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on September 25, 2013
I bought this Anker USB 3.0 4 port splitter on June 21st, 2013 through Amazon. The shape of the product I have looks a little different than what's pictured on this page now (mine is square-shaped), but my order history links back here so the seller must have changed the image and the design of the product. When I first got it, I was very pleased by the price, performance, size, and appearance of the splitter.

It worked well with all my USB devices - wireless mouse, Plantronics audio headset, external hard drives and more. It also worked well on both Windows 8 & 7 devices. Then one fine day about three weeks ago (early September) it just suddenly stopped working. It hadn't been dropped, damaged, subjected to extreme temperature, abused or even improperly stored (I've stored it in the little anti-static plastic sleeve it ships in, and I pack it safely inside my laptop bag).

I'm still trying to reach out to the manufacturer using the information provided by Amazon but I've had no luck. Since it's outside the 60 day return window, I cannot just return it and get my money back or a replacement. And this hasn't inspired confidence in me to buy the same product again despite the good reviews that others have posted. I'm rather disappointed that the device failed on me in such a short time. If it had died after a year or more, I wouldn't have bothered to even write this review.

Sadly, there aren't many USB 3.0 splitters in this price range to begin with, let alone find ones that have positive reviews. AmazonBasics has a comparable offering but it is extremely backordered and not available until January or February of 2014. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro, which has only 1 USB port, and it's never fun (or practical) to have to choose between plugging an external mouse, a thumb drive, or a headset. For the interim, I had to settle for a USB 2.0 splitter from AmazonBasics, since I travel a lot and can't afford to be without one.

If you're considering buying this, I would advise you to proceed with caution. The ride will be fun, but it may not last very long. Of course, as they say, YMMV (your mileage may vary).

UPDATE (3/14/14): I've been meaning to update this review but kept forgetting to. Shortly after my review, the manufacturer reached out to me and sent me a replacement at no cost to me. The replacement unit looks different from the first one I received. It's a little thicker / heftier - actually looks like the product image they use now. I've had the replacement piece since October 2013, and it has been working perfectly. I appreciate the manufacturer's prompt response to my review, and their effort to remedy the situation. I've upgraded my rating of the item from 1 star to 5 stars.
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on December 16, 2013
It has a really nice design and work with 3.0 usb port. It's just very frustrating to plug in the usb. It's extremely difficult. Already returned the product. Viva Amazon Prime.


I received a complimentary replacement from Anker, I have to give kudos to the Anker customer service. Within couple of days of review, I received multiple offers to receive a placement and give the company a chance to make it right. The plug in issue is not there anymore and the hub works great. I increased my rating from 2 to 5 stars, simply because great customer service and decent product. I'd definitely would purchase another one from the company if I should need one in the future.
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Seems to be well made and would buy again, or as a 'gift' for someone else who needed this.

USB 3 speeds achieved using this with my iMac - that is, it seems much faster than usb 2.0.

But who knows HOW much faster because there is variability everywhere in the system, especially from the external hard drives which must spinup before files are actually transferred. That being said, all 4 of the units connected to this hub will transfer at higher speeds than 2.0 once EVERYTHING is running at full tilt.

My point is be careful how much $$$$ you spend on usb 3.0 stuff because everyone and their brother is saying "data is flying compared to usb 2.0" but we all have our definition of "flying." Know that in order to achieve faster speeds using 3.0 you must have EVERY COMPONENT usb 3.0 and the horsepower to grab the data that fast - if just one part of your setup is 2.0 or not up to full speed, you'll be wondering why you're not seeing faster transfers.

And those who are posting actual speeds - I would take with a grain of salt because there are too many places in a computer system setup where bottlenecks can slow you way down. Take care that you eliminate as many of those FIRST before running out and paying money for usb 3.0
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on February 13, 2014
I like the size and convenience of this product. It is organized well, with the slots in a vertical fashion so that connections with larger than normal connectors don't overlap each other. This is very smart. However, the ports themselves are too small, and it is difficult to plug in, or remove the connectors. Some of the blue tabs inside the ports are already coming loose, and I am afraid they will soon break.
I am also wondering if I got a bad unit, as it continually disconnects, and then reconnects. I bought this unit because Anker was so quick to respond when I had a problem with a different Anker product, and I give great credit for a company who puts effort into providing excellent customer care in this day and age when so many companies couldn't care less. So I will update this review and change my rating after I have communicated with the company.

