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on November 14, 2009
Okay, I will say I'm very partial to this mouse, but I'm going to try and write an objective review here for kicks. I'm going to break this down into topical sections for easy digestion.

=== Tracking ===
Tracking is, surprisingly for a Bluetooth mouse, superbly smooth in everyday use. (I'm not an FPS gamer, so I can't comment on the performance for twitch gaming.) Pointer movement is very smooth and consistent, as with the best corded and non-BT cordless mice. Also, in my tests, the mouse tracked perfectly on a white laminate table and a brushed aluminum table -- both difficult surfaces for many laser and optical mice.

Many reviewers have complained that the tracking is too slow, even at the highest speed setting. Although I haven't experienced this problem, I believe it is real for those people; but I think it must be a problem that is specific to their particular software and/or hardware environment, by no means a universal problem. (The Magic Mice at the Apple Stores I've been to have not manifested it.) These users may find relief with a new third-party freeware called BetterTouchTool, which has a greater range of mouse speed adjustment than Apple's prefpane -- more on BetterTouchTool below.

=== Scrolling ===
The touch-based scrolling is a revelation. I leave the momentum option on, and scrolling through long web pages is a dream. So smooth! The scrolling action is similar to dragging the slider on a scroll bar, rather than clicking the up/down scroll buttons as it is with most other mice. After having used the Magic Mouse and its amazing scrolling talents for a couple of weeks, when I'm now forced to use conventional mice, the scrolling feels jumpy and crude. That said, I do sometimes miss the feel of turning a physical scroll wheel. I'd say that a physical wheel might provide more predictable scrolling. But the nearly pixel-precise scrolling action of the Magic Mouse just feels really luxurious. The only thing I would ask Apple to improve is to let users adjust the "friction" of the momentum scrolling with a slider in the prefpane. I would reduce the friction a bit.

=== Buttons/Configurability ===
As you will know already, this is a one-button mouse that can be used as a two-button mouse thanks to smart software. I have experienced zero problems with the mouse distinguishing between left and right clicks. It is true that the mouse does not recognize right clicks when your index finger is resting on the mouse. This hasn't been a problem for me at all, because for some reason I naturally lift my index finger slightly when I start pushing down with my middle finger. The other thing that is widely known is that there is no provision for middle clicks or other actions besides the ones mentioned in the product literature. Apple really has a lot of room for improvement in the device driver in this area.

But what is perhaps less known is that there is an excellent little freeware third-party app called BetterTouchTool (for OS X only) that addresses these shortcomings very well. For example, you can map a three-finger tap to Expose or any key combination. It is an absolute must. The app is still in a very early development phase and is frequently updated (sometimes several times in one day), and there are several features yet to be fully implemented, but already it has removed all cause for complaint about lack of configurability, as far as I'm concerned.

=== Ergonomics ===
The mouse's shape takes some getting used to. It's very low, which discourages resting your palm on it (or wrapping your whole hand around it). The sharp edges also detract from holding this mouse as you would rounder ones. The optimum way I've found to hold this mouse is to lightly grip its sides, with my thumb on one side, my ring finger and pinkie on the other, and my palm making no contact with the top. This is easy to do because the sides curve inward from top to bottom, providing a sure grip. It's a sort of dainty way to hold the mouse, but it works, and it also minimizes accidental scrolling, which happens sometimes when you inadvertently touch the top. As a bonus, the aluminum sides provide a nice, cool sensation to the fingertips when you grab it again after letting it rest for a while.

Another ergonomic quibble I have is that the smooth plastic top of the mouse produces too much friction when my fingers are not perfectly dry. The textured glass of Apple's latest trackpads is much better in this regard. As a workaround, I have taken to putting a little light oil on the mouse top to reduce this friction and make scrolling easier.

=== Conclusion ===
This is an unusual and innovative mouse that unfortunately demands some adjustment in usage habits to get the best results, but then rewards you with superior functionality -- especially with an assist from some third-party software.
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on August 8, 2012
Bought this Apple Magic Mouse as "used - like new" for about $45. It really looked mint new when received it. Apparently, the previous owner barely used it -- probably because the previous owner just wanted to continue using a regular double-button-with-the-middle-wheel mouse or probably wanted a nice gaming mouse. Well, that turned out to be good for me since have always liked the Apple Magic Mouse when having used it on another mac, but didn't want to spend the full $70 to get one. So, in the meanwhile have been happily using a cheap wired mouse until recently when all sorts of cables started cluttering up my work area where my Macbook resides most of the time. So, got the Apple Magic Mouse to get rid of the mouse cable. Oh, one thing that you will have to get used to is the lower profile of the Apple Magic Mouse since this mouse is not as tall as a regular mouse. Also, if you are used to doing the right click on a regular mouse, then you'll have to go into System Preferences, click Mouse, and check the box for Secondary Click to get the right click to work. And while you're in there, you may want to increase the tracking speed also. And since you're in System Preferences, also go click into Bluetooth, click Advanced, and UNCHECK the box for "Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer" -- my thinking is that since can tap on the keyboard on my Macbook to wake it up then unchecking the wake-up setting will probably at least help a little bit to conserve the battery when the Apple Magic Mouse is asleep. There is also some software called MagicPrefs that other users have talked about, but these settings on the mac seem to be good enough for me at the moment. And so, this Apple Magic Mouse seems to be a good purchase and really looks like a cool device to have.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 23, 2012
I've purchased a lot of mouse devices over the past few years and have never found the perfect one at any price. This Apple Magic Mouse is fairly perfect in terms of function yet not in ergonomics. It's not actually bad ergonomically, just not perfect in my experience.

