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on September 26, 2014
I'm returning one of the most beautifully-engineered products I've seen lately, for an odd but important reason: the 12 v cable for the output, and the 12 v connector on the battery are both odd sizes, not compatible with the more common sizes of 12 v connectors. I looked and the company does not have a cable adapter or cable assortment kit, and I couldn't find anything of the sort on Amazon or Eaby. So I called customer service, and the tech sent me a cable adapter that I kept saying wasn't going to fit based on the specs, and he insisted that it would because they tried it at the company. He sent it for free, and sure enough, it didn't work.

So, I'm sending the item back, regrettably. It's actually an extraordinary piece of work, and I suppose it would be fine for 5 v USB applications, but I'm powering several audio/video portable field appliances, many of which accept external power, all with the same size connector, except for this item.

Geez, I so hoped it would work. I almost considered keeping it anyway, trying to justify it for recharging my phone or ipad or something, but for the cost, I just couldn't justify keeping for a speculative purpose.

Highest marks for the company's excellent address of the functionality, simplicity, elegant design and superior presentation. It works beautifully, except in my case, where the 12 v application is just simply goofy. So disappointed. Hope they come around and fix this or provide cables or adapters in future product releases.
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on March 9, 2013
Have had and used this product for a few months now, and as there are already so many reviews written about it, i will mostly give advice concerning the most useful and unique aspect of this battery: the built-in upconverting voltage regulator. If you are only looking to emergency-charge your cell phone or such, then there are tons of alternatives out there. But being able to change the voltages (to 9 or 12v as well as the standard 5v USB) makes this battery extremely useful as a portable power solution for tons of devices on the market. The amperage draw is important. This device can handle a full 2amp draw (total, so if you are connecting two devices they cant both pull 2 amps). The included connectors are about perfect for a myriad of devices. I can easily charge my Samsung smartphone (GalaxyNexus) and a tablet (Note10.1) simultaneously.
One of the main uses i get from the battery is powering portable speaker systems. For example, the battery will power the Creative T20 or the Logitech wireless boombox perfectly (the latter with full power sound, rather than the diminished sound when using its own poor builtin battery). Both of these speakers even work with the included coax power cord included with this battery and with the proper polarity! Im sure other devices may also, but please be aware you should always check polarity for your intended device first.
I can also use this battery in the field to charge other batteries, including RC models, and photo equipment, as well as powering flashes, ham radios, scanners, etc.
The one problem i have encountered is the auto-power off system. I've built several custom speaker systems using a T-amp (a very efficient small stereo audio amplifier) which even though the system is playing, at very low volumes the battery will power itself down after several seconds. If the draw is higher (at higher volume) it is fine, but i wish the circuitry was at a user-adjustable sensitivity or just at a lower threshold so it could be used with very low drain circuits and not power off...other than than one gripe, this is an utterly amazing and versatile battery capable of so many uses other than just recharging cell phones!
Seems solidly built, is very small and powerful for its features.
Be aware that the voltage regulator does use power in itself, so the useful amp-hours (the stated 10,000 mAh) are diminished some when upconverting voltage, but this is a small price to pay for such a highly useful feature.
Highly recommended without question!!
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on December 21, 2012
My wife has a Galaxy 10 tab and I have an Asus TF 201. We both have Galaxy Note II "phablets" (heck they're over sized phones :-D) . I wanted something that we could carry along on our daily wanderings shopping, eating out and socializing. It seemed that one of our devices was always giving out at the wrong time. (At Costco when wr wete telephoning back and forth for instance.)

I ordered one of these and was impressed with what a nice looking device it was. Off the bat, it charged both of our phones and my wife's tablet. However it wouldn't charge the Asus.

After a little on line research (I've never had a technical problem that no one else has had.), I found out that the Asus requires a minimum of 12 volts to charge. Well the Anker Astro 3 has a 12v port (the 3E dosen't, I believe.) What I needed was a USB FEMALE-TO-FEMALE adapter to make all of the stuff provided by Anker hook up to my Asus charging cord. I ordered one from Amazon for 67 cents a d free shipping from Hong Kong (can you believe it?) It took about six weeks to get. Now my Asus tablet charges just fine.

My only complaint is that Anker doesn't supply a bag to carry the Astro 3 and a couple of cords in. (Did I mention that it will charge two devices at once?)

Anyway, I found a large enough cloth bag and happily tote it every where.

It sits on couch between us during tv watching (and internet surfing) ; it is with us in the car when one phone is charging on the car charger and the other one dies. It is with us at restaurants where we eat, talk and surf (we like to share the news of the day or report on our friends from a table at Denny's okay? We are not antisocial :-D) . Great device! We love it.

