Customer Reviews: Antisocial (2013)
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on December 10, 2013
Antisocial was an interesting film,It borrows somewhat from Chain letter and The Ring but maintains it's own identity.
it was a bit manic in parts as far as camera work and film speed but this was during the first act.

Trapped inside a residence at a new years eve party a group of young people try and survive an epidemic that has taken over the world in one day!The symptoms are nose bleeds ,hallucinations and then homicidial tendencies. Sounds like the party was a bust!but to make sure you have to watch.

The acting wasn't bad ,some was a bit sketchy and some really worked such as The two leads (Michelle Mylett) as Sam and (Cody Thompson) as Mark, They were lead characters for a reason.

Considering the budget the effects were cleverly done to make you think you saw more than what you really did see.There was a lot of blood but not a lot of blatant gore like you would expect in a zombie/infection film.It has it's clever moments and it has it's Cliche ones as well.

The third act was well done and sort of redeemed some of the parts that weren't so was better than most of the direct to video releases with shoestring budgets and worth a watch if you are a lover of the Apocalypse/zombie infection sub genre.I would give it 3 and a half stars.
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on March 10, 2014
This movie really caught me by surprise. I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did. And to be exact I loved this movie. Its about these group of friends that are at a New Years party and well a global epidemic has started. I'm gonna leave it at that. I don't want to spoil anything. I thought the acting was great. And it was bloody enough to keep me satisfied. And yes I'm a nut for blood. I'm super happy I picked it up. I really recommend this movie to anyone that enjoys horror.
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on December 22, 2013
I was VERY suprised by this one--PLEASANTLY surprised! What I thought was going to be just another (of endless) teenagers are eaten movies, I got to watch an honest attempt at some of the negative impacts the social network is having on our society. With social graces now viewed as archaeic, this movie will at least make you think about putting down those iPods, fancy cellphones, laptops, and just about anything used nowadays to communicate.

Five friends get together to celebrate New Year's Eve. Unbeknown to them, some sort of "virus" is taking over the minds of people worldwide turning them into raving madmen. How is this happening? You guessed it; via the internet. That theme should be easily figured out in the first 15 minutes of the movie. The action really picks up with the friends start going at each other. Two other movies have been similarily themed--"The Cell" and "The Signal," but if seeing this movie won't keep you out of social chatrooms, nothing will!

Unrated for gore and language (although relatively tame by today's standards). RECOMMENDED.
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on December 23, 2013
I actually enjoyed this movie, and thought it was quite well done. Found it to be reminiscent of Pontypool, another mind-control/plague/zombie horror film. However, the end left me hanging. I'd like to see what happens next.
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VINE VOICEon July 19, 2015
* spoilers *

Sam's New Year's Eve starts out horribly. Her boyfriend dumps her over text message and blasts it all over The Social Red Room, the social network everyone uses. To forget her problems for a little while, she decides to go to a party her friends are throwing. Then the world goes insane. Earlier, there were a few violent murders in the news, but nothing out of the ordinary. Now, people everywhere are becoming wildly violent. The group of friends is under attack and suspicious of each other. They surf social networks to connect with other survivors, but what is the catalyst for the uncontrolled rage? Can Sam and her group of hapless friends figure it out before it's too late?

I had no idea going in that Antisocial was a zombie film, so it was a nice surprise. The premise is essentially that Facebook (or Red Room) is turning people into zombies. The film is part convention film and part found footage. The beginning credits features a montage of two teenagers getting ready to do a video review of some clothes they bought. Then one of them attacks the other and a series of horrific images follows as they battle it out. I loved these little found footage moments illustrating what's going on outside of the main characters. I actually found the teenagers' story to be more compelling than the college age main characters. When each of the characters is introduced, their Social Red Room profile is flashed across the screen and we can see all the ridiculous and cliche stuff they post on there. Except for Sam and Jed, the other characters are fairly interchangeable and shallow. I don't really care when they start dying and making dumb decisions. Throughout the film, most of the characters are stuck on social networking still. It makes the situation more real for them and shows how many people are dying and losing their minds.

The zombie disease starts with bleeding from the ears and nose. Then the delusions come, typically shown with calls from unknown people, flashes of weirdness on their phones, people encouraging them to attack, and ropy tentacles bursting from various body parts. Then, the infected turns into a rage fueled machine that attacks anyone around it. The afflicted aren't dead and the disease is similar to the one in 28 Days Later. The disease is caused by the Social Red Room. A new update strengthened a subliminal pattern in their website. It was always there to fuel the addiction to the site, but this new one causes all these new symptoms in the form of a tumor. This development also critiques business practices that sell a product, but put their customer base at risk.

Every single person I talked to about this movie asked if it was a documentary, which I found hilarious. A lot of people let social networking negatively affect their real lives and focus way too much on their profiles and online friends rather than what happens in real life. Just look at people tied to their phones in every situation: out with friends, driving, at school, watching a movie, etc. No thought is given whether this use is rude or flat out dangerous. The dark side of social networking also includes cyberbullying and harassment. On the other hand, constant social networking is how the main characters quickly found out something was much worse than a few isolated attacks. They also connected with another survivor, figured out the initial symptoms, and eventually discovered the cause and cure. The message seems to be that social networking is much too prevalent in the typical person's life, but can be very useful in regard to communication and relaying information.

