Customer Reviews: Anker 25W 5-Port Desktop USB Charger with PowerIQ Technology for Smartphones, Tablets and Many Other Devices (White)
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on September 1, 2013
First the charger works great and does exactly what it states it does.

If you don't properly understand what each port allows in amperage you might think it's misleading when you plug the wrong device in the wrong port. The ports are labeled as for specific devices which they are not and are only indicative of the amps they put out. The instructions and back of the device clearly label what each port will do for you in terms of amps they will put out. The ports go as such

iPad 2.1 Amps - This is the highest output.
Samsung Tab 1.3 Amps - This is the second highest output.
iPad 2.1 Amps - Again the highest output.
iPhone 1 Amp - Lowest but common for most phones.
Android 1 AMP - Same as iPhone

It is important to understand what your device requires, for instance my note 2 can charge at 2 amps so the iPad port at 2.1 Amps is perfect. Because of how Amps work I do not need to worry about putting too much into my phone. When my phone request 2 Amps that is exactly what it gets, now if I plugged it into say the Android port at 1 Amp that is all I would get. Charging time would also be doubled since I am only giving my phone half of what it can use.

Also with this charger being rated at only 5 Amps max you can not plug into all 5 ports unless you are using devices all at 1 Amp. 2 iPads would put you at 4.2 so anything else would bring it over 5 Amps. If you used 1 iPad or device pulling over 2 Amps you could get 3 to 4 ports depending on Amps required.
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on December 30, 2013
I don't normally write a lot of reviews but felt this one was needed to clear up some details for those of us who are heavy android users (I have 5+ devices in my house).

First, as others have said it does exactly what it says it does... it charges the SPECIFIED devices at the maximum listed rates for each port up to 5 amps total.

THE PROBLEM: OTHER devices may be limited on each port to 0.5 amps.

Personally, I think the description from Anker should be clearer. The only indications are in the manual's "FAQ" that comes with it which does say that your device "may charge slower" in a different port and over at Anker's site where they VERY vaguely talk about the difference between Apple/Android ports. See [...]

Port 1)
2.1 amps: iPad (50K ohm b/w data pins)
(An Android device may only get 0.5A "Charging USB" )

Port 2)
1.3 amps: Samsung Tab (0 ohm b/w data pins)
(Dedicated for an Android device which should get 1.3A "Charging AC" )

Port 3)
2.1 amps: iPad (50K ohm b/w data pins)
(An Android device may only get 0.5A "Charging USB" )

Port 4)
1.0 amps: iPhone (50K ohm b/w data pins)
(An Android device may only get 0.5A "Charging USB" )

Port 5)
1.0 amps: Android - (0 ohm b/w data pins)
(Dedicated for an Android device which should get 1.0A "Charging AC" )

See my spreadsheet about different devices in the different states on gDrive at.. [...]

- If you plug ANY android device into a charger/port designed for an "Apple" product, that port may only charge the android device at a measly 0.5 amps (500ma) "USB Charging" vs. a charger/port designed for an "Android" product at max charge rate for the port/device (ie 1.0+ amps) "AC Charging".
See SETTINGS - BATTERY (or SETTINGS - ABOUT PHONE - STATUS - BATTERY) to verify for yourself while plugged in with a stock device/kernel.

- You are only guaranteed 2 full speed charging ports of 1.3A max and 1.0A max. The other 3 "apple" ports may be limited to 0.5A max for android devices (full charge rate for Apple or devices designed for Apple chargers).

- There are 4 pins on a typical USB charger: +5v, DC Return, and the two data pins D+ and D- .

Android devices have 2 (6/16/14 Edit: 3 States) charging states:
1) "AC Charging" (i.e. your typical android wall charger, sometimes called "Fast Charge")
Data pins are directly shorted together in the charger to tell the device what it should do. No data communication is possible to the device. It will charge at the maximum rate of either the charger or device, whichever is lower.

2) "USB Charging" (i.e. plugged into your pc's port)
Data pins are NOT shorted ('open') and data communication is still possible with the device.

6/16/14 Edit: 3) "Charging Wireless" (i.e. Nexus 5 on 'Qi' charger)

Apple iPad/iPod/iPhone devices:
I don't own any, but I have picked up a few "Apple Compatible" chargers here or there and can say the following.
1) The data pins are either NOT shorted or have a "specific" high value resistor, i.e. 50k ohm (appears as an "open") across the data pins in the charger.
This makes an apple charge port "appear" as "USB Charging" to many android devices and therefore the android device limits its charging to the typical maximum of 500ma/0.5a allowed by a pc's USB port.

Fast Charge (AC) can be software enabled by some apps (requires root access) or at the "kernel" level by manufacturer or a modified "community" kernel (i.e.

