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on November 14, 2009
Okay, I will say I'm very partial to this mouse, but I'm going to try and write an objective review here for kicks. I'm going to break this down into topical sections for easy digestion.

=== Tracking ===
Tracking is, surprisingly for a Bluetooth mouse, superbly smooth in everyday use. (I'm not an FPS gamer, so I can't comment on the performance for twitch gaming.) Pointer movement is very smooth and consistent, as with the best corded and non-BT cordless mice. Also, in my tests, the mouse tracked perfectly on a white laminate table and a brushed aluminum table -- both difficult surfaces for many laser and optical mice.

Many reviewers have complained that the tracking is too slow, even at the highest speed setting. Although I haven't experienced this problem, I believe it is real for those people; but I think it must be a problem that is specific to their particular software and/or hardware environment, by no means a universal problem. (The Magic Mice at the Apple Stores I've been to have not manifested it.) These users may find relief with a new third-party freeware called BetterTouchTool, which has a greater range of mouse speed adjustment than Apple's prefpane -- more on BetterTouchTool below.

=== Scrolling ===
The touch-based scrolling is a revelation. I leave the momentum option on, and scrolling through long web pages is a dream. So smooth! The scrolling action is similar to dragging the slider on a scroll bar, rather than clicking the up/down scroll buttons as it is with most other mice. After having used the Magic Mouse and its amazing scrolling talents for a couple of weeks, when I'm now forced to use conventional mice, the scrolling feels jumpy and crude. That said, I do sometimes miss the feel of turning a physical scroll wheel. I'd say that a physical wheel might provide more predictable scrolling. But the nearly pixel-precise scrolling action of the Magic Mouse just feels really luxurious. The only thing I would ask Apple to improve is to let users adjust the "friction" of the momentum scrolling with a slider in the prefpane. I would reduce the friction a bit.

=== Buttons/Configurability ===
As you will know already, this is a one-button mouse that can be used as a two-button mouse thanks to smart software. I have experienced zero problems with the mouse distinguishing between left and right clicks. It is true that the mouse does not recognize right clicks when your index finger is resting on the mouse. This hasn't been a problem for me at all, because for some reason I naturally lift my index finger slightly when I start pushing down with my middle finger. The other thing that is widely known is that there is no provision for middle clicks or other actions besides the ones mentioned in the product literature. Apple really has a lot of room for improvement in the device driver in this area.

But what is perhaps less known is that there is an excellent little freeware third-party app called BetterTouchTool (for OS X only) that addresses these shortcomings very well. For example, you can map a three-finger tap to Expose or any key combination. It is an absolute must. The app is still in a very early development phase and is frequently updated (sometimes several times in one day), and there are several features yet to be fully implemented, but already it has removed all cause for complaint about lack of configurability, as far as I'm concerned.

=== Ergonomics ===
The mouse's shape takes some getting used to. It's very low, which discourages resting your palm on it (or wrapping your whole hand around it). The sharp edges also detract from holding this mouse as you would rounder ones. The optimum way I've found to hold this mouse is to lightly grip its sides, with my thumb on one side, my ring finger and pinkie on the other, and my palm making no contact with the top. This is easy to do because the sides curve inward from top to bottom, providing a sure grip. It's a sort of dainty way to hold the mouse, but it works, and it also minimizes accidental scrolling, which happens sometimes when you inadvertently touch the top. As a bonus, the aluminum sides provide a nice, cool sensation to the fingertips when you grab it again after letting it rest for a while.

Another ergonomic quibble I have is that the smooth plastic top of the mouse produces too much friction when my fingers are not perfectly dry. The textured glass of Apple's latest trackpads is much better in this regard. As a workaround, I have taken to putting a little light oil on the mouse top to reduce this friction and make scrolling easier.

=== Conclusion ===
This is an unusual and innovative mouse that unfortunately demands some adjustment in usage habits to get the best results, but then rewards you with superior functionality -- especially with an assist from some third-party software.
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on August 8, 2010
I've given up using this expensive mouse for two reasons.
1. Regardless of the settings, I've found it scrolling when I didn't want it to.
2. In avoiding accidental scrolling, I feel pain in my hand, because I can't rest my hand on the mouse without it scrolling.
It's a circular problem.
I really wish Apple released a Mighty Mouse with an optical scroll ball, instead of that horrible mechanical one, that is so unreliable.