Overall, Antisocial is a decent film. The acting is tolerable. The story is unique and very relevant. The cinematography is on point, particularly the scene with ditzy Caitlin attacking her friends wrapped in Christmas lights. Jed was my favorite character because he was the most realistic. He didn't let his love for his friends get in the way of his survival. It sounds callous, but there was nothing he could do for them. My only problems with the film are the fairly bland and interchangeable characters and Sam's pregnancy. The pregnancy didn't really add anything to the story and seemed out of place. Other than that, Antisocial is a solid zombie film. The sequel comes out later this year and I'm eager to see if it's as good.
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on August 5, 2014
A disturbing, complex, but smart look at humanity and what we are capable of our fierce attempt to survive. The general premise of the movie is a group of friends who gather for New Years. Lo and behold, a couple of the kids update statuses on social media avenues and a mysterious virus starts to spread – causing erratic behaviors, subhuman strength and scary compulsions. You can probably gather what happens next: Friends start to drop dead like fleas on a dog.
Despite the predictability, I found myself fully engaged and “buying” the virus was the cause of social-media – Our reliance on technology, namely social media as a means to communicate concerns me, not because advancement and progression scares me, but rather because we just may be losing are ability to communicate physically. Hence – “Antisocial”. This movie will have you wondering, whether or not as a society, we are embracing technology without fully understanding the long-standing ramifications of then decisions. Because we are hedonistic in nature, we relentlessly seek out interim or temporary gains/improvements, all without taking into consideration the big picture for future generations.
I think, if given the chance, there’s a little bit of the psychotic in each of us. Watching the movie really forces the viewer to think – What if you had to kill or be killed? What if you had to do something so unimaginable to survive, would you exercise this right? Because we are human beings, surely there have been days when it’s crossed your mind – nonetheless, watching “Antisocial”, had me reconsidering my very humanity.
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on March 19, 2015
I loved this film so much I bought it ! I seriously hope they make a sequel bc of the ending! This chick is amazing !!! Damn technology and our vanity!!!! *Hint* sorry Mark Zuckerberg Or whom ever your name is FB DUDE. COULD happen. Lmao jk!!
Rent or buy this or both bc it's freakin awesome!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 25, 2015
I thought this movie was okay - good for low budget. The allegory got a bit too heavy-handed in spots, but the movie has an interesting premise, and the young unknown cast did great.

Definitely worth seeing, but wait until it is free. I saw it on an app with ads, and I enjoyed it.
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on December 29, 2013
First, with the bad schtuff...

The acting is mediocre to bleh. The female lead is particularly terrible. I couldn't decide if her lack of peripheral vision and overall inability to notice anything at all that was going on around her was part of the movie's point (i.e. we're all so focused on our iPhones to notice the world around us), or if it was simply bad script-writing. Since many of the characters make absolutely terrible choices in the film (e.g. "Hey, is that our friend outside exhibiting obvious symptoms of the viral infection? I vote we let him in the house with us!"), I was left with the impression that the female lead's incompetence and self-centeredness had more to do with the lackluster script than any intentional attempt to further bolster the movie's underlying themes. Also, the female lead's acting was Kristen Stewart-esque in every terrible way. In her defense, though, the script and dialog she had to work with weren't particularly phenomenal.

Some other examples of head-scratching, what-the-huh? moments in the story that aren't necessarily spoilers but maybe you should skip if you don't want to know much more about the movie:
- Who knew that arteries weren't actually connected to anything in the body.
- Did ya know that one can die from blood loss if an artery is cut, but that removing one won't have the same deleterious effect? I guess that makes sense since, ya know, arteries aren't connected to anything according to this movie.
- When your friend is well on his way to becoming a monster, it's a good idea to *plead* for him to stay locked in the house with you, and to then launch into a monologue that is all about you and how you've suffered so.
- When said friend tries to leave the house for the safety of its occupants, stop him from doing so so that you can watch a movie together.
- Oh, and since that friend is slowly becoming a deranged monster, *plead* with him to handle power tools around you. Brilliant.


This movie isn't in the least bit scary or disturbing or creepy. If you're hoping for something in the vein of "28 Days Later", this ain't it. This is more like "The Faculty" or "I Know What You Did Last Summer" or whatever "horror" movies the young kids might watch nowadays. (As an aside, if you *are* in the mood for scary/disturbing/creepy, I'd recommend the movie "Open Grave".)

Now on to the good stuff...

I quite liked the premise of this film; surprisingly, it's quite believable and it left me to wonder if the virus origin story could, in fact, be happening now in real life. For its thought-provoking premise alone, the movie gets 3 stars.

This is an excellent, "low expectations, rainy Sunday afternoon" flick. If that's what you're in the mood for, well you needn't look any further.
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on September 25, 2014
Another budget zombie flick, but this one is enlivened by being played on everyone's cell phones and laptops. That aspect was actually kind of amusing. It looks like the world is ending on New Years Eve, and these college students gradually awaken to the fact that something awful is happening out there. Looks like it was filmed on the Yale campus in New Haven. The architecture is Gothic. The special effects concentrate on blood, with the requisite jolts here and there. It's an okay watch.
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