Customer Reviews: Apple MC007LL/A 27-Inch LED Cinema Display
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on November 29, 2010
Having used PCs and Macs for the better part of two decades, I've seen it all. Let me just say this is by far the best display I've had the pleasure of using.

It's an IPS screen (versus TN, PVA or MVA) meaning you'll see incredibly good viewing angels and consistent color. PVA screens are great too (avoid TN and MVA) but IPS still has the edge.

It's a glossy screen, meaning there's no sparkly anti-glare coating blurring small fonts and other details. Colors pop, even the tiniest of details are easily visible. I love it.

It has a glass screen (gorilla glass?), so it's very easy to clean and very hard to scratch.

Speakers are among the best for built in speakers, which isn't saying much, but they're easily better than some larger TVs.

While I despise murky antiglare coated displays, there's no denying that glare is a problem under certain conditions.

Displayport is the ONLY input. I'm using the Atlona DP400 to run a GTX 580 through this display via DVI with zero problems at full resolution. But keep in mind this is an extra expense.

The stand's height and orientation cannot be adjusted. It's tilt only.

Bottom line:
You'll notice astounding detail with this display. Everything just pops off the screen. I haven't had this much pleasure with a display since the old Trinitron days of the 80's, guide wires and all.
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on January 5, 2011
Though disgruntled about the complaints others had made about this monitor (i.e. lack of HDMI, lack of vertical adjustment, glossiness, cost), I decided to take a risk. I took the plunge because I'd read that the monitor was best for the Macbook Pro.

Hooked up to my Macbook Pro, the monitor works like a dream. It essentially turns my laptop into a desktop (charging it in the process). The way the monitor stand sits, the Macbook can be slid halfway beneath the monitor, leaving space for a keyboard if necessary. Since I work in a relatively dim space, I haven't noticed the glossiness. My space is also annoyingly dusty, and I find the glass far easier to clean than my previous matte display.

In conclusion, this monitor might not work for everyone, but it works amazingly well for me. In the end, despite the way it first looked on paper, I'm very happy with the reality.
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on February 3, 2011
I got this monitor specifically to use with my Apple Mac Pro. I got this after returning the popular Dell U2711 IPS display which uses almost the same panel due to the grainy anti-glare coating. I was really bent on a matte display due to my need to use my Mac for photo and video editing. Once calibrated properly with my iOne Display, the display looks amazing. Colors are saturated yet still accurate with good shadow detail. Text is crisp which was an issue with the Dell. Glare will be a problem if you don't have the option of repositioning this without a window or light behind you. I have no glare issues as I have my monitor infront of the window so light shines on the back of it. I also have my shades drawn when I do serious photo or video work and only leave on a single desk lamp.

1) Bright display with vivid and saturated colors if you do a good hardware calibration of the screen
2) Nice aesthetics when combined with other Apple hardware (MacBook Pro, Mac Pro or Mac Mini)
3) Decent sounding built in speakers
4) No dead pixels or dreaded "yellow tinting" that plagued iMac still to date
5) Automatically turns on/off with your Mac (No power switch on back)
6) LED backlighting saves power vs CCFL lit LCD displays
7) LG made H-IPS panel has great viewing angles
8) 16:9 screen ratio excellent for movies

1) Glare issues unless you can control your work environment lighting
2) Limited connectivity (although you can buy a dongle to adapt for use with a PC)
3) Limited color gamut vs. Dell U2711 (82% vs 96% of Adobe RGB) although fine if you work in sRGB colorspace
4) Only 1 year warrantee (Must buy Applecare at $99 more to get up to 3 years which is included with the Dell)
5) No height adjustment which is pretty ridiculous in my book.
6) Connectivity cables cannot be changed out by end user which means a trip to Apple if you somehow damage your miniDisplayport connector
7) 16:9 screen ration stinks for photo editing

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. Apple did a great job with this newer model. I believe that the $999 MSRP is fair in relation to what you get and what the competitors offer.
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on August 15, 2011
I have this connected to my late 2008 MacBook Pro, and it works flawlessly.

Numerous people in the Apple Forums had previously complained saying the Apple Displays had sound issues (end up being due to not upgrading the firmware to current), but I did not have any such issues.
(I am running OS/X Lion and I seem to have the current firmware in the display, and the latest drivers on OS/X Lion)

Compared to the old 15" display, it is like watching IMAX in comparison. The sound is pretty good also (although not anything like a 5.1 surround system)

There is reflection, but I only really notice it when the display is off, in which case you see you own reflection on the screen. I don't get any anything reflections when the power is on.
Note there is no power switch - it just detects that your computer is on by monitoring the Apple display-port signals. Some people may not like this, but it is very simple.
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on February 20, 2012
I'm currently using my Cinema display monitor on my PC with dual AMD HD6970 gpus. I had to upgrade from my old 5xxx series gpus since they didn't have mini display ports built in. I tried to use all the dvi adapters I could find, but the older AMD video cards wouldn't support the dvi adapters either. Ultimately, for the extra cost of the adapters ($99-$149), it was well worth just upgrading to a newer video card and selling the old ones. I believe all AMD 6xxx series and newer cards will have mini-display port standard. I don't have an Nvidia card so I can't comment on those, but I believe most will have display port and you just need the standard to mini adapter for fairly cheap.