My Magic Mouse was saved from being given away, by a piece of software called MagicPrefs, It allows you to set the active scrolling area. I set mine to a 1/2-inch strip between the left & right 'button areas' and, from the center to the top of the mouse. I can now rest my hand on the mouse properly, and there is no pain. Apple should have included software to do this, as the mouse is quite good to use with MagicPrefs. The software allows you to add tons of gestures to the MM and have it do all kinds of fun things, but all I really wanted was to reduce the size of the scrolling area.
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on January 16, 2015
I'm a computing engineer, and use the mouse 20% - 25% of the time, because I prefer keyboard shortcuts
Even in this way, with low mouse usage, it's VERY uncomfortable. It seems like the manufacturer NEVER have tested this mouse for 1 or 2 hours
Since it is very small, it creates a big space between the hand and the mouse, that becomes in a pain in few hours (pictures attached)

If you want an expensive beautiful uncomfortable mouse, this is the one. Otherwise choose an ergonomic one (probably cheaper)

- Bluetooth
- Multitouch

All mentioned
review image review image review image review image review image
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on November 25, 2009
After having this for a few weeks now and the novelty of it has worn off I can say it's an OK mouse. Not great, just OK. The scrolling action on it just rules. I keep using it just for that. There is a hack to make the momentum scrolling work in 10.5, do a quick google search and you can find it. The bluetooth does have quirks. Sometimes the mouse will just disconnect and I have to turn it off and back on to continue using it. The overall feel of mouse is odd. It is really low and it just never feels right in the hand. Also, it does require a lot of pressure to click. I'm used to barely clicking and you gotta push this down with some authority. It's not a gaming mouse by any means. I'm going to keep using this until I can find something that fits my hand better.
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on April 12, 2011
I'll start with the pros on this one, which are not enough to outweigh its cons. Not for me.


1. Really good looking, elegant, clean design, nice weight.
2. Multi-touch is great, almost the entirety of the surface is touch sensible (Apple logo and up is multi-touch).
3. Bluetooth is great as you don't need a USB dongle plugged in all the time. No problem on pairing or responsiveness, it does take, however, like 2 or 3 seconds to connect every time I wake my Mac from Sleep, but not an issue.


1. Stupid vertical cheap plastic strips runs from almost all along the downside of the mouse creating a lot of friction on surfaces so it does not glide as smoothly as it should. This creates a lot of noise when scrolling and it feels too harsh when moving around, friction apparently is enough that it just degraded my wood desk's varnish. I managed to cut the excess plastic from the strips but it still too harsh. I hate using mouse pads so that is not an option.
2. Slow tracking is annoying, even on maximum speed setting it still too slow on my Unibody 15", it is unbearable on a 27" iMac.
3. Battery life seems short, I need to recharge batteries every 3 weeks when I'm used to charging batteries every 2 or 3 months on other mice.
4. It is, considered the cons an extremely overpriced mouse, I normally don't complain about the price of my gear, but this one I cannot justify the price (Its $60 on the US, but I live in Mexico, so I paid $1,100 pesos or $90 USD, even worse I bought 3 of them).

* Conclusion

This one got my hopes really high when I first used it at a Mac Store, looked gorgeous and clean (no annoying LEDS or buttons everywhere), multi-touch and bluetooth great, judged too fast and bought one for each Mac. Months later they annoyed the hell out of me. It is not justifiable for a tech company like Apple (or any) to make really simple but bad design glitches, it fails at the very basic stuff you expect from a mouse, roll smoothly and track fast and precise, that's why I gave it a one star rating.

Now I have 4 Apple Magic Mice (1 came with my iMac 27") at home doing nothing but standing by for the next garage sale or eBay auction. I went to a store the other night and bought some Logitech's and Microsoft mice considerably cheaper, they're not that good looking but they track as fast and precise as I like, they roll smooth and silent as butter over every surface (wood, cloth, metal, skin, dog, bacon, bread or whatever you like to use your mouse over).
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on November 11, 2009
If you use a mouse 10+ hours a day it should be comfortable.

This mouse is not.

When using a mouse you should rest the palm of your hand. Not arch it. Also the mouse it very thin grip with my thumb and pinkie finger every time I need to scroll. If you don't grip when you try to scroll the mouse will slide down under your hand and get away from you because it is too light and very smooth bottom.

Maybe I don't like it because I have large hands, if you have small hands let me know if this is different for you. Right now I use Logitech G9 and a Microsoft Natural Mouse. Both are wide and very comfortable to use for an extended period of time. You hands sit naturally unlike with the Apple Magic Mouse. The G9 and the MS Natural Mouse are the best ever and I would recommend either of those over this. I prefer the G9 scroll wheel because it is indent or 'clicks' when scrolling. Which is very good in games for rotating your guns or photoshop when moving around a image. Lets you fell your position, unlike this virtual scrolling. If you closed your eye you would have no clue how far you scrolled.

