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on September 23, 2016
Since new Apple computers lack one of my favorite programs-iDVD, I bought this before it is completely unavailable. I would rather not use other third party software for my videos. Also I'm very literate in this version of iMovie and wish to keep on using it even though it is the "older version". "New" does not necessarily mean better.
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on February 18, 2010
If you bought a Mac anytime recently, you should already have a version of iLife as most Macs come with it. This includes iPhoto for weak photo editing and gallery creation (like Google's Picasa), GarageBand for music production, iWeb for posting your media/life to the web, iMovie for video editing and iDVD for burning to a DVD.

Most of these are decent apps. GarageBand is well considered, and if you want to do video podcasts, iMovie is okay. It's not as powerful as Final Cut (Pro/Express), but pretty good. iDVD is not a great DVD writer, but it does the job. Here are some of the limitations in iLife 09:

iWeb doesn't let you edit the page theme (template) HTML in any meaningful way, and you can't create new templates.

iMovie does not have any fancy effects. Previous versions did; they were removed in 08.

iMovie does not integrate well to iDVD - you must "Share" media between them, which can take 4x real time on a current-version MacBook laptop.

iDVD cannot set arbitrary chapter markers. (You do that in iMovie.) To set Titles, you must import the clips separately. But iMovie can't "Share to iDVD" more than one clip at a time so you have to do non-standard stuff for that.

(This means that if you want to put video onto DVD, e.g. from your camera or digitized from your VCR, you must import it into iMovie - takes a long time and transcodes - do the editing, chapter markers, etc., - and then export to iDVD which again takes a long time and does more quality-reducing transcoding, create the menus and structure, and then burn it - another set of transcoding. Very time consuming and lots of transcoding.)

Most of these programs support "Themes", but the Themes aren't easily editable.

iDVD does not support BluRay.

In fairness, the primary video alternatives are programs like Roxio's Toast and "DVD Creator", neither of which support real editing or manual chapter markers at all and have less impressive menu structures. But both of those do support BluRay.

So the real question isn't whether iLife is useful, but whether an upgrade from iLife 08 (or whatever version you have) to iLife 09 is worth the cost.
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on March 27, 2016
This is, to the best of my knowledge, the last version of iLife that runs on a Mac PowerPC. A lot of us still use these! I'm typing on a Mac G5 right now.
Although specific programs have their own requirements, the minimum configuration is said to be OSX 1.5.6+ (Leopard goes to 10.5.8) and QuickTime 7.5.5 on a G5 or 867 MHz+ G4. iMovie wants around 2.0 GHz plus. HD video 1 GB+.
I'm running OSX 10.5.8 and Quicktime 7.5.5, on a G5 Model PowerPC 7,2 with dual 1.8 GHz PPC processors, 5.5 GB RAM and an ATI Radeon 9800 graphics card with 256 MB video memory running an Apple 23" Cinema HD monitor. So far, no hitches in the video. I reversed a nearly 500 MB MP4 that took over two minutes to load in final form, played it back smooth as silk. No prob. (Processing took much longer, BTW.)
So - IMHO, the 2009 iLife on the recommended platform is eminently useable.
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on July 15, 2015
Bought this just for iDVD, and it's wonderful to have iDVD back on my computer. Makes DVD creation so much easier. Can't imagine why Apple discontinued this great product.
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on January 17, 2016
I needed to buy this in order to burn DVD's on my macbook pro. My computer did not come with the programs i needed, so it was a huge help to find this :) It has the 2 programs i needed plus 3 extras.
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on September 23, 2009
iPhoto 09
60% accurate at even finding a Face on the page, even if the face is huge and obvious.
of those, it has about a 50% chance of Identifying it as someone KNOWN.
Of Those, it has a 90% chance of Identifying them correctly.
So, if you Click FACES, and click Tom (whatever name), then look at the "please confirm" list, you will be amazed. It's
about 90% accurate in who it thinks is Tom.
But... if you then go through your photos, you will find at least 70% of the pictures with Tom in them, either have no box around the face, or have it listed as "Unknown Face".
It's a cool feature, but it's a lot of work going through 10,000 + photos. It almost never recognizes profile or 3/4 shots.

iMovie 09
It's strange, but a LOT of the user friendly stuff you got used to in the past, are gone.
The first time you load it, it takes forever. It loads in every movie you ever took in iPhoto.
There is no SAVE command. Or even SAVE AS. It saves as you go, so no backups.
It freezes at the cuts, so you'll never know what your film actually looks like until you export it, and this is not a memory issue. I have 3 Gigs of RAM, and I was doing a 30 second film.
Good thing is that is ADDs iMovie 09 to your system. IT leaves iMovie HD alone, so you can use both.
No more Drag n Drop. That's gone. Why? Don't know. just is.
You can not just drag videos from your desk top to the clips panel. You have to use the menu, and IMPORT.
You can not simply COPY a clip you are using, and paste it again in your video. You must grab the original clip from your clips and re-cut it to the same length, apply FX, etc. I had a bouncing ball I wanted looped. Same for Text. Can't just grab text you liked on one section and paste over another.
Text has been reduced to iMove 1 levels. You can only use about 10 text types for most text displays. In the past you could move them around, change the style, etc. Not any more. One text selection has a bold large text, then a smaller SHADOWED text. You can not turn the shadow off, nor add a shadow the the other text.
Transitions are also lame. If you have a shot you want to fade to black over 3 seconds, then fade from black on the next shot in 1 second, you can't. All transitions affect BOTH clips. You can not just affect one.
It's great that we can now scrub sound, and the presission editor is pretty cool, but those don't make up for what was taken away.
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on October 3, 2015
Unfortunately This is the only way to get your hands on this useful Apple software.collection Apple is wrong on this one ! We all need DVD 's for Archiving :)
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on October 10, 2013
My brand new Mac Mini came without iDVD and iWeb, so I purchased this specifically for those 2 programs. It installed without a hitch on Mountain Lion 10.8.4, no problems with expired certificates or clock resets needed. I bought the '09 version instead of the '11 version because I'm told neither program changed between '09 and '11, and the '11 doesn't include all the DVD templates in iDVD. If you start with '09 you get the older DVD templates, and then you install program updates from Apple's site to get the newer templates as well, plus the updates for iWeb.
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on August 1, 2016
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on February 19, 2013
I needed to get the new version of iWeb which is now obsolete, but I still use it as my webpage design program. I also was happy to upgrade iMovie because it has a nice slow motion option the previous version lacked. Pretty sad that iWeb is no longer being supported at Apple. The other programs I hardly use and Garage Band is great for making ringtones when I had an iPhone and making some mixes or unique music songs. Fun stuff. I never have used iDvd or much of iPhoto though on occasion I use it for creating folders with events on it. I stop using it because mobileme no longer was working to create the photo galleries it would sync on a website or integrated to iWeb so it became pointless to use other than I guess some people can use it to organize their photos.
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