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on March 20, 2017
There are some great, gotta have songs on this album. I would have probably liked the album as a whole more if I had gotten it before World On Fire. As it is, this is a good album with some great songs, with their next effort, World on Fire, being a great album. Some of my favorites are You're A Lie, Standing in the Sun and Far and Away. Slash's tone is so crisp and soulful it could cut you open. If you like Slash or G'N'R, you'll probably like this.
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on June 3, 2012
I'm surprised at how many negative reviews there are here...they are more than welcome, of course, since everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but this album sounds so killer that I was sure it would receive more universal acclaim. Well, to me it's an absolute stunner! "All killer, no filler"...that phrase can be applied to this album more than any new album I've bought in some time! While offering some variety in musical styles here...songs with a touch of punk, some with a touch of melodic pop metal...ALL with a basis in good ol' hard rock...this album is a musically cohesive and well produced body of work, and I daresay is Slash's best effort since GNR's Appetite for Destruction!! The songs here sound fresh and new without ripping off other songs, yet retain that hard rock edge of GNR. Slash dishes out plenty of incendiary solos, and Myles Kennedy has REALLY come into his own as Slash's vocalist! What a range that guy has...I am NOT missing Axl at all here! Some say Slash just isn't Slash without Axl, but Myles is his own man, and fits into Slash's music as well as Axl did, IMO. I really liked Slash's last CD, and while having all the guest vocalists on that one was an interesting move, I thought the cohesiveness suffered a bit as a result. Needless to say, for me Apocalyptic Love is a little better than his last album, and that's saying something!

And not just because it's more cohesive, it's the songs themselves! The songs on this CD are so good, I thought, "OK, what outside writers did Slash utilize for his material here?" I looked on the CD notes, and nope, NONE...all written by Slash and Myles, with the partial exception of one tune contributed to by the producer Eric Valentine, who btw did a GREAT job of producing and mixing this album! Amazing...Slash and Myles just knocked it out of the park here!!

I know I sound like a fan boy here, but I have listened to this CD multiple times to make sure it really is as good as I thought it was after the first listen--lol. As far as I'm concerned, this is the album that picks up where Appetite left off! Anyone who thinks Slash's creative juices dried up long ago is sorely mistaken! INDISPENSABLE for all Slash, Velvet Revolver, and GNR fans!!!
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on May 31, 2012
UPDATE NOV. 2013: Below is my initial review and I stand by it. Now that time has passed and others have chimed in I was curious what those that rated this 1 star had to say and their reasoning. Other than --Axl love/loyalty-- I can't find any qualified reasoning. This IS NOT GnR hence why it is titled SLASH! The present GNR is NOT GNR and if dishonesty is to be cited it should fall upon Axl. What made AFD what it was was Slash, Izzy, Axl and Duff in various but not equal parts. I have followed all of the mentioned solo works. I would say the balance of Izzy's more Rolling Stones and Slash's energy is probably the largest contributors to the music. Axl hired solid musicians to mimic what the band later did on the Use Your Illusion set and from that came Chinese Democracy. I enjoy it but it isn't GNR and if Axl had real balls and respect for his fans he would fly under the AXL ROSE banner rather than leach of the GUNS N ROSES name. Axl manipulated the others to sign over their rights to the name and band ---read the collective biographies--- which gives him LEGAL right to use GNR but it isn't and never will be without Slash, Duff and Izzy. I felt the need to point that out to those bashing Slash out of misplaced loyalty to Axl. A fan can appreciate BOTH but if you come to Axl, Slash, Izzy or Duff expecting AFD #2 you'll be disappointed.

This has the edge of the original GnR yet has it's own identity as well. I loved the 2 Slash Snakepits then came that abortion group with Scott, then the first Slash....which I liked but am less a fan of the multiple guest singer deal and NOW we are here and Myles is a perfect fit for this blistering music I defy anyone that loved Appetite For Destruction NOT to love! I'm not saying it's a clone of that as there will never be another AFD from Slash, Izzy, what Axl calls GnR these days or even if the originals tried. I'm just telling you that vibe is here.
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on June 16, 2012
I dearly love Slash's first solo album and with Myles Kennedy a full partner this time my hopes were very high. Appetite for Destruction was one of the best albums ever produced by anyone, ever. GNR couldn't get it done after that and then imploded. The double album wasn't worth a single disk much less 2. But stick with me I have a point to make. The strength of the first Slash album was twofold; choice of vocalist and the proving that Slash can kill on the guitar without a preening idiot on vocals (not calling you out Axle). Myles carries his emotions on his sleeve and he means what he says and boy can he play that guitar. I love Slash, but without Izzy he was greatly diminished. While this isn't truly the second album with Myles, it feels that way. They understand each other and it comes through in every track. "Starlight" was my favorite track on the previous disk and this time it is "Anastasia". That song kills. Myles vocals never hinders the often soulful playing of Slash and often adds to it. My opinion is meaningless if you aren't reading this review SO BUY THE ALBUM ALREADY. My only complaint is no lyrics in the cd. I love Alter bridge by the way and Mark Tremonti has a solo album coming out. Just saying.
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on February 20, 2013
I think I'm in the minority when I say that I far preferred the idea of the last album. It was great hearing Slash play with so many different artists, and in particular the different styles. I even liked the Miles Kennedy stuff the best. But a review of this album almost comes down to a judgment of Miles and whether or not you like him. And in my opinion he's great, in moderation. There are definitely some great tracks on the album and Slash is amazing as always. I gave it three stars right off the bat because Slash could roll out of bed and manage that much. But I could only give Miles the one additional. This is a solid album that should be in any hard rock collection. But it ain't great.

