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Apple Magic Bluetooth Mouse (MB829LL/A)
Style: Magic Mouse|Change
Price:$74.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 16, 2015
I have had my mac for about 4 years. After the 4 years I had to replace my Magic Mouse. We decided to get another because we were use to it and it does work well. The only issues I have found with this mouse are two.


1. It eats through batteries like crazy, making the mouse much more expensive then it's original cost. That said I don't turn off my mouse so that may have something to do with it.
2. The battery back eventually came loose and would not stay on correctly.
3. I don't know if it was because of the battery back or not but the batteries were no longer making the connection it needed to work so it was losing connection constantly.


1. The sleek design fits nicely in your hand
2. Love that it doesn't have a scroll wheel
3. It does work well until it starts to wear down.

I just wish they would either use a different type of battery that last longer, or come out with a solar powered mouse :)
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on December 31, 2017
The company offering this reconditioned Apple Magic Bluetooth Mouse sent the item in excellent time, well packaged, and in superb condition. It is functioning beautifully thus far.
​I have been re-introducing myself to Apple working with the pro laptop. Therefore, I will not notice some of the drawbacks and kinks of this wireless product as more seasoned Apple users might experience.
The comparison I am noticing is switching from a non-Apple produced mouse to the Apple Magic Mouse. It is a significant relief. I was having unbearable headaches with the other devices. It was one mouse after another. So much I had to stop working out of frustration and have to accept the hardening lesson that Apple works better with Apple.
There could have been provided a few printed notes or instructions how to get started with the magic mouse. A YouTube video aided me to set it up on the MacBook Pro, and there are others on how to get the best use of it. The supplier did provide the batteries which are a kind thought.
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on June 25, 2016
This is my second magic mouse. Below are my thoughts:

Design: There simply is not a better looking mouse on the market. It is smooth and sleek. It feels great in the hand and carries Apple's signature elegant look.

Compatibility: If you have an Apple computer, this mouse is the easiest to connect. No need to plug in a bulky receiver in your USB slot. Simply turn on your bluetooth.

Function: I love the simplicity of the single glass surface. It is very intuitive. The mouse is just like having an Apple trackpad that you can move around to track things. It recognizes all of the multi-touch motions you can do on a trackpad, and tracks the mouse arrow effortlessly. I have never had a problem of the mouse sticking like cheaper mouses.

This is hands down the creme a la creme of mouses.
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on October 5, 2013
**Updated** I use this now on my macbook laptop and a R.A.T. 5 on my desktop... let me first say I have been spoiled by the RAT 5 that I use on my windows desktop. For those unfamiliar with gaming mice, RAT mice are high end contraptions with lots of buttons, extra modes, sensitivity controls on the mouse itself and some even come with customizable weight systems.

I don't really do much gaming on my mac but instead wanted better controls for the full screen apps and 2 dimensional scrolling. This mouse certainly delivers in that category. the touch inertia touch scrolling and multitouch really give it more functionality and do it in a way that's more useful on a mac than any other mouse could deliver. The weight is good and the battery life is good.

It is NOT for use in 3D apps though... at all. If you use Maya, or Cinema 4D or any other application where you regularly need the full range of navigation in 3D space- this mouse can't do it. They can make the touchpad on a macbook functional enough to navigate Maya, but not this $70 mouse? Fortunately most of the 3D work I do is on my PC desktop, and if I need to I can use maya with the touchpad. That's pretty lame though.

The other big problem is that if you're setup to use gestures extensively on the touch pad and are accustomed to that, the difference between the touchpad and mouse can be a bit disconcerting. For instance, I'm used to 3 finger swipe on the touchpad to change between fullscreen apps. On the mouse it's 2 fingers. It's not as big a mental leap as going back and forth between the regular scrolling on Windows 7 versus Mac's inverted "natural scrolling" but it is noticeable. On the touchpad 2 finger tap is a right click. On the mouse 2 finger tap does nothing. On the touchpad there are all the gestures, like 4 finger swipe up, 4 finger pinch, and all the others- they are not recognized on this mouse and as such it really can't replace the touchpad completely but instead they work together.

