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on August 21, 2016
So this is my review of the Sound core Nano from Anker. Anker recently has moved into the portable audio. The Soundcore nano is a new release of the product line.

Appearance: The Nano came in a small box, just enough to fit the Soundcore Nano and its accessories. The design and color follow the apple language of a rectangular box with minimum detail. The aluminum cover and slight chamfering of the edges are nice touch. The only button of the sound core is at the bottom, aini usb charging/output port is at the back of the box with the LED indicator. Overall, the design was upscale and beautiful. It is very light (80gram).

Usage: there are 2 ways to transmit sound to the Nano, Bluetooth and the micro usb port. Both work fine for me. I don’t hear much difference in sound when switching input from Bluetooth and micro usb. The Nano can be linked with my iPhone without any problems. Some indicators sounded when it is connected, disconnected and off/on.

Sound quality: for such a small devices, nobody would expect an excellent sound quality. The Nano is loud for its side, and the sound was mid-focused. The bass wasn’t prominent, treble was okay. I found the sound quality was consistent at low and high volume. The Nano also had a microphone on it, so I could use it as a remote communication device. As it is light, it could be used as a conference speaker.

Competitiveness: Small speakers are prevalent these days; the Nano entered a battered competition. I found the sound of the Anker is quite clear, and loud, which help it to win some picky users. The Nano got the advantage of the combination of using Bluetooth and direct aux input. The aluminum is also a plus for it. At the review it was selling at the price of $29CAD or $19USD. I think it is a great price. Other brand name speakers like Sony, Bose are sold at 100+. I would recommend it to other, Overall this Nano sound core does it job nicely, and at reasonable prices.

+ Nice design, attention to detail.
+ Good sound quality
+ Portable and could be used as a remote speaker/microphone
-Bass was weak, but rather due to small nature of the device.
Disclosure: I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest.
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on August 21, 2016
Great sound, not better than the JBL CLIP. I was wishing the bass to be better. Excellent clarity though, vocals and instruments sound very good for small speaker. The quality of the speaker looks like a $50 one. The aluminum finish is very premium. Would recommend.
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on August 18, 2016
The speaker arrived in the now very familiar no-nonsense Anker packaging - easy to open and minimal (although still well protected). Your purchase will include: the speaker, a USB charging cable, a USB to 3.5mm audio cable, hand strap, instructions and guarantee. Mine came charged so was good to go from the box.

The first thing noticeable is the quality of materials used to construct the speaker, this is NOT a cheap plastic product, the aluminium feels reasuringly strong and, as an added bonus, looks very smart too. The base is a nice rubber material which allows the unit to sit comfortably without slipping and with zero vibration whilst in use. Connection by Bluetooth was very simple with no pass codes required.

The sound quality is surprisingly good for such a small device, easily up there with my other, much bigger and more expensive, Bluetooth speaker. Don't get me wrong, the bass is never going to be seriously deep on such a small device and volume will not harm the ear drums, but still, it genuinely impressed me by the range and clarity of the sound.

Highly recommended if you're after a pocket friendly speaker that will last and is able to produce close to a hifi quality sound.

Please note: I was given a free sample of this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review
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on August 17, 2016
Order fixed. Will post review later
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on August 12, 2016
I have to agree with the other comments posted about this speaker. Since I received it, I've used it with my HP laptop as a speakerphone for our VOIP communication app at work and Bluetooth attached it to my iPod, iPhone, and iPad for music, movies, and phone calls. Feels very solid and well made and for it's size puts out the volume. It's great to toss in with may laptop.

Anker has such terrific products.
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on August 10, 2016
Wow. I am REALLY impressed w this little speaker.
Btw I have no connection to Anker and was not provided any discount or devices for this review.
I have lots of little Bluetooth speakers and this one is incredible. Can not believe the volume and quality of sound. If you need a speaker this one is great. My highest recommendation.
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on August 9, 2016
I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest. That being said, PLEASE don't think that every sample I receive is rated 5 stars. Check out my other reviews to see how I evaluate...

