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on April 2, 2013
Like another reviewer, I've noticed that this device seems to stop working if no data transfer is happening for a long time. I have it plugged directly into a USB 3.0 port on my computer, and right now am connecting nothing but a USB 3.0 thumb drive from time to time, and a USB 3.0 multi-card reader full-time. If left connected on the running computer overnight, the blue lights on the populated ports of this device go out and unplugging and replugging the USB devices doesn't get it to work. If I unplug the power for the entire USB hub and reconnect it, then everything works again. It's like it goes to sleep and won't wake until powered up. I thought it may be computer related even though I've never had a similar problem with USB 2.0 hubs on this computer, but the same thing happens on a different brand computer on USB 3.0 ports.
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on February 1, 2017
I chose to update this review after seeing how the manufacturer went out of their way to ensure I had a satisfactory experience, after seeing my last review. It's the first time I was proactively contacted by Amazon, based purely on a negative review. My updated review is below:

- excellent proactive customer service
- high speed data transfer works well
- 8 ports of USBv3

- is not designed to be a standalone USB charge station. This device is a multi-port USB hub for data transfer device first, and the charge station functionality is secondary. This device requires an upstream USB connection in order to work properly.
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on December 28, 2012
I purchased a new Dell One 27 Touch XPS AIO PC this Christmas (2012) to replace my older XPS i630. This new PC came with USB 3.0 ports only so I figured I would replace my 5-year old Belkin usb 2.0 powered hub and give it away as a hand me down with the XPS i630 to a close friend who needed a computer.

From the beginning, I would experience random disconnects from my external powered hard drives when they were attached to this hub causing Windows to lose data and lockup. At first I blamed it on the power settings of the computer, I figured the computer probably put these external hard drives to sleep so I made sure power savings settings for hard drives were turned off; Still the disconnects continued. A third monitor I have connected to this new PC using a Targas displayLink laptop dock would also lose connection until I connected it directly to the usb hubs of the PC directly. Then I noticed my Apple iTouch or iPhone did not charge-up the next morning, I often used my old Belkin hub to conveniently charge my phone and itouch when the PC wasn't on.

I began to take a closer look at the problem and noticed the power adapter would stop supplying power to the hub, the small LED light on the power brick would go off and so would the LED lights on the hub as well. Well today, it finally stopped powering up all together. It seems like the root of the problem with this hub seems to be with the power adapter, but perhaps I am just scratching the surface. I really wanted to like this hub because the price was fair, and it expanded my available USB 3.0 hubs which has become more important with an AIO PC. I am returning it to Amazon and I might give this adapter another try. I'll update this review if I do. I gave it one star because, without any power flowing into the hub to make it work, its completely useless.
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on April 1, 2017
Great for expanding ports that we usually overfill on laptop or desktop pc. Too many devices on laptop can really take a toll on current draw
for laptops and pc's can take more BUT why do that. This USB port hub has its own power source and will RELEIVE the STRAIN you put on your laptop or pc and now you can add joystick printer scanner external HD and all other accessories to your laptop/pc and not worry about over stressing the USB circuits in your laptop/pc. Good blue led feedback too for letting you know that the device you just plugged in is alive & well. I highly recommend to office, students, and gamers !
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on March 7, 2015
As indicated by other reviews, Anker has great customer support. I needed to buy a larger USB hub (more ports) and have been looking at and reading reviews for this product for several months. It is connected to one of the two 3.0 USB ports on my three year old ASUS desktop computer. Hookup was easy and the connected devices initially worked fine.
Currently all the devices connected to the Anker hub are 2.0. Several hours after connecting I attempted to print a letter on my Epson 837 series printer and discovered the printer connected to port 1 was no longer working and the blue LED indicator light above port 1 was off. I swapped ports which did not work even though other items connected to the Anker were still operating. I rebooted the computer with the same results. The printer initially worked, then several hours later it was not.

I sent an email to Anker (actually the company name is "ianker"?). I received an acknowledgement reply which included a customer service contact phone number and business hours.

Later in the day I called customer service with no wait time to talk to a rep who was quite helpful but as I discovered the following day I still had the problem. I called back the following day and waited in queue for 10 minutes, hung up and redialed. Customer service transferred me to a tech who was very polite, professional and patient. He talked me through various steps and discovered there was a more recent driver for my ASUS 3.0 hub. Unfortunately, after installing the new driver the 3.0 ports did not work. This did not affect the 2.0 ports. He also had me adjust some power settings which did not fix the problem. He suggested I call ASUS for the latest driver and call him back if the Anker hub still did not work.