Updated 27 Feb: I have updated my rating because the one thing i have found consistent, is the customer service of this company. They continually go out of their way to make sure you have a product that works, or replace with one that does. In a time where many companies have forgotten customer service, Anker has the right idea, and they take great pains to make sure you know it.
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on December 21, 2016
It turned out this had usb 2 circuitry and when I contacted Anker first they just asked me to send the unit back to them before they could give me a refund. Huh? How about immediately sending me a unit that WORKS at the advertised speed and doesn't drop the connection constantly? This is a very inexpensive item and I didn't deserve that kind of distrust.

It was like a robot script got spit out as an email and ignored the important details that the item was totally defective. The tone of their email implied I just didn't want the item or was unhappy about it for no good reason.

Hey, mistakes in manufacturing happen but don't read my message telling you it's clearly not functioning even near the claimed speed nor even recognizing USB 3 flash drives as well as randomly disconnecting and then respond to me as if I just whimsically didn't want a perfectly good item.

I have only returned a few items out of hundreds bought on Amazon so there's no reason to treat me this way and I was truly shocked. Amazon managed to step up to the plate right away and give me a refund so I left it at that and hadn't left a review until many months later.

Apparently Anker saw my recent bad review of their product and behavior they suddenly took interest which is classically tacky too-late-to-the-party corporate behavior but it's better than nothing. Honestly I had forgotten about it since Amazon treated me properly and then I had to dredge up the story again since Anker started emailing me to sort things out.


I'm updating this original one star review to compliment Anker on their customer service as well as sending me a clearly better version of the original hub however slowly they came around. Although they only rectified the situation properly after I finally wrote a one star review months after I got the unit I'd like to give them credit for stepping up to the plate anyway. They sent me a true USB 3 four port hub that works fine so far and it's clearly much better constructed. Thank you Anker.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 22, 2014
I had another Anker product that lasted about six months, but then it just outright died. I figured I'd give Anker another try, this time a bit less complex with the external power outlet.

So far I've had some issues with this product; when I connected it to my home computer and charged from it, I found that it would constantly cause the USB hub to go in and out. So, if I was using my mouse from the hub, but then tried to charge a phone, it would cause the mouse to start working for about 2-3 seconds periodically. That may not seem like much, but it was forever when I was trying to get work done and charge things. I ended up disconnecting it and gave it to a friend to use.
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on May 19, 2014
In summary, these are the pros and cons:
Pros: Good looking, solid and fast transfer speed (~100MB/s with mechanical hdd, not tested with ssd yet)

Cons: No usb symbol either on the cable connector or beside the usb ports, very difficult to identify the right orientation without looking at the ports, difficult to plug in the usb ports also

First impression was really good, the unit is shiny, well built, solid and the rubber feet are really useful to hold the unit in place. Then i tried to plug in my mouse and my external hdd, found out that it was really hard to plug in the usb cable to the usb port... any port is the same. Before trying to plug in the device, i checked the orientation of the port carefully to make sure i don't force it in the wrong way. And at that point i found that there was no usb mark to indicate which should be the right way to plug in (no trident symbol at all). Being scared to damage it, i took the cable of the hub and tried to plug in 1 of the ports to make it a ring, and found out another issue: there is no usb symbol on the usb connector either, so you cannot identify the connector orientation without looking at it. Normally with proper connector, to plug it into a horizontal usb port, i just need to make sure the usb symbol on the connector is facing upward. Simple like that... So i finally manage to plug the usb devices to this hub but not sure how long it can last... i am afraid that i may damage the usb ports soon

However, that does not take away all the credit from this device, i tried this with my Western Digital Elements 1TB, and the read/write speed was amazing, hovering around 100MB/s, complete a full HD movie within a minute ;). So if you are not removing your usb devices so frequently, this hub is good for you, but for me, i need to transfer a lot of files between my PCs, so it is a NO NO. I don't have an external SSD to see how far this can go but 100MB/s is good enough for me...
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on July 17, 2014

I had issues with this 3.0 Anker hub and another Anker 3.0 hub.