Oh yes, the other 4. Well it's. Christmas time and we're giving them as gifts to our two daughters and to two of our grandsons who are away at school.

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on November 24, 2012
I purchased this after running out of battery at work several times. It came a day late and the Anker's box was opened. The device had been clearly returned, it had finger prints all over the sides but only the plastic cover on the top had scratches. (The plastic peels away)My personal experience was not that great, it was too bulky to replace a small USB charger BUT if you are a college student, I would highly recommend it. You could slip it into your backpack and be able to charge in class or on the go.

The device did not fill the void I hoped it would. I ended up returning it after the price dropped 20% right after buying it. However, I gave the battery 4 stars because it does hold a considerable charge and does come with a lot of connectors. The build quality seems decent, but the silver band feels a little tacky in my opinion. I took one star off not only because it was clearly used and returned, but because the manual says to not leave devices connected after they are finished charging since the charge circuit may not shut off, causing damage. Even if modern electronics such as phones have overcharge protection, I am not willing to take the risk.

Overall, this would be great for the college student, hiker, or someone who isn't near outlets all day. I though it would be useful for me but I am rarely far away from a power source. For $49, it is a decent buy.

Edit: After the 20% price drop, I reconsidered purchasing it. Coming from an electronics background, I know a 10,000 mAh battery would be fairly large and expensive. Since this battery is $49, including the charge circuit, case, connectors, and such, the battery is most likely a 3.7v, low discharge rate cell that is being boosted to 5, 9, and 12 volts though a special circuit. In other words, although they advertise 10,000 mAh, it will be less because a lot of that is used up being converted to a voltage, plus the lose involved from the conversion it self. I did not take a star off because I do not have the battery to rip it apart and test it, but it is something the buyer should be aware of. Just because it says 10,000mAh, do not expect it to charge you 1000mAh phone ten times! It will be a lot less due to the way they market the device.
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on March 6, 2013
Received the item and when I plugged it into the wall to charge, it was already flashing three circles, so It was nearly fully charged. It shut off about an hour later because it was charged. The following day, I took it with me to keep my phone charged while going out into the woods all day. It turned on, was at two circles. Figured it must have accidentally turned on in my pocket or something earlier. It charged my phone about 8% before shutting off, 50% should have been at least 2-3 charges for an iphone.

I plugged it in as soon as I got home and let it charge over night. It won't charge over one of two circles and can't even manage to charge my iPhone more than a few %.

Attempting to contact Anker support, will update later with customer service review.

Update: 9 March. Contacted Anker directly and received a response in less than 6 hours, they gave me a pre-paid shipping label to return the defective item, and even cross-shipped me a new one. Amazing and fast and courteous customer support. Will update once I receive the new item!

Update 2: March 23. Anker Cross shipped me a new unit before I even had the chance to send out the broken one, and I got it in about 3 days.. living overseas that is quite a feat. Used this for a week while I was out in the field and this thing is awesome. Charged my phone battery multiple times, could easily last 2-3 days without ever having to use a wall charger. Wouldn't normally put the rating back up to a 5 star after the issues, but with the incredible customer service, I would definitely recommend Anker and this battery.
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on July 15, 2013
I have two comment on two things with my purchase of this device. First of all I have to say that the product shipped very fast (thank you Prime!) and secondly I love this device already.

I've never owned an Anker product before so I'm new to what they have to offer. Being the owner of an iPhone I can tell you first hand how much I love the phone, but hate the battery. I've lost count of how many times it's died on me when I needed it most. I got fed up.

I researched many external USB battery devices online and more specifically through Amazon which led me to finding this beauty. The Anker Pro has already because a welcomed accessory to my phone. As a frequent traveler this will come in handy as I'm not always by a outlet and even if I am I may not have my converter with me. With my Anker Pro I don't have to worry about bringing my 1) AC adapter 2) USB charging cable 3) Converter 4) Converter attachments with me. Now all I need is my USB charging cable and Anker Pro.

I can't speak highly enough of this product. I have every intention on also purchasing other Anker products such as the Anker Astro Pro 2. You can never have enough backup power.