The monitor simply plugs into the mini-display port on my first video card and into a usb drive. A 2nd wire plugs into the wall for power. The monitor works perfectly in Windows 7 x64. The camera, microphone, and speakers work right out of the box with no fiddling or software to install. The only catch is you have to have a mac product to adjust the brightness or light sensing. I just had a friend come over with his macbook, so we could set the brightness to where I wanted and turned off the light sensor. The monitor remembers the settings even after being unplugged.

The monitor is beautiful. Great contrast, dark shadows, great colors. I can't really detect any ghosting or lag. My friend said he can sense just a little bit of ghosting on battlefield 3. But he said it was very minimal and prob the best he had seen on a large non gaming monitor. The monitor is affected by glare, so keep that in mind in a bright room. It also shows spots and dirt fairly easily, but is very simple to clean. Love the resolution, no more need to run dual monitors to run apps, browsers, and spreadsheet at the same time anymore.

It works. Looks fine, but doesn't have any way of adjusting zoom, pan or anything like that on a PC. Not sure if that's available in mac os. The device manager will show that the camera isn't working right, but ignore it. Its just looking for a driver that doesn't exist, the default windows driver works fine.

Might be a little too good. I has a range that it picks up very well and can be a bit loud to people on the other end. A spoon clanking a bowl or a microwave beep comes across very loud, even from my kitchen on a different floor of the house. Had people tell me "bless you" when my wife sneezed from our bedroom on the 3rd floor.

I'm a speaker snob. I've gone through a lot of desktop computer speakers and I pretty much hate em all. The monitor doesn't sound great by any means... but it sounds decent, and it doesn't take any space. No ugly boxes or clutter of wires. It was one of the strongest points for this monitor. If I want better sound I just use my headphone/amp/dac setup. Media controls and volume DO work. Both the sound slider on the os and the volume knob and media buttons on my keyboard. It worked fine with my logitech slim, my ms sidewinder and a generic usb keyboard.

Top notch. It's built like a tank, looks professional and stylish. You'll never see any other monitor in a home decor or style magazine for good reason. Doesn't wobble, very sturdy, plugs are all very secure. Unfortunately there is no height adjustment and the monitor doesn't rotate, you just turn the whole thing.

I love this monitor. It looks great on or off. It gave me back a ton of desktop space (from multiple monitors + speakers + wires) and just works flawlessly in everything it's supposed to do. People complaining about price don't really have any other choice. A good accurate 27" monitor + speakers + mic + camera + usb hub doesn't exist except here. You will spend more piecing it out with other hardware and trying to be on the same level of performance and it will look like crap.

FYI, I have my monitor connected to some 6 foot extension wires to reach a computer in the adjacent room. There have been no problems running mini-dp, usb, and power through the extra long wires.
review image
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on July 12, 2011
I did research for about four months, and went back and forth between whether or not to get this monitor or to get the slightly less expensive Dell counterpart.

Finally, a friend told me that "the heart wants what the heart wants", so I bit the bullet and got it. It is an amazing monitor. The colors are crisp, and I have no problems with glare. I think it's hilarious when people knock this monitor for that. Just shift your workspace a little, if you're able.

The kicker for this one was that I knew I was going to want to plug my Mac into SOMEthing. I wasn't planning on using this thing for watching BluRay or for other laptops, so the built-in iSight was the kicker. My wife and I just had a daughter, so the relatives want to video chat with us all the time. This makes it happen even when I'm in the middle of a Final Cut project.

Just get it. You won't regret it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 28, 2013
I've owned the Apple LED Cinema Display for three years, initially using it with a Mac Pro and now with my new (2013) Mini. Like many reviewers here I felt it was overpriced but image and build quality are second to none, so I forked over my hard earned plastic. It runs cool, much cooler than my 24" Cinema Display, and has been utterly reliable for over three years. I mainly use it to edit RAW images and video from my Canon EOS 5D MKII, and appreciate the clarity and extra resolution it offers over most other monitors. After using 2560 x 1440 resolution it's difficult to work with smaller displays.

One detail most reviewers don't mention are the three high current USB ports on the back of the monitor. Basically a powered hub but with enough current to power the Apple Superdrive and charge an iPad, a task my powered hubs failed at.

It sports built-in stereo speakers--good enough for computer beeps and casual YouTube listening but not great sounding. I use M-Audio BX5 monitors for serious listening and audio mixing. Oddly, the LED Cinema Display lacks a headphone jack, something many people would find useful for private listening in a bedroom or noisy household.

I connected the LED Cinema Display to the Thunderbolt port of my Mini and it works perfectly. Unfortunately the Mini only has one Thunderbolt port, so if you plan to connect other devices, e.g., external drives or docks, you must place the monitor at the end of the Thunderbolt chain. And, yes, this monitor works with both Thunderbolt and Mini Display Port cables without adapters. HDMI or other connections require adapters.