See more background at [...]
(XDA-Developers Search for... Ramjet73 's thread "[Tips and Tricks] OTG (USB Host Support) - Requires kernel support", you will see my posts as "mpgrimm2" )

1/31/14 EDIT:
Anker apparently figured out their mistake with the above 5Amp charger not being as "universal" as everyone was led to believe and have a NEWER 5 Port 8amp "SMART" Charger that appears to remedy most of these issues. If only I had not wasted money on the 5Amp version.

Anker 5 Port 8 AMP "Smart" Charger Link:
 Anker® 40W 5V / 8A 5-Port Family-Sized Desktop/Travel USB Charger with 5-Foot Power Cord for iPad, iPhone, Samsung Tab, Android Devices and Virtually All USB-Charged Devices

10/31/14 Edit:
It was pointed out to me (Thanks Elvis) that Anker "PARTIALLY UPDATED" the 25 watt/8 amp 5 port version I originally reviewed by adding PowerIQ ... to ONLY 2 PORTS, NOT ALL 5! This is misleading in my opinion to advertise a 25w 5 Port charger with PowerIQ that doesn't have powerIQ on all 5 ports. To summarize, stick with the 40w/8A Smart Charger with PowerIQ on ALL 5 ports as linked in the 1/31/14 edit.
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on September 14, 2013
I can confirm that the five port Anker 25W 5V / 5A(Max) Model E150 USB adapter can simultaneously charge two tablets (iPad 3 and Nexus 7) and three smartphones. That feat suggests that 25W output may be close. I could not get two tablets and two smartphones to charge on a competitor's 20W 4-banger device. I'll take the Anker over the other guy's any day.

The device's 5 ports are really useful at airports and cafes where people would otherwise battle over wall socket rights. If you're a frequent traveler, you know what I mean. AC input is 100-240v 50-60Hz enabling worldwide electrical compatibility. The power cord is around 3 foot and uses a common appliance 2 wire connector to mate with the device. You can probably find a replacement cord that's longer or has a different plug for international use. To use worldwide, you'll need either a physical adapter or a different power cord. An EU version of the device is sold on

Testing note: I took some missteps in early testing. I initially used a Triplite multi-plug adapter to plug in the Anker. The fuse kept blowing. I assumed the Anker was doing so but it was actually the multi-plug adapter. Next I noticed the iPad would charge for seconds and then stop. Turns out the cheap iPhone USB cable I was using doesn't connect well in an Anker port but does connect ok with the Apple charger. Likely the cheap iPad 3 cable is out of spec, probably not the Anker(?). All other USB cables worked fine with the Anker. The lesson is it's easy to misjudge fault even with such a seemingly simple device.
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on November 2, 2013
I travel with a lot of electronic devices - Google Nexus 7 2013, Samsung Galaxy Note III, Barnes and Noble Nook Color, a Limeade 13,000mah battery pack, Jawbone Jambox, and a LuguLake QI Charger for the Nexus 7. This one charger lets me charge all five devices, giving the Nexus 7 and Note III a full 2.1amps.

* Small - the photos don't really do it justice, it's a bit narrower than a tri-fold wallet, about the same thickness and length (see my Customer Images for comparison with the Note III).
* Cord - the cord is a good length, and since it uses a fairly standard plug type you could easily replace it with a different length.
* Definitely charges - it has no problem charging all five of my devices.
* Appearance - it's sharp looking. The glossy finish doesn't pick up fingerprints too badly, and there isn't a bunch of obnoxious branding all over it - just a small Anker logo on one side, and the serial number on the other.

* The port labeling - I would prefer it just label the ports with the amperage, i.e. "2.1a" instead of "iPad".
* Color - I wish it were available in black.

Definitely a good purchase. I waffled quite a bit between this one, and the Anker 36W/7.2A USB Quad-Port Wall Charger, but in the end decided I wanted the flexibility of plugging the cord into the wall and having some room to move the charger around. I'll probably use this one for travel, and get the 36w for home use. Customer images are posted as well.
review image review image review image review image
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on December 5, 2013
Product works as promised as a charger, however emits a constant high-pitched electrical whining/buzzing noise regardless of whether devices are plugged in and charging or if the charger is empty.

Not being able to leave the charger plugged in due to the noise is a huge hassle and not worth it. Waiting to hear back from Anker customer service to see if I can get a replacement sent.

Anker has great customer service and seemed to fix the issue in their newer revision of the product.
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on November 18, 2013
Inconsistent charging. Does not work at all 1/2 of the time, works 1/4 of the time and the other 1/4 of the time it works poorly. Item returned. Last time I buy an Anker product.

