Customer Reviews: Animal Psychic Communication Plus Reiki Pet Healing
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on November 18, 2010
I've already been attuned as a Reiki Master by someone other than Steve Murray. This is the first of any of his materials that I have purchased. My attunement did not teach anything at all about Reiki & animal healing or communication. This was the avenue I wanted most to pursue, since I volunteer at local shelters & humane societies. As a certified dog trainer, certified animal massage therapist & currently studying animal acupressure & complimentary flower essence remedies for animals, I still felt led to find something more. One day while looking thru Amazon's site for more books on animal communication, healing & the use of Bach Flower Remedies, I happened across this book by Steve Murray. It has been a very enlightening & powerful experience for me. I found references to Steve's other books & DVD's. He has a whole library of very easy to understand information, help in specific areas that I was not taught by the Master who attuned me. ALL Steve's information is very, very helpful, but after reading some of the more negative reviews on some of his products here on Amazon, I'm astounded by how many folks believe that an attunement is something that is "magically" going to transform their lives, instantly. Even though there are times when this does happen for some people, Reiki doesn't always work that way. The person has to have the INTENT to WANT to be attuned & they also have to be patient & let these skills develop over time. Taking time out to meditate, or just to sit & quiet your mind is something everyone has to practice at. It's not going to magically just transform most folks! I'm also surprized by the "Reiki Masters" who have such negative things to say about Steve's materials & the fact that he is trying to make them avaliable to those less fortunate, who can not afford to pay huge sums of money to attain these things! I'm surprized by the negativity by these "Masters" who should be living by the 5 Principles of Reiki, which would prevent them from the negativity. Every person has their own spritual path to follow. Each one of us is a Spiritual Being, who has a different path to follow & it's the learning experiences on those paths that allow us to grow & learn. I have learned more from Steve's materials that I ever did from the Master who attuned me. It was like someone telling me that I had been attuned to learn to swim & then just toss me in the deep end of the pool! Steve's books & DVD's all explain things in ways that are easy to understand on a much deeper level & gives practical guides to practicing & increasing your knowledge & spiritual journey. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE TO EVERYONE!!!
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on September 1, 2009
I have had the pleasure of obtaining Steve Murray's latest masterpiece: Animal Psychic Communcation Plus Reiki Pet Healing book. It is truly impressive, the simplicity of his approach makes it one of the most unique and "doable" techniques you will find on this topic. His explanation of transmitting images to your pet instead of thinking in our own language makes perfect sense.

If you have pet behavior problems, this is the book for you.

My sister had a problem with a police dog that lived behind her that kept menacing her and her pets, to attack them. She sent him the image of holding a huge tree branch raised up over her head to hit the dog over his head. He simply turned around and walked away. The use of mental images with animals works with amazing clarity. Try sending images to the local birds of healing energy flowing to them. You will be pleasantly surprised by their reactions. Get this book, and you will know how!

We live near a wetlands with lots of wildlife. I plan to experiment with Steve's techniques to help our local skunk population so they don't freak out and spray when the lawn watering system comes on, or to relocate farther down.

The Reiki attunements for animals are presented in such a way that anyone could understand it, whether you had a background in energy work or not. I found the illustrations to be very well done. In fact, I had found several similar animal chakra illustrations that I have used in my Reiki manuals/classes, but not nearly as extensive as those presented by Steve Murray.