Overall it is less aggravating in terms of carpal tunnel as it gives you the option to perform actions in a different way. As for mice that work with OS and take advantage of the swiping, responsive touch navigation, this really is the way to go. regular mice, even the RAT mice feel incredibly restrictive on OSX after using this mouse. However, if your mac is your 3D powerhouse, avoid this thing like crazy. Get a RAT or, really any $5 mouse with 3 buttons.
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on September 20, 2016
I've been using this mouse for a few months and still haven't noticed anything necessarily magical. It has nice touch gesture capabilities and is bluetooth capable, but nothing really magical. I kept yelling commands at it but never responded, perhaps I was exaggerating the 'O' too much when pronouncing leviosa.
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on January 4, 2018
I've had so many problems with these magic mice. I love the way they work when they work. But mine always stop working. I don't understand if this is just me or other people have this problem as well. Right now I have a wired mouse hooked up to my computer and I have a magic mouse sitting next to it. I use the magic mouse to swipe between pages and the wired mouse to scroll and move around on the screen. The mouse stops tracking properly and becomes slow. I've used these on a Mac Pro and with a MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. I've changed my mouse preferences and it doesn't help. It really shouldn't be this way. It's quite frustrating and it's gotten quite expensive when you have to replace this mouse. I think Apple needs to work on the design.
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on September 6, 2013
Apple did a great job with this mouse. The fact that is connects with bluetooth and not in need of a extra usb port makes it fantastic. The touch surface works incredible over the Microsoft touch mouse and with the free program (MagicPrefs) this mouse becomes a powerhouse of possibilities. The only reason for docking the star is it does not have the best battery times, although its not the worst neither. Also I wish it were a little more comfortable in the hand, but at the same time its difficult to have a mouse you can rest your hand on and utilize the entire surface as touch sensitive. Kudos to Apple on this one.


Just shy of 2 months (58 days) my mouse batteries just gave up. I used the Advanced lithium energizer batteries for the first couple months and use my mouse an average of 6hr/day. I am satisfied with the life as it is better than my previous logitec mouse life. I purchased a couple sets of rechargeable so there wont be any battery issue but thought this might be helpful for some of you.

I have also raised my review from a 4 star to 5 stars as I learned with a couple days of using the mouse that you learn how to hold it (no hand cramps as you may think). Very functional and amazingly helpful in programs like Apples Logic Pro where I can scroll around my arrange window while performing other functions just by sliding my finger over the mouses surface. This is the only mouse to my knowledge that does this without navigating to the horizontal and vertical slide bars. This also works in safari or any other program you can think that has scroll bars.
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on June 22, 2015
I really like this mouse. I was worried about using it since I normally use a Contour RollerMouse, but I really like being able to use gestures with the mouse. I don't believe that this mouse causes any discomfort compared to a normal mouse because I don't have to constantly grip the thing to use it.

My only issue, and I can't say that it's the mouse for sure, is that it disconnects from my Mac often. I have to click a couple times for it to reconnect. It's more of an annoyance than a real problem though, so I just wanted to throw that out there.
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on January 31, 2014
Was having a hard time deciding on this one- read lots of reviews and scoured the net for all the info I could find since I'm a new macbook pro user. Honestly, your purchase should probably most rely on do you have the money versus quality. Product arrived on time, in perfect condition, in case with batteries already installed so there was no work for me. Just turn it on and start using! I've only had it for less than a day and love it! It does not work on glass which sucks because my new desk is glass top, but nothing a 7.99 mouse pad cant fix! If you have the money to spend on it I say go for it. I thought it was going to be really uncomfortable to use based on several reviews and vlogs that have mentioned this, but its really not uncomfortable to me at all. It will take some adjusting to if you're used to using a traditonally styled mouse, but its sleek and functional! Got protective casings too including a travel case and skin which will be here tomorrow- gotta protect my investments! While not in use the clear and solid built plastic casing that it comes in provides ultimate protection against scratches and dust.
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on January 11, 2013
I have been using the cyborg R.A.T. 5 for the past year or so. It is quite ergonomic and feels great in the hand. The apple mouse is held very differently. Instead of resting your entire hand on it, you just hold the mouse with the thumb on the left, and the pinky and ring finger on the right. leaving the index and middle fingers to conduct the gestures. I got it used in great condition for around $25 which was an extraordinary deal. The gestures work wonderfully but it takes a bit of practice to get used to the two-finger gestures efficiently. I've been using it for about 5 hours so far and I love it. I tried it at the apple store but was put off a bit because of the way it slid around. I know now it was because of the security attachment on the magic mouse at the apple store. I am a light user of mice and it seems like this will work perfectly for me. The tracking works very well even when i use it on carpeting. It WILL NOT work on glass without a mousepad. There is also a wireless (induction) charging oprion called the "Moabee magic charger" if you are interested. Hope this helps! :D
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