, as if she'd just questions his Guy Card or something." I've been reading this series out of order but each book can be read as a stand alone.
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on July 27, 2017
First my confession: Jill Shalvis is one of my all time favorite romance authors! Jill writes the BEST characters, not just the main character but she truly puts time into developing the supporting cast as well which not only draws the reader in.
Animal Magnetism does not disappoint! Lilah is so spunky, funny and sarcastic at times...love her. Her relationship with the animals was wonderfully sweet...definitely made her relatable! Brady was HOT and gorgeous which is always a plus!!
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on April 14, 2017
This is a very light enjoyable story. I do have a hard time with kissing a guy you were just moments ago afraid to get into a truck with, not the interest, just acting on it instantly. The heroine is of the adorably ditzy junk food loving, accident prone sort, while the hero is tall, laconic and hot hot hot. The hero's complete focus on her well-being after she ran into his truck was great, who doesn't like that? So - sweet but not memorable.
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on January 22, 2014
It was a quick, very simple read. Nothing that I won't forget by the time I'm 2 pages into my next book. It was simply a nice story about two people getting together. No action or drama to speak of. It did have some humor - which is the only reason I gave it a three. My problem with the book is that I've read many self-published $0.99 books that were of better quality and had better editing. This had quite a few significant errors for a published book. And things that annoy me like calling the final chapter an epilogue when it was just a final chapter. That fact that I had no interest in learning about anything that happens after the end speaks volumes. All in all, if it was $1.99 or less, I wouldn't have felt so cheated.
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on April 14, 2017
Just finished this book. Loved it. Funny, gentle, sexy and all in between. Nice story. I almost thought I'd read it before when Adam, Dell and Jade come up, but realized I had read another Jill Shalvis book that they were in. I loved all the characters and especially the animals! I have read many of this author's books and see myself reading all future books by her too!
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on August 22, 2011
Especially me, I guess. I'll have to admit to being biased. I was in the Army myself in the Nurse Corps in Med Evac (Hoo-ah!) and worked around plenty of special forces including the 75th Ranger Regiment, SEALs and Coalition SAS. Far from seeming independent and ruggedly individualistic, I found Brady far too emotionally fragile, even considering his traumatic past. Scared to cuddle a little dog? Please! We had feral cats and kittens running all over the place in Iraq and Afghanistan and the SF guys used to adopt them and keep them in their quarters with treats. Far from being committment phobic, those poor guys seemed to constantly be getting their hearts broken by wives and girlfriends stateside that would break relationships off with them, unable to handle their back-to-back tours of duty. Then, they'd recklessly meet a girl on the rebound when they got back home and get re-married and repeat the cycle on their next deployment. OK, I got my grouse off. I guess you can't write a successful romance novel about an ex-Army Ranger that was married twice, is paying child support to two different women and is slavishly all over the heroine to make her Wife Number Three. I liked Lilah and the other characters. But, Brady doesn't cut it as one of the rugged, tough, strong SF guys I used to know. Sure, they're emotionally fragile themselves with their desperation for love and affection. But, it beats Brady's terror of it.
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