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on January 17, 2017
My vet says this product isn't going to be profound for our cats urinary tract issues. I am giving it 4 stars though because I believe that the herbs would still be helpful for some animals and I think it's fantastic that an affordable UT tincture is available on amazon for a reasonable price. For those of you not interested in over medicating your cat with pharmaceuticals, I would give this a shot. Our Mr. Kitty hates the taste of the Tinkle Tonic but it is definitely not as bad as his other tinctures. Poor guy.

Just as a side note, we were having major issues with Mr. K's bladder. He was on antibiotics, urethral relaxers and whatever else our compassionate but conventional vet was prescribing. The meds were wreaking havoc on him and causing him pain and more illness. At one point he had blockage/crystals which were painful and terrifying. The BEST thing you can do for you cat is put him on a strict WET FOOD diet only. A cat on a wet food diet will not have crystals which is a major relief for us, not having to worry about blockage. After a horrible experience with a urethral relaxer which had him peeing blood for days, we decided to stop the pharmi's they were giving us and try D-mannose and Tinkle Tonic. A few weeks on the 2 products and he was still straining and in pain. We ended up taking him to a naturopathic veterinarian who put him on herbal Chinese medicine and saw palmetto tincture. He hasn't strained, been in pain or had any UT issues at all in the ~3 weeks since he started on saw palmetto and Chinese herbs. Though it is a real pain in the ass to get his pills and tincture in him each morning and night, it's getting easier. And he doesn't hate us so much for it anymore. I honestly think he knows the medicine is whats helping him. He has been so calm and at ease since putting him on these new herbs. He was up all night and restless and agitated for almost a whole month as we tried to find what would work best for him. He is now so calm and content and back to his lazy, relaxed self. Also, we are now making him and his brother his own food. It's actually really easy to do and more affordable than buying canned food. It feels like a small victory -- being confident that I know exactly what my babies are consuming.

Again, these are just some suggestions of what has been working for us in Mr.K's health journey. I wanted to share my experience for those of you who are probably desperately reading all the information they can find to help their furry babies with the major stress that is Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease.
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on September 19, 2014
My poor three-year-old cat has suffered with urinary tract/kidney problems for most of the last year. The crystals that had developed throughout his urinary tract had gotten so bad he was urinating thick blood, and his kidneys were so swollen he looked pregnant. He ran fevers, and he had gotten so sick, on a Friday night, we made the decision to have him put down the following Monday, just to release him from his pain and suffering. As a desperate measure, I got back on the web to try and find something that would save him, and thankfully, ran across this Tinkle Tonic. I read a few moving reviews on Amazon, and we decided to give it a try. I am so glad we did. Within three days of twice a day treatment, he was back outside enjoying the fresh air (until then, he had spent just about 24 hours a day on my bed, sleeping). Within a week, his kidneys were back to normal, within two weeks, his urine had just a tinge of blood left in it, and within three weeks, he no longer had any blood in his urine. And it was all due to this tonic! It is made up of natural plant extracts, nothing harmful, and it works. My boy is back to his old self! I highly recommend this for any cat suffering from repetitive urinary tract problems. It may save some lives!
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on December 27, 2015
I read through many reviews before deciding to purchase this product as well as researched all of the ingredients. My very young two year old neutered male cat suddenly became ill about eight weeks ago. I had to rush to the pet Emergency Hospital late at night after seeing him struggle to urinate several times. I was aware that this can be life threatening to your cat. They sent us back home with some medicine to help prevent urethra spasms. He seemed to be doing better but all of sudden, one evening about 5 days later, he began crying with intense pain and could not urinate at all. I rushed him to the er once again late at night and right away they whisked him into the back to run test. He had a complete urinary blockage this time.

He had to spend 3 days and 2 nights in the pet intensive care unit with a catheter and iv medications. He was one sick little boy. He is now on the special foods that I've heard many mention. The Hills prescription S/d and now the C/d wet food for urinary health. I do not put down dry food, due to the low moisture content, at all now unless it's just a small amount of the c/d since it's low in phosphates and magnesium.

It was scary to see him so sick. I desperately read every article and review that I could find to find out what could have caused this to happen to him. I was giving him what I thought was the best food available both wet and dry. I felt like my cat was eating better than me at times. Prices of the food were certainly high enough. Now I know it's so important to make sure that cats have plenty of water in their diet and foods that are low in phosphorous and magnesium. Not necessarily the price of the food can determine whether it's the best food to be giving them.

Plan of action:
1- I immediately bought two more pet water fountains. We have a multi cat household and the ER doctor as well as the veterinarian doctor both said that's its best to have one source of water per cat plus and an extra one! So if you have 2 cats have 3 water bowls or pet water fountains. For cats I highly recommend the flowing pet water fountains. Most are easy to clean & maintain. I recommend the Drink Well Platinum Water Fountain. This is also important for their food bowls too. I've learned that cats are very susceptible to having stress since they are very territorial. So in a multi cat household be sure and have a separate dish for each cat. Stress can lead to having health problems and this can include having problems with their urinary tract.

