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on October 4, 2015
BEWARE!!!!! Battery swells and cracks open the case!!!
The battery works as advertised and I have jump started several cars. I even replaced my jumper cables with the xp-1 battery due to the size convenience. The battery was never drained or overcharged, and the manufacturer charger was always used. I would not recommend this battery due to the swelling experienced, which may indicate a possible battery failure, fire hazard or explosion hazard. BATTERIES ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SWELL!! See picture.
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on January 10, 2015
Read the reviews here and even had a friend who is also a professional auto technician recommend this unit. It worked great at first, recharging a few devices and jumped 2 vehicles. The power pack now refuses to jump start any vehicle, from small 4 cylinder vehicles to V8's, it just doesn't have the power get these vehicles to turn over. And this was all on a fresh recharging, showing 5 full lights of charge.

I'm disappointed to say the least and considering my line of work, I need a battery jump starter that will work every time! This is not the case with the Anti-Gravity xp1.
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on February 18, 2015
Battery will not fully charge to 12v, it gets hot while charging and runs down faster than any other Lithium Ion battery I use.
At 11.2v I won't expect it to jump start a vehicle. I plan on returning it for a refund.
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on August 7, 2016
My son-in-law purchased 2 XP-1's and I purchased 1 XP-1 in 2014 and 2015 . After 1 year the lithium ion battery progressively enlarged, eventually rupturing the plastic case housing the battery. We used the battery pack on a few occasions and maintained the unit properly, with particular attention to maintain proper storage temperatures. Since the product was out of warranty, we received no refund nor replacement.
This product is not reliable long term in our experience.
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on July 13, 2015
I purchased this item and was very excited to receive it and start using it. Charged up fine and used it to charge my cell phone and tablet while I was out in the back country. I charged it every three months to keep it topped off. I am a search and rescue volunteer and use it for keeping my cell charged in the field so it does not get a lot of use.
The unit is 14 months old and I noticed it had swelled and the case was under pressure. I researched the problem online and found some others have had this problem and it has caused the plastic case to expand and split and a few fires. So I quit using it and placed it in a safe place in case of fire or splitting case and battery leaking. No problem I purchased because the Website for Antigravity Batteries stated a 3 year warranty.
When I called them in California I was informed there is no one on Amazon selling as an Authorized Seller by Antigravity Batteries. So they informed me to contact the Original seller, BESTSELLER21. I did and they informed me to contact AntiGravity Batteries for warranty. So goes the endless circle of your screwed. So if you would like one of these be sure to purchase it from an authorized seller by Antigravity Batteries or you will find there is no warranty. I was going to replace the item but now that I know I can't get the original one replaced or warranted I would be very cautious of purchasing any were. I was told by Antigravity Batteries no one on Amazon is an Authorized Seller!
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on July 13, 2016
I was pretty worried about ordering this because a handful of people claimed they got a fake. After comparing mine VERY closely to the images on the manufacturer website, I'm fairly confident it is the real thing. As some people have mentioned, the fake is shiny and the real thing has a nice matte rubberized feel to it.

I have not yet used mine to jump start a car...which is kinda the point. But I did take it on vacation with me for a few days and it came in fairly handy in the hotel room. My hotel room only had 2 wall outlets, neither of them were near the bed and I brought my laptop with me which has no battery because it died. I was able to use this personal power supply to run my laptop for a couple hours (only using 40% of the battery, and my laptop is an older gaming laptop, so it sucks up a bit of juice, so that was pretty good), and also charge my cell phone at night bedside.

I'll update this review if/when I ever need to use it to jump start a vehicle.

I've also been taking it in my backpack with me when I commute on my motorcycle to work. I haven't ridden my bike in a while and it was having some battery charging issues before and I would have to run and clutch start the bike, now I can just use this if that ever happens again.

So I started commuting to work on my motorcycle. My bike has always had electrical issues in the past and it's sat for long periods of time, so the battery is not in the best shape. Usually I have to run my bike down the street and jump on it to kickstart the bike. Well I don't have to do that anymore!!!! I used this to start my bike that was dead and it started right up first try. I keep it in my backpack for now. Then a couple days later, it died at a gas station (I left the headlights on for about a minute after getting gas) and again it started right up.

Highly recommend!!
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on July 21, 2016
3.5 stars

I charged this device as directed & decided to use it a bit today. The flashlight would be nice for an emergency. I haven't tried the jumper cables yet, but I've seen the videos & it looks great. I did take away 1.5 stars because of my initial test charging my phone. This is the updated version that's red/black.

So I plugged in my OEM USB charger to the XP-1 & connected it to my phone. Although it showed it was charging, my phone displayed a message telling me that it was charging slowly. So slowly in fact as I used the phone the battery % went down. Even my $8 cigarette charger charges my phone while I use it. I will test the unit on my truck (5.4L engine) to see if I get more than a couple jumps out of it.

I understand the main use is a jump starter, but I think it's inability to simply charge a phone takes away from its overall usability.
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on April 20, 2015
I ordered these twice in October, 2014. The first time I ordered one to check it out. It worked and still works great. It was shipped by ToolDeals. I ordered again and bought two. These were shipped by ProParts+. These two do not hold a charge anymore and they were never quite as good as the first one I bought.
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on December 7, 2016
Do not buy if you ever have had your vehicle battery very low, even if it is a small vehicle. WILL NOT START!! Bought one of these in Oct 2016 for my wife to see if it delivered on it's promises, NOT SO! If it had, was planning on buying a second unit for my other vehicle. I followed the directions when vehicle is low, which is to press the boost button if beeping due to low battery, STILL NO GO! It gets even worse, I had just charged jump starter overnight, and it had FULL POWER??
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on November 9, 2016
With plenty of positive reviews, I decided to purchase the XP-1. When I received it I read the directions and charged it up. After a few months of sitting unused, I decided to charge my cell phone just to give it a little use. Dead. Nada. Nothing. I took it to work with me today to plug it in to recharge and it looked like it was charging while plugged in, however whenever I unplugged after a few hours dead. The L.E.D.s would not come back when unplugged, they only came on when plugged in. Plugged in another four hours until it was time to leave work and still not holding a charge. This will be my 1st ever return with Amazon in ten years, I hope it goes well.
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