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on August 3, 2016
I made the mistake of not reading the lower star reviews. The model makes it look like a lovely t-shirt bra. In reality this bra is a set of underwires with the thinnest of stretchy cups that are almost completely useless. Unless your boobs are really full bodied, this bra is not for you. And unless your nipples are completely flat and always dry, this bra is not for you, unless you like your headlights on. And if you're nursing with even a smallish nipple, chances are, you're headlights are pretty much always on. The cups are not even lined. I have pantries that have more body than this bra.
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on December 26, 2014
I have a hard time finding bras that accommodate a small band size but large cup size normally and it's no different with nursing bras. After reading reviews and articles, I ordered one of these. It fits pretty well and fabric of the cups adjust along with your breasts as you nurse throughout the day. I actually bought this and wore it during the last few months of my pregnancy and it was perfect. The straps are pretty substantial and supportive and they don't stretch out easily. The clasp on the cups are pretty easy to use, even one handed. The underwire was not uncomfortable at all, I've even slept in it and I had no problems. IT's not the cutest bra out there, but just finding one that met my criteria was huge, so it's okay. Just a note on the fabric of the cups - it is THIN, so if you don't want thin fabric or want something to cover up a little more, this might not work for you. I normally like padding, but I find that when I'm wearing nursing pads, you can't really see a whole lot. I am usually wearing a few layers (camisole and shirt or cardigan, sweater, etc.) and that helps with modesty as well as nursing in public.

Good basic nursing bra - I wish I had ordered one with my first baby (this was for #3).
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on March 10, 2017
I bought this bra a few years ago after my daughter was born. I mainly had two underwire bras that I used the two plus years that I nursed her. This bra has always been my favorite and I now currently wear everyday since my other one needs a wire to be reinforced to be wearable again. It is extremely comfortable and I've even fallen asleep in it a few times without noticing. I don't feel that the unlined cups are an issue. It looks great under t shirts and if I'm wearing a thin sweater or shirt I often also wear a cami. When the cups are unlatched it helps hold pumping flanges in place petty well. I wouldn't say entirely hands free but if you're sitting down and the bottles can be supported from below I find myself not holding the flanges all the t time. I'm considering getting another one soon in the raspberry color because it is so pretty and it would be nice to deviate from the white one. I should mention that my bra has held up considerably well. It's recommended to hand wash but I don't have the time. I wash it in the washing machine on delicate or normal cycle. I hang it to dry which doesn't take long. It shows some wear and tear in the band but again, I've been wearing it noon stop for almost 3 years and I don't hand wash it. Can't say enough to encourage someone to at least try it, it is my favorite bra!
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on February 3, 2015
I bought this while pregnant. I have a few other nursing bras by bravado - but I was still looking for some 'shape' when I get dressed up. Not the standard uni-boob the shelf bra / sports bra style gives you. I've been an underwire girl forever, so giving up underwire b/c I heard it 'bad for breastfeeding' was the main reason I started off with non underwire maternity bras. As far as that rumor goes... it's not true - you can wear underwire, and it's not going to ruin you as far as your milk production goes... mind you, in the early days a lounging bra may be more comfortable - but at some point post baby, you and your mate may want to go on a date - and heaven forbid you'd want to feel sexy and have two boobs - you can still rock the underwire with nursing features.
So, my thoughts on this bra - reviewing the pictures online, I was expecting a thicker material or perhaps some sort of padding / density to the cup portion of the bra. (I'm in a G cup right now... I don't want padding... but, a little thickness in the material to conceal my nips would be nice). The other thing, the fabric is thin - choose your nursing pads wisely - with the bra and a light coloured / form-fitting shirt everyone may be able to see that nice circular outline that is catching any leaks. Awesome. Use the mirror, bright lighting before you leave the house... and maybe bring a shrug INCASE you notice once you are out and about... One thing I will say about the bra fabric... it washes easily, it dries quickly and even 'spot treating' it works great. A nice breathable fabric so it really never gets any scent stuck to it. (deodorant / body / etc)
The size... is accurate - if you use a measuring tape and follow the chart properly. Yes - it feels surreal that now you are pregnant and all of a sudden you are THAT size - but guess what, it happens... and you want to go for comfort now and the bigger the boob the better the bra needs to be - this is a really good price for a bra that provides good comfort and support.
The construction of the bra... if it fits right, (because you measured it and accepted what size you are)... the fit will be comfortable. The clasps are strong to hold up your new found boulders - and the clasps are easy to use one handed! Which means baby gets fed quick and smooth... you can even do it in the dark!
The straps are wide enough, the don't dig into the shoulders - once you adjust them they stay put. The support is great!
The clasps are easy to use, the fabric has stretch so you don't feel overly restrained.
Basically, this is a pretty good nursing bra... the only issue I had was the fabric - but, that can be worked around. Since the fabric isn't all that bad... and well - many nursing bras seem to have the same 'we can see everything' effect this one at least provides support / comfort and everything else you need!
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on May 8, 2016
I expected the band of this brand to run a little small. In the first and second trimester I was wearing 38DDD, up from 36/38dd not pregnant. At 30 weeks no bras fit! And the bras I had for prior preg/nursing bands were too narrow. My ribs really expanded this time, and the 40 F was the way to go. I can tell that even when milk arrives first week, it won't be too small. The underwires don't touch much breast tissue but don't hurt my really sore ribs either. It feels like are gulag, sturdy, good bra, and it looks good under shirts. I am used to occasional nipple showing and it doesn't bother me. I tried wth nursing pads to see and the bamboo reusable ones DO show through. The cups are a lightweight, soft fabric that is breathable and perhaps cotton (not like a microfiber sofa like the term microfiber makes me think of!). The clips seem easy to do and well made. Most of the breast is exposed when you click down - there's not a top connector sling that outlines top of bra that breast pokes through.

