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on February 18, 2016
Said product was new I believe this one was refurbished the screen is coming apart cause the glue that holds the glass on is faulty tried to return it and the seller called me a liar and asked for photos which u can't see in photos cause it's only when you push down on it that it clicks and pops up. Very upset
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on October 8, 2012
When Apple and Steve jobs made the ipad 1 I felt like I did not need one since I thought it was just a big iPod touch. So I waited then all the reviews were saying its good, but it did not have a camera. The ipad 2 is the one to get. Its great to look at, its thin, light, big,comes with 2 cameras,the screen is very beautiful, the colors pop. The sound is loud. But what makes the iPad 2 great is the APPS. Any app from cooking to taking the placement test to college to great games like BAD piggies,BASTION,Sonic the hedgehog, etc the app store has it ALL. You can also put your iPhone apps on it and make them bigger to fit the screen, you lose some resolution but that's nothing.

Great looking
Big beautiful screen
Software is great
APPS anything you came think of.
Face time
10 hour Battery life with wifi on.

16gb is not enough, apps are using retina display making some apps and games 2gbs per one.
Sound grill is in the back you need to cup your hand on it to aim the sound at you.
Get credit card ready, you cant have fun on this thing without purchasing apps.

When you compare the ipad 2 with ipad 3 all you get is the higher screen resolution the processor is the same and it has a 1 gig of memory on it,just a bit stronger to handle the screen, other wise there are no differences. You can do ipad 2 vs ipad 3 on youtube and see your self.Ipad 3 also comes with a 5 mp camera but has no flash. The ipad 2 cam sucks but it can record really good vid.

At the end the ipad change my life and it will help and change yours.
Mark my words the ipad (tablets) in the future will replace laptops in like 5 to 10 years.
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on June 18, 2017
I don't know what's wrong with this iPad, but it's not what was advertised. I sincerely regret leaving it in the box until just now, because now I can't return it and unfortunately it's my son's birthday so his big present is ruined. We have an iPad 2 already that's perfect for the kids to use - I bought this second iPad 2 just for my son to use, and it's slow, the resolution is poor, and most importantly it can't support any of the games I downloaded. It's obviously not the same as the one we already have. I don't know what it is. It can't even open Safari without flickering back the the home screen after trying to load a page.
Waste of money. Extremely disappointing. Ruined my son's birthday surprise. Ruined my day. Will never buy from this seller ever again.
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on January 3, 2013
I was very excited to get a great deal on a 'new' IPad 2. I called Amazon to make sure that the item was indeed new. They assured me that yes, it was. I received my 'new' iPad 2 today and surprise, surprise, it was filled with apps already, and still had someone's else photos and emails in it. Had it been advertised as used, I would have expected this. This seller needs to be clear about what he or she is actually selling. The fact that they did not even remove the previous owners information made it worse. Beware of this seller!!!!
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on March 7, 2013
I swore up and down I'd NEVER purchase an apple product, including things on itunes and the like. So far, I have upheld that promise. However, from a recent car purchase, I managed to obtain an iPad 2 16GB as a promotion. Since my girlfriend had one and I did want some experience with iOS, I figured I'd begin poking around with it rather than simply selling it.

The good...

iOS is very easy to use and extremely straight forward. Everything is laid out nicely and always a flick-tap away. And most all programs work very well with the unit. Software tends to be clean without too many bugs.

Web browsing (just using Safari) is very smooth. Most sites work well. There's the ocational hiccup but it's more from using a touchscreen or the dreaded lack of Flash. But soon enough, sites will probably migrate away from flash and on towards HTML5 (or simply pages designed for mobile/iPads).

Usability, such as typing is very straight forward. The keyboard is well thought out and works much better than any I've used. The touchscreen is very responsive too and multi-touch works without a problem.

