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on May 1, 2017
i wanted to wait a bit on my review after using it for a while and seems to be a very solid printer and tech support has been awsome i did find one flaw in the machine design but it is fixable by a download from thingverse where the wires plug into the extruder on top seem to come loose some times during printing causing the temperature drop during p[printing but there is a item that can be downloaded on things-verse to fix this problem as seen in photo one, Im printing 28mm items which are turning out beautiful I have included some of the pics of what i have done this far I would recommend this product and I am very satisfied with its performance.I hadn't cleaned off any of the prints yet I usually do that when I go into paint mode.
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on May 3, 2017
If I could give this one four and a half stars, I would. There are a couple of minor things that I'd deduct half a point for, but they are minor. Mostly poor documentation (see below).

This is my first 3D printer, so I was a little apprehensive ordering from a manufacturer I'd never heard of. I will say, however, that the printer is awesome. It was delivered in a couple of days, and I had it unpacked and running within about 30 minutes of it arriving at my door. It's very nearly completely assembled. The test print was done quickly with almost no effort. I had one problem; the Y axis started stuttering and stalling. I thought it was the driver, and the seller sent a replacement set of driver boards -- even AFTER I had found the loose cable and told them it was working fine. So, no problem with after-sale support. They include a few spare parts and tools, so if you beak a limit switch or have to replace the hot end you're covered.

I did have to adjust the proximity sensor used to level the bed a little. It was putting the nozzle too close to the bed, even when I adjusted it lower than the instructions said to. All it took was maybe 1/8 turn and it now levels with the nozzle at the perfect height. I've been printing all kinds of stuff for a couple of weeks now, and I really have no complaints. Could you do that in the firmware? Maybe. Who knows? It's not like there's an actual manual for it.

Documentation is, well, honestly a little disappointing. It's very sketchy. If you're new to 3D printing as I am, do your homework. They don't tell you what type of material the build surface is, or that your PLA prints will be almost impossible to remove - until you let the build platform cool off. It would also be nice to see some sort of documentation about doing firmware updates -- I'm sure they are frequent. Mine, for example, demands that you have no more than four gcode files on the SD card -- it will not display more than that, even if you use the scroll arrows. A minor but irritating little bug, and I don't see any updates on their site, and of course no documentation about what's safe to use, how to load it, or anything of the sort. So that is where there's significant room for improvement. The printer itself, though, does a fine job, and I'm very happy with it.
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on March 16, 2017
I just received this printer and I'm pretty happy with it. It seems to be built quite well. You need to assemble the hoop to the base and install a few connectors and the instructions are OK for that. Obviously translated from Chinese but still fine.

First there is two reasons I took off a star. First, I loaded up the filament they give you and I discovered the first problem, the nozzle was clogged, and PLA wouldn't come out when I manually fed it. I took it apart and found it clogged with red PLA and since they gave me blue, I knew it wasn't my fault. The good news is they give you some wrenches to take it apart, and even a replacement hotend if you need it, so that is very positive.

UPDATE: So I've had this printer for a bit over a month now. I'd say my rating is still accurate. It is a good printer if your willing to adjust it a bit, but out-of-the-box, it needs some tweaks. The bottom part of my bed was not level, so it was hard to level the top part of the bed, but I bent that to fix. Then the Z level needed to be adjusted a bit depending on the material printed. It also seems to dribble a bit when moving the head more than my other printer. I added LED lighting across the top which really should have been there anyway. For the price its still a reasonable buy but I see the price has been creeping up lately. Also, the firmware definitely need some simple updates for usability, like one-touch raise head, one one touch heaters off.

The second problem was the filament empty sensor. Having this is a nice feature and the printer can resume if the filament runs out, but the sensor really doesn't mount to anything. The guide shows it connected to the spool holder but it doesn't really work there. I'll figure this out, but be advised it will take some figuring out. Not terrible, but it would have been nice if THEY figured it out for you.

A final bit of a negative is the firmware, and note I HAVE NOT UPDATED it so these issues might be fixed. The controller is color and is a touch screen which is nice, but a few options seem to be missing, like a simple way to turn off the the heaters, and a way to extrude some plastic from the panel.

Autolevel is pretty easy. You turn the thumb screws until it beeps for each corner. Fast and easy.

So for the price I'm very happy with this printer. Quality control and the instructions could be better, but overall, you can't go wrong with this printer.
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on April 1, 2017
I have a total of 5 3d printers and have been printing for about two years now. If you know how to tighten a bolt and plug in a plug you can Assemble this bad boy within minutes of removing it from the box. The machine is equipped with high-quality parts including Nema 17 stepper Motors, a 3 millimeter aluminum heated build plate, and a V6 hot end (actually it includes a spare). The mega uses bodan style extruder which keeps the extruder motor off of the head allowing for higher speed 3D prints. That combined with high-quality smooth rods and linear bearings leads to some of the highest quality prints I have ever seen. The touch screen/user interface is incredibly easy to use and navigate including all the features a novice or an expert user would ever want, it also includes a number of safety features to prevent the user from doing something like extruding plastic through a cold hot-end making this machine very easy to use for first-time 3D printer users. Auto-leveling/setting your z hight is a simple affair, from the user interface just start the auto-leveling sequence the only thing you have to do is turn the adjuster knobs on the corner until you hear a beep and you're done with a perfect level. This is by far one of the easiest 3D printers I've ever used and because of this I believe that someone completely new to the Hobby could successfully start 3D printing with minimal effort. I cannot recommend this machine enough I am very pleased with my purchase. I Have included pictures of a few prints from this machine for your viewing pleasure.
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on June 13, 2017
The assembly of the printer is really easy and is done in a few minutes. On Youtube there is a video show the assembly step by step . Just search "Anycubic" on Youtube.