Compared to other bras I have worn while pregnant or nursing, it is superior. It's much better than any bravado. It's much better than any seamless not underwire bra.

The only negative I can think of is that the adjusters on the band aren't really different siZes. Some brands like bravado and cake have so many different hooks to use. This has 3 that are pretty close together. I can see that it's a disadvantage bc the bra doesn't fit differently on first of last clasp due the stretchy-ness of the fabric and close proximity to all the clips.
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on July 6, 2017
This is the second bra I received as I needed to exchange because the first one was too small. I have been wearing a 36DD throughout my pregnancy however the cup was becoming a bit small. I am now 7.5 months pregnant so rather spend the money on another bra I decided to purchase my nursing bra. After reading a few blogs for nursing bras and women with large breasts I decided on the Anita. I wanted to make sure I had room to grow once my milk comes so I went with a 36E thinking that would be enough however I found the cup to be a great fit for my current breasts and the band to be slightly tight. Knowing that comfort is a must and that I was only going to continue to grow, I exchanged for the next size up. I now own the 38G which fits much more comfortably however is still a tad on the snug side in the band however I do have room in the cup to grow. The main reason for giving the bra a 4 rather a 5 is that the picture is deceiving, making the bra to appear to have a soft thicker cup however the cup is very very thin. Nursing pads are going to be a must when wearing this bra in public especially with a thin shirt. Overall I wish the cup was thicker but the bra is very comfortable and offers great support.
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on November 19, 2017
Excellent nursing bra. I bought two in person after getting fitted at a store specializing in breastfeeding supplies. I love them so much that I ordered an additional one here. It fits perfectly, is supportive, high quality and easy to use.
A note about size-- this bra is a different size from my prepregnacy & pregnancy size. It's also different from the size that worked during my last time as a nursing mother. I ordered half a dozen bras before going to the store for a fitting. In my case I have a small band and large cup size, so standard sizes weren't cutting it. If you're having trouble finding a bra that fits, a fitting may help you. I know that's a big pain as a new mother, but the fitting made all the difference and I am so much more comfortable now.
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on August 20, 2015
Love these bras!! I've owned two of these bras in nude and one in black and was thrilled to find them in 'raspberry' (such a pretty dark pink color) when shopping for this baby so I bought two more. The material is thin, silky and very supportive. The straps are nice and wide and the clips are easy to use. Since the fabric is so thin you will need nursing pads to absorb moisture and avoid the 'highbeam' look. IF you do forget your pads though the fabric dries really fast (especially with the aid of a washroom hand dryer). I don't find the pads to show through any of my shirts.

Having nursed babies for over three years I can say for sure that these bras are up to the task - once I reinforced the area between the girls where the wires end. I took a star off because all of the Anita bras that I own have popped the wires out of their casings within a few weeks of purchase. Sometimes I lie down while nursing which seems to put more stress on the bra in this area and the casings are made of somewhat thin material. I sewed in a reinforcing bit of fabric over the ends and voila! Good to go. Not a big deal to me but might be more of a problem for some gals. I also handwash using plain antibacterial hand soap. Even a front loader or dryer on delicate is too rough for regular washes although it's fine once in a while.
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on January 12, 2018
A MAN obviously designed this woman’s bra- the thinnest material possible which shows nipples quite well. I do however like this bra because it comes in my size which is near dang impossible to find (32H) and for that I am thankful. I would have raved about this bra from the ceiling tops for its support and comfort, but the fact that an elderly person can see my nipples from space makes it a 3 star. Use nipple pads you say? Well those show through as well!
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on December 4, 2015
I'm going to preface with that I'm have full chested individual (36-38D). It's ok. There's nothing defective about the product. As it states, it has an underwire which is not recommended for nursing since it can constrict milk flow. It's stretchy in the material area - which again if your full chested may or may not be a good thing. For the smaller chested person it may be fine since it does have room for growing chest but I would rather wait till you have the baby to see what size you need.

I ended up (through another recommendation) purchasing a Hotmilk - FOREVER YOURS nursing bra (you can go to their website directly) I bought 4 of them - it looks and feels pretty much like a regular underwire bra but doesn't have a wire.
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