To me, this comes in at less than $20 and is meant to serve the purpose of being an ultra-portable upgrade to one's phone/laptop speakers.

It does this well.


- clear mids and highs
- even better if the EQ on your streaming device is adjusted to a bass-heavier setting
- no bluetooth connectivity issues; tested indoors through walls and outdoors on a large turf -- indoor it worked two rooms away with minor cutting out; outdoor it streamed clearly until about 8 yards away

- no bass; however, I'm not taking away a star for this because I don't expect bass from something so small
- no on-device controls; not really needed, but is always nice in the event that someone refuses to lower the volume from their own phone being streamed

I own a decent amount of speakers and headphones... from Samsung, Sony, Bose, Plantronics, Beats, Anker, Auki, Shure, Sennheiser, Skullcandy. Each serves a purpose -- home entertainment system, room speaker, running headphones, office headphones, travel speaker, etc.

This will be my new traveling speaker, for sure. It's tiny, yet does the job on the go in a hotel room or somewhere similar.

I don't think it's loud enough to supplant a larger wireless portable device on a practice field, but... maybe inside a gym, it would come in handy.

Overall, I recommend it as an additional to your portable speaker arsenal. I'm also happy to see Anker delving further into the audio market, because (in my experience) my portable audio products tend to break in 1-2 years. Anker has awesome and quick support, so it's nice to know I'll be able to buy some higher quality audio accessories from them soon.
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on August 5, 2016
8/10 sound quality. Great buy. Fidelity and driver is excellent at this price.
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on August 3, 2016
This ANKER soundcore nano speaker is a fantastic little speaker. It is small and sleek and the gold finish is gorgeous! It has very clear sound quality, great Bluetooth range, and even includes a microphone so you can use it for phone calls too! Included in the box is the speaker, a charging cable, a lanyard to carry on your wrist or hang, welcome guide/instruction manual, and a headphone jack cable for non-Bluetooth use.

After unboxing it I immediately turned it on and it went into pairing mode, I selected it on my iPhone and started playing music. The sound quality is great! It is clear and I was impressed at how loud it could go being so small. I placed the speaker in my backyard facing away from the house and walked through my house and out my front door and could still hear the speaker and the Bluetooth connection was still perfect.

Pros: Awesome sound quality, clear and crisp and loud too! Beautiful design that is simple and sleek and love the light gold finish. Very easy to pair Bluetooth connection. Power button can also be used to skip songs with a double push. Comes with a lanyard for hanging and secure transport. Automatically turns off after a period of non-use. Super light and portable.

Cons: I really have not found any negative aspects of this little rockstar yet. It meets the expectations that I have come to expect from ANKER products, including small things that make the difference.

This is a yet another great product from ANKER. I love the look, feel, and design of this speaker. Love the added small details like a built in microphone, one button that performs multiple functions, and that it automatically turns off after non-use. I would recommend this to those individuals on the go who want and need one speaker that can do it all. It is super light and portable, easy to use, great for phone calls, with a simple sleek design. A+ speaker.

*I received this product in exchange for this unbiased and honest review, it is just my opinion.
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on August 3, 2016

Anyways, This lil thing is freaking amazing!

-clean sharp finish with beautiful metal aluminum- looks like an apple product
- surprising bass for the size! Crisp highs too
- 2 cables, one for charging and one that is a mini usb to aux if you want to save battery and not use Bluetooth.
- startup sound is awesome haha
- Nano gets LOUD! For its size it is damn impressive I can't wait to show people.
- Lanyard is a nice touch, I think I'm going to attach a GoPro mount to it instead and put it on my bike!

I opened this a couple minutes ago haha and listened to one Drake song and one Zhu song and decided immediately that I was going to make my first ever Amazon review! I want u guys to check this out bc Anker is a great company that has consistently provided cheap electronics that can surprise and outperform the industry standards. This nano thing is a beast and I will be giving these out as Xmas gifts for sure! Esp at this price holy crap
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