Awesome product, Great price.
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on October 24, 2015
In addition to all the usual devices which constantly need recharging (often when far away from a wall outlet), I have an electric spinner (spinning wheel) which runs on 12v. I decided on this battery partially because the person who designed the e-spinner told me that any of the portable charger/external batteries which deliver 12v available today would power the miniSpinner for days, even if used for several hours a day, but one thing which should be taken into consideration, if using one (instead of the converter wall plug) was that going over 12v would damage the motor. Since 12v is the highest voltage this battery charger puts out, and because the readout tells which voltage is selected, in addition to the percentage of battery power left, this seemed ideal. In addition, it has the advantage of only weighing 13.6oz, which is significantly lighter than many of the other alternatives. I've also had great experience with Anker products in the past.
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on May 24, 2012
I am so happy with this battery pack my family thinks I'm insane. I'm running all over the house charging everyone's stuff and generally acting like a little kid with a new toy! I can't believe all the charging power in an item that's a little bigger than a deck of cards!

I was impressed from the time I opened the shipping box. The unit was shipped partially charged and only took about an hour to top off right out of the box. I thought the instructions were fine. Other reviews said they were lacking, but I found them clear and easy to follow.

After completing 5 full charge/discharge cycles I am impressed with the performance of this little powerhouse. My current battery hog of a mobile phone is the Motorola Triumph. My husband is using an LG Optimus. I find that on average, I can recharge each phone 3 times on one single charge of this battery pack. That's charging the phones from nearly empty (10-15% battery left). I also found that both phones reach full charge on this thing faster than using the oem wall chargers that came with the phones.

So far, I haven't found an item to recharge that there wasn't a supplied cable end for. We have charged Kindles, Nintendo DS, Ipod Nano, an old Fuji Finepix camera, a Kodak playsport video camera, a Novatel Mifi wireless card and the above mentioned mobile phones plus a Blackberry curve. All of these items reached full charge from nearly empty in the same amount of time or less than they do with their OEM chargers.

The item is nicely packaged and feels well made and relatively rugged. It would have been nice to have some kind of case or at least a drawstring bag to hold the tips and cables, but they are easy enough to find. I bought a case meant for a portable hard drive with an interior mesh pocket and it holds the battery pack and all the tips we need for the various electronics that travel with us.

The bottom line is the battery pack does what is says it will do, and does it well. I would (and have) recommended this to family and friends.
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on March 6, 2015
I've bought 2 of these batteries. Each one works amazingly at first, then I've encountered severe problems. I loved how quickly it charged and the digital read out to show percentage is awesome. After about 6-7 weeks, it just stopped charging. We'll, not entirely. It would charge for a split second, and then stop for about 3-4 seconds... Then charge for another spiky second, and stop again. I left it charging like this and it took 4 days of continuous charging to reach 100%. I used it a few times, sparingly, then at 76% tried charging again. Still the same thing. I hoped that after charging it up to 100% it would fix the problem. But no. Eventually it stopped charging all together and became a $70 paper weight. So, I'm good faith, I bought a second one, hoping it was a one time glitch. I travel for my job and having this tool is super important to me. And it worked great at first that's why I have it another try. Unfortunately the exact same thing happened with the second one. So... I'm $140 out.

I would like to also mention, my friend bought the 3 port 2nd Gen Astro3 12800mAh and it still works perfectly to this day. So if I bought that one is give it 5 stars

I don't know if I had back luck twise in a row, or its a defective model. This was just my experience. Works great when it works... Just wish it kept working.
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on January 26, 2015
Fantastically made and performs as described. Only one drawback (that led me to return it because of my primary use): The DC output jack is not a standard size. Most DC output jacks are 2.5 mm. I wanted to use this battery charger mainly with my Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Unfortunately, the aftermarket adapter plugs that connect to the Surface Pro 3 all have either a 2.5 mm plug or a 2.1 mm plug. (The 2.1 mm can be easily converted to 2.5 mm with a barrel converter).

For whatever reason, Anker used an uncommon size for the DC output jack on this model. (It is 4.3 x 1.6mm). I looked everywhere and could not find an adaptor that had a male end of this size and a female 2.5 mm jack on the other end. So, eventually I gave up and returned it...even though I very much wanted to keep it. Anker customer service confirmed that they don't make an adapter that would have solved this issue but they were very helpful in offering a quick refund.

Please note: This will probably not be an issue for most users because the unit comes with a multi-voltage cable that plugs into the proprietary size DC output jack on the charger, and the cable has a 5.5 x 2.5mm plug (male) on the other end. I have since gotten the Anker® Astro Pro2 20000mAh Multi-Voltage charger, which is a somewhat earlier model, but it DOES have the standard 2.5 mm DC output jack and worked PERFECTLY with my Surface Pro 3 "knockoff" charging cable... (and by the way, it more than doubled my battery life for the Surface Pro 3!).
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