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on December 23, 2013
These came fast, they were all in tact. I tried a few flavors and they are very good. Almost twice the size of the VS Cordials. These were good amount of liquid centers. The VS centers were more gel like. Would make great hostess gist, give away party favors. I only wish they still had Malibu Rum and Jack Daniels, but the choices available are good.
I have to put this on my yearly list, especially for holidays.
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on December 2, 2014
Unfortunately mine arrived very damaged. There was obvious signs of liquid leakage on front of box. I opened it to see what I could salvage. The whole bottom row was damaged very badly. Chocolate melted, there was chocolate up the sides of inside of box. Alot of bottles were smashed or broken in the box. We kept it only because we were making little gift bags with them for a unique party gift and didn't have time to replace them. Salvaged the ones that weren't too damaged and added something else to the bag for all our guests. I didn't try one yet, I'm sure they will taste fine. Just disappointed how they arrived. Might try ordering some another time in the future to see if we have better results.
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on November 18, 2014
Disappointed in product. I have had other chocolate liqueurs and was hoping these would be similar. They are not. First, the bottles were all jumbled in the packaging and some bottles were crushed a little. When I unwrapped the chocolate, the chocolate looked old. Kinda when chocolate is melted and refrozen v(see picture 2). Was not dark chocolate as described. Chocolate was not of high quality. The liqueur was okay - not overflowing as some comments posted (see picture 1). In fact, I tried six of them so far and they all tasted the same. I'll put out over the holidays after people have had lots to drink - they won't know the difference! I would not purchase these again though.
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on December 10, 2014
Just love it!
Going to buy for my mother in law for x-mas.... N one more for me too!lol
Great gift!
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on December 12, 2014
I received these right on time. When I opened the box, only a few of the little chocolate bottles had fallen out of their spaces and none of them had broken, which I think is pretty good considering the handling it gets in shipping. The box is very cute, opening outwards to reveal the shelves of little bottles in their bright shiny wrapping. They will look great either in the box for a party or if you take out the bottles and put them on a plate or, better still, a little bucket.

The variety looks nice and there should be something for everyone's taste. The dark chocolate is okay, but then I'm a dark chocolate snob so I buy really really good dark chocolate normally. It is way better, however, than the chocolate found on most holiday candies. If you unwrap the bottle and then bite off the neck first, holding it uprights, then you don't spill any of the liquor inside. The liquor itself is a nice little spoonful, more than I expected even.

These are great for a party or they would be nice to put a few bottles into a holiday stocking for a grown up friend or family member or into a gift basket.

EDIT: I had these out for a party and no one really liked them very much. They enjoyed the liquor on the inside, but commented that the chocolate was kind of so-so. One lady even threw the rest of hers away. I think I might not buy these again as I then tried a couple more myself and found myself more and more not liking the flavor of the dark chocolate. Also, I found some of the bottles had the chocolate turning white, which means they might be old, even though the expiration date is for many months yet.

I think I will try some other brand of liquor filled chocolates in future. Too bad. I still think these are way cute looking.
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on November 18, 2014
Unfortunately disappointed.

The box is much smaller than I expected! However, the presentation is nice. Box looks exactly like the photo. But upon opening the box, chocolates spilled everywhere. The bottom row had come loose and it was a hassle to put everything back in place. I wish the chocolates were more secured.

The chocolate? Meh. Not too sweet. Nothing special, though.

The alcohol? Meh. You can tell what it is, but it's not as delicious as I hoped.

The pairing of the two isn't as delectable as someone may think. :(

As stated in another review, the chocolates have white spots. I wouldn't be surprised if these were old. The taste of the chocolate and alcohol could probably be much more fresh and vibrant. I am angry that the chocolate appears to be expired with the white crusty spots.

I got a few as gifts and one for my husband and myself to sample. I'm glad I sampled. I am seriously considering returning these items.

