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on April 10, 2013
When I first received this I was so excited. My laptop had a this nasty habit of over heating and turning off frequently. So the minute this arrived I didn't waste no time to test it out. It was very awkward in my lap so instead I decided to put it on the table. Once on the table I discovered the legs of the cooler weren't all touching the table top because the back of the fan was longer then the length of the legs making the cooler unsteady, teetering back and forth slightly. I still put my laptop on it figuring a slight wobble wasn't a big deal. Well the cooler worked great. (While it lasted) My laptop that was notorious for turning off, never overheated once while using the cooler. I was ecstatic till 3 weeks later when the fan part broke out of the middle. This cooler is not worth the price I payed for it which was only $50 back when I bought it. Would not recommend to anyone.
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on August 31, 2012
- Average cooling of laptop
- Too expensive for the amount of cooling you get
- No fan air flow
- Could cool better

I own a HP Dv7t-7000 17.1" laptop and it runs very hot (has center air intake, exhaust fan left top corner). I first owned the COOLER MASTER NOTEPAL X2 for $23.00. It is a small laptop cooler with a single 120mm fan, designed for only 15.4" laptops. After owning my HP for a few months of running CPU temps up to 95F while gaming, I decided to upgrade to a better cooler to prevent the eventual heat damage to my laptop.

So i bought the ANTEC 200 NOTEBOOK COOLER $54.00 after reading reviews on tweaktown and other websites where I saw several people write the Antec 200 is the best. Well I have to disagree. First the 4 glass corners to me are useless. Second the large 200mm fan spins very slowly 200-600RPM. Even on high you will barely notice any airflow. The blue led light is also useless for it will never be seen. The positives are that it is very silent, barely noticable on high. This had less air flow then did my Notepal X2 and performed worse.

After i purchased the COOLER MASTER SF-19 STORM for $54.00 after returning the Antec 200. This thing is a beast. On low settings it is very silent, however on high it sounds like a small desk fan and will be very noticable. However it has a lot of airflow, blowing paper off it easily, unlike the Antec 200. Drawback is it requires an AC power source.

Test Results:
Full Load Temps from running BF3 (Averaging temps after 15 mins of gameplay)
Desk - 96F
Notepal - 92F
Antec 200 - 92.5F
SF-19 - 88F

Conclusion: If you are a casual laptop user, you could use the Antec 200, but I think there must be better out there, especially for the price. If you are a hard core gamer like me and keeping your laptop at its coolest is paramount, then get yourself the SF-19.
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on February 11, 2017
Doesn't work as well as I thought it would. Fan does not push air fast enough at all. Huge fan is great but heat dissipation would be improved with a faster fan.
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on November 27, 2011
I purchased the Antec 200 to cool my M17x Alienware laptop (Nvidia SLI & I5 proc). For those of you who don't know, Alienware has 3 under mounted fans and decent internal airflow, but it also produces a ton of heat when I even consider pushing the system so additional cooling is mandatory. I don't have any internal temps so i my review focuses on the 2 common sense metrics. 1) how long does it take to heat the aluminum shell to egg-frying heats and 2) after how long does heat start to reduce performance/gameplay.

1st, I want to say that no cooling unit that I have found has provided sufficient cooling to make the M17x viable, but I already own it so we can ignore that ;). If you were considering the M17x or the XPS, do yourself a favor and cross it off the list.

I used 3 setups, first, directly on the desk. next, the $20 Argus I got from Walmart about 6 months ago that just wasn't cutting it, and the Antec 200.
directly on the desk, because the airflow all comes from the bottom, the internals begin to lag after only 15 mins or so, before the shell can even start to heat up.

next, the cheapo Walmart option, gives me about 2 hours before the heat starts getting to the components and i need to give it a rest.

last the Antec gives me about 3.5 hours of breathing room making it a 100% improvement over the other desktop cooler. those numbers are for high intensity graphics games like Crysis, Stalker, etc. light gaming and productivity, i can run indefinitely on either setup making it a poor test.
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on April 17, 2011
I have an MSI A4000 15" laptop... I got this fan hoping that it would improve my laptop's functionality more than other fans and methods I've tried... and you know what, it does - but it does NOT prevent my laptop from overheating and shutting down when I'm trying to render a video clip or when I'm in a high volume area or raid in World of Warcraft. Sorry. I shoot short video clips that I often have to taper down in size or change the format of, and while I can play WoW for longer durations and get a larger chunk of rendering done using this fan the difference between this and the $4 fan I got at Ross is not as great as I hoped it would be. I still can't get my laptop to handle long gaming sessions on the lowest settings or produce a simple 30 or 40mb clip from a 1gb original... unless I put my portable fan on top of my laptop along with this fan cooling from the bottom, or I put a sealed bag of ice cubes on top of or under the laptop. So - superior cooling fan - yes. The answer to all your problems - hell no. Kinda sucks cuz I had high hopes for this fixing some of my issues. IF you do not have the same needs I do from a notebook cooling fan, it should work splendidly. But if you have a laptop with similar or lesser specs than mine (just look up MSI A4000 on google), and you need to use it to do something that overheats the CPU as much as rendering video clips or doing large raids/battleground/whatever first consider getting a new specified gaming/multimedia laptop to handle that kind of thing and get this fan to supplement an already stellar system, or be prepared to use a lot of ice or other cooling methods (artic silver is my next attempt, but I'm probably just going to get a new laptop) to keep everything flowing smoothly.