Software installed quick and easy. I had to turn up the Tracking to 'Fast' because of my large monitor and slow default tracking. Was surprised secondary click was off by default, and turned that on.

Will keep testing it, but after a few hours I don't think I can stand using it and will get a refund.
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on May 20, 2011
I had this mouse for over 6 months and it worked flawlessly (except for the battery door which always manages to fall off). Suddenly it would no longer work. I tried 10 sets of new batteries and the mouse would not turn on. So I figure OK, "I'll call Apple and get it fixed under Warranty". Here is what Apple tells me "sir Apple products not purchased from the Apple store are not covered under warranty, please contact your retailer." I told Apple "so the documentation included with the mouse which specifically states "This item is covered for up to one year ....." is a lie?". Apple left me hanging and said "sorry sir". Honestly, I will never even consider buying an Apple product again. It is clear to me why people are scammed into buying additional Apple Care Warranties for Apple products. Its because their one year warranties are a bunch of lies and you need to buy a special iWarranty to be treated as a customer.

There is a bright side to this story. I contacted with the details of my Apple Case #. exchanged the mouse for me and showed concern regarding Apple products being rejected for warranty service. you rock! products, services, and warranties have never failed me, and guess what I've never had to pay for extra customer service. just gets it. A happy customer is a repeat customer.
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on March 21, 2015
I am an Apple Fanboy and I can honestly say this mouse is absolute garbage. It rarely behaves and reacts like you would expect. It continuously drops the bluetooth signal and when it does connect, the motion of movement is jerky, jumpy, and sporadic. I am beyond my return window so I'm stuck with this $70 paper weight. Don't buy this, you'll only get frustrated.
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on November 2, 2009
After getting the chance to use this mouse for a full day, I can say that it was well worth the wait. As a die-hard apple fan, I have grown fond of the mighty mouse - now called the apple mouse - but the one thing that I loathed was the scroll ball located on top of the mouse. After only hours of use, gunk would build up rendering the scroll useless unless you wanted to perform mouse surgery using an exacto knife. Through incorporation of multi-touch technology, Apple has eliminated this problem, and created a device which is truly revolutionary.

I, like many, was worried about the ergonomics of the mouse given its low profile however I am happy to report that I have been quite pleased at how solid it feels in my hands and the overall ergonomics of the device. I also have not had any troubles with scroll or tracking speed, in fact I've found them to be significantly better than the mighty mouse. I also have not had to adjust either of these settings higher as others have said, the magic mouse truly worked straight out of the box with no adjustments. All in all, this mouse was well worth the wait and I can only imagine the possibilities future updates will bring in terms of gesture support!
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on September 1, 2010
First i should mention that i think i have somewhat unusual taste in mouses. Both Mac and Windows users have complained endlessly about Apple mouses for years and years, but my two favourite mouses are Apple-made. My first favourite is the Mighty Mouse (which was almost perfect), and my second favourite (which will probably tell you even more about me) is the hockey puck that came with the original iMacs. In general i prefer small, simple, ambidextrous mouses -- i hate those big hardcore Logitech and Microsoft ones that gamers use, for example. So, anyway, you should probably read my review with all that in mind.

When the Magic Mouse first came out, i liked where they were going, but was ultimately disappointed for two reasons: (1) no middle-click and (2) no Exposé button. Since i spend the vast majority of my computer time in a Web browser, middle-click is very important to me. It wasn't until my wired Mighty Mouse's scroll ball died (again) and third-party Magic Mouse utilities were mature that i decided to go for the Magic Mouse -- so i'm pretty late to get mine.

The first thing i did of course was install BetterTouchTool, because Apple's preference utility, whilst adequate for most basic users, is no-where near configurable enough for my liking. Using BTT i was able to add middle-click functionality (so far i'm leaning toward the 'Two Finger TipTap Middle' gesture as my preferred middle-click method, but it also lets you set a physical middle-click similar to the Mighty Mouse), as well as an Exposé gesture.

Having that in place, i was able to start using the mouse 'normally', and these are my observations:


- It's much lighter than the Mighty Mouse -- or at least it feels that way, i haven't actually weighed it or anything. This is a pretty big deal to me, because, having gone from the wired Mighty Mouse to the wireless one, i found the added weight of the latter to be very fatiguing to my hand.