What I love about the Magic Mouse is the truly accurate and fast motion wirelessly. I like the options and use all of them, from System Preferences. Still, I have the latest Trackpad and love that. There are some things I still like to do with a mouse that I don't think are ideal for Trackpad, so I always have both.

This mouse is flat and not that big although not one of the small ones that are disasters ergonomically. I'd just like it to be bigger, as it's well-established that a bigger mouse is better ergonomically. I know Apple wanted to offer a portable mouse, otherwise I'd bet it would be more ergonomic.

I recommend this mouse knowing that the price is higher than for most. Like other Apple products, the value is there. It's better than alternatives.
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I'll grant that Magic Mouse is another example of Apple's superior design, but that edge doesn't necessarily translate to the user who relies upon this mouse. First of all, you'll need to hang on to your wired mouse (I know--Amazon reviewers suggest that it's anathema, but Apple fetishists can be an odd lot) for at least two reasons: 1. the wireless mouse can't be set up without the initial employment of the old-fashioned wired one; 2. the battery life of the wireless mouse is anything but miraculous let alone "magic." I suspect I'm not the only user who forgets to turn it off after each use, resulting in the need for battery replacement practically every month. Moreover, replacing the batteries interrupts whatever you're doing at the keyboard and sometimes necessitates extended periods waiting for the mouse to re-establish a connection. There are other, admittedly minor issues, that I won't even go into (see some other reviews about the problems of clicking the mouse in the middle rather than the left or right side of the un-demarcated surface). Suffice it to say that, unless you're one of the digital artists who makes use of all of the finger-touch, motion-sensing capabilities of the mouse (much like the surface of a Macbook Air), the more practical, fail-safe solution is a wired mouse with a wired keyboard. And guess what? You've actually gained an additional USB port, since the wired mouse can be plugged into one of the two USB ports on the end of the wired keyboard (there are no such ports on the wireless Apple keyboard).
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on January 16, 2015
I'm a computing engineer, and use the mouse 20% - 25% of the time, because I prefer keyboard shortcuts
Even in this way, with low mouse usage, it's VERY uncomfortable. It seems like the manufacturer NEVER have tested this mouse for 1 or 2 hours
Since it is very small, it creates a big space between the hand and the mouse, that becomes in a pain in few hours (pictures attached)

If you want an expensive beautiful uncomfortable mouse, this is the one. Otherwise choose an ergonomic one (probably cheaper)

- Bluetooth
- Multitouch

All mentioned
review image review image review image review image review image
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on March 21, 2015
I am an Apple Fanboy and I can honestly say this mouse is absolute garbage. It rarely behaves and reacts like you would expect. It continuously drops the bluetooth signal and when it does connect, the motion of movement is jerky, jumpy, and sporadic. I am beyond my return window so I'm stuck with this $70 paper weight. Don't buy this, you'll only get frustrated.
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on April 24, 2017
Does any one else have this trouble with the sideways scrolling? It won't scroll sideways. This is my 2nd mouse with the same issue. It gets stuck. I've changed settings to fast and to slow. I've moved it closer to the laptop. I've toggled other settings. If you have a large monitor and you need to scroll across the screen, then this is not the mouse for you. The good is that it charges easily with the lightening charger that you use for your phone. The bad is that you are out of a mouse while it charges. It also does not fold up well for travel.
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I like that I only need to move this mouse to move the cursor on the screen. Duh, its what a mouse should do, right? My comment relates to the fact that I can use the mouse by simply sliding my fingers over it, without even moving the mouse. Scroll down the page, just gently swipe on the top of the mouse in an upward direction and the page scrolls down. I know its simple, but it really is a great design and a great design should be simple and effortless.

The mouse is also very clean looking. No lines or buttons that could gather dust or dirt. Just a smooth, white surface. Right click, left click, all done from the one piece top surface of the mouse and it knows what you want.
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on June 3, 2015
Okay I want to five star this, because it is the best mouse I've ever used. But for two things about it that will be a bother to owners. One: the battery cover which after a few years of replacing the batteries will get warped at the latch and the latch no longer will work, which is why folks sell the latch cover as a replacement part. Two: the bottom black sliders which can come off after a few years. Other than that it is far and any the best mouse I've ever used.

I use a dental rubber tip to clean the crevice along the side, which can get debris in it which makes the cursor movement sticky.
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on January 31, 2017
Some cosmetic scratches on the top, but other than that, it is good as new. Linked right up to my Macbook.

The magic mouse is the best bluetooth computer mouse on the planet for everyday use, bar none. Precise, elegant, stylish, and has the Apple touch sensitivity like their MBP trackpads do. Batteries last forever. This is why people love Apple products--like the iPhone and Macbook, this just works.
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