I must say, after contacting various computer manufacturers horrible support centers over the years, I was pleasantly surprised with ASUS "no wait" instant support. The tech talked me through the updated driver installation which happened to be the same as the Anker tech had me install.
The difference was the ASUS tech had me install a new chipset. Immediately after the installation of the two items the Anker hub worked perfectly and I noticed the port blue LED indicators are brighter. The end result appears to be my computer drivers and settings required updating and the customer support of both Anker and ASUS are excellent. It should be noted the Anker 3.0 eventually goes into sleep mode a period of time after the computer goes into the sleep mode. The Anker Hub blue LED indicator lights relight immediately after my computer wakes up. Also, because my problems were attributed to my desktop software and not Anker's hub, plus their excellent customer service, I upgraded my experience from 4 to 5 stars.
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on August 25, 2015
ORIGINAL REVIEW: Fast shipment; works perfectly. I have no way of know if USB 3.0 transmission times are maintained [the real reason I bought this product] but it seems to be as advertised. As you might expect: get 7 ports, need more.
REVISED REVIEW: I'm having problems with some of the ports on this powered hub working completely. Usually when I plug a device into the hub the port shows a blue light to acknowledge the connection. On ports that are in continuous use (2 external backup drives & one port for keyboard/mouse) the hub shows continuous blue lights. At the far end of the hub is where I connect iPod for occasional updates and separately for iPhone sync. These ports sometimes do not light up or acknowledge the devices. Moving the USB cables to ports closer to the 3 constant ports will usually make connection. I have been unable to find an online solution. The problem is irregular and sometimes the far side ports do work. Weird.
REVISED REVISED REVIEW: Do you ever write your product reviews thinking they just dissolve into the aether, unread except by an Amazon bot rooting out inappropriate verbiage? Read on. I initially reviewed this product as honestly as I could with a new product. Later the product seemed to fail intermittently and I wanted to alert potential customers of that, hence the revised review. Out of the blue I was contacted by AnkerDirect on the strength of my re-review. The wanted to follow up on my complaint and started the process to replace my funky unit. Their messages were always informed and individual; they weren't automated replies. I've received the replacement unit now and it works perfectly. I'm writing now not to suggest that my experience with the new unit will be different than with the original - although I truly believe it will be. I'm writing to suggest in the strongest language that THIS IS THE WAY CUSTOMER SUPPORT SHOULD BE FOR ALL PRODUCTS! Customer satisfaction with a product is certainly driven by the product, itself, but in the event of a problem the equation changes. Then the public image of the product and company become intertwined and revolve around remediation. I cannot speak more highly about a company that (1) reads reviews of its products, (2) follows up on dissatisfaction, even when delayed long past the purchase date, and (3) initiates a product replacement with apologies for any inconvenience the problem may have caused. I find this to be almost unheard of today and wouldn't have believed it if I weren't part of the story.
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on May 10, 2015
This is exactly what I was looking for in a USB 3.0 hub. I have three USB ports on my laptop and several items to plug in including a BLUE Yeti USB microphone and a Microsoft LifeCam Studio for youtube videos. These items draw some power to run and I had to choose what I plugged into the laptop- with this I can run my keyboard, mouse, Mic, Cam, speakers and even a flash drive or two. (I can use headphones directly to the mic for monitoring- more power). This keeps everything happy and operational. If I plug it into my USB bus powered port then everything stays live when I sleep the PC and they all quickly wake the computer when accessed. I had purchased some other rather nice hubs that 'looked great' and even had power off/on buttons for each port which was nice but they didn't hold up. THIS is the hub you want for a reliable USB 7 port solution. Great packaging and fast shipping.
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on April 23, 2013
The negative reviews are true or mostly true.

I used this to connect multiple hard drives and various devices: WD 3TB external drives, USB headset, USB Blue mic, Android, etc.

I immediately found that I had to try different ports on the hub to find the ones that would recognize the hard drives. And, as others have stated, it would randomly eject the HDs. I believe it is responsible for damaging my most important drive by improperly ejecting it.

