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on February 11, 2011
Kylie's eleventh studio album changed directions from the previous three (`Fever', `Body Language' and `X'), which had (on several of their tracks) adopted a harder edge as compared with albums 1-7. `Aphrodite' gets back to being smooth; for instance, the power synths on `X' have given way to atmospheric, strongly reverberant, and at times breathy patches, such that at times the lyrics are difficult to decipher. The emotions expressed, and the melodies and harmonies tend towards more intense sorts than many on some of the songs on `Light Years' (album #7, the last of her CD's that can be characterized as `smooth' all the way through), though here, there is plenty of playfulness as well.

The storytelling, formal structure and progressions, the melodic expressiveness, etc. hearken back to quality tunes from Sixties groups as diverse as Jefferson Airplane, (the) Four Tops, and the Supremes. Quite frankly, much of the songwriting, arrangements and performances are baffling, stunning, exemplary, and so on. Surely I wouldn't quite put it on the level of `Surrealistic Pillow', but the comparison is instructive.

I'm not convinced that the overall quality, variety, and flow of the tracks quite matches Minogue's other two best overall efforts, those being `Let's Get to It' (album #4) and `Fever' (album #7). But more careful and long-term listening may change my opinion about it.


"All the Lovers" [5++ stars]
The song set begins with this marvelous exhortation to dance. The video, which can be found on both You-Tube and on the CD single, is not to be missed - you'll know the version to which I'm referring when you see the growing pyramid of dancers with Kylie at the apex - the song is extraordinarily uplifting, in consonance with the visual metaphor.

"Get Outta My Way" [5 +++ stars]
Emotional anthem not unlike "Spinning Around" (from `Light Years') in terms of lyrical theme; jacks up the emotional intensity to an even more feverish pitch; continues the exhortation to dance begun with the previous track.

"Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love Tonight)" [5++ stars]
Great `audience-participation' and dance track. Took awhile for me to warm up to this one, but it really does work well - a true "feel good" song

"Closer" [5++++++ stars]
Blistering dance track - one of her best ever - breathy synthesizer sounds and intensely moving melodic lines make for an immersion experience. Kylie goes out of her mind on this one (in a good way of course)!

"Everything is Beautiful" [5 +++++++ stars]
This medium-tempo stunner took awhile for me to get used to - now I'm convinced it's one of the finest songs I've ever heard/experienced.

"Aphrodite" [5+++ stars]
By terms boastful and blistering - great contrasts in terms of levels of intensity, and the humorous vocal hook "can you feel me in stereo?" (shades of "Speakerphone" from `X') drive this back and forth, in and out, all around.

"Illusion" [5+++++++++ stars]
Reminds me, not in terms of style, but of emotional intensity, story-telling, melodic inventiveness, imaginative formal structure/progression (etc.) of the best of the Supremes from the mid-sixties, especially "Reflections", but also "Love is Here - Now You're Gone", "Love is Like an Itching in My Heart", and so. The comparison with Motown song-writing, arranging and all-star backing tracks can be found all over this CD and many other Kylie tracks in terms of quality, even though the styles are very different, and from different eras.

"Better than Today" [5 stars]
Another medium-tempo gem! Please locate and view the video, which very much helps tell the story via great choreography, shifting camera angles, costumes, and so on.

"Too Much" [4½ stars]
A blistering dance track (not so much a listening track) - this does some of the things "Aphrodite" does, though not quite as well. I wouldn't ever kick it off the dance floor, though; and I'd not be surprised if while dancing to it, at various junctures, my head suddenly would fly off - metaphorically, of course!

"Cupid Boy" [5++++ stars]
Kylie lets loose even more than on "Aphrodite". Though the levels of intensity don't vary quite as much; overall it's at least as strong, churning out more interesting melodic contours, and with greater suppleness.

"Looking For an Angel" [5+++ stars]
The varying emotional signatures in the different sections make this one a stunner after enough times listening to it. And you can't argue against a song that uses the word "seraphim" in it.