There are everything you need for the first test prints.
- SD card.With the software Cura, a brief guide, a sample print file
- USB SD card adapter
- PLA 1KG black filament and a filament holder
- Various tools such as spatula,wrench, screwdriver, etc.
- A replacement hotend

The printer offers some functions which I have seen only in much more expensive devices. I am especially impressed by the touch display. For most printers, you have to navigate through a rotary knob. This works via a touch screen, as you are using a smart phone. Another special feature is a sensor that checks whether filament is still on the roll. If not, the printing process stops and can be restarted after the roll is replaced. In general you can also use a piece of filament or a toothpick if you do not want to use the sensor. Then it does not have to be attached to the roller holder. The roller holder is not attached to the printer housing. This may cause it to slip during printing. Anyone with problems should fix the holder over a screw clamp or something similar.
There is a video showed manual leveling on Youtube. Calibration works very quickly and without problems.

There is a version of Cura stored with the 3D models for printing in SD card. The version is already older. Since the program is free, you can also use the current version on the Cura homepage. In general, optimizing settings is a science in itself. Luckily, there are lots of information on the settings that make sense. To the Anycubic printer there are also two very recommendable Facebook groups. They are easy to find in there you search for "Anycubic". I switched to the software Simplify3D after a while. This offers even more setting possibilities. Unlike Cura or Slic3r, this program is not free.

At the layer height I usually set 0.1 mm. Theoretically it should also be 0.05 mm, which means that the printing process takes longer. At the adjustable print speed, you should set a low value, otherwise the quality suffers. I usually print with 50mm / s.

The manufacturer recommends PLA, ABS, HIPS, WOOD. In my experience PET also works very well.
I have tried the following filaments so far:
- PLA ( extruder temperature: 200° C , pressure bed temperature: 60 ° C) Good results.
- PET (extruder temperature: 210 ° C, pressure bed temperature: 70° C) Good results. It is more flexible than PLA.
- Taulman Nylon (extruder temperature: 245 ° C, pressure bed temperature: 60 ° C, printing speed: 35mm / s): Good results. The material is very flexible.
Minadax nylon (extruder temperature: 270 ° C, pressure bed temperature: 80 ° C) Problematic. The temperatures required are relatively high. The printer results were faulty with me.

Good printer for little money. I am very satisfied with the results so far. Open questions can be clarified quickly via the support or the Facebook group.
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on June 9, 2017
Unit arrived with a filament motor that wasnt strong enough to pull filament and headed bed wouldnt heat above 90c for ABS. Ill change this review when I can get a replacement.

I received a second one and it has worked fine. I bought the blue one this time around.
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on May 9, 2017
I'm not usually inclined to base any part of a review on the customer service, but AnyCubic has been far more helpful than I anticipated. I had one issue with the printer when it first arrived and the troubleshooting provided was great and got things resolved.

I've run prints at 50 micron (D&D figure) up to 250 (small set of drawers), without issue, varying in speed dramatically also without issue (haven't gone up to 100mm/s except for large square/cube objects, but saw no issues there).

The only complaint I have is the volume of the beep when powering on or leveling, it seems excessive but it's not a real problem and I suspect it may be something that can be adjusted with editing a conf file. Another review (and a youtube video) noted loud noises/grinding when moving on the Z-axis but I haven't had issues with that.

Updated with photos. Dva's gun from overwatch, split down the middle to print without supports, and a D&D mini figure (first thing on thingiverse if you search D&D), printed sideways with supports. Both printed very well, though the number of supports means I need to clean up the figure better. Overall I am still very happy with this printer and haven't made any modifications, though I plan on replacing the grip tape with glass.
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on April 12, 2017
I am new to 3D printing, but wanted a product that I felt I could grow with if this was going to be something that I would enjoy. The last time I was this happy with something I bought, had to be my first car (a long long time ago)). The package came today and after 45 minutes I was ready to print. It would have been a lot faster if I had not dropped the entire package of bolts on the floor. The set up was really easy, the equipment is sturdy, the instruction are not perfect but easy to follow if you are willing to overlook the poor translation. I am so pleased with this product, that I am not sure I am going to sleep tonight, might have to keep on printing until I run out of filament. Can I give this product 6 stars?
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on June 12, 2017
After looking at several top model 3D printers I choose this Anycubic printer. Design of it is well thought out. Very sturdy and doesn't take up a lot of space. I was going to buy new one but they had one "used like new" at $240 shipped. Package showed up in two days Fedex. Can't beat the fast shipping. Even thought it was used unit it showed up with all new tools sealed up in packages as new unit. I could tell it must have been a demo unit as it had some filament material on it. I set it up, leveled the bed and loaded in my print. Works great and saved me half the cost.. Excellent video's on setting this up out of the box on youtube. I had some questions on print settings and got excellent response from their tech support people. I would highly recommend this printer. Reviews all say it has excellent tech support and it does. Easy to run touch screen control panel. This printer has best specs for dollar out there. 8" square print table allows for building large items.
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on May 10, 2017
Too Noisy...even the outcome is good though.
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