Standby time is awesome and the unit is still functioning (IE gives you push notifications of Skype/AIM/etc)

Given the standpoint of say someone's who's very unfamiliar with technology or who doesn't care to spend time "configuring things", this works great. However, that is not who I am...

The bad...

You are extremely limited. Being closed source, some apps simply are not available as they would be for Android or Windows-based tablets (and I mean x86, not Windows 8 RT) Finding ways to print can be impossible, certain formats may be unreadable, and even simple things such as adding attachments in gmail may be hindered without installing additional apps.

No Flash support!!! As mentioned above, things are moving away from flash. However, many sites still use flash there for some sites will not display correctly. You are also limited on sites like Youtube, sometimes being unable to open the same videos you can open on a desktop environment (or even Android devices).

Where are my files?! Stuff just downloads. You have no choice where to put them. Download something you don't want to share then start browsing the photos you took using the camera, SURPRISE!

Limited connectivity. Expansion is limited to the propriatary apple plug on the bottom. No OTG port, no standard USB, no microSD slot, no HDMI. You can purchase some overpriced devices to give you these functions, but it would be nice to see some of them included.


All in all, it depends on the person whether or not one of these would fit your bill. My girlfriend loves hers and almost never uses her PCs anymore. For me, I'll grab mine for basic web surfing and the like, but if I'm doing much typing or any surfing that requires a fair bit of clicking, I still will grab a laptop over this.
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on December 6, 2016
I bought this product in July 2015 and it broke a few days ago (12/1/2016). It's used mostly to run an app for my job, so no intensive use. Last Thursday I tried to bring it up and got nothing, just a black screen. After a few hours of research my husband figured out that the iPad itself was working but the display wasn't. He said it was the "backlight". He found a few articles on the web that suggest to give the iPad a slap on the backside, each time he did the screen would light up...He decided to drop the iPad flat on its back on the carpet from about 4'...The Apple logo came up and the iPad has been working fine since.
So yes a pretty good product when it worked but rather flaky IMO.
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on June 21, 2017
I have been extremely disappointed with this product. I had saved for a long time to be able to afford an ipad, and was so excited. At the very first, while I was still learning how to use it, I was pleased with it. However, after having it for just over a month, it would only work if I kept it plugged in. I would uplug it, it would say battery was 100% charged and less than 5 minutes later it was dead and had to be re-charged. Now it won't even come on at all, and it has come loose on the side. Very disappointed that I wasted all that money on such an inferior product/ I won't be purchasing any more Apple products.
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on December 19, 2016
I bought 2 of these tablets for my two granddaughters age 2 and 6. The tablets were great, but unfortunately the cords that were included were some cheap third party cord and not at all compatible with the iPads. They looked fine, but when I put them in the iPads to recharge them after loading them up with Apps, The 2 iPads were swell, but the charger cords are not compatible. When plugged in the iPads went nuts, jumping from app to app and almost screwing them up. Fortunately I own an iPad2 and used my cord to recharge the gift iPads, but I had to buy 2 new cords from Apple at a cost of 19 bucks each! I feel very ripped off right now!
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on November 9, 2016
I would definitely recommend the products from this seller. Their refurbished items are exactly as described, and of great quality. I have used the device regularly for almost one month with absolutely zero issues.

I have also worked with mobile technologies professionally for several years and I am more than confident about my review and recommendation.

Thank you for a great experience - great products, service, and terrific value!
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on January 10, 2017
Really looks good but no instructions as how to use it. Slide to set-up works only if you are a computer genius! Not very happy with the product. I thought you coud could "talk to text"! Have to take it to AT&T store. Maybe they can help!
After "set-up" worked really good FOR 6 WEEKS. Now it will only text. No phone calls. Took it to AT&T "set-up" was ok. "Something" wrong with the I-pad & they did not work on them. Thank goodness I purchased it thru AMAZON, they are great. I'm returning the Ipad & Amazon is giving me a full refund. Don't know what to do with the $20.00 cover I purchased for it,
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