- Turning the mouse on and off is far easier than it is on the wireless Mighty Mouse. On the latter, you have to move a switch that covers the laser -- this switch is mostly flush with the bottom, which makes it hard to get traction, and it's very difficult to move on top of that. As a result i've found turning the Mighty Mouse on/off to be extremely tedious. The new mouse is not like that -- the switch on the bottom is super easy to toggle.

- The tracking is fantastic. My primary complaint with the wireless Mighty Mouse was that its tracking felt wrong somehow in comparison to the wired one. A test i used to determine this was to attempt drawing a perfect circle on the screen with each mouse. On the wired mouse -- and the Magic Mouse -- drawing a round circle is no problem at all. On the wireless Mighty Mouse, the tracking just didn't work as well, which resulted in a circle that was always flattened.

- No more scroll ball to clean! I really liked having a physical scroll ball on the Mighty Mouse, but it needed constant maintenance to keep it working properly. The scrolling on the Magic Mouse is almost perfect (i do miss having full 360-degree scrolling, but it's not that bad), and there are no moving parts to deal with.

- The basic features function exactly as expected. I never have any issues with right-clicks being detected as left-clicks or vice versa, and as mentioned the scrolling works great. BetterTouchTool's added features do present a tiny bit more of a challenge, because certain gestures can be interpreted differently, but you just have to use the right ones.


- Obviously a major con is that you have fewer buttons out of the box than the Mighty Mouse had. You'll need BetterTouchTool or MagicPrefs if you want a middle-click.

- Related to the above, it takes a little bit of getting used to before you can comfortably use the added features provided by BTT. The learning curve is no-where near as easy as the Mighty Mouse's.

- As far as i can tell, it's not possible to run the Magic Mouse on only one battery, as it was with the wireless Mighty Mouse. It's too bad, because i really value lightness in a mouse.

- The profile of the Mighty Mouse, as mentioned in other reviews, is very low. It's probably the lowest mouse i've ever used. On the one hand, this helps to prevent accidental triggering of the touch gestures, but on the other hand it is very difficult to get used to, and is noticeably more fatiguing to the hand than either Mighty Mouse was. I would have been willing to accept the added weight if they had made the mouse like 5 mm taller.

- As with the Mighty Mouse, the Magic Mouse is not intended for gamers. Although it is possible to do some interesting things with BetterTouchTool, including assigning macros or hot keys to mouse gestures, i think you will have more problems overall if you're playing fast-paced games. A common complaint is accidental scrolling, which causes the weapons to change in an FPS.

- Lastly, on a related note to the above, the mouse is currently not very fun to use on Windows or Linux, since Apple don't provide full-featured drivers for those systems. Maybe someone will write their own though.

Overall i do like it; my main complaints are the height of the mouse (which is too low) and the weight of the mouse (which is still too heavy -- but this is an inherent problem with all wireless mouses).

edited 2010/09/04:
I've been using the mouse a few more days now and i've found or confirmed a few flaws:

1. The low profile is indeed more fatiguing. I think it's becoming easier to deal with as i use it more, but the first day of use resulted in some hardcore wrist pain :/

2. I've found middle-click a little more difficult than i first realised. The lack of a physical scroll ball makes it hard to put your finger in the right spot for a physical middle-click, so i've had to improvise, as mentioned in the third paragraph up at the top of this review. This works, but it requires a fair bit of concentration; it's no longer effortless like middle-clicking on the Mighty Mouse was.

3. Another major issue is scrolling. I mentioned before that the gesture detection is very accurate -- unfortunately when it comes to scrolling (or 'swiping'), it's TOO accurate. There is very little, if any, 'accidental scrolling detection'. The problem with this is that the very very slight natural movements of the finger tips that occur when my hand is resting on the mouse are detected as scroll gestures, and as a result documents and Web pages constantly jitter up and down by a few pixels when i'm reading them. This is very irritating as you can imagine, and there doesn't seem to be a way to change the sensitivity, even within BTT.

As a result i've downgraded my score from 4/5 to 3/5.

I think my dream mouse would be a Mighty Mouse with the following modifications:

- (partially) aluminium, instead of all plastic
- bottom 'chassis' identical to the one on the Magic Mouse (including laser, battery cover, and on/off switch)
- improved tracking
- optical scroll ball instead of a mechanical one -- with 'accident' detection and adjustable sensitivity

For now i will be stuck between the two :(
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