One I bought from AnkerDirect and one I didn't. Working with AnkerDirect gave a satisfactory resolution. I couldn't contact the other seller, and have been unable to seek a refund.

If you read the reviews you will see some people have a great experience and some don't. Unfortunately I didn't have a good result and I communicated extensively with Anker and were not able to get this device (or the other one) to work.

One was the powered 9 port hub. (AH231 USB Hub with 9 USB 3.0 Data Ports + 1 Smart Charging Port at $54.11) for home office use.

The other was this unpowered Anker USB 3.0 4-Port Compact Hub with a Built-in 1ft USB 3.0 Cable at $15.99) for use when travelling. Purchased from AnkerDirect.

In particular, the powered 9 hub was to connect my Western Digital Elements (2T) portable 3.0 Hard Drive. As well there were three additional peripherals that I'd connected ; a keyboard, a mouse and a 2.0 flash drive. At this point I hadn't used any of the additional ports as I had used below on the Belkin 2.0 device . Except for the HD, there was no need for the faster 3.0 hub.

My computer is a 2014 Lenovo ThinkPad. It has 2 x 3.0 USB ports and a 256G SSD. With only two USB ports and a smallish SSD, a 3.0 hub seemed like a good idea. I automatically back up the data on my SSD each night to my HD when I return home and connect to the USB Hub.

Things I tried, that might work for you

- Use the port closest to the computer.
- Ensure the firmware of the HD is up to date.
- Try going into Device Manager >>> Universal Serial Bus controllers >>> USB 3.0 Hub(s) & Intel(R) USB 3.0 Root Hub >>> Power Management >>> Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power (check) - without any benefit.
- Only using the Anker supplied cables and power supply -- on the 4 port hub the cable it is hard wired, so no option to use anything else.

But neither Anker Hub worked with my PC.AnkerDirect refunded my money without hesitation. Because they were so good to work I upgraded my single star to 3 stars.


I would suggest that if you absolutely want to have an Anker 3.0 hub, then you should only buy from AnkerDirect because if you are unlucky enough to have problems they will exchange or refund without question. If you buy through any one else, it may not be so simple.


(Avoid Warehouse Deals -- the link to them has disappeared, I cannot contact them through my order and all that happens is I get referred back to AnkerDirect. But, because I didn't originally purchase through AnkerDirect they cannot refund my money.)
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I bought this hub about 6 months ago to make the front panel USB 3.0 ports on my desktop computer a little more accessible and also to add a few convenience ports. The cable is only 1’ long but that is enough for me to plug it in to a port on the computer that is not easy to get to and mount the hub at the edge of my desk. Anker probably designed this more to be used as a portable hub with a laptop computer, but essentially for me it has been performing a similar function.

The hub is about as small as it can get and has an attractive (not bright) illuminated blue band to show that it is working. For my application it is especially nice that the back of the hub is one large smooth surface so I can use Velcro tape to attach it. It’s surprising how few hubs are as easy to mount.

Because I’ve had hubs from other companies that performed erratically I held off reviewing this until I was sure it was working properly. After 6 months of non-stop use with no issues I’m sure it will just chug along from now on.

The great news is it is currently selling for under $10-USD which is an amazing price for a 3.0 hub. It’s attractive, functional and a great value. That earns it 5-stars.
review image
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on January 27, 2015
I purchased this to use with my Macbook pro, since it only has 2 usb slots. This piece fit my needs perfectly, and since it is 3.0, transfer speeds are very fast. It feels like a quality product, and I suspect it will last a while. I do keep it in a case since these things aren't bulletproof, and I would definitely suggest some type of holder to protect it from things rolling around in your bag.

There really isn't much more to say about this. I am definitely an Anker fan, and have never been disappointed with their products. The same can be said here, and I would happily purchase again if the need arose.
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