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on February 20, 2012
I'm currently using my Cinema display monitor on my PC with dual AMD HD6970 gpus. I had to upgrade from my old 5xxx series gpus since they didn't have mini display ports built in. I tried to use all the dvi adapters I could find, but the older AMD video cards wouldn't support the dvi adapters either. Ultimately, for the extra cost of the adapters ($99-$149), it was well worth just upgrading to a newer video card and selling the old ones. I believe all AMD 6xxx series and newer cards will have mini-display port standard. I don't have an Nvidia card so I can't comment on those, but I believe most will have display port and you just need the standard to mini adapter for fairly cheap.

The monitor simply plugs into the mini-display port on my first video card and into a usb drive. A 2nd wire plugs into the wall for power. The monitor works perfectly in Windows 7 x64. The camera, microphone, and speakers work right out of the box with no fiddling or software to install. The only catch is you have to have a mac product to adjust the brightness or light sensing. I just had a friend come over with his macbook, so we could set the brightness to where I wanted and turned off the light sensor. The monitor remembers the settings even after being unplugged.

The monitor is beautiful. Great contrast, dark shadows, great colors. I can't really detect any ghosting or lag. My friend said he can sense just a little bit of ghosting on battlefield 3. But he said it was very minimal and prob the best he had seen on a large non gaming monitor. The monitor is affected by glare, so keep that in mind in a bright room. It also shows spots and dirt fairly easily, but is very simple to clean. Love the resolution, no more need to run dual monitors to run apps, browsers, and spreadsheet at the same time anymore.

It works. Looks fine, but doesn't have any way of adjusting zoom, pan or anything like that on a PC. Not sure if that's available in mac os. The device manager will show that the camera isn't working right, but ignore it. Its just looking for a driver that doesn't exist, the default windows driver works fine.

Might be a little too good. I has a range that it picks up very well and can be a bit loud to people on the other end. A spoon clanking a bowl or a microwave beep comes across very loud, even from my kitchen on a different floor of the house. Had people tell me "bless you" when my wife sneezed from our bedroom on the 3rd floor.

I'm a speaker snob. I've gone through a lot of desktop computer speakers and I pretty much hate em all. The monitor doesn't sound great by any means... but it sounds decent, and it doesn't take any space. No ugly boxes or clutter of wires. It was one of the strongest points for this monitor. If I want better sound I just use my headphone/amp/dac setup. Media controls and volume DO work. Both the sound slider on the os and the volume knob and media buttons on my keyboard. It worked fine with my logitech slim, my ms sidewinder and a generic usb keyboard.

Top notch. It's built like a tank, looks professional and stylish. You'll never see any other monitor in a home decor or style magazine for good reason. Doesn't wobble, very sturdy, plugs are all very secure. Unfortunately there is no height adjustment and the monitor doesn't rotate, you just turn the whole thing.

I love this monitor. It looks great on or off. It gave me back a ton of desktop space (from multiple monitors + speakers + wires) and just works flawlessly in everything it's supposed to do. People complaining about price don't really have any other choice. A good accurate 27" monitor + speakers + mic + camera + usb hub doesn't exist except here. You will spend more piecing it out with other hardware and trying to be on the same level of performance and it will look like crap.

FYI, I have my monitor connected to some 6 foot extension wires to reach a computer in the adjacent room. There have been no problems running mini-dp, usb, and power through the extra long wires.
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on December 30, 2012
Excellent display with one major problem, dust inside the display. Not the dust behind the protective glass panel, but inside the display panel itself. It started showing after aprox. 6 months of use and had problems to activate Apple Care, because serial number of my display was non existing, at least that's what Apple told me?
Aside from dust issues, picture quality is as perfect as it gets. Very, very sharp, color is perfect out of the box, and viewing angles are great. Hope they fixed the dust issue with the new Thunderbolt Display, but since it can't be connected to the Mac Pro or any other Mac without Thunderbold port, it's kind of useless...
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on October 18, 2015
This particular model is compatible with PCs because it uses a mini displayport connection which cannot be found in the new Apple Thunderbolt display. They have the same panel and look exactly the same. The screen does not have an anti-reflective coating which are found in Dell and many competitors. Some would probably care about that but I think it is one of the best things about it because the colors pop and the texts are sharper. Just move the monitor so it doesn't face any light source. The aluminum build is aesthetically pleasing but the stand is not height adjustble, it tilts.

Overall this monitor is probably the best 27" I have owned. The colors are accurate and matches the retina displays found in the apple line up. Compared to a 5k imac, you have to be less than 2ft viewing distance to tell the difference. Otherwise, it's hard to tell.
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on August 15, 2011
I have this connected to my late 2008 MacBook Pro, and it works flawlessly.

