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on May 20, 2011
I have been using Macs for about 5 years now between school and work. My primary machine has always been a PC. Being a graphic designer, Macs are pretty much the industry standard. That is one of many reasons I bought this iMac.

I must say, I love this computer. It took me less than 15 minutes from opening the box, unpacking the computer, plugging it in, starting it, and set up. And 10 minutes of that was taking it out of the box, taking the protective wraps off of things, etc.

The initial setup was a breeze. It automatically recognized the keyboard and mouse (both Bluetooth), easily connected to my network (after I typed in the password), and bam, we were up and running. Since I never had a Mac before, I didn't have a backup that would put all my files on the computer, but I keep all of my files on an external hard drive anyways.

There have been a few bumps in getting used to doing certain things on the Mac compared to the PC. However, Apple Care is very helpful and helped me through alot of issues. The main thing was getting Time Machine working like I want. Still don't have it backing up my external hard drive, but that is because it is a MS DOS format, which is a format it doesn't recognize. Other than that, Time Machine is doing backups on its own drive. Also, for PC users, Time Machine is NOT System Restore. It is a file recovery program only. So if you delete a file, you can open Time Machine, find the file, and restore it.

Once you take the time to learn how certain things work compared to PC's, you will figure out that there are alot of things that are just much easier on the Mac. Granted, I plan to use both Mac and PC for a while, but so far, I haven't had to turn on my PC in several days (and I have only had the iMac for about 10 days).

Overall, it is a great machine. Feels like it is built very solid, runs fast, starts up fast, looks great in my room, the keyboard and mouse (Bluetooth) never skips a beat, the Magic Mouse was not difficult at all to start using, and overall it is great. Probably will always stick to Mac now. :D
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[Cause for a pause: "MacRumors," a Mac enthusiasts' site is recommending against purchase of this machine at this time because of its lateness in the cycle. Apparently, a new iMac will hit the market within several months. Also, some dealers must know as much, since I'm seeing prices on several sites that are fifty to seventy-five (incl. P&P) below Amazon's as of October 1. Before running off to another dealer, I'd recommend a call to Amazon.]

My Superdrive has failed yet again (the 4th one--not all in the same machine), and the stats suggest it's time to upgrade to another iMac (the only desktop computer I've used since 1990). My current iMac, a fall 2007 model is running faster than ever, though besides the Superdrive problem I'm aware of less power to peripherals, making me wonder if my powered hub has gone bad or the power from the iMac has somehow diminished. Since I've filled the 350 gigs of memory with over 5,000 tunes, perhaps memory overload is the source of problems like printers not working when plugged into a hub. Despite the prospect of a new iMac model in the near future, the presence of Thunderbolt technology on the present model would seem to offer a solution to the problem of insufficient USB ports and weak hubs.

Since the turn of the century, all of my Apple machines have been purchased through Amazon rather than Apple Store. Two major advantages:

1. Amazon's fast and efficient single-click shopping assures that you won't go through a list of 9-10 optional add-ons before purchase. Thus, the price you see is the price you get. At Apple Store, I went through the whole process, stopping just short of closing the deal: the cost of my "customized" machine was over $1800. In short, what you don't know won't hurt you; what you do know, will cost you.

2. Apple Store offers reduced rates for teachers and students, which my school always made a big deal of. But these rates for privileged pedagogs like me represent a 5% reduction at best, not even enough to cover the sales tax. When considering the identical model at both places, I've always come out ahead at Amazon, even without the V.I.P. price break Apple Store gives to educators. No guarantees this Amazon advantage will stay in place for long, since there's increasing agitation to tax out-of-state purchases, even from dealers that don't have a physical commercial presence in your state. But for now, it's really a significant bonus factor.)

Finally, I've never purchased a warranty extension for a desk-top machine, and I've never regretted it. The first thing to go in my last 2 machines was the Superdrive (2 Superdrives for my Mac Air have also wimped out on me), but each broke down shortly after the extended warranty coverage would have expired. So I save a couple hundred or more by NOT purchasing extended warranty coverage for a desktop machine.