I don't regret buying this because it should be great for whatever new laptop I get or for using the subpar laptops I've collected and experimented on over the years that have inadequate cooling or where the fans no longer function (for at least menial tasks - not taking over the world/gaming/anything that can overload a system not designed for it) - but I wouldn't buy this if you're expecting some super high powered miracle (which is what many of the reviews make it sound like). As a cooling fan with competitors it's great, but again it's not going to be as much of a difference as some of these reviews would have you believe. Get it if you need a better cooling fan for your BASIC cooling needs, but don't expect it to solve world hunger or anything.
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on April 28, 2012
After trying several coolers for my excessively hot 17" laptop...I found this one and it is the ONLY one that truly keeps it cool.

I love my HP Pavilion Entertainment Laptop, but the thing overheats in a matter of 20 minutes. Before buying the Antec Notebook Cooler 200, my laptop was constantly shutting down due to overheating.

The Antec 200 is also the only cooler I found that truly fits a 17" laptop--several claim to, but they don't.

The bottom of the cooler has cutouts that fit over your legs, making it both comfortable and stable. When not using it on your lap, the rubber stoppers on the legs, and the built-up back legs make it perfect for desk usage.

I was originally concerned that, if I was ever successful at finding a cooler that actually worked at keeping my burning hot laptop cool, the fan would have to be so powerful that it would be too loud. This fan is powerful, yet quiet and unobtrusive.

I have used this cooler for more than 6 months. I almost always have it on as I rarely turn my laptop off. It works as well today as the day I took it out of the box.

Bottom line is: the Antec 200 Cooler is the most effective cooler I have found on the market for my VERY HOT running 17" laptop; it is also comfortable, stable, quiet, and its futuristic look adds to the enjoyment of using it.
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on April 6, 2009
This cooler is unbelievable. Talk about a HUGE fan! I researched laptop coolers for my XBOX 360, because the cooling fans made to plug into the back of the system are a fire hazard. Microsoft does not make one for the system for this very reason Xbox 360 Pro 60GB Console With 1 Bonus Game and Cooling Fan Microsoft will not honor the warranty on the 360 if the product causes they system to fail, and you can be sure they wont be held responsible if your house burns down. The 360 generates an incredible amount of heat, especially if kept in an entertainment center cabinet like mine is. The Antec unbeatable notebook cooler does an excellent job of drawing the heat out of the cabinet, plugs right into the USB on the front of the system, and the blue LED looks cool. It is so quiet, you can hardly hear it when it is on high and you are an inch away from it! All I had to do is put something under the front feet to level it, because since it is intended for a laptop, it is angled. It would have been nice if that was adjustable, and if the fan itself had an on-off switch (only the LED operates on the switch), but otherwise it is an outstanding product, well worth the money. No more fear of the dreaded RROD!
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on January 12, 2010
I'm surprised this wasted machinery got ANY good reviews at all. I use a gaming laptop, and this thing overheats very easily which is a major flaw in its system, which didn't arise as an issue until well later when it became too much trouble to try and return it, or a trade-in, so I'm stuck with this thing.
We got a cooling fan for it which works wonders on it. The cooling unit has 2 very small fans on it, but they actually WORK by moving a large amount of air through, unlike this humongous let-down fan. I looked at it at first and said "That fan has got to be good, it's big and has large fan blades on it. How can this go wrong?" Well within 5-10 minutes of gaming, no surprise, my computer overheated. Why? The Antec's large cooling fan is just a large piece of junk, because it pushes almost NO air out at all, even on the "High" setting! I messed around with the High/Low setting to make sure it wasn't just stuck or jammed on a lower setting. Nope, looks like I was right in judging this waste of money. The only good features about it is that it lifts your laptop above a desk, and it has a nice blue light. Other than that, this thing just doesn't cut it, almost no functionality whatsoever.
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on February 11, 2010
I've long been looking for a cooling pad that will fit my 17" Inspiron 1720. This one does the trick with some room to spare! My laptop fits on it very well, its feet hitting good points on the cooling pad surface so that it isn't off balance. The pad itself sticks out about half an inch on either side, which is good, because that acts like a handle for easy movement. It also sits quite comfortably on your lap with the large central fan between your legs and the feet of the pad on the outside of your legs.

I did only give it four stars because like every other fan 'cooling' pad out there, it just blows air onto the bottom of your laptop. While that definitely helps to keep the bottom cooler, it doesn't do as well of a job as something that actually worked inside the laptop. The plastic of your laptop casing prevents a lot of that cooler air from actually hitting the hot electrical components inside. While my Inspiron has a couple of vents in certain places which help to let that air inside, the overall cooling of my system is only on average about 10 degrees cooler, bringing it down from a average 140f operating temp to an average of 130f.

I still would recommend this to anyone with a larger laptop because of how well it holds it and how comfortable it is on your lap.
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on May 13, 2010
UPDATE 3/16/2015: Still going strong, with daily use for about 5 years now. Recently I found that when I unplugged it, then plugged it back in, it lit up (it's a blue light), but the fan didn't start. I turned it off, and then on again, but nothing. Then I turned the fan to low and back to high again, and it started working again. So I suppose it may be on it's way out, but I'll be buying the same one again, if it does fail.

This is, hands down, the best laptop cooling fan. I simply don't hear the fan, it's a big fan, and it allows air circulation above and below the fan. It's very sturdy - no worries there.

One drawback - and only for people who use their laptop on their own lap - is that it's made for desktop use only. My office laptop computer is only on my desk, but my home laptop computer is usually on my lap. I bought this for office use, so it's perfect. But it won't work for my home laptop.

I did have to raise my chair height more than I had expected. The top front edge of my open laptop, when the cooling fan is underneath it, is 2-3/4" above the desk height. It rises to 4" above the desk height. I'm not sure how that would compare to other cooling fans, but it's something to be considered. Either way, I wouldn't trade this for a thinner fan. I just pumped up my chair height. It's probably only noticeable to me because I went from a desktop computer and traditional keyboard, to the laptop.
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