I am an Axl Rose fan in a huge way. But my main concern isn't because of that fact. I just think that Miles has a sound too close to Axl's. Velvet Revolver worked so well because Scott Weiland had such a different sound and there never was a reason to compare the two. But with Miles I hear enough similarity that I can't help but compare. And it doesn't go in his favor... It isn't his fault and I don't hold it against him. But I don't think he's a good fit for Slash on a continuing basis. It reminds me of Coverdale/Page. There's nothing wrong with David Coverdale. The man can rock. But he is just too similar to Robert Plant for Jimmie Page to be playing with him and it only lasted one album. I think the same applies here as well.
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on June 27, 2012
Don't expect an appetite for destruction or contraband album. This one's more refined and not as raw. With that said, it doesn't necessarily mean the album is no good! This is a great rock n roll album in an era lacking quality hard rock albums. The lead singer Miles Kennedy is from Alter Bridge (check out blackbird album if new to alter bridge). People either seem to love him or think his voice is annoying. I personally love alter bridges blackbird album and Miles doesn't annoy me a bit. Ok. So about the album... This album is a whole lot more radio friendly than the aforementioned albums. That doesn't mean its crap! Yeah it has hooks. You will find yourself humming the chorus to half the tracks on this album. Great guitar work from slash. Great song writing by the duo as well. There's a good mix of songs here as well which I like. Overall, the songs qualify more as rock than HARD rock or metal. The overall tempo is a bit slower. But just when you're ready for a hard hitting upbeat chorus or screaming solo, the album delivers it. Personally, I wish more albums offered this level of variety. From the crunchy "Your a lie" Riffs to the melodic "Anastasia" lead guitar that will remind you appetites "sweet child of mine" signature intro. In summary, you can't go wrong with this album. It will appeal to a larger audience than say.. Velvet Revolver did. Everyone will find at least a few tracks they like. Plus, my wife won't turn the volume down when I play this album in the car. Contraband on the other hand...
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on December 11, 2015
And clearly slashes greatest work since Use You Illusion 2. This is packed full of what would have been classics back in the day when rock radio was cool.
Great band and vocals. I seen them live the tour before this record and it was outstanding. Go see them live when you get the chance.
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on May 29, 2012
I must say that I was happy to purchase this CD after listening to it on Rhapsody and finding that I liked about half the songs on first listen. I have been listening to it pretty much constantly since, and find the entire CD is actually very, very good.

Pros: ROCK SOLID instrumental work. Slash's guitar is "on fire." Great rock sound like you don't hear much anymore, which can best be described as virtual energy emanating from the speakers.

Cons: The vocals on a few of the songs have to "grow" on you is the best way to describe it. Think of it like old GNR or Bruce Dickinson. Remember that first time you heard either...and thought "What the...?" Well that describes some of the vocals on this CD, in that they are unexpected. That said though, the more I listen the more I like.

If there are rock gods up there, we will hear this a lot on the radio this summer.
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on June 8, 2012
As a huge fan of Alter Bridge, I was slightly skeptical of how this album would turn out. I was stuck wondering whether it would sound too much like Alter Bridge or too much like Guns and Roses. Luckily, I surprised when I heard a perfect medium between the two. Myles has a voice that tells a story. One of excitement, youth, pain, life, etc. Slash has guitar playing skills that also tell a similar story. Put those two together, along with some pretty awesome lyrics, and you have yourself an awesome rock album. If I could go back in time to the early 90's, this album would fit right in with the rest of the rock greats of that era. It almost makes me wish I had a tape cassette player and cassette version of the album. Very nostalgic. Well done Myles and Slash. Well done.

Songs to listen to:
Far and Away
Not For Me
One Last Thrill
You're A Lie
Bad Rain


I have had this album for over three months now and it is still played once a day while at work. Far and Away has easily become my favorite song on the album. Myles Kennedy belts out the lyrics beautifully and is backed by an unbelievable guitarist. I recently saw them perform this album at the Welmont Theatre in New York. Good lord was it awesome. These guys are having fun, and they make sure to give back to their fans by putting on an amazing show. You need to own this CD/Album!
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on January 9, 2015
This is a great album. I bought it after buying Slash's eponymous album and being pleased with that. Pandora introduced me to this album and it has at least 4 spectacular songs. All the others are pretty good too. Myles Kennedy's vocals are dynamic, the guitar work is great, the drumming is solid and frugal, which I love. Music is subjective, but if you like solid hard rock, this may be for you and I urge you to try it. My favorite tracks are _Apocalyptic Love_, _No More Heroes_, _We Will Roam_, _Bad Rain_, and _Anastasia_. The title track is best listened to LOUD. On great speakers, this production is amazing. I highly recommend it. Cheers.
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