[Important caveat: the extended warranty should be considered mandatory if you're purchasing a laptop, or even a Kindle. I don't mistreat my equipment, but it ends up taking a beating and showing the sores anyway. Even using a computer on your lap is deleterious to the machine's processor (not to mention the nerve center of the over-heated user. So if you switch to a Macbook, automatically add the extra 300 for the extended warranty. You should have a year before you're required to purchase it--if you plan to do so.)]
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on April 1, 2012
I have been a long time Windows user. I have a lot of experience with Windows and i always preferred it. When it came to OSX, i was very wary because i knew noting about it. I have owned 2 HP laptops both with faults based on build quality. After my last laptop decided the keyboard wanted to stop working i got pretty upset. I was angry with HP and for some reason i decided to look into buying a Mac. I recently graduated college with an Associates and i am now going to school online to get my bachelors. I dont really need a laptop anymore since i am not on campus. I also have a tablet in case i need mobility. This led me in the directions of a desktop. I was stuck between this iMac and a Sony all in one. The Sony was a little more expensive but had a touch screen 24" display and a blu ray drive. My parents have an HP Touchsmart computer and i know i will very rarely use the touch screen. It really is kind of gimmicky. It works and it is fun but i dont see myself ever using it. I was torn for about a day but i decided i had it with Windows and poorly built computers. I wanted something i know will last. I have heard outstanding reviews on Mac products. Everyone i know loves them and has nothing but good things to say. I decided to bite the bullet and spend the money on this beautiful computer. I do not really play computer games but the only downside i have found in regards to this is that the new Star Wars game is PC only. This is the only game i wanted to play on PC but i can deal with not playing it as i have an Xbox. I thought the transition to OSX from Windows was going to take some time. Once i figured out basic commands, it really was simple. The OS is just different, its not a whole new world. I really picked up on everything quick and cant believe how easy it was. If you are worried about the transition, dont be. This computer is worth the extra money. I cannot wait to get home from work to get on this thing. I have had it for about a week and i spend a lot of time exploring and learning about it. The minimalistic look is so beautiful. The display looks amazing on a desk and the wireless keyboard and mouse are great. Zero issues with either one and they work perfectly. Even with the display off, this computer is just beautiful. This computer really changed my perspective on OS's. OSX is very fast and stable. I have had zero lag anywhere. I am thinking of purchasing more RAM though just because.

-This computer is beautiful on and off.
-Wireless mouse and keyboard made of aluminum.
-Very fast and stable OS.
-Easy transition from Windows.
-Easy access to RAM for expansion.
-Upgrades cost around $30. Much better than Windows.

-I would say cost but it really is true, you get what you pay for.
-NO HDMI. This is a big con because this is a very important technology today. Almost everything i own uses HDMI. I did order an adaptor that converts the thunderbolt port to HDMI. I cannot comment on it yet because i havent received it yet. (hopefully in a day or two)
-PC programs are incompatible. I am planning on partitioning my hard drive and installing Windows but it costs about $100 at the cheapest for Windows 7.
-No other so far.

I hope this review will help other who are on the fence about switching to an iMac and OSX. It is 100% worth it and you will not be disappointed.
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on November 30, 2016
seriously amazing computer and AMAZING customer service!! im impressed. I gotta say this is the most phenomenal customer service ive EVER RECEIVED in my life. The Owner contacted me quickly by phone after I emailed him about a problem. It was already evening time so it impressed me that he was still working. He cleared up my questions and took care of what I needed quickly. he was so nice and I just loved how he handled everything. A+++
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on September 24, 2012
I am a PC user of the past twenty five years. When the time always inevitably arrived that I had to upgrade, sometimes I had to just update some memory, other times I had to replace the whole box in order to upgrade.

Well, in 2012, it is time to once again upgrade. I have been running a Windows XP box for a good long time. Which Microsoft's announcement of the sunset date of Windows XP, I started doing some research. The more I thought about it, the madder I became. I was once again going to have to replace my box in order to upgrade to Windows 7. Enough is enough.