Numerous people in the Apple Forums had previously complained saying the Apple Displays had sound issues (end up being due to not upgrading the firmware to current), but I did not have any such issues.
(I am running OS/X Lion and I seem to have the current firmware in the display, and the latest drivers on OS/X Lion)

Compared to the old 15" display, it is like watching IMAX in comparison. The sound is pretty good also (although not anything like a 5.1 surround system)

There is reflection, but I only really notice it when the display is off, in which case you see you own reflection on the screen. I don't get any anything reflections when the power is on.
Note there is no power switch - it just detects that your computer is on by monitoring the Apple display-port signals. Some people may not like this, but it is very simple.
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on April 18, 2013
The reason for purchasing the cinema display, and not the thunderbolt display, was due to one simple fact: this model has display port. That means with a simply adapter, or not if your GPU has it, you can hook this up to any newer Mac AND Windows PC. I like to play games occasionally, and this screen is awesome for it. Not only is it super high resolution, it also has built-in speakers, an I-Sight camera, plus a nice USB hub all packed neatly into one very good looking case - as always Apple is the leader in design. So all in all a great product, and is actually not a bad price considering what you get, and also considering most other products like it are about the same, or sometimes even more expensive.

I had a Dell display before this and that was a nightmare due to the quality and the atrocious customer service they had. Apple is a step above not only in quality, but their customer service. Since I purchased this display within 30 days of my Macbook Pro, the AppleCare I got for the laptop covered the monitor as well. Plus the representatives were all easily understandable, polite, and were more than willing to answer any and all my questions.

So in the end, this display is well worth it. Even if you could get a cheaper display, the customer service, and the overall quality of this monitor far makes up for the extra hundred dollars you may spend. I am in love with this display! And as always, Amazon rocks with their shipping. Don't hesitate, get it :D

Highly Recommend!
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on July 12, 2011
I did research for about four months, and went back and forth between whether or not to get this monitor or to get the slightly less expensive Dell counterpart.

Finally, a friend told me that "the heart wants what the heart wants", so I bit the bullet and got it. It is an amazing monitor. The colors are crisp, and I have no problems with glare. I think it's hilarious when people knock this monitor for that. Just shift your workspace a little, if you're able.

The kicker for this one was that I knew I was going to want to plug my Mac into SOMEthing. I wasn't planning on using this thing for watching BluRay or for other laptops, so the built-in iSight was the kicker. My wife and I just had a daughter, so the relatives want to video chat with us all the time. This makes it happen even when I'm in the middle of a Final Cut project.

Just get it. You won't regret it.
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on April 12, 2017
When I first bought the display, I was afraid it was used before selling it to me. Especially, when I knew that is it discontinued by Apple.
I knew it will not be easy to find one. When I got it, I went to do some quick tests and I was surprised by how clean it was exactly like the brand new one!
I find this the best monitor out there that gives a very clear, pure quality image. It is my best choice when I came to put my color grading setup together.
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on August 3, 2011
I had to buy a Win7 PC for my business but am spoiled by a 27" iMac at home - the obvious solution was the Apple LED Cinema Display.

Yes, Virginia, this display *does* work with Windows. All you need is a graphics card with a mini-display port or one with full sized display port and an adapter such as this one DP2MDPMF6IN 6-Inch DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort Video Cable Adapter - M/F.

The speakers work right out of the box in Win7. Just make sure you get the version of this display that has the USB plug - not the new Thunderbolt only one. If you want the on-screen brightness, volume, and iTunes controls to work, you'll need an Apple keyboard with those keys on it. I use this one Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad MB110LL/B [NEWEST VERSION]. To get that functionality you'll have to download Apple's bootcamp driver pack and extract the elements from within the archive and install them individually - google for the instructions, it's pretty straightforward.

The display itself is stunning. The much maligned glossy face of the Apple display gives it's colors vibrancy that no other display comes close to. I personally have no problem whatsoever with the glare, but to each his own. It's only real competition is the Dell U2711 - which is priced about the same. The Dell is much faster (6ms versus 12ms), but not as bright. The Dell is probably better suited for pure 3D work, however, the Apple Display offers some ancillary benefits which tipped the scales in it's favor for me personally - namely the integrated speakers and iSight.
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on October 2, 2013
I purchased this monitor with an Apple Mac Pro and the primary reason was to ensure that all the connections would work without issue. It is a very high resolution monitor and has enough width to run two programs side by side (an important consideration in my case). The connector going to the Mac computer was simple and plugged right in the back of the case like a USB plug. Like the rest of Apple's current line, the build quality and attention to detail is incredible. The only complaint I can think of if the glossy finish on the screen which reflects light. Like the rest of Apple's product, there is a premium to pay, and if the reason is to surf the internet or as part of a high school student's computer, it's not worth the price.
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on July 13, 2016
The previously-owned monitor I received was apparently was very well-maintained and arrived in the original box looking like a brand new unit. All cables were included. Very, very satisfied.

Preposterously, Apple no longer makes these monitors (even the mostly-identical ones with lightning-bolt connectors, which are NOT backwards compatible). This one will work with any recent Macintosh computer, and with adapter can be used with lightning-bolt type Macs.
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