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on April 9, 2013
Great magazine...find new and interesting menus every issue, as well as interesting equipment for the kitchen, how to on a wide variety of subjects. Have found many things in each issue that I have tried. It has been challanging lately as my hubby can't eat red the fish and chicken receipts are great. We try them all, some just rate a ok for occational use, some he asks for often. Enjoy the info on people and places...will be sure to look for some of the restaurants when we are vacationing this year. Have expanded my use of herbs in cooking, but will need to find another window as I am already growing so many!
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on July 6, 2013
I've been a long-time subscriber to the print version of Bon Appétit, so I got the free Kindle version as sort of a test run. One of the reasons I got my Kindle Fire HD was to cut down on magazine clutter, but when I started reading the user comments in the magazine section, I was worried. For one thing, I'm somewhat surprised that the price of a Kindle magazine subscription is more than for the print version. (I know, I should've investigated that more closely before buying the Kindle....) But the thing that really concerned me was the number of people who seemed to be having problems -- complaints about how long it took for the magazine to load, inability to access the content, etc. I didn't want to spend the money for a subscription and then have to spend hours trying to get in touch with customer service to straighten out a big mess. So I got the free subscription that I'm entitled to as a print subscriber, and I have to say -- happily -- I haven't had any problems. An issue of the magazine takes about 7 minutes to download, which I don't think is bad, considering the large amount of graphic content. The pages look good and are easy to navigate. I like the way you can access the recipes in both a regular, one-page version, and as a step-by-step process. Best of all, the recipes give you the option to e-mail, which means that if there's a recipe you want to save, you can e-mail it to yourself and print it out. The only reason I rated it 4 rather than 5 stars is because of the magazine itself -- as a long-time reader, I am aware that the issues have gotten smaller and have less content than they used to. More recipes, please!
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on April 26, 2013
I would like to preface this review by admitting this is only the second Kindle magazine I have checked out. The first was not much more than a glorified PDF and a bit of a disappointment (looking at you, Sunset - kick it up a notch). So perhaps Bon Appétit is what most of the magazines are like, and I certainly hope so.

This magazine makes me want to simultaneously weep with joy and scream my love from the mountaintops. The design is brilliant and beautiful, the interactive features engaging, the content itself a welcome reprieve from the slop posted to the internet by amateurs and pseudo-chefs. I actually had to stop reading on my commute because I was too emotionally stirred to continue in public.

If I could have sex with a Kindle magazine, I would bang this one and give birth to adorably grotesque half-human, half-magazine babies.

My only regret is that my current subscription was a gift after spending some bucks at Sur La Table. I cannot wait to throw my money at this magazine.

Marry me, Bon Appétit.
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on April 30, 2012
The PDF (style) version was the first "newsstand" subscription I added to the FIRE on day of Purchase. It was a novel way of looking at an electronic representation of print media but, as been amply detailed by prior posters, a lot of work to read.
I was too lazy to cancel the 30 day trial so I would look through the issue "backup" occasionally which always reminded me how lame it was. Until I stumbled upon the TEXT view. Finally, a readable copy! Ok, not glamorous or organized or, really (now that I think of it) usable, but READABLE.
Got whispered that the last delivery would be the final and that there was an app available now. Installed it and , wow .. this is a readable, organized, enjoyable and USABLE reading experience. The articles page down, and are graphically pleasing with drill down and click through and too sections. All of the recipes are in one section and allow reading with ingredients and preparation steps all laid out so you could actually have in nearby when cooking.

The only downside I could note is the enormity of the per issue file size - 380mb is a lot of precious space - I am hoping it is archivable, but haven't gotten that far yet.

If you were an early adapter, try it again - first time emagazine subscriber, try it for the joy of a fully evolved small screen experience. - I'm looking for more reading apps from conde nast :)
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on July 10, 2012
I was excited to see with my print issue today information about using the tablet edition. I followed the instructions and pressed the button for "Current Magazine Subscribers Tap Here" and it goes to a loading page that does not load. Disappointed as the advertising that came with the print edition had me excited and then I met with a buggy, unusable application. Giving 1-star for now; will be reviewing again when the app is fixed and allows print subscribers to view the magazine.

UPDATE: I was able to go to this URL:


and add my print subscription to my existing Conde Nast account. After that, I was able to log into the application. I had to free up space on my KF though before I could download an issue (the issue I am downloading is 241MB and is slow to download (1/3 of the way downloaded after 10 minutes), I'm pretty sure it's not my connection; also does not load in background so I have to keep the BA application and can not do anything on my KF).

