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If strange things happen to you most of your life, you try to make sense of them. I have gone to bed, woke in the morning, and found strange scars on my body. Perfect quarter inch equilateral triangles, scoop marks on my shins, fine red lines and patterns, none of which are inflamed or tender, are there when I wake. I could not make them when I was awake, not alone if I was sleepwalking. You try to find answers. You read anything by anyone who may have similar experiences. You hope, that you will find someone with the exact scars and has figured out answers for you. Stan Romanek's book shows his scars, possible implants, alien photographs, and information learned through hypnotic regression. Along the way, he meets Lazarus, seemingly a man with government connections and knowledge. Yes, the stories get on the wild side, but over the years I've come in contact with people in the security field and heard some equally bizarre stories. Alien abduction, by its nature, is a bizarre subject. If you wake up with strange marks on your body, you may want to read this book. In my case, the scars were not quite the same. Nothing jarred memories for me, but that's not saying it won't for you.
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on September 23, 2017
This has got to be the most exciting book about UFO’s and the visitors. Talking about expanding your consciousness, this book is a real barrier breaker. Approach it with an open mind. So even when you don’t totally believe, continue reading and take from it whatever it is that works for you. The message is important. The human race is on the brink of enlightenment. Thank you to the Romanek’s for their courage and to their support system for their help. To the guides/ETs, thank you for your hopeful message and guidance!
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on June 20, 2017
It's time! Let Stans experience open your knowingness and allow the message to be shared. Love, harmony, oneness, positive thoughts materialize, it's all up to you, what do you have to lose!
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on February 3, 2012
I read Messages and Orion Regressions before I read Answers. I reccommend reading them in that order. It serves as a great background. The title of this book is prefect. The answers that Stan reveals is truley out of this world. I don't want to say too much, but it involves everything you know about mystery and science fiction, but it's real! There is visitations, abductions, missing time, UFO's, Hybrid humans, time travel, a mysterious stranger, not to mention threats to Stan and his family. I also reccommend his wife, Lisa's book "From my side of the bed".
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on August 4, 2013
When reading things like this, I try to keep the attitude of neither believing nor disbelieving.
I did enjoy reading this book very much, but found myself skeptical of a few things, including the picture of the child seen through the rails of the deck that looked very 2-dimensional and I hate to admit it, fake. I found it a little hard to believe that he was simply taking photos of his cats when he accidentally captured this photo. It's possible, but . . .
Even so, it was an interesting read that I would definitely recommend to anyone who is either interested in or who has had these types of experiences. I found this bok to be thought-provoking and it gave me insight into how difficult a lifetime of abductions could be.
Being an optimist, and also not wanting to be part of the system that attempts to discredit every person who comes forth with alien encounter story, I wanted very much to believe Romanek's story. There were simply a few holes in his story that I could not quite get past. However, I did find much of Romanek's story to be believable, and quite remarkable.
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on August 25, 2017
I've been following Stan Romanek and think he is a very credible source for alien encounters.
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on August 20, 2017
Good reference.
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on March 19, 2012
I have bought nearly anything I can find that appears valid in regard to just what is going on?
I stumbled upon Stan's first book and enjoyed every page....................took away some new information and moved on to finding more.

Stan in those days had NO MORE.
I never figured Stan would have anymore................

A few short weeks back; Stan popped into my head and I thought I should Google him and see if the Black forces had eliminated him.
To my surprise the search returned with so much unknown about Stan that I was gob smacked.
I immediately saw there were two more books.

I rushed straight to AMAZON and purchased.
No I did not read the reviews, it was Stan, and Stan was so easy going and such a friend from my last read why would his next book(s) not be worth the price of postage.
Postage is twice the price Stan is asking for his book where I live.

I placed the order for both.
I found he has a web site and joined that.
I then thought, I wonder what others think of his new material. I was horrified to read the negative comments and thought, oh well like so many others, nothing beyond the original story so we now have marketing sucking up the extra dollars left on the bad.

I have just put this book down.
I never read Stan or anyone else saying that he is the Messiah as one reviewer described him as describing himself.
What I did read was my friend Stan telling me about what is going on.
Lisa, and Lucie, and Valerie, John/Lazarus and the children! Heck! I am getting goosebumps as I write.

Buy this book!
And!!!!......................Take so much comfort in so much he has to say.

I have not read so much HOPE and felt so much HELP from anyone as I have from this book.
I want to meet he and Lisa....................and no I don't know why.
Maybe to talk about digital cameras, or where we grew up, or maybe even how life evolves..................these unknown people are like my closest friends now and I can only urge you to make the purchase and add them to your group of friends as well.
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on March 4, 2014
A thoroughly mind expanding volume. Parts of it get a llittle "fringy" and hard to wrap your mind around, but Stan in the book has alot of the same problems, so... Somewhat overwhelming in content as I progressed but not totally suprised, just taken aback somewhat. It makes you focus intently to "stay on board" with all the content that passes your way, not a casual read by any means. Noted related topics from other books I've read such as the Montauk project and teleportation, etc. An enlitening volume with some ominous overtones if taken at face value. You have to decide.....
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on May 19, 2015
This book gives a clear explanation for the questions left by the author's first book-"Messages". I am eager to read his third book that gives a
transcript for all of his hypnotic regressions. We should consider the information on the equations and wormholes a gift from advanced aliens
who have a stake in the "soul of humanity". Stan (Starseed) has a role in putting an end to the Galactic War and the start of a new race.
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