"Can't Beat the Feeling" [4½ stars]
A fine up-tempo love song. Though the melody is rather on the boring side, the way it's decorated via harmony, changing textures and intensity makes for an emotionally appealing listening and dance experience.
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on February 16, 2011
I held off on buying this because on initial listen, the lead off single and audio snippets of the entire album did not draw me in. But being a huge fan and not finding any good music to buy out there currently, I caved in. Just so that you know where I'm coming from I found Kylie's "X" to be not only her crowning achievement but also one of the 10 best albums of the past decade. I thoroughly enjoyed her X tour live in the States a few years back as well. "Aphrodite" plays like a sequel to that masterpiece or maybe even can be titled "X-Lite." But that may be being too generous to this CD. In fact, half the tracks seem like they were rejected cuts for "X." As another reviewer astutely pointed out, they are boring and offer very little other than a serviceable dance beat. A DJ can put this on and take an hour break and not worry about a thing because the record will keep the patrons dancing. But as far as killer cuts go there are only about 2 or 3. The first 4 tracks are very good but after that, make sure you listen to the rest of the CD when you are wide awake during the day if you don't want to miss anything. Putting tracks 5-12 on at night would be a surefire cure for insomnia. I have to revise my stance on "All The Lovers." 8 months ago I wasn't impressed but now I think it is pure pop perfection. It is one of her best songs in the last 10 years. "Closer" is also very wicked as is "Get Out Of My Way." The album might have worked better with different sequencing and spreading these tracks throughout the CD rather than bunch them up all in the beginning. Because after track 4 there is nothing to look forward to. Still, compared to today's standards this album is not too bad. In my opinion it is better than "Body Language"(2 stars) by a hair and falls slightly below "Light Years"(4 stars) and "Fever"(4 stars). My desert island CD would still be "X"(5 stars).
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on May 13, 2015
I guess since I reviewed probably her worst album to date, "Kiss Me Once", that I should review her best album since her PWL days with Aphrodite. This album is PURE KYLIE! Unlike "Kiss Me Once" where she seemed to be pretending to be someone else, "Aphrodite" is simply sublime and Miss Kylie Minogue in every way. Stuart Price had a big hand in creating the sound for this album, and every track on here is awesome! All songs are highlights, but the one real stand-out for me is "Closer". Now that she dumped RocNation, hopefully she will go back to being her. "Kiss Me Once" was such a disappointment, but there is always the next album, and if she wants to do an "Aphrodite 2", I'd sure be ready for that!
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on October 30, 2013
I'm a huge Kylie Minogue fan. To me, she is the positive energy, upbeat alternative to Madonna and far superior. In my opinion, this is her very best album. Yes, even better than the album with "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" on it. One of the best songs is "Get Outta My Way," a driving, fast club song that was a big hit on the dance charts. There are also some very interesting Youtube videos for this tune. I had to laugh when I saw her performing this on a float at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, while imagining all the gay boys dancing to it at the clubs.
If you're a romantic, like me, you will also enjoy "All The Lovers," a mid-tempo dance tune with unique and enjoyable instrumentation. It has a quirky synth melody that really grabs me. The video for this song is also very beautiful and meaningful.
My other favorite song on this collection is Cupid Boy, a light, upbeat, fun song that has a terrific melody and lots of interesting instrumental and vocal changes.
Almost every song on this album is good to great. All hail the Goddess!!!
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on February 19, 2013
My sister would sometimes listen to Kylie Minogue when I was little, so I kinda grew a fondness for Kylie Minogue. This is my first Kylie Album, and I think its really amazing. The whole album is dance tracks, though each song is really well spread out. Though I wish the songs were longer length, the album is great. The thing I love about this album is even though the whole album is dance songs, they have a really nice feeling of joy and solitude when you hear them. The songs really sound like remastered 1980's pop songs, because the 1980's was simply all about happiness and getting on the dance floor when it came to pop music. That's why I like this album so much, she reinvented that feeling of joy when it comes to pop.
Also, I recommend Confessions On a Dance Floor by Madonna (My favorite album from her). That's also a really nice dance album, it almost sounds like Aphrodite, but Madonna was really trying to reinvent Disco with that album, so they aren't exactly alike. I suggest both albums to whoever really loves dance music. :)
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on May 10, 2014
