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on September 11, 2016
I had to buy another one of these! I LOVE this iPod version. I love it because it has a clip and I use the clip all the time to attach it to my shirt collar or bra strap and/or pants with ease. It's so light-weight you barely feet it. I dislike the other versions because I refuse to wear a sleeve armband, watch wristband, or any kind of sleeve that would stick to my skin while exercising. The shuffle is alright but I hate that it doesn't have a touchscreen and I don't know what I'm going to want to listen to each day so, I need a thousand albums and the ability to change songs visually with ease. Everything else is perfectly up to Apple standards in terms of sound, touchscreen manipulation, and on/off mechanics. You can power it down by pressing the rectangular button and holding it down for 3 secs so I don't know what other users were saying about not being able to turn it off completely because you can.

And that's about it, I know there's better reviews but these two features are what stand out the most between the generations for me.
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on June 20, 2011
Nice small size. Although the screen is a bit on the small size, it does it job for playing music. Apple rated the battery life up to 24 hours, but from my experience these last couple of weeks, a more realistic expectation was 8 hours before I got the low battery warning. The battery took less than 90 minutes to bring the battery to full charge (granted I was using my iPad charger). As with all of Apple's iPod/iTouch/iPad, the sound quality is excellent, and the Nano is no different.

The Voice Over feature is mixed. First, I think it's cool how it's able to read out the words. I have it set to Cantonese and it read the characters perfect. In fact, I had lyrics on some of my songs, and it was able to read it correctly line by line. The bad side to this feature is that if you have it turned on, then the finger gestures are used differently. I found this quite annoying, so I disabled the Voice Over feature. If the feature was more user friendly, I would definitely use it more.

One feature I thought was a given is Bluetooth compatibility. I thought it was kind of stupid that Apple omitted this feature. Instead, I have to use it with a BT adapter with my Sony BT headphones.

So my wishlist for the iPod Nano 7th Generation:
- Built in Bluetooh
- 32GB or even 64GB memory
- Redesign the Voice Over Feature
- Show % of battery in battery meter
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on January 18, 2014
I have NEVER had an ipod last more than 18 months. My wife has gone through many ipod nanos, and because she uses them daily, they become a part of her routine. And every 14 or so months (conveniently after Apple's lame warranty expires), she starts complaining that some buttons don't work anymore and we're forced into buying another. And I'm too cheap to pay for Apple Support cause it costs too much. But aside from that, these are great iPods, and remain our favorite model despite the new ones that are out. We've decided recently to stop buying these iPods simply because of how consistently they wear down for us. Now we just use our iPhones with bluetooth headphones and we're fine with that.
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on March 25, 2014
My husband had one identical to this that he lost going through airport security (they didn't take it, it just got away from him...too much "stuff" keep track of). So he went to the local Apple store and bought the "new and improved" larger model with a larger screen, but he didn't really like it because he uses the nano to listen to music while working out or on flights, not to watch videos or films. So we looked online and found this one. The seller indicated it was used but like new, and it is. It was even shrink-wrapped in the original packaging. Works perfectly and is exactly what DH wanted. And the Apple store offered a 7-day money-back option, so he returned the larger one. He's happy!
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on July 19, 2012
Like many, unhappy about Apple doing away with the original Nano, but this was some nice features. Being able to mount as a wristwatch handy, especially when running.

Using the Gen 6 takes a bit of getting used to and beneficial to get the User Guide on the Apple website. E.g. learning how to put a Playlist on Shuffle is not very intuitive.

One negative with the design is the placement of the 2 connectors: the diameter of the standard audio connector doesn't allow an iPod connector to be used at the same time (for power). The audio connector can only use the Apple earbud connector with smaller diameter plug.

And battery life not impressive, especially when the display is on, e.g. Photos.