I already owned an iPad and two iPods. I have browsed by the Mac in computer stores before. With Apples reputation and their WOW factor, I decided to make the jump. This time if I was going to have to invest my hard earned dollars with a computer company, I was going to invest in reputation too.

I researched prices first. Since I have an Amazon Chase credit card, I knew that I would earn 3% cash back if I ordered it via Amazon.com on my Amazon Chase Visa card. Also, Amazon has an excellent reputation. I had ordered a 52" LCD TV from them a few years ago, so I was confident that Amazon could deliver the computer just fine. On the MAC DAY, the day my iMac arrived, it was easy. It was well packaged and easy to get out. I just plugged it in, and registered it on my iTunes account. Next was the Wi-Fi set up. It was a breeze.

It has been such a great experience--making the switch from PC. It was a good decision for me. The iMac always starts in a short amount of time, and does not crash. It is very intuitive and has a very clean look with clean lines. Everything is exactly where it should be. The iMac is so very quiet and the display has a beautiful picture.

Apple, like Amazon, has captured my business for simply delivering on nothing short of what they said they would. I now own an Apple TV, and additional iPad, and an Apple Extreme router.

My one and only regret is that I did not make the switch to Apple iMac sooner. Those of you that are reading this that are unsure and sitting on the fence---GO GO GO now and order your iMac. It is easier than you think and your life and computing stress level will be reduced significantly.
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on April 2, 2013
This will not be the case for everyone, but for me, it gave me headaches. I started researching it, and found that others also got headaches within 15 minutes of using it. The headaches are sometimes dull, but will last into 2 days after using the machine. It was trial and error to figure this out. There is a non-glare setting you can turn it on, which is really just about making the screen brighter. When I'm working in my office early in the AM or late at night, I don't want a bright screen. The point is, that we shouldn't have to adjust the screen to minimize the glare. A non-glare screen should be offered. You can have gloss without glare.

I see now in the newer version of this, they have made a screen with a 75% reduced glare. So Apple has listened and responded. But why didn't they respond with a non-glare scare, like their competitors? Because Apples knows of a problem, but chose a 75% solution, we did not keep this product. We sold it after 9 months, which was about 3 weeks ago.

Since then, my headaches have stopped 100%. The computer is so pretty, but unfortunately I had to chose quality and function over beauty. Sometimes, like in shoes, we can get away with beauty over quality and function! But not when I spend the majority of my day on the computer, producing documents for my clients.

I am dismayed also that Apple introduced the new iMac with only 75% reduced glare and no CD/DVD drive. I understand the trend is moving to cloud-based access, but the thing is this ... many consumers like all-in-one desktops because it keeps their desk clutter-free. So the thought that those consumers now have to buy an external drive and hook up to the all-in-one seems not very well planned out.

I also did not like other things having to do with Mac O/S vs Window O/S but I won't elaborate on those here, as I feel the majority of Mac users have been Mac users prior to this, and are accepting of their document storage and several-click protocol to access items. For me, where efficiency is critical, I found the Mac O/S system counter-productive and awkward.

But the main reason for the 2-stars is inability to use the computer, due to the glare factor.
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on July 11, 2011

The screen is really great. We watch TVs and movies on it all the time. Apart from the size it is way better image wise and more convenient to use than a normal TV. If we knew ahead of time that this would replace our TV, we would have gotten the 27in in a heartbeat. We'll probably cancel our cable TV subscription because of it.

Pretty decent speakers: I was thinking I had to hook this up to a good speaker system. I was surprised that the speakers they come with are more than adequate for me. They're slightly better than our LCD TVs.

Easy to use: with App Store and OSX, there's not much you need to do with Macs aside from installing more memory and general maintenance.

Easy to move around: Light with a good form factor.

Easy to upgrade memory. I recommend upgrading it to the full 16 GB right away for speed. If you don't know how, just look for videos on Youtube. That's what I did.

Price: This is a way better deal than the 27in models in terms of pure price and speed. However I really want that extra 6 inches for the screen now, and I would have liked a larger hard drive.

Fast: Assuming you have installed the extra memory (Crucial is a great dependable place to buy it from), this computer is pretty fast. The quad core processor is more than enough for my needs. I can work and play video games from Valve's Steam store and Apple's App Store.