UPDATE: Anker contacted me after my review. They offered to send me a replacement to try. I received the replacement and tried it last night. I tried my wife's phone alone on the charger and it worked fine. I then tried my Android tablet (Nexus 7) and my Android phone (HTC Thunderbolt) at the same time. About 5 hours later the tablet was fully charged where the phone was only about 20%-30% more charged the it was when I plugged it in. Using an iFlash 4 port charger, both devices are fully charged in only a few hours. I'm not sure why they put 5 ports on a charger when you can only charge one device at a time. I believe this is geared more towards Apple devices which would account for the overpricing.

Before anyone asks, I tried the tablet on the Samsung port and the phone on the Android port. I also tried them on different ports with similar results.

UPDATE Dec 17th, 2013: Well, Anker sent me a third without me asking but I had to demand a refund before I finally received one. The third unit worked...for about a month. The other night it started to have a VERY high pitched whine (my wife cannot hear it but I can and I'm sure our dogs can) and last night it started to have the same symptoms as the original one I received. When I woke up this morning, my phone was not fully charged (was at 40% when put on the charger) after about 6 hours of being on the charger. As someone else said in another review, Anker products are not anywhere the qualiry they used to be. I have to admit their customer service was great but the product is just terrible. I REALLY wanted to like this charger but I cannot. It feels and looks like a good quality device but it has major issues. I think the good reviews will start to change to bad ones.
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on November 13, 2013
The device looks very nice and feels well constructed.

But it does not perform as it states, I am lucky to get over 1mA from the device with only one item plugged in. I may have a defective one but it has caused multiple problems with my phone and causes the phone to get very hot around the charging port. I do not have these issues with any other chargers. I am using a Nexus 5.
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on December 8, 2013
Decent product, but it seems the manufacturer spent more time packaging the product than designing it. I wanted to eliminate some clutter, as I have over a dozen devices. The USB port labels are somewhat random, and the devices don't charge correctly -- for example, I could not convince any of my four Samsung tablets to charge on the Samsung Tab port -- they do work on the iPad port though, albeit slowly. The charger is anything but portable. Yes, it's small, but the power cable is external and the unit is clunkier than it needs to be. Comparing the volume to three 2.1A OEM chargers would indicate that with the considerable heft of this unit, it should provide more than 5A/25W output.

All of the above would make for a 3-star review, but I removed an additional star for Anker's follow-up emails asking for reviews. I will remove another star if this keeps going. I wanted a decent charger and received a mediocre one. Now STOP SPAMMING ME.
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on November 24, 2013
I ordered the Anker portable charger because I was replacing the four different chargers I was using. I was impressed with the look and design of the charger, but I ran into two issues.
1. No matter which port I plugged it in to, my iPad refused to charge when the screen was on. After plugging in, it would say that it was charging but then switch to a "Not Charging" indicator. If I turned the screen off, the device seemed to charge. If I left it overniight the iPad would be back up to full charge. I just wasn't able to charge while the screen was on. This was an iPad 2 with iOS7.
2. The unit made a high pitch whine when devices were plugged into a device and lower pitch sound when nothing was plugged in, both of which were annoying.

I've set up a return with Amazon. Given the large number of positive reviews, I will order another one to see if I just received a bad unit. BTW, if Anker is interested, the serial number for this unit was 0JTTJ4.

*** Update 2014-02-23 ***
First I want to say that Anker has gone above and beyond with their customer service. They worked with me directly and they shipped me a free charger because of the trouble I've had. That said, I have now had three of these start making noise. The first two, both ordered and then returned to Amazon, started making noise soon after receiving the unit. The third was a unit that Anker sent to me directly. This one lasted about a month or so and then started making noise. In all three cases the noise changed depending on if something, anything, was plugged into the charger. These include Kindles, iPhones, and other USB charging devices. I am disappointed with the overall quality of this product in spite of my overall happiness with the excellent customer service I received.

*** Update 2014-06-30 ***
I'm bumping this review up to 4 stars strictly on Anker's customer support. After the last unit continued to hum, I contacted Anker to see if they wanted to use the unit to diagnosis the problem or dispose of it properly. They responded by offering to send me a new "Anker 40W 5-Port Desktop USB Charger with PowerIQ" for the problems I have been having. This is beyond what I would have expected and a sign of exceptional customer support. While I can't comment on quality of the new charger (having it less then a week), Anker has impressed me with their quick and amazing customer service. I believe that if I were to buy their products that they will stand behind them. For that, I give up the stars on this review.
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on January 10, 2014
I bought this after checking out the reviews. It's a wonderful idea and the design is good, however, I received it....and it doesn't work. Nothing. Nada. I tried different outlets around my house and the thing is just dead. I tried calling customer service and was on hold for 20 minutes! I finally hung up and I plan to return this and buy something different.
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