It's a cool gift idea, but giving family old chocolates just seems tacky and cheap. Would not buy again.
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on December 30, 2015
I nearly always purchase Chocolate Liqueurs for 4 of my family members on my Christmas/Chanukah list every year. This is the first year I purchased Anthon Berg and it will be the only brand I'll be buying from now on. I got rave reviews from my Mother, Aunt. Great Aunts, Son, and several good friends. I was about to order for my husband and myself but I was sent one from my daughter right before I made a purchase. These are the best Chocolate Liqueurs I have had . The Chocolate is top grade and the Liqueurs are top shelf and there seems to be more Liqueur in these than any other I have had before. The Liqueur choices are a wonderful assortment that will nearly everyone will find a "favorite" to enjoy. I was also pleasantly surprised at the number of bottles and weight of the chocolate filled bottles of joy in the box. I don't think anyone will be disappointed by choosing Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs. The qualiity it top notch, both the Liqueur and chocolate, the packaging is simple yet sophisicated and the price was amazingly low. At first I was afraid the quality would suffer because the price was so affordable, but I was dead wrong there. This is a gift anyone will be impressed with,and enjoy immensely. Will buy again and again and.again....
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on December 10, 2014
Something you unfortunately see only around the holidays is hard to find throughout the rest of the year. Then, variety--and quality come into play. These are a must-have for any get-together that does two things, curb the appetite a bit before eating, and getting a taste of some good hooch usually only drank after meals. This selection is fantastic! Sad thing is, you don't want to stop at just one or two. I got this as a gift for an office co-worker who was born in Germany and moved to the U.S., and I have to say, it has made her work day better. She also told me she had looked and was even calling back to Germany to get relatives to send a selection of these over ASAP. These are great as stocking stuffers providing not much crushing is going on with that stocking. Nice to put it right on top and point it out. If you also have a hard time finding this, and would like a source more reliable at getting them when you want them, then buy from AMAZON. If you pull up the selection, you will find a wide variety of products to fit any budget. Dark chocolate, nice liquor, what better way to make friends. These are great, and I recommend them to anyone looking for quality, and a good buy. Once again AMAZON, you have a happy customer on your hands. Happy holidays to a great staff!
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on April 10, 2015
First of all, let me say that I bought this just prior to the ice storm of 2015. Getting to our house was difficult, and we did not receive it for quite some time. When we did receive it, the box was dented, and the bottles were overturned.

There is a small place near the top that easily leaks if you're not careful, causing a white residue on the chocolate casing. I suggest biting from the top, not the bottom as suggested in the "instructions." I also suggest you close the door and do this in private.

The chocolate wasn't amazing, but it wasn't cheap, nasty, and stale either. The liquor tasted expensive to me, but I'm a poor girl who's never afforded such luxuries. When I bought this, I enjoyed it! I would bite of the neck separately. It's nothing to brag about, but decent. Then, with great care, I would nibble into the liquid portion, sucking off enough to keep it from spilling, but leaving enough in to enjoy a second, or even third bite. Leaning back with a smile from the joyous swallow of the tantalizing liquid, I allow my tongue to grow excited in anticipation. I then wait, as long as possible for that excitement to grow, and just when it almost fades away, I place the bottom portion upon it, making it squeeze the juices out and into my mouth before it relaxes in pure ecstasy, exhausted and spent from its appointment with pleasure.

Trust me, you're gonna luv these!
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on January 15, 2015
Dear God WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

I had never tried booze filled chocolates before but had always wondered about them. Boy howdy do I wish I never had. I gave all of them away for Christmas, except two of each flavor for my boyfriend and me to try. We tried two of them so far....... I believe it was the Canadian Club and Jim Beam.

First off the chocolate is CHEAP poor quality chocolate. I'm not a big fan of chocolate anyway but it was about the consistency of those red wax lips you can get around Halloween. Yes wax. Second the nasty booze taste is SUPER concentrated, yet the alcohol content is fairly nonexistent. I mean you would have to eat a million of these things to feel anything.. How someone could eat several is beyond my comprehension.

These little guys actually made me cry. Tears of heartbreak and sadness. I wanted to spit them out, but didn't want to be a wuss so I choked them down. Two was definitely the max for the first time. I don't know when I will be able to try more flavors (AFTER I forget how horrible the first two were!!!) but I will update my review when we do!

PS My boyfriend hated them too.
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