Took the rating down 1 notch because of these 2 deficiencies.
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on March 16, 2015
This iPod nano and still find it the most convenient model Apple ever made. I like that it is small and light as a feather so it's a perfect companion when I am doing any physical work and want to be entertained. It's also perfect for travel. The screen is easy to read. I wish we could encourage Apple to start production again on this product.
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on February 14, 2011
I was not as impressed with this model as I expected. I mostly wanted a larger storage capacity that I could afford and the Ipod Touch 4G is above my price point. The Nano does have the touch feature which is nice as well as easy to reach control buttons and easy for charging and earphone. The smaller size is great for me because I'm already carrying around 3-4 devices in my pockets. The battery lasts for a very long time and that is a great benefit. The graphite material is very slippery and there is not yet a case available to protect from dropping, screen damage and easy access without removing the case. The clip is difficult to manage. I am keeping this product because I've adapted to using it but I really want a cover that provides adequate protection from scratches and dropping.
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on February 17, 2012

It turns out that the three physical buttons on the device are (as absurd as it may sound) dependent on double-stick tape inside the device to function correctly. Even if you use the player with the utmost amount of care as I did (I never dropped it once) it will only be a matter of time before the tape eventually loses its grip and the button(s) stop responding. If the sleep button stops working then you are unable to turn the screen on and off, and when that happens you can not start or stop the audio, change tracks, or use any of its other features.

Do a Google search for "Nano 6G stuck button" and you will see numerous people are having this problem. I was lucky enough to get about a year of use before encountering this issue, but I've seen some say it has happened to them with a month or two.

I took it to an Apple store and they wanted $75 to fix the problem. They could not make any guarantee that the replacement tape would not eventually come loose and cause a repeat this issue. Fixing it yourself is not an easy task as Apple has made it very difficult to open the device up and even then you have to have a fair amount of technical knowledge to take it apart, fix the issue, and then reassemble it.

A couple additional things to note. The official tech specs for the 6G Nano state that you'll get up to 24 hours of battery life off a single charge. In the real world I got about 10-12 hours per charge using 160 VBR (Variable Bit-rate) MP3s, no EQ settings, average brightness, and low power ear buds. There's a "2X" speed option if you want to quickly listen to a lot of podcasts in a short amount of time, but when you enable it the audio actually plays at about 1.2X or so.

If you are determined to buy an iPod, please, please choose any model but the 6G Nano so you don't run into this problem.
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on July 24, 2011
My husband purchased this for me for my birthday. It was to replace my pedometer, watch, and heavier iTouch. Unfortunately, the pedometer is inaccurate - I wore it with my my very accurate pedometer, and the Nano registered only 25% of my steps. Yes, it had the radio I listen to & by buying a band, it also had the watch function, but it is the pedometer that was to be replaced, and it just didn't work out. Perhaps with Nike shoes it is more accurate, but I like my workout shoes which are not Nike.

By the way, my husband returned it to Amazon, place of purchase, and it was so easy to return: no shipping fee & full credit. This galvanized our resolve to buy more items from Amazon, rather than another site that charges for the return, and if an electronic item, less than a full refund due to restocking fees. Thanks, Amazon, for being a retailer that values its customers!
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on April 15, 2012
Finally trying to get back to just a music player and skipping all the other crap I did not need with a iPod Touch. I found the iPod Nano to be less then the perfect MP3 player. Biggest problem is how Apple thought putting a touch screen on such a small device would work? It does not. Second is the sound quality has certainly been hurt over the years of using iPods. Not sure where they cut corners. But the sound never lies. Most experts say Apple dropped the higher quality D/A converter and in its place used a not so great one. I'm sure a lot of Nano owners will never notice because they either use cheap quality ear phones or they simply don't care. Funny how Apple increased its iTunes quality of tracks but lowered the quality of the iPods?
In my opinion its sad that digital has not stayed the better sound medium. Compression, sampling rates, and poor hardware has simply erased what digital was supposed to be. Listening to my Nano as I write this I find the sound to be muffled, non spacious and lacks clarity. In the end we as music lovers have become stuck with this mediocre sound reproduction hardware.
In the end I still gave the Nano a OK rating for the fact nobody does anything better in MP3 players.
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