I'm assuming that when the issue loads it will be a nice reading experience, much as the New Yorker app is, but all of the other hassles has given such a bad impression that I do not feel this application is a good user experience.
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on February 1, 2013
I cancelled my print subscription (which I had for about 15 years) several years ago for various reasons, but not for BA content. Unfortunately, I sampled this thinking Wow, a great way to not take up space with all those print magazines, but it was a big disappointment. I sort of got lost in the way it worked: sideways, then down, then sideways again - I found it difficult to find my way back to where I'd started. And frankly, I only found one recipe in the whole darn issue that was worthy of my attention. I did like the helpful videos showing you how to do stuff but if you watch any food/cooking channels, this kind of content has usually been shown. Also the pics were gorgeous on the Kindle Fire HD. Overall though, a big disappointment for the price, which incidentally Amazon charged me for although it says that you subscribe through the app which I had not done. Amazon immediately reversed the charge today when I called, but... something fishy about this whole set-up, as my Kindle subscriptions didn't even list it.
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on January 5, 2014
The Bon Appetit Digital Edition looks very nice, and the picture quality is great.

But I found the chapter-style navigation difficult to work with. The reader is supposed to scroll down to continue reading one section and across to change sections, but it is rather imprecise.

Also, the recipes are not printed on the photos as they are in the magazine. The reader must tap a "recipe" button that pops up a kitchen-friendly, readable recipe. When this worked, it was very nice. The recipes were easy to see and would work well actually being used in the kitchen. However, many recipes did not load, which makes the magazine pointless.

I liked the digital edition overall, but I prefer the print edition.
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on July 11, 2013
In the past I thought Bon Appetit was for the fancy folks so I never gave it a look! Waiting in a Drs office one day someone had left their copy in the waiting room. My appointment time came and went.....the Doctor, I was informed, was running a half hour behind schedule (Oh goodie! NOT). Out of bordom I picked up the magazine ready to snicker at all the fancy, expensive to make recipes. Imagine my surprise when I found neither to be true! I am a picky eater to the annoyance of my family. When I found recipes I would make, I knew I had to go out and buy that months edition! The meals were a nice change from the ordinary mac and cheese type meals other cook books offer. Shortly after that I bought a subscription and look forward to receiving my issue.
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on March 16, 2012
I subscribed to Bon Appetit for Kindle Fire. Opened the Newsstand each month to find the new issue automatically available. As with other digital magazines, you peruse in 'page' view, then switch to 'text' view when an article catches your fancy. Crisp, clear, with all the same stories just as they appear in the physical magazine. Not a perfect thing, the digital magazine, but nice.

But the Bon Appetit digital-app version is something else entirely. I have both the digital newsstand and digital-app versions of the April 2012 issue (sticky buns!), and all the same stories and articles are offered.

The digital-app version is not a direct, scan-like copy of the magazine, though. It is equally beautiful, but far more photo-centric with interactivity.

Video that might be included in an issue is not dependent on WiFi for viewing once the magazine is on your Fire. In this particular issue, I definitely learned something from the video in a way I probably would have missed if it hadn't been included. Also, instead of swiping through to find the recipe as one would with the virtual or physical magazine, there are small pop-ups on the photos with sidebar info, and links to take you directly to the recipe. From there you might choose the option of viewing the recipe in step-by-step form. You can easily save or share recipes, too, if you're a fan of "clipping" recipes.

And the photos are gorgeous, as we've come to expect from Bon Appetit. It's the way all digital magazines should (and will) operate. As a bonus, it doesn't cost any more than the original magazine.

What I don't like? Not a big deal, but the magazine presents as an app on the front screen rather than appearing in the Fire Newsstand. When the new issue arrives, it downloads into your Fire (as with the digital magazine), but it is a heavier load than the original digital version and takes time to download. It also takes time for the magazine to open when you're itching to browse. Not an unreasonable amount of time, but not instant-on, either. Finally, if you keep all your books, music, maybe video and movies on the Kindle Fire, you might encounter a space problem. I don't, so it wasn't a problem to load this magazine. When I'm done with it, I'll remove it from the Fire, but it will continue to be available for me at Amazon for future reference and I'll continue to enjoy the clippings I saved.

Previously, I simply breezed through the physical and digital Bon Appetit. Now I return to the issue repeatedly to enjoy, be actively engaged in and spurred into imagination by it. Love it.
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on December 19, 2012
I've loved Bon Appetit Magazine for a long time and just bought a Kindle version. But unfortunately I'm not satisfied with it because:
1. Can't enlarge the pages at all up to the 8.9" screen of my Kindle Fire.
2. Can't read the magazine by placing my Kindle Fire 8.9" sideways
3. When I go to recipe pages by tapping "Go To Recipe", the recipe pages are so user-unfriendly that I can't see one recipe in one page. The recipe pages are difficult to utilize.
I also bought Martha Stewart Living and Taste of Home Holiday from Kindle Newsstand. I have no problem with the three points I mentioned above and am fully satisfied with these two magazines. Bon Appetit Magazine Apps needs to be improved.
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