If I needed a new monitor today, I'd buy the Apple Thunderbolt Display instead. It's the basically the same monitor for the same price but with Thunderbolt instead of the Mini Display Port. However, the LED Cinema Display is beautiful, sports amazing image quality and has been utterly dependable, so I'm pretty sure it will yield another 3 or more years of service.
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on August 30, 2014
I was looking for a Thunderbolt display. When I saw one for $517 on eBay, I jumped on it. It turned out I bought an older version, it was not a Thunderbolt display. I was a little disappointed but I couldn't do anything about it.

Well, I went from being disappointed to really happy with the purchase. Other than the fact that it doesn't come with a Thunderbolt connector so you can't daisy chain with other Thunderbolt devices, it is essentially the same monitor. Though, you can still daisy chain but you have to put this unit at the end of the chain.

The monitor resolution is beautiful, best I have owned so far. It has a glossy screen, 2.1 speaker system, and an USB hub where you can charge an iPad and an iPhone at the same time. When I stream 1080p movies, the resolution is really beautiful on the display. The 2.1 speaker system is better than I have expected. It is actually very acceptable. Don't get me wrong, it is no Bose Companion quality but better than a lot of external speakers or speakers which come with the monitors. The display also comes with a built in HD camera. So, the cost of the display is not as expensive as I have originally felt for the fact that I don't have to get external speakers and camera.

I was going to buy an iMac but I found out it is somewhat difficult to upgrade to SSD. I also don't like combining the CPU and display in one unit as the unit would most likely get discarded should any one of the components fails. I ended up buying a Mac Mini to use it with this display. After I replaced the Mini with a 500GB SSD, the whole system is working very nicely. I will max. out the RAM next.

So, I bought an older display but for less than half the original retail price(no sales tax from eBay). I think I have gotten a decent deal. No need for the newer Thunderbolt if you don't mind the lack of Thunderbolt connection.

If you can find one around $500, I would say it is a pretty good bargain. Mine is a pre-owned but it is in like-new condition. Marketplace have good deals from time to time. I would check there too.
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on August 3, 2011
I had to buy a Win7 PC for my business but am spoiled by a 27" iMac at home - the obvious solution was the Apple LED Cinema Display.

Yes, Virginia, this display *does* work with Windows. All you need is a graphics card with a mini-display port or one with full sized display port and an adapter such as this one DP2MDPMF6IN 6-Inch DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort Video Cable Adapter - M/F.

The speakers work right out of the box in Win7. Just make sure you get the version of this display that has the USB plug - not the new Thunderbolt only one. If you want the on-screen brightness, volume, and iTunes controls to work, you'll need an Apple keyboard with those keys on it. I use this one Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad MB110LL/B [NEWEST VERSION]. To get that functionality you'll have to download Apple's bootcamp driver pack and extract the elements from within the archive and install them individually - google for the instructions, it's pretty straightforward.

The display itself is stunning. The much maligned glossy face of the Apple display gives it's colors vibrancy that no other display comes close to. I personally have no problem whatsoever with the glare, but to each his own. It's only real competition is the Dell U2711 - which is priced about the same. The Dell is much faster (6ms versus 12ms), but not as bright. The Dell is probably better suited for pure 3D work, however, the Apple Display offers some ancillary benefits which tipped the scales in it's favor for me personally - namely the integrated speakers and iSight.
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on February 25, 2011
With higher resolution than a Hi-Def TV, one would expect the Apple LED Cinema Display to deliver superior performance - and it does. I have not seen another display on the market that can match the performance of this unit. I like to get up close and personal to a computer display, and this enables extremely close inspection without a flaw.

The 27" version has so much 'real estate', it can actually be used in lieu of a dual-monitor configuration, being able to display a lot of windows on the same tube. Of course, you can also use another display with this in the 'dual' mode configuration if you have a requirement

The Display comes bundled with an adapter cable that allows immediate connection to a MacBook via the Mini Display Port. If you have an older MacBook that does not have the Mini Display Port, you will have to find an adapter - and that can be a problem. But the display does connect seamlessly with the newer (last few years) Ma Books via Mini Display Port, and even provides magnetic-connector power to the Mac Book via a pigtail that is integral to the supplied cable. This makes the display an ideal adjunct for a properly equipped MacBook.

We purchased the Cinema Display for use with a Mac Pro. The newer Mac Pros will interface properly, but if you have an older Mac Pro that does not have a Mini Display Port on the Video card, you are going to have to purchase either an expensive adapter (which includes electronics) OR replace the Video card in the Mac Pro. We opted for the video card as this also gave superior performance while providing the necessary connector.

If you have a Mini Display Port, this is an excellent choice of probably what is the best display on the market today. If not, there is probably a way to make older equipment work with the new display. Make sure you understand and prepare for this if you do own an older product.

One of the main complaints regarding this display is the reflectiveness of the glass screen, which is not glare protected. While this could certainly be a problem for some users, we use the display in a room with subdued light and have no problem with reflections or glare whatsoever.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Apple Cinema Display for anyone who wants unsurpassed quality and performance for their desktop display.
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