This is something most people already know about, but since this misconception is still out there, I want to add that - Yes, you can use 2 button mice. In fact Mac OS X has allowed the use of a 2nd mouse button (right click) for years now.

Windows works fine on it. I use both VM Ware and Boot Camp for Windows games (though more and more games are coming out for the Mac ever since they switched to Intel chips).

Apple stores provide training. They have both free classes and one on one training for $100 / year. This is really great if you suck at computers. If you're the family tech support person, this is also really really awesome. Ever since I converted my family to using Apple, I've had a lot less tech support calls from my family. Everyone wins.

Beautiful: It's a nice sleek looking product.


It is extremely hard to upgrade the hard drive. Too many parts to take apart. I highly recommend buying an iMac with as much space as you'll need. Yes it has a thunderbolt port, but it's new technology and as of right now there aren't many good external hard drives with this technology at a good price. As of today, it is hard to find anything decent below four hundred.

Unfortunately there's another myth I'm going to have to destroy: "Macs are virtually un-hackable". Yes Macs are inherently more secure than Windows XP because of its Unix / BSD background, and also if you only use Apple's App Store to install apps. However it isn't foolproof and its growing popularity will make it a nice target for hackers. In fact it's already happening and I would be surprised if Apple can keep up with the threats without ultimately recommending virus & spyware protection. You need to install anti-virus software now. (Just don't install Norton garbage or anything from Symantec.) Still it's less maintenance than a PC. (I still own and use Windows machines - XP and Win 7)

Since we're on the subject of security, by default Macs aren't setup to be more secure. It's a good idea to change the settings to enable the built-in firewall, as well as a user login, and creating a separate account admin privileges (and disabling admin privileges for everyday use accounts - yes this is annoying but it will save you a lot more headaches in the long run). They have videos on Youtube to do this.

If you're interested in the latest and greatest hardcore PC video games, you're not going to be happy with a Mac. You'll probably have to get a Windows PC. In my opinion, this is one area I think that will still take a few years more for Apple to catch up with MS. Both the Apple App Store and Valve's Steam are making this less of an issue.

I don't know why but I don't really like the Magic Mouse or the wireless keyboard that came with it, so I just bought a larger wired Apple keyboard and I use a cheap Microsoft mouse with scroll wheel. The 2nd mouse button and scroll wheel work great!


This is perfect for a dorm, but if you're beyond college I would highly recommend splurging a little extra for the 27in iMac and getting one with a bigger hard drive. It is totally worth it as a replacement for the TV in the bedroom. I hope that they eventually will make a 32in version one day.
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on June 17, 2016
It's a MAC. Works great of course!👍🏻
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on September 1, 2015
Love the clarity of the Screen, Has all the Bells & whistles I care for in an iMac, for my purposes it is a far cry better than my old iMac ever thought about being... Getting used to Yosemite isn't as hard as some would lead you to believe... Thus far I love getting this iMac,, and the 21.5 in screen is Great!!! I had considered getting a 27 in however, The one I purchased was much less expensive and works extremely well for what I need it to do... Glad I got it.....
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on August 26, 2011
With the following exceptions I am very happy with my new i Mac. The Mac Mail program leaves something to be desired and as soon as I can find a suitable replacement I will. For some reason the program automatically assumed that I wanted to set up an imap account and it will not let me set up a POP 3 account. For some reason when I start the program in the morning it will often show a random selection of old E-Mails as unread, and it will occasionally delete old E-Mails when I open a mailbox. I should also point out the the mouse will occasionally disconnect itself and take a few minutes to reconnect. When it is connected I love it! I am very pleased with the other applications that are built in and I added i Work with which I am also very pleased. After using Windows since it's inception, I finally made the move to Apple. It is blazing fast compared to my PC and doing research on the internet has become a real pleasure as opposed to the constant frustrations I endured with my PC. Except for what I consider minor irritations with Mail and the Magic Mouse I am very pleased with my purchase and will NEVER buy another PC or another Microsoft product.
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