I never have listened to post-disco /dance /pop music, or purchased any of it. I came across this release of Kylie' recently on sale for $5.00 on Amazon' MP3 Site and paid the $5.00 because I had heard of her and was curious what she and her music is like. I was pleasantly surprised and rewarded for taking the chance on this release. It is very upbeat/ uplifting/entertaining/fun music. Every song is good, the songs go together well and weave a nice overall sound. I think that it would be great to put on at parties where you don't sit around engaged in heavy discourse about today's state of the world but, instead, put on this release, crank-up the volume, and just dance.
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on March 29, 2011
I, too as with a previous reviewer, was skeptical with this new CD release from just listening to the short soundbite samples. This is until I viewed online videos of Kylie's Aphrodite Les Follies Tour. Soon to be touring the US cities in May, this amazingly epic show visually hit me like a mega-ton explosion! That's when I purchased my ticket to experience what fans were talking about all this time. A ginormous avalanche of rave reviews have already been pouring in from European audiences. And my consolation is listening to this awesome setlist on CD while awaiting with anticipation her show's arrival. I feel and the much starved US fans will agree...this Aphrodite release (along with a couple of live TV prime time appearances) is just the appetizer of what is to come when Kylie invades this side of the pond. Until then I'll just flip on the CD and vibe out to all the talent, beauty and love The Goddess brings!
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on April 6, 2011
"Aphrodite" by Kylie Minogue is a very edgy and fun compilation that has some very upbeat dancepop tracks. She shows her romantic and sensual side with songs such as "All the Lovers" and "Aphrodite". "All the Lovers" appears to be about her expressing her intense feelings for her lover, who she feels is unique in a good way. "Aphrodite" seems to be about her message to her fans and critics alike that she is back. My favorite songs by Kylie in this album are "Too Much","Cupid Boy", and "Closer". "Too Much" seems to be about her coming to terms with the intense feelings that she feels for her love interest. "Cupid Boy" is a daring musical number about how she is drawn to the light and power of the one that she craves romance from. She sings about them putting her in a joyful state of "being in heaven" with the lyrics "I'm in Heaven". "Closer" is a catchy song about her pursuing someone that she feels a strong connection with,(as evidenced when she sings that they are pulling her closer). I would have to say that "Closer" is my overall favorite song on this "Aphrodite" collection because of the combination of lyrics and music. "Everything is Beautiful" is also a very good song. "Everything is Beautiful" appears to be an uplifting musical track of seeing the beauty of many things in life (the piano musical at the end closes the song nicely). "Aphrodite" by Kylie Minogue is great to have if you enjoy dance and/or pop music.
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on July 10, 2010
when i first heard this cd, i was kinda thing about her last cd X. I was wondering what way she way gonna go with this new cd. I have to say after many plays i really like it, it reminds me of some of her old stuff, with an update, my fav song is Aphrodite and the first single, All the lovers has a kinda Goldfrapp sound. But it seems like the tail end of this cd looses steam. Songs like better than today, and cant beat the feeling and Looking for an angel sound kinda dated, and not in a good way. These song were well. kinda green for an artist like Kylie. Dont get me wrong, for the most part it is a great cd, just could have been and had a stronger end. The other songs that make this great are Get outta here, Put your hands up which have great club play, and could have great re-mixes, the very ncie and sweet Everything is beautiful along with the nicely Closer. This cd is far more better than poor X-tinas Bionic. what was up with that. had the last few song on this cd been stronger it just would have made it all that better, but all and all, it is worth the money. Got to love Kylie, its just too bad she dose not get my radio play here in the U.S...would love to see a tour in the states, what ya think Kylie. We love you.
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on September 8, 2010
Finally, some more Kylie! This record seems more cohesive than her last effort and with great production from Stuart Price, it makes sense. It took a few listens to get into the style of writing and get the songs in my head, but once that happened, it was nothing but pleasurable listening from then on. It's refreshing to see the artist involved in some of the writing, as well as great writing from notables like Jake Shears, Calvin Harris, Sebastian Ingrosso, Tim Rice-Oxley from Keane, and Stuart Price himself. The artwork is great, too. I love the vinyl format because the artwork is so big and gorgeous. Plus, it's a single disc, so you don't have to flip and change records a million times. Great new stuff to feed your Kylie appetite. Recommended.
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