2- The Tinkle Tonic
From the very first day I put 5 drops into his morning dish, I saw a big difference in how he felt by that same evening. He started to play again and climb my bed post! His energy appeared to be completely back! He relieved his bladder in the litter pan a few hours later. First time in the past month that he went back to the liter pan. He had been urinating on his soft pet bed in which I placed a pet pad on it while he was sick. This was the initial warning sign that something was terribly wrong, as he had never urinated in an inappropriate place before his urinary problems.

3- Limit dry food or don't give at all!

We love tinkle tonic! I have not had any problems giving it to him. We are talking about a cat that is very clever. He figured out how to hold his pill in the back of his jaw until the capsule dissolved and then project out the dry powder 5-10 minutes later. He should have been named Houdini. He will throw out everything that he knows is not food. I did not think this Apawthecary Tinkle Tonic was going to fool him either but to my surprise he eats his wet food with the drops in it. I do not even mix it in. I put the drops right on the tip top of his food in the center since that is where he always takes his first bites. This way I know for sure that he is getting the full dosage of Tinkle Tonic. By the time the top portion is eaten he has washed it down with bites of food that do not have any medicine in them so he does not notice any unusual taste. There is a chance that perhaps he does not mind the taste. Which ever the case, this seems to work well.

4. As with adding extra water sources if you have a multi cat household it's also important to do the same thing with adding extra litter pans. Same rule as with water sources. 1 litter box per cat plus 1 extra! Example: 2 cats equals 3 litter pans.

Tinkle Tonic is a great addition to the prevention of struvite stones along with proper diet, exercise and limited stress for your feline! We will always have a bottle of this for our kitties! It can be very overwhelming when your furry family member gets ill and very stressful for you as well. When they do not feel good we also do not feel very good. Again, I'm very pleased so far with giving him the Tinkle Tonic. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

I hope my review helps along with all the other wonderful reviews, to help your kitty have good urinary health!
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on July 14, 2015
I have been giving this to my cat who is permanently on two steroids for a brain tumor. But the steroids that are keeping him alive also increase his chances of getting a UTI. He had never had one before he went on the medication but had two before I bought this. I was hoping to lessen his chances of developing more of them and so far this seems to be helping. He hasn't had one in several months and the only change I made was adding the Tinkle Tonic to his medications. I will continue buying this for as long as I have my sweet boy. It saves him from the discomfort of a UTI and what is a scary trip to him if we need to go to the vet. That makes it worth every penny. I highly recommend trying it.
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on June 12, 2017
My French Bulldog has had intermittent problems with crystals in her urine. Normally she sleeps soundly through the night but when the crystals are back, she will wake me up at night to go out to pee. So when that started up every night, I bought this and was honestly not too hopeful. I'm just SO sick of insane vet bills (last time she had crystals it was $350!) ....Tinkle Tonic had it cleared up in a week! I am so relieved for both of us to have found an all natural cure and avoid the vet!!
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on April 11, 2016
Animal Essentials Tinkle Tonic is a miracle, and my dog can't live without it. My dog had issue with urinary system.....unable to pass the urine. Only giving 2 ml, 2 times a day for a couple days, and the problem was solved. Be aware, your dogs may need to urinate an hours or so after administer or has a leakage as some of the ingredients have diuretic property.
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on January 17, 2016
When one of our cats turned 6, she began to have recurring urinary issues, particularly when a change in routine occurred. We would go back and forth to the vet, antibiotics, pain medication, the whole nine yards. I hated having to put her through that. I tried this tincture in the hopes of having to spare her from yet another stressful vet visit. Unfortunately, it didn't work for her. We promptly changed vets and she was finally diagnosed with cystitis, as well as bladder stones. Surgery was required for the bladder stones to be removed, we felt horrible for our sweet girl!

I'm happy that this has worked for so many pets, but there were some underlying factors that we weren't aware of in our case. Just use your judgment. If you're not getting any definitive answers from your vet, it's time to switch vets. We've since purchased a fountain and switched her to a completely canned/wet food diet. We also do pulse therapy of Now Foods D-Mannose Powder, 3-Ounce and she's been doing great ever since (knock on wood!)
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on September 4, 2015
This is an incredible product...Troy was diagnosed w/ FLUTD (used to be called FUS) or urinary blockage....they gave him meds and we took him home....the chances of this coming back were high so we started giving him tinkle tonic....then he was fine...of course we switched food, but still had some close calls....Sometimes he had a blockage and makes a painful 'growley' sound....we knew immediately to reach for the tinkle tonic....We gave him drops every 3o min. when this happened---ONLY for an acute situation... (not for a long time now) doing this protocol we did NOT have to have surgery or even a vet visit....NOW we give it to him every other day AND have switched his food to URETIC by WYSONG---AND URETIC is dry food ! but perfect for my boys problem....NOW no longer an issue....THANK YOU Animals Apawthecary! You make awesome products!
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on November 23, 2015
My vet prescribed this to my cat after discovering he had crystals in his urine. It's easy to administer (my cat loves it - drinks it right off the dropper), it's cheaper than prescription medication & it works. My cat has been free from crystals & UTIs since I started giving him Tinkle Tonic.
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on January 17, 2017
This works so incredibly well, and none of my cats have turned their noses up at it (I've used it for years). Highly recommended if your cats have UT issues.
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