As a Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master, and Registered Karuna Reiki Master teaching in Denver, CO (, I will be recommending this for all of my students, friends, or anyone I know that has a pet. Thank you Steve, for this great reference!
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on August 19, 2009
At last I have my copy of Animal Psychic with Reiki Pet Healing.
This is a very compact book, with clear explanations and the photos demonstrate the techniques of Reiki healing for pets. There is no padding in this book. It is a book to refer to, and to learn ways to communicate with our animal companions.
I have been trying to send messages, for example, 'stop barking', to our noisy dogs, but I see now I have not really been open to the messages they may wish to send me. I can plainly see excitement and smiles when a walk is immanent but very likely I have been missing a great many other messages. I hope to become a much better communicator and also a healer using the Reiki techniques described. I have been picturing some of the chakras but not all of them and I always used touch in my healing attempts. This is unnecessary and will likely be more effective following the methods described. Now I know how to clear chakra blockages and I'll certainly be doing this, especially with our very old cat. It will be enjoyable using these techniques and I am thankful to have access to them. I had not previously pictured the auras of animals. I have been missing a lot. In the final pages of the book many different types of animals are pictured with the locations of their chakras indicated. This includes an ant, a bee and a tarantula. When my son kept a tarantula for a brief period, before he took the spider back to the place he had found 'him', I didn't try to communicate at all. With bees I enjoyed working with my colonies when I had them and I had great regard for them but didn't really try to communicate, not consciously. Communication is also possible with animals in the wild, the ones that visit the garden, including the birds.
My thanks to Steve Murray for another book of unique clarity in his presentation of techniques, including the excellent photos, and for opening up a world of possibilities.
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on August 23, 2009
Steve Murray has done it again with his latest book, Animal Psychic Communication Plus Reiki Pet Healing! In following the tradition set forth in his earlier books, this book is a step-by-step guide that is written in plain English, which makes learning easy, since all concepts are quickly grasped. This book is a necessity for anyone with pets or interested in helping animals for it provides a foundation for understanding, communication and sending loving Reiki energy to those animals that enrich our lives without asking for anything in return.
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on August 24, 2009
I knew this would be another best seller book authored by Steve Murray. This is a number one must have book for all animal lovers. Even if you are not a Reiki practitioner the step by step directions in how to communicate with your pet is the best I have read so far. The key is to communicate with your pet, Steve provides an excellent forum to do so. Everyone has psychic abilities and can tap into them at any time. Communicating with your pet using any of the four ways described in the book; Clair sentience; Clairvoyance; Clair audience and telepathy is a very good start. Even if you can not see an Aura on a person or animal, we all have several layers and Steve included this very valuable information through writing about them, diagrams,and pictures. Awesome job. As for the Chakra information on the various animals for healing, again the pictures and diagrams are the cream of the crop. Steve you authored an outstanding book. The step by step instructions. teaching the psychic communication process, Auras, and on healing contains so much information packed into a small complete book. My personal recommendation is for all pet owners to learn Level 1 Reiki (see Steve Murray's web site) so that you and your veterinarian can keep your prize possession well. Thank you Steve Best of Luck signed Debra Volpe Reiki Master/Teacher/Healer
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on August 21, 2009
This is a great book if you would like to find an easy way to learn how to communicate with all animals. The book has step by step photos to help learn this process. And if you are a Reiki Healer (or going to be) you can use Steve's Reiki healing method to heal pets. To help with pet healing the Chakra's locations are shown on the typical pets (cats, dogs, horses, birds, rabbits, farm animals etc.). But, what is interesting, the Chakra locations are also shown on many exotic pets from snakes, turtles, lizards, ferrets, frogs to tarantulas, which is wonderful if you have an exotic pet. Or if it happens you will be working with one in the future. I recommend the book for all animal and pet lovers.
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on December 23, 2011
Id like to start by saying that I really do like this book, in some ways. This book is a little strange. Even though they were able to make the connection between Reiki and psychic communication, its not as easy as they make it seem. Animals are feisty and they should have a say in whether or not they want a treatment or even if they want psychically messed with. As we all know, practicing on someone without their consent is a HUGE NO NO, and animals deserve the same respect. They don't even touch on that subject at all.

Then they go into chakras and auras and cram all this information into it and it doesn't seem to follow any real path. The author was just trying to mash all the information he could think of into this, and by doing that, made the book so confusing. Im so happy that I had a good base before I read this or I would have been lost. The Reiki is also very gently touched on, this is more about clearing and balancing chakras on your pet than much else.

There are other books about Animal Reiki out there, this is not one of the ones I would tell anyone to get. For a basic book, this is bad without any other information. Its just too confusing. Kathleen Prasad is awesome...just sayin.
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on September 15, 2009
The method for psychic communication with animals taught in this book really works, although it took some practice with it before I obtained the best results. The healing pets segment of the book is great. Since I'm already a Healer, I was able understand and use the healing methods described quickly. I recommend the book to all who are interested in psychically communicating and/or healing animals.
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on August 28, 2009
Most pet owners will do almost anything to ensure that their pets live a long, healthy life, but what if you've done all you know how to do, or worse yet, you can't afford to do what needs to be done?
Steve Murray's new book, "Animal Psychic Communication, plus Reiki Pet Healing" could not have come at a better time. It provides invaluable information on how I can communicate psychically with my dog, enabling me to learn his needs directly from him, and make the best decision how to help him, including sending Reiki healing to address whatever challenge he may be facing as he grows older. Thanks, Steve, for helping pets and pet lovers everywhere!
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on February 27, 2013
I highly recommed this book it's a MUST for anyone with pets or interested in helping animals. It provides a basic foundation for understanding, communicating and sending loving Reiki energy to those animals that touch our lives. Animals teach and give us unconditional LOVE without asking for anything in return. It an AWESOME feeling to give an animal Reiki energy and to know that you have helped them. The book is a step-by-step guide that is written in simple English, which makes learning easy, fun and exciting.
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