I tried upgrading firmware but it seems the company felt compelled to release an update that fixes issues that it has with Mac OSX as a Windows only .exe file. Thanks.

As of this week, it wont do anything. No power, no lights, no connections. It is completely useless to me and I want my money back.

---- Update May 10 -----
I got a phone call from a knowledgable rep 2 weeks ago about the hub. English was her first language. She was knowledgable, easy to talk with and wanted to get everything fixed. It was clear that she actually read my review and asked targeted questions without giving me canned responses/ideas that I had clearly already tried.

LOL moment - AFTER the nice rep called me and we talked in length about the issue, I got a canned message from another rep with the usual BS canned messages "did you try...". I like the first rep.

I swapped for one of their newer models. It works great on everything BUT harddrives. I improperly ejected my drive within a minute of actually transferring files. Erg.

A+ for attempting great customer service. D for product working as hoped.

It's my turn to give them a call and try to sort it out again. To be continued...
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on September 4, 2012
So I was contacted by laptopmate and they offered a replacement, which I took. The new unit appears to be much more stable, simply bumping the cord does not disconnect my external sata hub, and I've only had to power cycle it once, but i'm pretty sure that was my computer's fault. It transfers a SATA SSD at about 100 Mb/s... or is it MB/s... well either way you know it's about 2-3 times faster than USB 2.0, because when I hook it up to a USB 2.0 the transfer speed drops from 95ish to 25-30ish... AKA It works

Currently have a SATA hub, Logitech mouse (works perfectly despite description), Das Keyboard, Hauppauge HDPVR, and a HP printer. All work fine...
Only gets 1 star off for the first product being a dud.

Do note that the end of the usb not go ALL the way into this hub, I think this might have been the problem with the first unit I received, just because It seems abnormal compared to what I've seen in other USB cords my whole life, but in this model even though they stick out more than the average cord, they seem to hold the connection.

Original review: Alright so this product.... While the concept is pretty good, i have a lot of problems with it. First off I bought it so that it would work with my laptop that I basically use like a desktop. It does it's job about 50-60% of the time, and when it's not doing it's job, I have to unplug it and plug it back in to get it to turn back on, simply unplugging and replugging the usb cord back in isn't enough. Also, I have all of my USB devices mounted to a pegboard behind my computer, AKA nothing moves, at all. However this device still manages to lose connection to my sata drive hub, maybe due to a faulty port, but also because the way this device is designed, the USB ports do not take the USB male close to the 'hilt' but rather to about an 1/8th - 1/4 inch before the hilt, resulting in this unstable connection. I'm probably gonna end up returning this device for something more stable...
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on March 25, 2014
I bought the original in late October 2013 and it was problem for me from day one albeit minor. On powering up my Desktop computer the USB 3.0 hub would not power up or come on...... Unless it was tapped on, quite often real hard, then it came on. I figured I could live with the inconvenience of having to tap the hub before my external hard drives showed up on my computer. I was also in dire need, so I kept the hub and decided not to power down the computer unless it was absolutely necessary as a second solution.
Whenever I powered off the Desktop computer, on powering up I would tap on the hub and it would power up after about a minute. This worked for about 4 months, In mid February 2014 the hub would not respond to the tapping. Whatever happened, it caused my hard drives (4 attached to the unit) to require reformatting, but on plugging the drives to a different computer it was not necessary to reformat. This happened several times and I got tired of the fixes. One drive actually requires reformatting which will cost me 3TB of data loss or a huge data recovery fee. I am still trying to recover the data on this drive!!!
I called Anker they were quick to respond and sent me a replacement which got here two weeks ago. I installed the new one immediately, however today (2wks later) the replacement began acting like the first one. That is, it is not powering up when the computer powers up and all HD are on. After a brief tapping the hub powered up. I am writing this review because it appears some of these hubs have powering up problems that should be looked into and fixed as evidenced by some reviews. Whatever it is, I am afraid it may cost me another of my external hard drive data loss, so it is my recommendation that you consider wisely before buying this particular unit.
The majority of reviews for this hub are great and my experience with Anker Products has been awesome except for this one time. My question is: Are all USB 3.0 hubs just as problematic or is it this particular make and model? If you are one of the lucky few to get a good working one, great. Otherwise my experience has not been great with this hub and would like to try something different. I will be looking for different model and ask Anker for A refund. They've got a great 18 month product warranty, which I believe includes a refund.
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